The Cheerleaders Panties – The Party

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The day of the cheerleader’s finals came, and I deliberately kept my distance. I wanted them to win for my sister and Gemma too much. I knew where the post-party celebrations were being held and waited to find out the result there.

I stormed around to Liz’s house, and already the place was rocking with loud celebratory music interspersed with cheers and chants from about three dozen inebriated youthful lungs. They had won!

I rang the doorbell and knocked on the door in tandem against the wall of sound, and soon a drunken Liz opened the door to me!

“James!” She squealed and jumped at me wrapping her legs around me and started to hug and kissed me,

“We won!” She hollered as she dismounted still in her cheerleader outfit.

“Congratulations, well done,’ I declared as buoyantly as possible but still well short of the playful exuberance of the party.

Liz took me by the hand and dragged me into the living room full of the victorious girl hordes of the winning team.

“It’s James!” yelled Liz and immediately, the partying crowd dropped their chant and welcomed me hysterically.

“James, James, James!” They roared tunelessly still in their cheerleader outfits quickly drowning out the music. They toasted me with bottled beverages half imbibed, their drunkenness making me uneasy in my temperate state.

“A man!” Provocatively shouted an anonymous voice from a corner. The cry was nuanced with all sorts associated lewd connotations.

“Do you want us to sing you happy birthday again?” Cried Mandy.

“No thanks I’m just here to find Sally,” I quickly dismissed.

Sally came running in from the kitchen.

“James, We won!”

“Really? I wondered what all the noise was about?”

“Sarcastic pratt!”

“No seriously, well done.”

“Hey, you’re just the man to execute the fines!”

“Fines?” I puzzled as a few half-hearted attempts to sing happy birthday to me died in confusion.

The usually severe Sandra walked to me, her face flushed through the effects of alcohol.

“Hello, James,” she slurred as she draped her arm around my neck to address the team, “Who here objects to James carrying out the penalties for the fines?” she slurred.

“No one objects!” vigorously shouted Mandy, bringing instant unification to the carefree mob.

The team voiced their agreement as Sandra drunkenly swayed around my neck, a beer bottle in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other.

“How are you getting on with my panties?” she whispered in my ear before bursting out laughing.

I became a little uneasy; this was not the prim and proper Sandra I knew, one of ballbusting, straight-faced solemnity.

“But first girls what is going to be the punishment?” she requested.

A murmur went through the team in thought, and for an instant, the music could be heard just as Sally shouted, “A spanking!”

A high-pitched hysterical squeal of agreement came from the team who excitedly jumped around.

“A spanking, a spanking!” they concurred as I looked at Sally broadly grinning. I smiled back at her, somehow trying to convey that everything was all right at home.

A chair was hastily brought forward for me to sit on as Sandra acted out her role as judge reading from her adjudicating sheet. The team had all individually marked how many mistakes individuals had made.

“Mandy!” Shouted Sandra, “Five mistakes!”

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” chanted the girl as Mandy confidently made her way to the front of the girls, looked them all in the eye, dived across my lap and lifted her skirt.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” went up the chant again as I studied Mandy’s sturdy bottom. He white panties were visually sweaty and a sweet aroma of sweat, bottom smells, and pussy wafted under my nose.

I thought Mandy was up for the challenge and so I whacked down on her muscular ass hard from the off!

“One!” sounded the mob laughing as Mandy suddenly become very pliable after she had taken the blow. I pushed her down on my lap, stopping her having any thoughts of escaping and smashed down on her hard ass again. Mandy cried aloud causing the mob to cheer at her discomfort.

“Two!” they cried, “Not so lippy now, are you?” Came a voice from a clandestine position.

Mandy’s fight had gone after just two spanks, and by the third, she was kicking and crying throughout her ordeal.

“Three!” they cried, “don’t go easy on her,” they bayed, enjoying their teammate struggling to take her punishment. I eased up on the next spank much to the displeasure of the onlookers.

“Four!” they groaned,” Give it to her!” They demanded, and I aimed the next spank low and hard just above her pussy. The sound snapped off her hard ass, and she screamed, kicked and hollered in a futile exercise in trying to make the pain abate.

Time was the only thing that could do that, but she kicked and writhed for all she was worth anyway.

“Five!” they all cheered, “One for luck,” shouted someone and I immediately lashed down plump in the middle of her ass.

