The Body Mcallister

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This story will make more sense if you have read the “No Sacrifice” series. However, it’s not vital to have done so.

Minette was the erstwhile girlfriend who Ted practically threw out of his house and presumably forgot all about when his sister-in-law gave birth to their twins. This is her story.


Minette drove away from Ted Aiello’s house in disarray. Her body was still flushed with the sex they had enjoyed this morning, but she was in shock. He had just admitted to her that he had gotten his twin’s wife pregnant and she was expecting his twins. A shock like that could knock any girl off her sexual stride, Minette being no exception.

She had been dating Ted for several months, having met him at the District Attorney’s office where they both worked. They had met each other’s parents and families, no mean feat when you were dealing with the extended Aiello clan. The sex between them had been electric. While they hadn’t talked of a future or love, Minette had the overall impression that they were heading in that direction. However, it took her all of two seconds to see that Ted had it bad for his pregnant sister-in-law. She wasn’t sure how that situation would work out, but it was apparent that whatever the outcome, there was no room in it for Minette.

“A shame,” she thought. One Ted in her bed had been an amazing thing. The thought of a second one was enough to blow her mind. She had never gotten anything remotely close to a vibe that the brother’s traded partners, but apparent they did. From the conversation she had overheard, Ted had fucked her, and Heather hadn’t known it. “That’s so messed up,” she thought. Sadly, she seemed to attract “messed up” like a honey does flies. Lots and lots of flies.

She pulled over at a small park and stilled the engine. She rested her head on the steering wheel, willing herself not to be sick to her stomach. Minette knew she had survived harsher things than this. She gulped back a sob. “He might have been my only chance,” she thought. “My only chance at normal. Then I find out he’s banging his sister-in-law, she’s pregnant with his twins and probably tits over ass in love with her as well.”

She breathed in and on the exhale, Minette muttered, “Fuck my life.”

Fifteen minutes later, she had sufficiently pulled herself together to restart her car. Her red Rav 4 was her baby, the perfect vehicle for a short woman. The seat seemed built for her tiny body and she loved that it could corner on a dime. She drove it too fast and was a bit of a menace, but she couldn’t seem to help it. If Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” came on the radio, she would do 90 MPH in a heartbeat.

Minette checked her mirror. Her red hair had that freshly fucked look, her face was pale, making her freckles pop against her skin. At only 5’2″ tall and 109 pounds, she was a little firecracker. Her blue eyes were wide and in combination, they gave her the look of total innocence. She supposed once upon a time, that had been true. However, it hadn’t been the case since she turned 18.

She put the Rav in reverse and backed up, exiting the park and driving off. Almost as it knew where to go, her SUV found itself parked in front of her brother’s place a few minutes later. Staring at his condo, she tried to decide if she should go in. Why Luc? Why now? Why today of all days? Did she really need this on top of everything?

Minette sighed. She knew she was kidding herself. She always needed Luc. That was part of the problem. At 6’3″ tall and 235 pounds, her blond brother looked about as much like her as Phyllis Diller. If their last name wasn’t mentioned, no one would have ever guessed they were siblings. Minette had the coloring of her mother’s family, while Luc was all Dusseau. A descendent of a French-Canadian family that had settled Quebec from the Alsace region of France, their bloodlines were probably a mixture of French, Dutch, German and whatever else could be thrown in. Her Dusseau grandparents had moved to the states after WWII when the baby boom increased the demand for obstetricians. Her father and brother had both gone into the same field. Her father had an ordinary practice, but Luc was a bit of a rock star specialist at the local University hospital. Luc took the most high-risk patients; the ones other doctors were afraid to touch.

She let herself into his condo with her key only to find it empty. She went to his guest bedroom and found that her drawer full of clothes were exactly where she had left them, along with her brand of shampoo and other toiletries. Luc had always been highly organized, she knew. He was also apparently a bit of an optimist.

