The Cottage: First Day

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The Cottage: First Day

Copyright (c) 2020 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living, dead or fictional is coincidental. All characters mentioned herein that participate in sexual activities are adults (18 years of age or older).


Robert — the protagonist

Eileen — his girlfriend

Stephanie (Steph) — her sister

Jenny — Steph’s classmate and friend, Chad’s now ex-girlfriend?

John — Steph’s friend and organizer of the weekend

Chad — John’s friend

Sandy — one of the other girls, John’s now ex-girlfriend

Heather — one of the other girls

Rob — John’s uncle and owner of the lake house

Olivia — Rob’s supermodel hot wife


The following is a departure from my usual stories in that it started as a simple tale that grew, until I finally decided to split it into three parts. So this is part one of three. The other two, The Cottage: Second Day and The Cottage: Last Day will be published simultaneously so you can read them sequentially.

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I was cleaning some boxes and found a pressed flower in a plastic bag. I instantly recognized it and remembered the circumstances. It was about ten years ago……

Eileen and I were back from college. We had been high school sweethearts since 10th grade and we had both just finished our sophomore years. It had been a tough year for both of us as we went to different colleges a thousand miles apart from each other. We were relaxing on the back porch at her Mom’s house plotting how and where we were going to get some privacy so we could fuck our brains out when her younger sister Stephanie burst in on us crying.

“Mom is impossible,” she screamed between her tears.

Eileen got up and went over to sit next to her sister and hold her. I went over and sat on the other side. It took a while, but with both of us holding her, Steph finally calmed down and told her tale.

Apparently one of their gang got permission to take some friends up to his uncle’s lake cottage for a post high school graduation party.

The cause for all the tears was that Steph had promised her friend Jenny that she could get her mom’s SUV to take them and the food up to the lake house, but her mom just told her that she needed her car this weekend and Steph and her friends couldn’t use it. Since all of them were only 18 they couldn’t rent a car and so they couldn’t go. Period. The sky was falling.

As Steph leaned forward crying into her hands, I looked across at Eileen who was pleading with her eyes for me to do something. I didn’t know what to do. Women crying will always be my kryptonite. Finally I got up and headed for the far side of the deck. I pulled out my phone and called home. Mom answered and I asked her for a big favor. I asked if I could swap my POS Toyota for her minivan for the weekend. Explaining Stephanie’s problem in as few words as possible, I made my plea. It took a minute, but Mom finally said, “Yes, as long as there will be some adult chaperones.”

I lied my ass off and said, “Her friend’s aunt and uncle will be there. They live there during the summers.”

Reassured, Mom said that it would be fine and asked when I would be home. Looking over at the girls, I said it would probably be late. Eileen and I had a lot of catching up to do. She said she would see me in the morning then.

Hitting the off button, I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and took time to rearrange my junk. Being that close to Eileen and Steph had definitely brought the monster to attention.

I should probably take a few minutes to acquaint the readers with the sisters. They were exactly two years apart in age. Both were born on March 26 and seeing them together, they looked like twins. Both were 5 foot 9 inches tall in bare feet. Both had long curly chestnut hair that went down to their shoulder blades in back. Both had classically beautiful faces. Size wise they were identical. I know because they swap clothes all the time. Because they are the same size, I presume that Stephanie has the same 34B bra size as Eileen.

I had never seen Stephanie naked so I couldn’t say what she looked like out of her clothes, but Eileen was beautiful. She had the perfect figure, at least I my mind. About a week before we came home, I texted her and I asked her what her measurements were and she texted back, ’34-22-35. What is your measurement? ‘. I texted her ‘Send me a sexy picture so I can get a good reading’. She sent me back a full nude selfie taken in a mirror. I replied with ‘9 and a half’. She sent back a drooling emoji.

She said she had been going to the gym to get rid of some college fat and ensest hikayeler it showed. Her stomach was as flat as any of the bra and panty models I jerked off to over the last year. Her tits were firm and the nipples would pop out and crinkle up at the slightest touch. When I ran my hands across the sides there was a small mole on her ribcage just under her arm. She hated it, but I told her it just meant the rest of her was perfect.