“You keçiören escort bastard,” cried Mandy jumping off my lap and putting her hands on her thrashed derriere. She unashamedly jumped and tried to rub some comfort into her stinging ass.

Sandra walked to the fore again with her execution notes and read off the next prisoner to be chastised.

“Next is Liz, with two mistakes,” Sandra declared.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” chanted the girls yet again as poor little Liz timorously tiptoed to my chair.

“Oh no!” she half sobbed with worry while I was beginning to revel in my position as executioner.

“Over my lap, Skirt up!” I demanded as the slight fragile Liz nervously crawled over my lap.

She had declined to lift her skirt, which I enjoyed as it gave me the pleasure of exposing her cute little ass.

“So I must prepare the prisoner!” I declared, “Bear witness to the lifting of the skirt!” I called out as little Liz groaned in embarrassment. I lifted the skirt slowly for maximum humiliation.

‘Liz’s panties had ridden up into her ass crack, a sight I wasn’t pleased with, and so I repositioned them.

“What are you doing?” irately cried, Liz. I needed to stamp my authority immediately or lose my job.

“Silence!” I bellowed and spanked Liz hard on her bony little bottom.

Liz screamed shamelessly, letting it out.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” chanted the girls, and I quickly reeled off two quick hard spanks that took Liz to one long continuous screech. It was fast and merciful, and Liz rolled off my lap onto the floor with both her hand furiously rubbing her bottom inside her panties.

“Next!” they all drunkenly cried.

Sandra once again came to the fore. “The next to be punished is Gemma!” the mob mentality kicked in again.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” they ravenously yelled. It was apparent that Gemma was a favourite amongst the girl’s, and it was the first time I had a chance to talk to her since her mother’s threat.

I became worried. Did Gemma know her mother had given me a blowjob or was Mrs Leighton bluffing? I looked at Sandra, who knew the sexual landscape, and I prayed that what she told me was the truth. Sandra smiled, she could relax now as her team had won and her star exhibit, Gemma had performed well judging from the cheers.

She was a popular team member, and the number of her ‘misdemeanours’ or faults in her display had been exaggerated for the team’s lustful enjoyment.

Gemma walked towards me for the first time in weeks, and my mouth dried.

“How do you want me, James?” she smiled. I couldn’t believe it, the girl of my dreams, my heart’s desire was coming to me for a spanking.

“Gemma is to receive five spanks. “Declared Sandra bringing forth a colossal cry of delight from the hordes.

I looked at Gemma’s beautiful smiling face, and all my worries of any potential trysts with her in the future evaporated. I then began to worry that if I spanked her too hard, she might change her mind. I need not have worried.

Gemma was as beguiling as ever even though she was about to be humiliated and punished.

“Don’t worry,” she whispered as she leant over my lap, “And don’t spare my bottom, I won’t think any worse of you!”

She shuffled over my lap, and now my cock that had only been at half-mast rose hard and fast emboldened by Gemma’s sweet words and the presence of her loins pressed against mine.

She wriggled her bottom instantly gyrating on my cock. She turned her prone head towards me, “Oh! Sir, you’re a cruel hard master!” she tittered. The words were picked up by the assembly, who quickly started to chant,

“Jamie’s got a boner, Jamies got a boner!”

I blushed as I went about lifting Gemma’s skirt. It felt unreal, the girl I adored was over my lap giving me permission to lift her skirt and spank her heavenly bottom. I slowly exposed her and sighed at the sight of her magnificent ass.

It was the best ass in the world, not because it was big, muscular or cute but because it belonged to Gemma. The sweet smell of her sweaty panties made me giddy, and I wanted this spanking to last forever.

“Prepare the prisoner!” I theatrically declared once more except this time I smoothed her panties out across her upturned ass.

“You kinky sod!” declared someone and even Gemma turned her head, smiled, wiggled her bottom as said,” I’m ready mister executioner.”

I felt a surge of blood to my penis just by her very words. I started to consider the chance of me ejaculating before Gemma had taken her allotted spanks.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” went the cry and I spanked down on Gemma’s sweet butt!

“No!” went out the cry from the drunken mob baying for blood,

“Spank her, spank hard, don’t just pat her!” protested the crowd who as much as they liked Gemma wanted to see her taken down from her pretty cool pedestal.

She looked up at me again, “It’s alright, give them what they want.”

That was typical keçiören escort bayan Gemma, always wanting to please even if she was at the end of a painful spanking.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” they hollered louder than ever, and I gave the crowd what it wanted. My hand splashed down dead centre on Gemma’s ass, and she cried out much to the merriment of the horde.