Minette showered Ted’s bodily fluids off her body, then stood under the hot water and let it beat on her back a few minutes. She had always done her best thinking in the shower. Ted had been Plan A. There was no Plan B. It was crazy to be so pessimistic after one bad experience at romance, but Minette felt defeated. It had all been going so well. Just a few hours ago, canlı bahis she had been moaning in Ted’s arms as his cock drove her insane with desire. Now she had walked away from him. She was a bit weird, she knew. But Minette was trying to live a life of “No Bad Weird.” Sadly, it appears the term fit Ted to a T.

After getting out of the shower, she dressed in faded jeans and an old sweatshirt. She did the best she could with her red curls, then walked barefoot to her brother’s kitchen. Grabbing her phone from her purse, she fired of a text to let Luc know she was there, then walked out to the living room, cuddled up with a quilt and sat there, staring, as she waited for her brother to get home.

Minette’s mother was the famous artist, Margo Dusseau. Her sculptures were in high demand. Critics called them “Modern Erotic Art.” To the uneducated, they looked like misshapen columns of various sizes and shapes. They represented the sexualization of the human condition. Margo was a highly sexual woman, very sensual. She kept several lovers of which her father was aware. He was no cuckold, he kept women as well. But her mother’s situation was … different.

Margo’s family had been of Scots ancestry. They had settled in a remote area of the country and as a result, the family had developed a tradition of incestuous relations. Sex between family members, no matter how closely connected, was encouraged and expected. They had developed a few simple guidelines over time. Sex with anyone under age was absolutely forbidden. It was a line that they just didn’t cross. In addition, children meant that marriage had taken place. Since marriage among family was illegal, kids were also forbidden. How they had managed that in the days before birth control had become a thing, Minette wasn’t sure. She supposed some had slipped through the cracks now and then. Either that, or that part of the story had been glossed over.

Margo had told her children none of this. Margo and Pierre had been strict parents with their children. As a doctor and a talented sculptor, they expected nothing but the best efforts of their children when it came to academics and the arts. Luc showed promise as a photographer, but decided to go into medicine. Minette had thought she would do the same, but she was helping a friend study for the L-SAT exam and decided to try her luck at law instead. It had been a decision she had never regretted.

Still, her strict upbringing and constant studying meant that at 18, Minette had been a virgin. Luc, a year older than Minette, had turned 18 first. He had probably been virginal himself, although she had never asked. Luc and Minette had always been close, but when he turned 18, something changed. He was out of the house more. He started University and lived at the dorms. When he came home on holidays, he was often too busy for his baby sister. It had been annoying, but Minette had shrugged. It was a challenging time in her brother’s life, she knew some changes were to be expected.

Her perceptions got turned on their head a few days after her 18th birthday. As she had with her brother, Margo had come into her room one evening and shut the door. Minette looked up from her homework in surprise. Early evening chit chats in her room were not a normal occurrence, as her mother did a lot of her work in the evening.

“Hey Mom, what’s up?” She closed her text book and patted the bed. “Go ahead and sit.”

Margo sat down, then took her daughter’s hand in hers. “I have to talk to you about something very important. You’re 18 now and you have some choices to make.” She inhaled, then continued. “The McAllister family comes from a remote part of the country. A lot of them have moved to this area since then, but our history is unique, and we have a lot of rather … interesting traditions. Before I tell you the story of our family, I want you to know that you are in no way obligated to continue these traditions. However, as a McAllister, you have the right to make your own choices.”

Minette’s blue eyes looked baffled as she stared at her mother. “What traditions? Why haven’t I heard any of this before?”

Margo smiled. “One of those traditions is that you don’t learn anything about the traditions until you are of age.” Minette nodded slowly, then gestured for her mother to continue.

“No one knows how it began. Family legend has it that because of the remoteness of location they settled, the opportunity to meet others was difficult. Or maybe it started in Scotland and they brought it with them. No one knows for sure.” Margo took a breath, then continued. “One always has sexual needs, and with a lack of people in which to satisfy them, family members took each other as lovers.”

Minette gasped. “They screwed each other? Like cousins or … what?”

Margo patted Minette’s hand. “I know, at first blush, it sounds disgusting. It’s a huge cultural taboo for family members to have intercourse, true. But as long as everyone is of age, everyone consents, and no bahis siteleri children are born from it, what is the harm?”