As I sat down next to Steph, Eileen shot me a glance and I nodded. I put my hand on her back to console her and realized that she was not wearing a bra. “Hey,” I said. “Good news, bad news, Steph.”

“What,” she spat out angrily.

“Well, the good news is that I can swap my car for my Mom’s minivan for the weekend—”

Her head came up and she cut me off, “Really,” she said her face lighting up briefly, and then clouded over. “What’s the bad news?”

“You guys have to put up with a couple of old fogies for the weekend, because we are not going to drive all the way up there and not stay.”

Her face went blank for a second as she processed the news. “Ok,” she finally said. “I think we can deal with that.”

As she turned to hug me, her shirt caught and the top button popped giving me a nice view down her blouse. My cock throbbed involuntarily. As she hugged me, her hand slid down and squeezed my erection through my shorts and it throbbed for her again.

After a few seconds of hugging, she bounced up and said, “I’m going to go tell Mom the news and then I have to finish packing.”

As she left, fixing that button, I got up to go fix my junk again. My pants seemed way too small for some reason tonight.

I had just finished my rearranging, much to Eileen’s amusement, when I heard the backdoor open and Eileen’s mom’s voice called out. “Thank you Robert for wanting to help out, but you just got home. Are you sure you don’t mind chaperoning a bunch of just graduated high school girls?”

Without turning around, I gripped the railing in front of me and replied, “Not at all, Mrs. C. The only thing on my agenda this weekend, besides Eileen, was to spend some time on the internet looking for a job for the summer. I can do that up there if they have connectivity. Otherwise, I can try to turn the hotspot on my phone.”

“Well thank you dear, it means a lot to Stephanie,” she said and I heard the backdoor close again.

I let out a mental sigh of relief that I didn’t need to try and explain the huge bulge I had in my pants to their mom.

The rest of the night went better. I stayed over for dinner at Eileen and Mrs. C’s insistence. But I did have to go squeeze one off in the bathroom to get my cock under control. Just before I came, Eileen peeked into the bathroom. She saw what was going on and immediately came in and dropped to her knees and pulled my cock to her mouth. She barely got her lips around it before I erupted. She swallowed as best she could, but some escaped and dripped on her t-shirt.

Eileen changed before dinner, but her mother noticed and asked why the new shirt? She said that she spilled on it when she brushed her teeth so she had to change. It was only a partial lie, Eileen had brushed her teeth but it was so her mother didn’t smell my cum on her daughter’s breath.

Dinner went fine and we even got a chance to make out a little on the back porch. Mostly just copping a feel of those magnificent tits of hers and having her stroke my cock through my pants. I had to make her stop so I didn’t have to sexplain to her mother about the big wet spot on the front of my jeans.

The next morning I was back at Eileen’s house bright and early with my Mom’s minivan. Eileen, Stephanie and her friend Jenny were there with their overnight bags, a cooler and a bunch of grocery bags, with what I presumed was food.

While I was loading up, Steph and her friend were very possessive of a couple of the plastic bags and made sure to try to be sneaky putting them into the back seat. I shrugged and decided to let them have their secret. What’s the worst it could be, a couple of dildos? Smiling at my own joke, I went back for another load of bags.

It didn’t take too long and we were ready to go. Mrs. C came out in her bathrobe to see us off and wish us a good weekend. The bathrobe was pretty sheer and I could see where the girls both got their figures from.

“Last chance for a bathroom break,” I called out once we were loaded and all three girls headed into the house.

I walked over to Mrs. C and she said, “It was very nice of you to put all your plans on hold for Steph. This year has been hard on them. The last half of their senior year was done either remotely or time sharing with the other high school. It got pretty crazy after the hurricane damaged their high school and they only got a graduation because a bunch of parents got pissed off and put one together.”

“Not a problem, Mrs. C,” I said as I appraised her form. She might be old enough to have an 18 and a 20 year old daughter, but she looked pretty damn fine to me. Scanning that robe, I couldn’t swear to it, but I didn’t see any bumps or lines indicating that she was wearing anything under that outer garment and her nipples were very prominent.

I would have had an embarrassing moment if the girls didn’t take that moment to run out of the house and pile into the van.

“Well, I guess we are off,” I said and waved to Mrs. C as I turned for the van.