I kept my hand in place on her bottom, drinking up the exotic vibes. Her bottom seemed to throb on my planted hand, and I sighed with pleasure. Gemma deliberately pushed her pussy onto my hard cock, and I went giddy with joy.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” went the impatient cry of the mob not caring for my love reverie. I quickly lifted my hand high up and spanked down hard. Gemma shrieked as I felt my hand sink into the fat of her ass and push against her muscle. Again I kept my hand in place as she writhed beneath it. I felt her pussy rubbing on my urgent cock and wondered how I would get through this ordeal without cumming.

I spread my fingers on her ass and studied her ass crack lightly showing through her translucent white panties. I moved my hand back and felt her inner thigh.

“Oh!! What’s he up too?” said an anonymous voice.

“Open your legs!” I ordered!


I spanked her for questioning me, and as she began to recover, I punished her again with a quick whippy spank.

“Open your legs. Wide!” I ordered. This time Gemma did as she was told and my head swam as I took pleasure feeling her inner thigh.

“He’s getting off on this!” someone said.

“Wouldn’t you?” came a reply that I gladly heard as it gave me permission to feast off her heavenly body just as they would like to do. I was in a much-coveted position. My hand was inches from her pussy, and I couldn’t help but lap up all the beautiful auras of her body!

I drew my hand back and spanked her hard just above her pussy, my hand skimming hard off the top of her ass. Gemma rocked and rolled along with her wails and my penis throbs. Gemma began to sob, and the crowd toasted the downfall of the Queen of the cheerleaders. As they clinked beer bottles and laughed, I returned my hand to her inner thigh. I breathed in hard and forgot myself. I pointed my index finger and slipped it inside Gemma’s panties. She immediately closed her legs around my hand, and I withdrew on a reflex.

“Sorry!” I shamefully apologised.

“Its okay, you didn’t have to move your hand,” she teased with a wink.

I quickly spanked her hard above the pussy again, and as she writhed, I pushed the gusset of her panties to one side and slipped in my finger.

The mob cheered not knowing what I was doing. Gemma smiled at me from below, “What are you going to do now?” she sighed with a wink.

There was nothing I could do. I moved my finger slightly with-in Gemma’s moist haven and swallowed hard. I wanted to go further, but soon the crowd were baying for another victim.

Gemma slipped off my hard lap and off my wet finger as the crowd-neared hysteria at someone secretive idea.

“Next!” cried, someone.

I spanked my way through the whole team. Making sure they left my hard lap with a well-tanned bottom. I took great delight in spanking Andrea, who for some reason, was panty-less. Andrea’s bare ass excited the crowd, and as she was olive-skinned, it took far more spanks to get her ass to glow red.

Sandra came to the fore again. “The next person is.”

“You!” cried out alone voice quickly backed up by the surrounding hysterics in the mob.

“But I’m not on the list,” Sandra quickly made known, “You didn’t want me in the team!”

“You were our leader, Miss Kelly’s lapdog!”

All this was team politics, something that I was wholly unaware off apart from the tit-bits of grumbling I heard from Sally. Sally wasn’t a vindictive person by any means so for her to gripe to the likes of me about Sandra’s bossiness must have meant she really was unpopular. She had become ostracised to the point where she had become part of the coaching staff.

“Spank, spank, spank, spank, spank!” They cried again but this time with malevolent spite to their cry.

The team wanted someone of authority they could takedown. The mob had disrobed the Queen in Gemma, and now it was Sandra’s turn.

Sandra had me by my balls not long ago, and now it was my turn, and I was going to beat her ass with relish!

She was always aloof and always came across as stand-offish to me. Very prim and proper, well mannered never cursing and most frightening of all, very intelligent.

It looked for an instant they were going to force it upon her as two girls grabbed her and brought her to me.

“Okay, okay” just to show I’m not a bad sport. I shall submit to a spanking.” She declared. There was a cry of delight, which didn’t match the hysteria as I sensed the mob wanted more.

Sandra approached my lap and prepared to go across it. The two girls who had hold of her still held her under the arms, and before I knew it, they escort keçiören had dragged her across my lap and held her down.

“Hey! No, come on.” Admonished Sandra still keeping her poise and reserve even though she was positioned in an undignified posture.

Someone pulled her skirt up and once again the chant to spank went up only to be silenced by Liz.

