The Beach

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A/N- I’m brand new to writing in Literotica. I usually only write stories for my friends to read. I’d love feedback and will wholeheartedly accept any constructive criticism.

All people in this story are above the age of 18. Similar names and places are just pure coincidence. Please enjoy!


Clear blue skies for all to see. Not one single white puff in the sky. Just a vast expanse of pure blue. Sun rays shining down upon the citizens of Los Angeles. With above one-hundred degree weather that has everyone in the entire state sitting in front of a fan or beside a pool. Not everyone though. Not Ayden Carmichael.

Ayden was outside in the fresh air. Letting her long dark waves cascade down her shoulders to her waist. Shaking her heart shaped behind to the music plugged inside her ears. At random moments the young woman would do unique spins and twirls, just feeling the music as it runs through her body.

The heat wave the state was currently experiencing had no effect on her. Because she was headed to the beach! The wondrous beach with its sparkling cool water and fiery hot sand. Ayden continued on her way down the street, past all the luxurious beach houses. The houses that the wealthy own and like to live in on the weekends. The house just like her grandparents owned currently. It’s one of the smaller houses in the gated community but only a five minute walk from the private beach!

Carrying an air of complete innocence Ayden gives a bright smile as she tries not to slip down the sand dunes. Sandals in hand and the other hanging on tightly to her hat. Light gusts of an ocean breeze dance across the sand. Ayden peers around her surroundings trying to see if any other people occupy this stretch of the beach. Not a person in sight.

On a day like this who would want to stay inside? No one in their right mind that’s who! She continues on down the beach before finding a spot to make her own. First the towel, then perfect umbrella placement for shade. Tossing the flimsy lace see-thru into her large tote Ayden takes out her SPF 100 sunscreen. Probably won’t do her any good with the sun’s harsh rays today but it’s best to be cautious.

Squirts of white cream are smoothed down on her already magnificently tan skin. Big rounded sunglasses sit atop her pert nose and her medium sized breasts hold tightly to her bikini. Swiping some more cream on her legs and face Ayden tries and ultimately fails to reach her back. If only someone were around to help her. Ayden really didn’t want another sunburn after the last one. It hurt terribly and she had to stay holed up inside the boring house while her grandmother clipped through coupons and her grandfather worked in the yard.

Again she peers around trying to see if anyone-anyone is around to maybe help apply her sunscreen. Right over the side of a sweeping dune Ayden spies a form walking down toward the water. A large surfboard in arm. With the sun shining Ayden lifts her hand to get a better view of the silhouette not even fifty yards away.

She waves in a friendly manner in hopes of attracting the attention of the surfer. Pretty soon the surfer glances her way right before reaching the foamy shore. They wave back in greeting causing a wide beaming smile to lift onto Ayden’s naturally red lips. “Hey can you help me!” She calls out to the stranger. Voice being carried on by the mellow breeze.

The stranger pauses as if the salty ocean breeze whispered into their ear. Finally turning with another wave before jogging along the the sand to reach her. Ayden sat on her towel, hand still raised above her to shield from the sun. Pretty soon they reach her and Ayden suddenly feels nervous. They’re the only ones on the beach! What if it’s a creep? Obviously the poor soul just wanted to surf and she just had to up and call them over.

The silhouette is blocked out by the sun, a dark mass standing above her. The person pants, striking their board deep into the sand. “Hey-you needed help?”

At first Ayden is surprised. Quickly taking off her sunglasses she peers up at the surfer. Her long blonde hair is tied up into a ponytail showing off her long neck. The navy wetsuit she wears clings to her body like a second skin, hugging her form in all the right places. She’s not too leggy more on the muscular side. Ayden can already tell from the board and wetsuit, added with the woman’s dark tanned skin that she must spend quite a bit of time out on the water.

“Sorry about that it’s nothing major!” Ayden quickly shakes her head to clear the dazed look from her eyes, “But I was wondering if you’d mind rubbing some sunscreen on my back?”

The unnamed surfer darts her eyes down to Ayden. Noticeably checking her out. A small blush flushes her cheeks. Even though Ayden knows she has an amazing body with her hourglass womanly shape and firm but perky 32D size breasts no one has ever so blatantly checked her out before.

“Sure I can do that. What’s your name?” The gebze escort woman sticks her hand out for Ayden to shake.

Lifting herself up onto her knees Ayden grasps onto her hand. Electric sparks ignite from the touch. Tensing Ayden forces a smile. “I’m Ayden!”

