The Call Ch. 02

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I awoke the next morning feeling more refreshed than I had in months. Her small body was curled up next to mine as I had allowed her to sleep with me. She never even stirred as I left the bed to attend to my body’s demands.

My body’s needs taken care of, I returned to the comforting warmth of our bed. I smiled to myself, noticing the way she had moved into the very area I had been lying in. Slipping in next to her, but not touching her, I watched as her body instinctively sought my warmth. Lying on my side, the top of her head easily fit under my chin.

The feel of her soft skin on mine started the stimulation process for me. My growing cock was nestled almost perfectly between her cheeks. As I continued to grow, her body seemed to respond, rubbing them on my length. A sigh escaping from her, signaled she was no longer sleeping.

Throwing the covers off of us, I moved till I was up on my knees looking down upon her. I admired her petite form lying still under my gaze. The sleekness of her form with its gentle curves beckoned to my body. My cock grew hard and to its full length as I surveyed my domain.

“SMACK” echoed within the confines of the room, the sound of my hand making contact with her shapely cheek and thigh. She had pretended to be asleep long enough. Besides, I was ready for her even if she was still partially asleep.

“SMACK” echoed again as my hand made contact again. “Hurry up bitch,” I growled at her. “Get up on all fours with that ass of yours pointing in my direction and your head on the bed.”

Swiftly she complied with my wishes. Two hand prints were easily visible on her pale skin from the blows I had given her. My hands each covered an ass cheek as I grabbed her to hold her still for her impalement. My strong hands pulled her cheeks apart, displaying her openings to my gaze. I could see moisture beading on the lips of her cunt.

Releasing one cheek, I grasped my cock to rub the head up and down her lips. I watched and felt the head become coated with her juices. Firmly, I continued to stroke the outside of her cunt with my cock, smearing her juices in all directions. Finally, I stopped with myself position for entry. My cock head nestled between the splayed lips of her cunt.

Fingers spread wide; I completely encapsulated her small hips in my hands as I pushed myself into her. Lustfully I watched myself slide into her, inch by inch. The walls of her cunt grasping me with their silky grip as they stretched to accommodate my size, a feeling I was able to fully appreciated this morning. Last night I had been to overcome with my own need to fully feel what she had to offer.

Pulling almost completely out, I watched myself slide back into her again, enjoying the sensations it produce again. I continued to do this as I watched a puddle of her juices collect at the base of cock and start to drip down my balls.

“SMACK,” the sound of my hand hitting her ass echoed through the room as I plunged back in again. I would have to time my blows just right. The width of my hip exceeded the width of hers, not leaving any room for my hand. With other women I had had in the past, this had never been a problem since they were wider than I in the hip area.

“OH,” she moaned as the feelings of pleasure and pain combined within her.





The rhythm continued while her cheeks turned bright red. Each one of my thrusts provided her with another pain reminder when my groin area would make contact with her super sensitive skin. Unable to maintain the rhythm any longer, I gave up and contented myself with just plowing her highly responsive body.

“OH,” she moaned and continued to moan almost continuously. I could feel her body starting to tense, Escort bayan signaling her impending orgasm. Sliding my hand over slightly, I aligned my thumb with her asshole.

Feeling her body start to spasm, I pushed my thumb into her deeply. Her own juices provided plenty of lubrication so only her own tightness fought the intrusion. The effect was instantaneous as her head and shoulders lifted off of the bed. The feeling of my cock sliding in and out of cunt while rubbing against my thumb in her ass was all I needed. My own orgasm followed the onslaught of hers. Jets cum coated the inside of her cunt.

The sensations flooding my body through my cock head were too much, I had to stop moving. Kneeling there, I savored the view as much as the feelings coursing through my body. Her bright red cheeks split by my cock and thumb made me wish I had a camera on hand to capture the moment forever.

Time, however, never stands still and my cock slowly deflated to its normal size. As it slipped from her, I pulled my thumb free also. Body and mind sated for the time being, I lay back down on the bed to stretch my legs straight again. Unbidden, she turned around and began to clean me with her tongue.