A minute or two later, we were three blocks away and waiting at a stoplight. I heard some giggling from the back seat and glanced into the mirror just in time to be rewarded with seeing both Steph and Jenny pull off their t-shirts and undo their bras. The bent down to dig in their “secret” bags and both of them came up with these semi-transparent puffy elastic garments that they were slipping over their heads.

Just then Eileen nudged me and I saw the light had changed. Puzzled at my inattention she glanced in the back and then hit me on the shoulder, exclaiming in a whisper, “You dirty old man.”

All I could come up with in response was, “Damn straight and proud of it.”

By the time I could glance back, they had garments put in place. The tops just barely covered their boobs. Later after I called them sheer boob holders, Eileen said they were, “Organza tube tops.” She pouted and said that she was jealous that she hadn’t thought of bringing something like that along.

The drive up was uneventful. The only excitement was when we stopped for gas and to stretch our legs. Apparently while I wasn’t watching, our backseat minxes had changed out of their blue jeans into the shortest ‘Daisy Dukes’ I had ever seen.

As I was pumping gas, the two sexpots sauntered into the convenience store attached to the gas station.

‘Damn,’ I thought, ‘Those three threads holding their crotches together better hold or we’ll be bailing them out for indecent exposure.’

Eileen came out of the van and I expressed surprise at the sexy outfits. She looked at me and without missing a beat asked, “Do you think my mother would have let them out of the house if they were dressed like that, much less to go on a coed weekend with a bunch of horny guys?”

I blinked in surprise.

“Coed?” I stammered. “Steph only talked about girls.”

“That was for public consumption. There were supposed to be four girls and two guys, now it’s five girls and three guys, counting us.”

“Ohhhhh,” I said as the pump kicked off. I put the gas hose back as my mind spun furiously.

I turned back to Eileen, “So, ‘splain to me Lucy. How is this supposed to go down?”

Eileen giggled and said, “It’s pretty simple. It started off as six girls going camping, but two of them couldn’t go so two of them invited their boyfriends. Sandy’s boyfriend John has an uncle who has a lake cottage. So camping became glamping. Jenny is Chad’s girlfriend, but she had originally planned to drive with Steph, so that’s why she is here. John and Chad are picking up Sandy and Heather at the mall on the way.

“The girls are supposed to bring the food and the boys are bringing the alcohol and the condoms. Steph didn’t think the boys were going to sleep with anyone other than their respective girlfriends, but you never know. Now I can’t speak for the other girls, but Steph and I are on the pill, so condoms are optional.”

“OK. So how come you didn’t pack a sexy ‘fuck me’ outfit?”

She tossed something into the still open door of the van. As it flew through the air, I could see it unfurl into her bra.

“So who says I didn’t?” she said with a wink.

Just then our little hotties wiggled their butts out of the convenience store followed by six guys who stood in the doorway drooling and another couple faces pressed against the glass. They turned and lifted their tops showing off their boobs to their appreciative fans and piled giggling into the van. We followed suit and were on the road again.

Following the GPS’s instructions, we turned off the highway and followed this asphalt lane and a half road for almost a mile before we pulled up in front of one of the most gorgeous houses I had ever seen. It was two stories, three if you count the finished basement that we found out about later. It was almost like two wings with a wide lower space in between. There was a pickup truck parked in front of the garages (plural as in two double car garages). It was intimidating.

As we pulled up, the front door opened and someone Jenny and Steph recognized stepped out. They didn’t wait for the van to stop before they pulled the door opened and ran bouncing over to see him, yelling, “John, John, John”.

Eileen turned to me with a smile and said, “I guess that must be John.”

I parked alongside the pickup truck and stepping out, I yelled over at the girls, “Hey. Somebody needs to help unload around here.”

They turned, Steph stuck out her tongue, but they came back over anyway. John came striding after them. “Can I help?” he asked when he got to the van.

“Actually you can,” I said. “Do you want to grab the other end of this cooler and we can drag it straight into the kitchen.”

We each grunted a little getting it out of the van. John looked over at Jenny and growled, “What the fuck did you girls pack? We can’t eat bricks you know.”