“Wait a minute, I think this deserves a spanking, panties down!” she seethed.

“Yeah for fucking Gemma’s dad!” bellowed someone from an obscure position.

“No!” cried out Sandra breaking her reserve as two hands gripped her panties and pulled them down.

Below me was Sandra’s bare ass for all to see as she kicked and yelled.

“Right off!” ordered the maniacal Liz making sure the girls pulled her panties right down Sandra’s kicking legs and off over her shoes.

“Hey, catch!” prompted Sally throwing Sandra’s striped panties to the mob.

“Right spank her!” feverishly cried Gemma showing some resentment that Sandra was sleeping with her dad. The girls carried on and passed around Sandra’s panties in a perverted pass the parcel game. Some mocked her panties when they came to them, opening them up and scoffing at any stains.

Two girls pulled Sandra over my lap, and another two took a leg each and pulled them wide.

It wasn’t enough humiliation for some as they turned her to get a good view of her snatch.

“I told you she didn’t trim,” cruelly announced Mandy before going to Sandra’s down cast-shocked face.

“All those clothes changes and showers with you keeping modest. Well, we can all see your cunt now! Look girls!”

All the girls homed in and studied her vagina with glee. I began to feel uneasy, a mob rule had taken over. They flipped her back over and even started spanking poor Sandra’s bottom for me.

Spanks rained down on poor Sandra’s ass from all directions, quickly turning it red. The Queen was being overthrown as they spanked on and on until they were tired. Sandra well beaten lay lifeless across me. I helped her up feeling sorry for her and returned her disrobed panties. Her face was wet with tears, and she solemnly pulled her skirt over her bare ass.

Her oppressors all stood in line with forced grins beginning to think they had gone too far. Sandra rubbed her well-thrashed bottom.

“I deserved that,” she bravely said, “I’m sorry I was such a bitch in training.”

The girls moved up to her and hugged her one by one, “Thanks Sandra, “they all said.

“Without you, we wouldn’t have won,” guiltily praised Jane.

“Nice to see you didn’t forget to thank me,” sarcastically sighed Sandra.


We all looked towards the voice, and there was Sally with a big bunch of flowers. She presented them to Sandra, who was now crying tears of joy.

“Aww you shouldn’t have, a good spanking was praise enough,” she joked as Sally presented her with a card.

“We can give you another spanking,” joked Mandy.

“Not just now some other time,” Replied Sandra, her face now floods of tears as she read the card signed by all the team.

Jane handed Sandra back her panties, making Sandra smile.

“I’m a little too sore to put them back on at the moment.”

“Oh, dear, Sorry.”

The noisy part of the mob returned to the kitchen chanting and swigging from ale bottles anew.

I stayed seemingly tied to my chair, not daring to get up. Three girls rounded on me in a fit of giggles. Mandy had something behind her back that was the source of much merriment.

“Hello James!” she said with a big mischievous grin.

“Hello,” I replied nervously knowing that something was afoot.

More girls gathered around, all smiling and I was sure they had me as the target of one of their next prank.

“Girls, most of us were spanked here by James tonight, did any of you feel something natural but not neutral in the proceedings?”

“A hard cock!” shouted someone from the back.

“That’s right,” slurred Mandy leaning in on me as she spoke, causing me to smell and breath in the alcohol on her breath.

“A big stiffy in his pants,” she declared with her hand coming out and feeling my erect penis through my trousers.

Both of my hands went down to defend Mandy’s intrusion, and she quickly pulled back.

“Girls! How many of you would like to see James’s cock?”

A Huge holler in the affirmative sounded out, and I started to worry for my safety amongst these baying hyena’s posing as schoolgirls.

“That’s good for tonight, James this is your cock!” and with that Mandy produced the red book from behind her back.

Its was very similar in shape and size I had made for Sally, and I knew that the pictures of me naked were going to be presented for all to see.

Mandy stood and opened the book, and the girls behind fought for a good view.

“Quite the poser aren’t you?” Mandy mocked turning the book so, I could see two pictures of me naked lying back on the bed.

I smiled in relief more than anything; I enjoyed the girls looking at my naked body even if some of the comments weren’t praiseworthy. Mandy turned the page and showed the girls who were shocked, insulting and impressed.

“What a wanker!” joyfully exclaimed Liz as the book was turned for me to see myself lying back stroking my erect cock looking very pleased with myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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