When she had finished, I nodded at her while unspoken thoughts passed between us. Getting my approval, she headed to the bathroom to clean up while I fell back asleep. Contented, I slept until I felt her hand on my shoulder letting me know breakfast was ready.

Two hours later found us back at my house where I was changing into clean clothes. I hadn’t taken any with me since I hadn’t planned to be gone for the night when I had originally left my own house. This time I packed extra sets, too.

“Let’s go,” I told her. “There are a few items I need to pick up today. We will probably be gone for the whole day by the time I have everything I need.”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

The day was bright and sunny as we began our adventure. I knew it would take at least two hours to reach our first destination, so I decided to put the time to good use by finding more out about the inner Staci.

“When did you first decide you wanted to be a slave?” I asked.

“About five years ago.”

“What made you decide you wanted to be a slave, and I expect a real answer this time,” I replied back to her, steel in my voice.

“Please forgive me sir. I will strive to answer you question correctly this time,” she replied timidly.

“I had found a book full of sexual stories which I read. In the book there were stories about all different kinds of sexual encounters, but I was excited the most by the stories involving women submitting to men. Each time I would read one, I would grow wet and my nipples hard. After awhile, I started touching myself while reading the stories. The first time I ever orgasmed was while reading one of the stories.”

“What was the story about?”

“It was about a wife who had to pick between staying married and being her husband’s sex slave, or going her own way in life. The women chose to be her husband’s slave rather than face life on her own again. With all of her family gone, the woman would have been totally on her own. She wondered if she wasn’t actually missing something, as she seemed to spend all of her energy saying “no”, trying to still be the “good girl” her late mother had wanted her to be.”

“Then there was no actual sex in the story?”

“No, there was sex. But, the real story was about how she realized she wasn’t happy with whom she was. She had done everything society expected of her, yet she still felt like she was missing something crucial in her life. So, she agreed to be her husband’s sex slave. After all, if it didn’t work, she could still get the divorce.”

“Was Bayan escort it a conditional slavery, or a full slavery?”

“It was a full slavery. She had to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted it. She had to submit to his will entirely.”

“So what was the first thing he made her do?”

“Strip off her clothes in the middle of the living room while he watched.”

“That’s all.”

“No, then he screwed her from behind as she bent over the arm of the couch.”

“Was the whole story like that, or did it become more daring as it went?”

“Later on they progressed to him using her mouth and ass for his pleasure, but it was more about how happier she became in her life. What I found the most exciting was the fact she had no say at all. Most people would consider the sex was pretty tame, but main theme of the story was his complete control over her, not kinky sex.”

“I will never accept anything but complete obedience from a slave of mine.”

“I know, that’s why I called you. I want to be controlled. I want to be subjugated to your every whim. It’s making me wet just thinking about it.”

“Show me how wet you are.”

Raising her skirt, she slipped a small finger into her cunt. Pulling it out, she showed me the fluid coating it.

“Now unbutton your shirt and show me your breasts.” Her nipples were hard enough to be easily visible as I had suspected they would be.

“You will pleasure yourself while we drive, but you are not allowed to orgasm. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

I knew we were about 30 minutes from my now changed destination. I hadn’t planned on taking her to this destination today, but our conversation had changed my mind. Thirty minutes of self stimulation would have her body in a highly sensitive state by the time we arrived.

She was softly moaning as we pulled into the empty driveway of a simple white ranch house. It looked like all the other houses on the street, but she couldn’t see as I had stopped earlier and tied a bandanna over her eyes. Parking my vehicle, I guided her to the door of the house. Knocking, I waited for the owner to answer the door.

“I though that was your vehicle,” as the homeowner opened the door for me.

“I have some business for you. Are you available on such short order?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“We all have choices.”

“Not where you are concerned,” she laughed.

Susan’s laugh was deep and powerful, matching the form of her body. She could easily pass as a man, and at times did when it suited her needs. Like me, she enjoyed mastering members of her sex. I knew Staci would be hard pressed to tell if she was in the presence of another man or woman at this time.