Jenny just laughed and said, “Once you see it, you will be glad.”

He shrugged. I gave him an ‘I don’t know either’ shrug when he looked at me. We both stretched and rubbed our shoulders after we got it into the kitchen.

“Hey, there’s Uncle Rob,” John said pointing out the back door. “C’mon. I’ll introduce you.”

As we exited the kitchen, we met up with Eileen who was carrying a couple of grocery sacks. I told her to drop the bags and come out back to meet John’s Uncle Rob, the owner of this place. She nodded and we headed out the back door. To be honest it really wasn’t a back door. It was a sliding glass door in a wall to wall and floor to ceiling picture window. The view was outstanding. The house was about 100 feet from a beautiful sandy beach with woods all around. There was up a slight slope down to the beach and the beach was all around the little bay the house was set on. Without exaggeration, it was a million dollar view.

“Hey, Uncle Rob. This is Eileen, Stephanie’s older sister and her boyfriend.” With the introduction over, at least in his mind, John bounded down the stairs and headed for the beach, bellowing, “HEY! WHAT’RE


Rob turned and held out his hand for a handshake. He was wearing a t-shirt with my favorite football team’s logo on it. I liked him already.

“I should be easy to remember,” I said as I shook his hand. He cocked an eyebrow and I laughed as I said, “I’m a Rob as well, or Robert if it’s my Mom yelling at me.”

He gave a little chuckle and said, “Been there, done that, my friend. If you don’t mind, I’ll call you Robert to keep confusion to a minimum.”

He gave Eileen a big hug, saying, “Eileen, it’s good to meet you. Welcome to my little cottage.”

Eileen choked out, “Cottage. It’s a fucking mansion.”

Uncle Rob beamed. “I’m glad you like it. Mi casa es su casa, or whatever the fuck that saying is.”

Just then, a very sexy voice came from behind me. “Who do we have here, Rob?”

I turned and just like in the old cartoons, my eyes bugged out, my tongue rolled out onto the ground and I could visualize myself running in circles hitting myself over the head with a stick. The voice belonged to the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If she wasn’t a supermodel, she should have been. She was tall. Blonde, with shoulder length feathered hair. Almost my height of six foot, she was willowy. Not a scrap of excess fat on her. But that didn’t mean she didn’t have all the right curves. And those curves were on display as she was wearing a string bikini with three small triangles barely covering the naughty bits.

She went past me to land a quick kiss on Rob’s cheek and then turned back putting her arm around him.

Rob introduced her as, “Robert and Eileen, I’d like to present my wife Olivia. Olivia, this is Robert and Eileen. Eileen is Stephanie’s sister one of John’s friends and Robert is Eileen’s boyfriend.” As he was introducing us, I got the distinct feeling that I was being sized up like a slab of beef at the tiger’s cage, which certainly didn’t help the pronounced bulge in my shorts I’d had since the girls changed in the back seat this morning. That slab of meat impression wasn’t helped at all by the way she licked those very full lips of hers.

“Very nice to meet both of you,” she said as she bypassed my hand and hugged me instead of a handshake. My god she smelled nice. She turned and hugged Eileen as well and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “It’s good to see that it’s not all jailbait this weekend,” she said as she wandered over to the huge deck. As she went, she untied the top and then the sides of the bikini, dropping the pieces on a small wrought iron table near a lounge chair.

Eileen muttered, “No jailbait. We’re all over 18.”

“I’m sorry,” Rob said ignoring Eileen. “Where are my manners? Would you guys like a quick tour?”

Eileen responded, “We’d love one.”

For some reason, the sight of Olivia, minus the 6 square inches of cloth had completely robbed me of speech. And what she was doing with the suntan lotion wasn’t helping.

We followed Rob as he headed off inside, even though I would have loved to just stare at his wife. I had to go because Eileen grabbed my elbow and half dragged me.

“This wasn’t supposed to be a house,” Rob said as we stepped back into the huge living room. “A big developer was going to build a luxury subdivision here about 5 years ago and put this up as the community center. Just after it was mostly finished, he had a heart attack. His wife and son were not very good at running the business and it quickly went into receivership. A couple years later the property came up for a tax auction and I got lucky and picked it up for a song.

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