Minette opened her mouth. She loved to object, argue and find the holes in someone else’s point. She closed it again, thinking. She finally said, “I can’t think of any for the moment.”

Her mother smiled again. “Just like you, I found out at 18. Once it got around to family that I knew, I was approached by my cousin, George. He was very kind, very sweet. He asked me for permission to make love to me. I was a virgin, just like you. I didn’t think about it very long. I was curious about sex, I loved George as a beloved cousin and knew he would be careful and gentle to me. He was my first lover and we have remained close for our entire lives. We still occasionally make love, but not often.”

Minette knew her mother’s cousin. She would agree with her assessment that he was kind, and quite handsome. She tried to imagine him with her mother in that way, but came up empty. Then what her mother had said sank in. “Wait a minute, you cheat on Dad with Cousin George?”

Margo laughed, then shook her head. “Let me explain. In my family, sex with family members is considered incest, but it not considered “cheating.” I know that sounds like a cop-out, but it’s our way. We never marry within the family itself. When we become serious about someone outside the family, we tell them of our practices. They may join in or not as they like, but if they object, generally no marriage will take place. It’s really difficult to give up that closeness once you have enjoyed it.” She paused, trying to find the right words. “Your father did not grow up with such traditions. His family is Catholic, as you know. He listened to what I had to say and was shocked. He went away for several days to think about it. I was distraught, thinking I had lost him. Then he returned; we talked for quite some time. For two young people, we were quite mature about it.”

Studying her mother, Minette tried to imagine how that conversation had gone down. She was baffled herself. Incest? Currently, hooking up was a simple matter of creating a profile on the internet and waiting for the magic to happen. Maybe things were different back in her mom’s day, when the internet wasn’t really a thing. Like most young people, Min considered the 80s to have been akin to the Dark Ages.

Margo went on. “Your dad had no interest in sex with any members of his family, or mine. He accepted that I would wither in a classic monogamous lifestyle. We talked it through and decided on an open marriage of sorts. I would have sex only with members of my family. To make things fairer, he would have lovers of his own, albeit not of an incestuous nature.”

Nodding, Min chewed a fingernail. “I guess that makes sense. It must have worked for you, since you are still together.”

Smiling, her mother nodded. “It’s worked very well. Your father and I have never been monogamous, yet we love each other very much. It is still passionate between us. I think your father would agree that it has all worked out very well.”

Standing, she paced about the room as Mom watched her, silent and allowing her daughter to think. Stopping, she asked her mother the question uppermost on her mind. “You’re telling me this now for a reason.”

Admiring her daughter’s quick mind, Margo pointed out, “You are 18, now. As my daughter, you’re a McAllister. As an adult McAllister, you have the right and privilege to follow the family tradition. However, it’s very important for you to understand that the decision rests with you alone. Your father will want to talk to you before you make up your mind one way or the other. He and I agreed long before we had children that it would be your choice to make and that you feel no pressure to choose one way or the other.” She squeezed her daughter’s hand. “You can be a McAllister, you can be a Dusseau.” She hugged her tightly. “Or you can be Minette Dusseau, and create your own traditions. It’s all up to you.”

Feeling overwhelmed, she sat there, her mind full of too many thoughts at once. Then one trickled to the top. “Wait a minute, you had this same conversation with Luc? What did he decide to do?”

Margo shook her head. “No, dear. I could never violate your brother’s confidence, or let his choice affect your own. He will possibly want to talk to you about it once you’ve made up your mind. But part of the tradition is that each person makes up their own mind. Most follow it, but some do not. They are not looked down on in any way.”

Minette’s blue eyes were curious. “How will they know? What I’ve decided?”

Again, marveling at her daughter’s quick brain, Margo smiled. “I will let the appropriate people know. Once the word is out, you will be contacted by interested parties. You are under no expectation to accept any of their offers. Should you say no to someone, the person will not ask again, it will be up to you to ask them if you change your mind in the future. This is bahis şirketleri to prevent pressure. We enjoy a loving tradition. It would not work if things became ugly or too complicated. It’s all very simple. Loving, sexual relationships. No marriage, no babies; just extraordinary lovemaking between people who care very much for each other. It’s quite beautiful and pleasant. No one gets hurt, no one gets left. There are no hard feelings, no negativity. It’s sex without complication, yet so close and intimate. You can’t help but be closer for it.”