“Come on in and bring your new toy in so I can get a better look at her.”

I led her down a small hallway and a flight of steps to the owner’s work area. A special table dominated the center of the room. It was shaped somewhat like an “X” with ankle and wrist cuffs to securely hold an individual down. I used them to hold my slave in place. As an after thought, I secured a ball gag in place and head phones over her ears. She was completely shut off from the world around her since her blindfold was still in place.

“This looks pretty serious to me. Just what would you like to have done?”

“The works.”

“Will she be able to handle it?”

“She doesn’t have a choice.”

“What about locals?”

“No. It is important for her to feel the pain. She desires complete and absolute control over her body and mind.”

Susan, who had had medical training, began examining her body for possible reasons not to do as I had requested of her. She was not doing the exam because she was Escort against what I was asking, but to make sure it would be safe for her patient. Her medical training would not allow her conscience to do as I had asked if it was not safe to do. She also knew I would respect her opinion if she said it wasn’t safe.

“She’s a very healthy young lady. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to just give her to me instead?”

“No, I’ve decided to keep this one. She may just be the one I’ve been looking for. Something about her feels right.”

“Normally, I would caution people about feeling like that, but I know you are capable of keeping her in line.”

“I will heed your words of wisdom.”

“Would you mind if I at least have a small taste before we move on?”

“Not at all, in fact, the procedure would best be done just after she succumbs to your skills.”

Susan went about gathering the tools she would use. She checked every item twice, a true professional of her trade. She was the best.

“Gold or silver?”


“Same size for all three?”


“Good choice. It imparts a more balanced look in my opinion, but the customer is always right.”

Her implements ready, she moved to stand between Staci’s spread legs. Lowering her head, she traced the outline of her cunt lips with her tongue. I knew there was no way Staci would be able to resist her, even if she tried with all her might. Susan was as skilled as they came.

“She’s very excited. Does she know what it going to happen to her?” Susan asked after she lifted her head up.


Susan returned her attention to Staci’s dripping cunt. I watched as Staci’s body jerked in it’s restraints as she fought to not orgasm. After all, her master had never told her if she was now allowed to orgasm. Susan’s skill soon won out, though, as I watched her body going through its tell tale spasms.

Susan, always the professional, was up and grabbing her tools of the trade in just a few seconds after her spasms started. I can not even begin to imagine what Staci must have felt as the piercing tool penetrated her super sensitive clit while she was still in the throes of her orgasm. A small plume of smoke arose from her body as Susan triggered the cauterizing mode of her tool. Seconds later, the ring was slipped into place and deftly soldered shut for eternity. Not wasting any time, Susan quickly repeated the process for both nipples.

Staci’s entire body was shaking by now, but Susan’s table had been built for just this very purpose. There was no chance of the person’s body moving enough to cause them any harm. All of the restraints had completely immobilized her where it truly mattered.

“Your girl made a puddle on my floor,” Susan chided me.

“Check it. I think you will find it’s not what you think it is.”

“It’s not urine,” she replied with amazement. “She must have orgasmed again while I was doing her nipples.”

“That would be my best guess, too.”

“You are one lucky fellow. She just may be the one for you. Do you wish to take her while she is still strapped in place?”

“No. I have other plans to accomplish yet today, but I appreciate your offer.”

“In that case, it might be a good idea to get her back up on her feet.”

Deftly, I removed the ear muffs and ball gag allowing her to breathe more easily in her still heightened state. Next, the restraints were unbuckled. Gently I lifted her from the table and stood her up. She clung to me as she regained her balance. The blindfold I left in place. It would always be a mystery for her as to exactly who had done the piercing.

As we were leaving, I left money on the table to cover her costs. I had no need to pay for the actual procedures, since I had made the table for Susan. Silently, we made are way back to my vehicle. Staci was well on her way back to regaining full control of her body. I had no doubts about if she was up to any more traveling today. She would be able to handle it easily.

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