The woman flashes her own smile, “Carson.”

After their introduction Ayden easily flips onto her stomach, digging her hot pink painted toes into the sand. Sunscreen bottle outstretched toward Carson. “Here. Thanks for doing this.” Laying her head down Ayden settles into a more comfortable position.

“No problem, you want me to start anywhere specific?” Carson drops to her knees beside the relaxed dark haired beauty. She has to stop herself from literally cupping the perfectly round behind Ayden has. It’s just so perfect and looks oh so delicious.

Ayden shrugs her shoulders not really caring “Anywhere is fine.” She hears the loud clack of the cap being popped. Readying herself for the most likely cold sunscreen Ayden awaits Carson to apply it. She gives out a startle gasp at the cold cream once it makes contact with her exposed back heated from the sunlight.

Carson grins at the soft gasp and moans releasing themselves from the woman beneath her. She decides to really dig into her shoulders noticing that Ayden has some knots. “Just let me know if I’m being too rough.”

Another moan escapes Ayden’s red lips. The massage that Carson was giving her was amazing! She couldn’t help but to relax further against the towel, “Harder go harder.” She mumbles out pushing back against Carson’s knuckles.

In return Carson really starts to dig in sliding along her back and sides. When she comes to the strap keeping Ayden’s bikini top in place she simply unties the thin straps brushing them aside. “Don’t want you to have a tan line. Hope you don’t mind.” In actuality all Carson wanted was to get rid of the offending fabric. Only wanting to get a closer look at the tan breasts hidden under the beauty.

Humming in response Ayden flexes her arms for better access to her sides, effectively showing off the pale sides of her breasts. Unconsciously when Carson moves steadily lower, after applying lotion all to her back, Ayden widens her legs just a tad. At the time Carson is just now smoothing on cream to the backs of Ayden’s calves. Not too sure if she should go near her thighs or not.

“This feels so nice!” Ayden releases a deep sigh spreading her legs wider. “You’re so good at this Carson.”

Carson can feel herself become aroused at the way Ayden says her name. Like sweet honey and rich chocolate. “Really? I wanted to make you feel good, it’s such a pretty day why not get a massage.” Again Ayden hums in satisfaction.

Now finished with her calves Carson struggles to ask whether or not she should go near Ayden’s thighs. It’s an intimate section of the body and she doesn’t want to freak the poor girl out. Come to find out she doesn’t even have to worry about it by the next words from Ayden.

“Aren’t you going to finish?”

That’s all Carson wants to do. She wants to finish this so she can go cool off in the water. She already knows that if she goes within an inch of those thick tan thighs there’s no going back. “Yeah just enjoying the view.”

The view of spreading those legs apart and running her fingers over Ayden’s pussy lips. Preferably without the intrusion of her bikini bottoms, frankly they left nothing to the imagination in her opinion. They just added to the sexiness and charm of Ayden.

This comment evokes a giggle from Ayden. “The waters so pretty isn’t it. Such a nice view.” If only she knew what Carson really meant.

This time Carson decides to do something different. Instead of warming the lotion in her hands she goes straight ahead to just squirting it out on the back of her thighs. Ayden gives a squeal of shock, shivering in place.

During this process Ayden had immediately kicked up her legs on reflex. In fear of receiving a kick to the face Carson grabbed both of her ankles within inches of her face. “Woah their! Watch out okay.”

Carson saw this as her chance. With Ayden preoccupied with the shock of the sunscreen she repositions herself between the innocent girls legs. Bracing Ayden’s wonderfully smooth legs on either side of her back on the towel.

“That was so cold!” Ayden whines sending a glare over her shoulder back at Carson. All Carson does is flash an easy-going smile.

“Whatever it wasn’t that bad.” Before Ayden can reply she attaches both her hands onto the backs of her thighs. Squeezing the plump but firm muscle. Slowly rubbing up and down, Carson secretly works on finding a way to untie the small bikini bottoms hiding that heart shaped behind from her gaze.

Ayden stays quiet not knowing what to say. She feels a certain connection with Carson but doesn’t know if she should act on it. Carson is being so nice to her she doesn’t göztepe escort know if it’s the right or wrong message. Once her top had been untied Ayden purposely lifted herself up a bit. Feigning trying to find a new position. No that wasn’t it. She wanted Carson to get a glimpse of her breasts. Maybe even try and touch them while she applied lotion to her sides. It wasn’t to be though because Carson never once went near her breasts, but Ayden could feel her burning gaze directed down at the round orbs.

