The Beautiful Man

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He was the most beautiful man you had ever seen and he was sweeping you off your feet. The brilliant orange glow of the setting sun reflected off the blondish highlights of his hair. His strong muscles, glistening with a faint sheen of sweat, held you tight. The ship was anchored in the bluest ocean and the cool breezes’ slight chill tickled your skin in sharp counterpoint to the heat the man who grasped you, stoked within. The white sandy beach with palm trees lining it was the background of the canvas of your life.

But something was wrong. You can’t say what but something didn’t fit…didn’t seem right. Your moist wet pussy was too excited. It pulsed in a rhythm that it shouldn’t have….yet. Something was definitely wrong.

You slowly begin to realize your pussy is being stimulated and not with this man’s touch or with the passion within you but some outside force. Bewildered the scene starts to fog into a haze and the beautiful man before you begins to fade. No! Don’t go! But your pussy demands your attention. You can’t focus, try as you might. Your pussy throbs harder now and the pleasure begins rolling through your body. You spasm again and again as the whole world begins fading to nothingness.

Slowly, a new light begins to grow and the darkness begins to fade. Everything is foggy but shapes begin to take form. canlı bahis şirketleri You try to ignore the feeling coming from your loins and focus on the shape before you. It’s hard to overcome the heat with, the fire, but you begin to see someone. The haze leaves and you see before you the beautiful man! Your pussy is exploding with bliss as you slowly realize that the beautiful man is between your legs. He licks you gently but seeing your awakening, begins to smile and the fingers he has inside you begin to slowly tap against your g spot in rhythm. His hot breath excites the hairs around your pussy and you feel an incredible desire to wrap your legs around his head. He begins sucking on your clit and you reach out and grab his head, uncontrollably. Sucking harder and nibbling a bit on your clit the beautiful man begins tapping your g spot harder now…faster. The rhythm is killing you and he sucks with force on your clit.

That did it. The world turns white as a wash of heaven overtakes you. Pure pleasure rolls like waves up your body, filling all of your senses. You roll in waves of pleasure as the orgasm hits you. In time, the bliss recedes like the ocean current and you begin to focus once more on the beautiful man. His face glistening with your juices, your desire for this man overtakes all other feelings. Whether canlı kaçak iddaa you want to or not, he has compelled your lust, your need for him to exist. Your every thought is of the beautiful man.

He has slowed his rhythm down you begin to realize. He is flicking his tongue across your clit very gently…tenderly…with love and care. He is the beautiful man. He is the most beautiful man. He is the most beautiful thing. And you crave him above all else, forsaking food, and water and air if it meant leaving him.

But the evil grin he gives you makes you shudder. You hear his thoughts and you know what he’s about to do….sweet torture. He begins sucking harder and you tense up as the pleasure hits you with force once again. Gripping his hair tight you close your eyes and now, fully awake, you scream out.

This only spurs him on and the tapping of your g spot grows in pressure…grows in tempo. The flicking of his tongue across your clit quickens and before you can do anything you feel the orgasm approaching. Pushing his face hard against your hot juicy pussy , you smother him. But he wants that. He wants you. The beautiful man. He wants YOU. His desire for you only flames your desire for him. Yearning, longing, dying for his touch, he quickly draws your clit into his thick luscious lips and heaven explodes within you canlı kaçak bahis once again. You cry out as the orgasm shoots up your spine faster than before, more intense. Lights flicker in your mind and the world is white beyond white. All you know is pleasure and light. All you know is agonizingly intense bliss. Then, almost mercifully, the pleasure once again recedes and you rub your blurry eyes. He’s sitting up now, his eyes staring into yours. The beautiful man is smiling and the brief temporary pleasure of the orgasm is replaced by a long, deeper pleasure. The pleasure of loving the beautiful man. His face covered in your juices. His beatific smile is a heaven no less wonderful than the orgasm. The beautiful man consumes you, fills you, and owns you. He is your universe and the only thing that matters is pleasing him. You want to more than anything. Please the beautiful man. You must please the beautiful man. You try to rise but he holds your arms and guides you gently back down. The beautiful man stands up and walks to the door. He is leaving and your heart is breaking but he tosses you a smile over his shoulder. And you know he will be back.

And when he returns you will be pleasuring him. For as long as he wants, whatever he wants. Your only ambition in life is to please the beautiful man. And when he returns, you will pleasure him. The thought of giving him that pleasure gives you pleasure and the image of the beautiful man smiling at you as he walks out the door remains seared in your mind like a graven image. And you pray with all your heart, that it never fades.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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