The Camera

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We get back to my place and we open that bottle of wine to get our blood flowing. I can’t believe I agreed to this. I decided to slip into something a little more comfortable, I move past you, pressing up against your body, I reach down and grab your hard cock through your pants. You grabbed me by the back of my neck and kissed me deep; you pull away and say hurry up. I brought the camera out to you and stepped back into my bedroom. I wanted you to make sure you knew how to use the damn thing.

I watched you from my bedroom, you looked nervous as you took a couple of deep drinks looking at the camera. I don’t see why you would be the nervous one. I asked you if you were ready, when you said yes, I told you to come on up to my room, that we can shoot there. Your voice was a little shaky, as if you had not been in a girl’s bedroom before. You walked slowly up to my room.

I was wearing an amazingly hot teddy, black with long leather hooker boots. You had mentioned how you had never actually seen them on girl in them, and a black thong, again just for you. My breasts were busting out of this thing. Once you got your breathe back, you started snapping shots. I was laying on the bed now; you got a shot of me arching my back towards you, sliding a finger between my legs, and then one on my knees with a little naughty look on my face. You loved every minute of it, both of us with big cheesy grins on our faces. I’ve always wanted to do this; I just can’t believe you got me to agree to it.

You start telling me what to do, where to sit, how to look, you have me place my hands under my tits, sticking my tongue out like I’m going to lick my hard nipples. You are rock hard watching canlı bahis şirketleri me; I can tell by the way you are walking almost trying to hide it. You walk over to push my hair back over my shoulders and I reach down and grab your hard cock again, it’s almost too much for you. You have to pull away, almost dropping the camera. I see the look you are giving me, you know you want more, but you are trying to be the professional.

But I need more from you, I tell you to take off your pants, it makes me hornier for the pictures, at least that is my excuse. It’s always better when you’re looking at a hard cock to want to play with yourself. I watched you pull them off showing me your boxers; you are standing there in front of me rock hard. You tell me to lie on my back and spread my legs for the camera, you stand over me getting nice face shots, then stand at the end of the bed, I slide my hand down and begin playing with myself through my panties. Once I touch myself you can’t help but to start gently stroking yourself while still taking pictures. I watch you taking my picture, so turned on that your erect cock have come out of the hole in your boxers. Every time you move it points at me, almost aiming for my hot and wet pussy.

Watching you looking at me, I slide my panties to the side and 2 fingers deep in my hole moaning as they slide deep in my wetness. I slide them back out and circle my hard clit. My left hand clinching the bed as I stare in your eyes. You almost drop the camera, but get back a hold of yourself once you stroke your cock for me a few more times. Watching you touch yourself, I circle faster and harder into me, unable to lie still anymore I arch canlı kaçak iddaa my back and my first orgasm comes in a hard rush. Your camera still clicking pictures, I move my hand out of my little wet pussy and slide my hand up my body slowly, I stop at my nipples and tweak them for you, but move my fingers on up to my mouth. I take them all the way in tasting myself. Sliding them in and out as you slide your hand over your hard cock. You are still amazingly taking pictures of me the whole time.

I move my hand back down to my panties, and slide them down around ankles and toss them at you. This is the last snap shot you take, once you see my little mound of hair come out for you, you drop the camera and your boxers. You walk over to me your cock sticking straight out; hard and ready to be pleased as it does its own pleasing. I pull you in close to me, as you tower over me. I grab at your ass and slide your cock deep in my mouth. When my warm mouth hits you, you moan and pull at my head aching for more. I slide you in and out, my tongue twisting around your head in my mouth; you ram my head with every motion. I slide my hand down to my little wet pussy again, and stick my fingers in deep. When I pull them out, you grab my hand and taste me.

I grab you and pull you down to me; I turn around, sliding your head between my legs. You spread my lips and before I can tell you to take it slow, your face is deep in my little wet hole. Your tongue sliding in and out with your fingers circling my clit. I push you in deeper and harder, taking your cock faster but I’m unable to hold still, as my wetness is dripping, we roll around, now I’m on top of you both of us still deep in our canlı kaçak bahis duties. Till I’m unable to hold my second orgasm, I pull away from you and scream your name motioning my hips hard into your face as your tongue fucks me and your fingers now fucking my clit and my ass, I cum again. After tasting my juices you pull your face from me and turn around to kiss me. We kiss, my tongue not getting enough of my own juices.

You roll me over and begin teasing me from behind. Licking what juices are left, reaching around and circling my clit again. Your tongue teases my ass and back to my wet hole, my hand moves down with yours circling my clit, you leave me to circle as you begin to tease my ass, now with your hard cock. Your tongue and hand circling my hole every once in awhile, my juices flowing, I can now feel my ass loosening. I’m relaxing, feeling your hard cock now spreading my tight and wet asshole. Circling my clit fast now and moaning as my hard clit aches and I need release again. You pound into me and I scream again. You reach around tweaking at my nipples, grabbing my breasts and using me as your long motion. Your stride hard and long, getting deep inside me. Slowly your huge cock in and out of me with every motion I moan, and you moan telling me how good I feel. Your cock still growing in me, harder and faster now rocking in and out of me, I take everything. You start fucking me hard, now pulling my head back; I grab on to the bed and motion my ass in the air.

I grab for anything. It feels so good. You are about to go. I flip over your hard cock covered in wetness; you squirt it on me while I circle my clit and release again. I pull you closer to me and catch drops on my face getting all of it in my hands. I rub it all over me as I rub your hard cock.

You pick the camera up again, taking pictures of your load all over my breasts. Once you are done, I grab the camera from your hand, and say my turn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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