Now after her little fit with the sunscreen her legs had been spread wide and now on either side of Carson’s muscular thighs which the woman sat on in her knelt position. Just being a tiny bit exposed already had Ayden wet.

Ayden decided to play a little game with Carson. Maybe someone will finally decide to play with her.

Carson continues to rub in the lotion, not noticing how Ayden wiggles her cute behind from time to time. Or the way she lifts her hips up slightly. What she does notice is the way that she can see one pink pussy lip start to slip out from her bikini bottoms.

She freezes not knowing what to do. Should she ignore it? Should she tell Ayden about the slip up and let her fix it? She knows her choice even before these thoughts come to mind. She’s wasn’t going to tell Ayden. Instead she decided to tease the young woman.

Slowly and deliberately Carson slides her hands up those tan thighs. Thumbs rubbing circles along the inside. Caressing the smooth skin she heads back down then back up again. Repeating the process a second time Carson sets her blue eyed gaze upon the back of Ayden’s head. Her breathing is slow and steady. So she must be asleep!

Acting now Carson moves her hands further up so that she’s cupping Ayden’s ass. The soft material of her bottoms take away the true feeling of being able to touch it. Gently massaging Carson squeezes, fondles, and almost takes a bite out of the sweet round ass belonging to Ayden.

Swiping her thumb lower and lower, she skims her thumb delicately over the exposed pussy lip. Still Ayden never once stirs. She takes this as the go-ahead. Using both hands she gingerly slides the bottoms off Ayden and down her legs. Carson tosses the bottoms to the side trying to keep herself from pouncing on the beautiful girl laid out asleep.

Tenderly grazing her fingers up Ayden’s calve and stopping at mid-thigh Carson debates whether or not to do this. “Not everyday you meet such a sexy girl like this.” She peers around searching the beach for any signs of activity. Not a soul in sight. Perfect, absolutely perfect.

Carson settles down low, almost flat. She reaches her hand out slowly, glances back up at Ayden then makes her first move. Using her index finger Carson slides her finger up and down against Ayden’s puffy slit. Slithering up onto the towel to get a better look. With her pointer and middle finger Carson spreads Ayden’s lips open. Wetness gathers around her fingers.

“So hot.” She whispers right before stroking over her labia in rough circles. Hot breath coming out in puffs. Carson begins to squirm wanting the same contact. Without warning she plunges her finger inside Ayden’s pussy. Fingers pumping in and out at an even pace. Her free hand drifts up to palm and squeeze the ass that’s obtained her attention this entire time. “So fucking hot.”

Meanwhile Ayden bites back a moan from the intrusion to her tight pussy. Walls clenching down on the finger inside her. She aches for more. Teeth biting down onto the towel Ayden fails terribly at hiding a hitch in her breathing when a second finger joins. The fingers move faster, pumping at a new pace.

When Carson hears the startled gasp and moan she smirks. The little slut wasn’t asleep after all. “Turn around.” She orders to Ayden.

The girl wastes no time in flipping herself over onto her back. Ayden’s mocha brown eyes are glazed over. Just from a simple touch she’s already so wet and willing. Willing to fuck.

Legs spread Carson helps to spread them even more so. Wrapping her arms under the backs of Ayden’s thighs she tugs the girl forward until her mouth hovers over the glistening wet pussy. The scent of her musk causes Carson to groan with need. “I’m gonna finger fuck your pussy before I eat out your naughty cunt.” It’s not just dirty talk, it’s a promise.

Ayden mewls in response. Hips bucking up eagerly. “Please. Please do it.”

Carson lowers her head down between Ayden’s thighs. Pink tongue poking out and licking a stripe up her dark pink pussy. She kissed and lapped at the folds of her dripping cunt. Pumping her fingers in a scissoring motion Carson uses her thumb to swirl around Ayden’s clit.

A staggering shudder wracks her body. Ayden squirms under Carson and her skillful tonguing. Breathless pants and loud pleasure filled moans from deep within have Ayden glowing with a fresh blush. She’s enjoying it. Enjoying it so much halkalı escort that she can’t stop her hips from gyrating, can’t help how her hands bunch up into fists in the towel. She definitely can’t stop the clenching vice of her tight pussy as it sucks up Carson’s long digits as she adds a third finger to the mix.