“Right,” Minette wasn’t sure she really got any of this, or even believed such a thing was possible. She thought about her female friends at school with their constant romantic upheavals. Having no sex life to speak of meant that Min had very little drama in her life, leaving her free to focus on her studies. Yet, she could not deny that she was curious. She masturbated, of course, something she had been taught was normal and private. What would it be like to have access to lots of sex without the dramatic implications?

Seeing that her daughter was already deep in thought, Margo kissed her forehead and slipped from the room. Minette turned it over in her mind. She thought of various cousins she had hung out with over the years. Would any of them be interested in their tiny, red-haired, freckled cousin? She figured the worst that could happen is that she gave her mother her consent, only to find herself dateless even among her own family!

Opening her text book again, she tried to get back to work, but found her brain was too full of what she had learned. She changed into a pair of yoga shorts and a sports bra, then pulled an old T-shirt over it. Donning her sneakers, she grabbed a full water bottle from the kitchen. Sticking her Beats into her ears, she went for a jog while listening to Alanis working out her angst. She loved listening to the Jagged Little Pill album as she ran. She ran her 3-mile route, returning home sweaty, but more focused. She showered, then finished her homework. With only a couple of months left of senior year, the teachers were losing all patience with Senioritis and the load had gotten terrible.

She was repacking her backpack when her dad knocked on the door. Pierre Dusseau was 49 years old, fit and built like a monster. At 6’4″, he towered over his petite wife and daughter. Luc was a beast of a similar proportions. Min wouldn’t have minded being a tall blond, but she had learned to make the most of what she had a long time ago. Her shiny red curls were her pride and joy; she was quite vain about her hair. Sunscreen and a careful skincare regime kept her fair skin from freckling out of control. She would never be a supermodel, but she would never have to kick off her shoes to dance with someone, either.

Pierre sat on the chair next to her bed. “I know your mother has talked to you, Minette. I know how she feels about her family traditions. I also know that your mom is a fair woman and would never try to pressure you one way or the other. It is just important to me to know that while you are free to follow her family’s traditions. It’s not the only option available to you, baby. You can choose ‘normal.’ There’s no shame in it.”

Min leaned over and hugged her dad, inhaling his scent. She had always been a Daddy’s girl. Being lifted onto his shoulders as a little girl was one of her favorite memories from childhood. His opinion meant a lot to her, always.

“Dad, how did you handle finding all that out? It must have been even more shocking for you than it is for me.”

Pierre released his daughter from the hug and nodded. “I was blown away. I was so much in love with your mother. She was such an amazing girlfriend and lover. I knew a few weeks into dating her that I had met the right woman for me. Then out of nowhere, this bomb drops in my lap. I don’t think I handled it well. I ran away and left her to worry while I thought it over. I mean, a lot of the women in her family are just so darned cute, but I had zero interest in them. I must be insane. Did I mention they were cute? Most men would have jumped at the chance to dine at that particular buffet.” Pierre chuckled as his daughter wrinkled her nose in disgust.

“I’m not proud of this part, Min, but while I was making up my mind, I called up an old girlfriend and we went out. Let me be blunt; I fucked her. I had to know, to see the difference between someone to whom I had once been attracted and your mother, whom I loved so much. There was no contest, your mother won, hands down.”

He sighed, looking at his strong surgeon hands. “The experience taught me something else, though. While I had no interest in being with members of Margo’s family, I could still enjoy other women. So, I went back to your mother and suggested that we give an open relationship a try.” He hung his head, almost afraid to see her reaction. “I have had several lovers over the years. Most of these affairs have been pleasurable. I even loved some of them. None of them, however, held a candle to your mom. She’s the one who owns my heart.” He sighed. “I’m making it sound simpler than it really is. There were complications along the way. You have a younger brother, he’s five.”

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