The Beard

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My life changed the day I walked in on my sister and her friend Sara having sex. I thought they were outside and I snuck into Laura’s room to steal a pair of her panties I could sniff as I jacked off. I stood mesmerized as I looked at two naked twenty year olds, suddenly Sara screamed as she saw me. I turned beet red and fled to my room, of course, I felt guilty as I had just been caught trying to commit a perverted act. Laura came into my room and I begged her not to be mad at me, she said she wasn’t mad but she was worried I would tell mom what she and Sara were doing. I promised her I would never tell and I guess she believed me.

A couple of days later she came up with her plan, and after telling me about it, I agreed without a moment’s hesitation. She asked me to pretend to be Sara’s boyfriend, that way Sara could spend more time at our house without our mother asking too many questions. This was like a dream come true for me, as a kid of eighteen you can believe how cool it was for my friends to think I was dating a twenty year old. The best part for Laura was our mom kept insisting that she be included in our activities as kind of a chaperone. We three were together almost every night, and even if I wasn’t the one having sex, just watching those two get it on was almost as good.

Laura convinced pendik escort me to talk mom into letting us use the cabin for a weekend and of course, my mom agreed as long as I took my big sister to make sure Sara and me didn’t get into trouble. There seemed to be no one at the lake and it was as if we had it all to ourselves. Once on the shore in our bathing suits Sara came up to me, as she peeled off the top to her suit she said,

“Laura and I plan to get hot and heavy; I hope we don’t embarrass you too much.”

“It’s OK Sara I understand, I just hope you don’t mind me watching, it’s so hot to see you two together.”

As an answer, my already naked sis came up to Sara, knelt and slipped the bottoms of her suit off in front of me. She handed them to me,

“Here little bro you can sniff what I’m about to eat, I know you want to.”

Laura spread the lips of Sara’s pussy and began to noisily lap and suck her clit. After staring at my sister for a long while I looked up at Sara, She had a dreamy look on her face as she combed her finger through Laura’s hair. She saw me watching her,

“I love your sister’s tongue; she has an unmatched talent…”

Suddenly she grabbed Laura’s head and held it to her pussy and I could tell she was having an intense orgasm. When my sister maltepe escort pulled her head back, her face was covered in Sara’s juices. She stood came to me and first kissed me then rubbed her face into mine,

“Here’s a fresh taste,” she teased. The two girls wrestled me to the ground, then pulled my suit off saying if they were to be naked then I had to be. My own sister teased me about how much my ‘stiffy’ had grown up. We remained naked for the rest of the day both in the water and out. One time the two girls swam to the floating dock and from the beach, I could see Sara feasting on Laura blond pussy. I reached over, picked up Sara’s bottoms, and jacked off as I tried to get her smell from the crotch.

That night Sara produced a bottle of wine and we sat before the fireplace all of us getting a little drunk. I was glad the girls felt at ease with me around and I actually enjoyed the teasing they kept giving me. Sara came over and sat next to me she put her arms around me and gave me a big kiss.

“Sam, you are the best boyfriend I ever had and I think you deserve a reward. You know your sister took my cherry and so I think I should take yours.”

She pulled me into their bedroom and told Laura to come too as she might need help. As she told me to lie on the bed, I felt kartal escort my cock throbbing and I prayed this was not going to be a prank of some kind. Laura said that I was so excited I wouldn’t last five seconds and that was why she liked girls better. Sara said she would take the edge off and bent down and took my dick in her mouth. As she watched her girlfriend suck me off Laura told me that if I wanted to be a Cocks-man I would have to learn how to eat pussy. My sister then mounted my face giving me a lesson; I came as soon as my tongue touched her clit. With her mouth full of my cum Sara sat on my now soft dick then leaned over and began to make out with Laura and they traded my issue back and forth between them. I was hard in just a few seconds and I slipped my cock into Sara before she changed her mind. Even though I had climaxed only a short time ago, I still didn’t last very long. Sara called me a rookie and after ordering Laura off my face told me I had clean up duty then sat on my face feeding me my own sperm. She in turn took over my job of pleasing Laura and we stayed like that until both of the girls had orgasmed a couple of times.

We continued our ruse for the rest of the summer and although I was not allowed back into their lovemaking, I was still allowed to witness quite a bit of it. At the start of school both girls went off to college together where they didn’t need a boy around to hide their love. As for me, I’m back in the real world and I have to say it’s not nearly as exciting as the summer I spent being my sister’s beard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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