Needing something Ayden starts to pinch and twist at her nipples. Wanton moans spilling out past her bitten lips. The twisting of her nipples only stokes the burning fire in her core. She cups one breast while palming at the other. At this time Ayden is so soaked that the fingers being viciously pumped into her cunt are making a sloppy wet sound as they plunge back and forth. Carson takes it up a notch by rolling her tongue against her clit, lightly sucking on it.

Arching her back Ayden holds the back of her head against her pussy as she wildly bucks up to meet that wonderfully sinful tongue.

“Yes-yes! Oh fuck please!” It all becomes too much and Ayden tries to squirm away. The immeasurable pressure building. “Fuck! Carson fuck me!”

Carson lifts her head slightly. Her glazed over gaze falls on Ayden’s heaving chest. She licks her lips at the sight of the round orbs, so sad that they’re not being attended to.

“Keep going! I’m almost there.” Ayden whines wanting release.

Carson smirks at the miserably horny girl below her. She makes a tsk noise while shaking her head. “You want me to fuck you-with my tongue or my fingers?” She gives a particular hard thrust at the words fuck and fingers. Ayden writhes in place.

“Yes, yes please. Give it to me.”

“Want me suck on your nipples and finger you until you cum?” Carson says while trailing her tongue up Ayden’s stomach. She cups a breast and peers down into those brown eyes. “Do you?”

Ayden nods her head. “I need to hear you say it beautiful.”

Lips quivering Ayden speaks, “I want you to suck my nipples and fuck me with your fingers until I cum.” She cries out at the sudden hot heat latched around her left nipple. Teeth grazing over the sensitive bud Ayden holds Carson’s head in place.

Simultaneously moving her hand back and forth in circular patterns, then abruptly stopping to apply pressure to her clit Carson sucks on the hard nipple in her mouth. Small bites and trails of kisses lead her to the other rock hard nipple. She bestows upon it the same treatment she gave the last but this time she doesn’t stop circling Ayden’s clit. Steadily applying pressure.

Her own swim bottoms soaked through her wetsuit awhile ago. Now she uses her free hand as she slithers back down Ayden’s slim body. She unzips her suit freeing her medium sized 34C breasts from their confines. Stuffing her hand down her suit Carson wiggles trying to reach her soaking cunt. She needs satisfaction and she needs it now.

The heavy musk of Ayden’s arousal turns Carson on even more. More sweet nectar pouring out of her wet cunt and dripping from her fingers inside her wetsuit. She rocks back on her fingers, fucking herself on them. She can’t help but latch back onto the trimmed puffy pussy in front of her again. Rapidly circling the enlarged clit while beginning to make intense slurping noises.

The walls of the Ayden’s pussy tighten around her fingers. More moans and small whimpers start to become louder and more high pitch. Ayden clearly is in her own lustful state of mind. Basically slamming her pelvis down onto Carson’s fingers. “Fuck! Fucking love your tongue.” She says in a breathless gasp.

Ayden can feel the intense fire in her core starting to rise. More and more fiery heat is added. She wraps her legs around Carson’s head. Pinching tightly onto her nipples as she cries out her impending orgasm. Only one more hard thrust and Carson presses harshly down onto Ayden’s clit. This sends the woman down a spiral of screaming ecstasy.

Her scream rings out through the air. Legs clenched around Carson’s head as she relentlessly-furiously laps at the overflow of juices. The sweet honeyed nectar like an aphrodisiac to her tongue. It consumes all her senses as Carson sends more waves of pleasure through Ayden’s pulsing body.

Finally Ayden pushes Carson away. Her body convulsing and shaking after her climax. Wave after wave of pleasurable tingles race through her body. Mouth open in a silent scream as yet another orgasm hits her. This one small but just as vicious and delightfully wicked.

Carson leans back admiring the mess she made of the beautiful brunette. Fingers a blur as she forcibly fucks herself on her own. Licking the excess cum from her face Carson sends Ayden a blinding smile. “You taste good.”

She lays basking in the afterglow of one of the most intense climaxes she’s had in awhile. Her last boyfriend not even comparable to what Carson did to her. Sitting up on her elbows Ayden watches Carson as she rocks on her fingers. Hand delved between her legs. She licks her lips at a sudden thought.

“Need some help with that?” Her liquid brown eyes are glued to the fingers moving in and out at a quick but steady rhythm.

Carson opens her eyes not even noticing she had closed them. Nodding her head she quickly sheds the rest of suit. Both girls fall down against the sand foregoing the towel. Senselessly lost in each other.

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