The Damned

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I folded my vestment carefully and placed it in the drawer where I kept all the other tools of my profession. I took one last look. I would not need anything in this drawer ever again. I had finally made up my mind. I was choosing another path that called out to me night and day. It would mean damnation for me but I really did not care.

I cursed the gods and their infernal books filled with diabolical deeds. If I could climb the battlement of the heavens I would make war with the gods and wring their filthy necks. I was sick to my stomach with all their contradictory demands. Look but don’t touch. Touch but don’t taste. Taste but don’t swallow. It was their job to torment man by placing temptation in his path. Then they would wait to see how long we would all endure their damnable tests.

I had chosen the night with great care. The moon was full. Traditionally, full moon was a time of great significance to the practitioners of the old arts. It was the time when most of the ancient rites were performed in the high places of the earth. I looked at the altar. Everything had been meticulously laid out. Mine would be a ceremony of defilement.

There could be no turning back for me after tonight. I had already gone too far. On the altar I had placed the book defiled by secretion from my cock. Its pages were rendered useless by my sperm and piss. Worse was yet to come. After tonight this chapel would become the dwelling place of darkness. I was going to exterminate the light and plunge the place into a habitation for those who dwelt in the darkness.

I looked at my watch. My six co-conspirators would arrive any moment. We had to be very exact with our ceremony. I knew that at precisely the same time other groups would be performing similar ceremonies in churches worldwide. Few people suspected what really went on behind the close doors of churches. If the masses knew of our ceremonies they would flee the churches.

I had grown tired of the hypocrisy and the lies told in the names of the gods. The gods had long deserted mankind to a certain fate of oblivion. Churches were nothing more than tombs for the dead gods whose memories refuse to just fade away into the great nothingness. With time all would see this. We were not crazy as some people suggested. We were the light bearers, the shock troops dedicated to overthrowing the old way and initiating something very new. I was happy to see the door of the chapel open and my co-conspirators walk in.

Bishop Natalie Barnwell was the first female bishop in her church. She had been chosen amidst a storm of controversy. Natalie lived openly with her same sex partner Monica Gooding. Natalie and Monica were first in through the door. They would be key players in the ceremony tonight.

Reverend Jeremy Thomas was as straight as any man could be, but tonight’s ceremony would test his commitment to his heterosexual ideals. I had been noticing Jeremy’s fondness for Terry Jones my unofficial assistant minister. Terry had a big secret that I alone knew of. Truth be told, Terry’s secret was much bigger than mine. Terry was more woman than most women I knew yet she packed a cock that was bigger than that of most men I knew also.

Completing our group of seven were two sisters who could pass for twins. Sherry and Charlene were nineteen and twenty respectively. They were the symbols of innocence in our group. I had handpicked them from among a list of dozens of willing teens. I had been working with Sherry and Charlene for months preparing them for this night. I had no doubt they would play their parts well tonight.

Terry was the first to break the silence. Her sing song voice always brought a smile to my face. “So when does all the fucking begin?” Everyone in the group laughed. Terry was so direct and so blunt. You could not help but love her. “Laugh your asses off but I am here for the fucking.”

I knew I could rely on Terry to get the group energy to where I need it to be for the ceremony’s success. Sexual energy was the key component in the ceremony of defilement. Once the energy in the chapel reached a certain level the process of defilement would begin. Sherry and Charlene were anxiously looking forward to their role in this part of the ceremony.

Each person had gone through their paces many times before. Natalie and Monica would be first. They took their position at the base of the altar. Two large pieces of wood had been joined together to form the shape of a cross. Monica positioned herself as Natalie bound her hands and feet to the wooden cross. Natalie took the ceremonial dagger from my hands and started cutting Monica’s clothing from her body. She was careful not to touch Monica’s skin with the sharp blade.

We watched as each piece of clothing was meticulously cut to threads by the skilful blade work of Natalie. As she cut away Monica’s clothing Natalie free hand worked at her own. Natalie took a bottle of oil and poured it out on the naked body of Monica. After she had poured sufficient she Escort bayan began to rub the oil into Monica’s skin.

“We offer our service to you Mother of the earth Goddess of this world”. Sherry and Charlene stepped forward. They were the perfect picture of innocence. “Oh great mother of creation accept this our sacrifice.” The sisters began their dance around Natalie and Monica. “We gave ourselves willingly to you, oh sacred heart of the cosmos.” The sisters began to sway to the rhythm of music playing in the background.

I had seen them undress numerous times in preparation for tonight’s ceremony, but I could not hide my excitement as they removed each item of clothing revealing their firm young bodies. Sherry’s breasts were larger than her clothing suggested. They were also very firm to the touch. Sherry was a natural exhibitionist. She loved to tease me when she thought no one was looking.

Charlene was the one however who made my cock stretch to the limit in my pants. She was aggressive and went after what she wanted with a determination that could not be ignored. My eyes were glued to Charlene’s crotch as she stepped out of her panties. She had shaved her pussy just for me tonight. I was looking forward to getting my tongue deep inside her beautiful cunt before the night was out.

“With these bodies of ours we bid thee welcome into this house.” Sherry took the lead. She was now fully naked. She was first on the floor beside Natalie and Monica. It was time for the frenzy to begin. Natalie had the scourge in her hands. As Sherry took her position on top of Monica, Natalie started to administer the forty strikes of penance. Both Sherry and Charlene would alternate with Natalie in taking the forty strikes. From where I stood I could see that Natalie was holding back. She did not want to inflict too much pain to Monica and the two girls.

As my second, it was Terry’s job to see that every part of the ritual was flawless. She looked at me waiting for my signal to intervene. I had counted only ten strikes so far. I would wait until Natalie reached the half way point. Terry took another scourge and stood on the opposite side to Natalie. That was all the encouragement Natalie needed.

The girls were beginning to feel the sting of Natalie’s whip at last. Real pain was required in the ceremony. The more pain we all endured the greater the prospects of success. I had tried my best to prepare the sisters for this ordeal. I was a little concerned about Sherry. Charlene had a greater pain threshold than her sister. I had tested them on several different occasion using both whips and an assortment of pain generating devices. I was able to break Sherry down but Charlene never once showed any sign of weakness. It would be up to Charlene to get them through this ordeal.

Reverend Jeremy Thomas took his position just above the head on Monica. At my signal Terry approached the Reverend and knelt before him. I watched as Terry’s strong fingers wrestled the Reverend’s pants to the floor. The proceedings so far had taken good effect on Reverend Thomas. His cock was pointing straight forward at full mass. Terry reached up and took the reverend’s dick in her hands. She stroked it several times before opening her mouth to receive it.

Reverend Thomas had crossed the line without even knowing it. I never revealed Terry’s secret to anyone without her approval first. Terry liked Reverend Thomas. I was happy to see her finally making some headway with him. I watched the two of them for a few moments as Terry held the reverend’s cock up while she licked his balls with her long tongue. I really wanted to see which one of them would fuck the other tonight.

Natalie was almost in tears. I looked down and saw the reason for Natalie’s discomfort. In her effort to shield both Sherry and Monica, Charlene had taken most of the blows. Her back looked quite raw. It was now my turn to get involved. I signalled to Natalie to wait while I ordered Sherry to lie directly on top of Monica. It was Sherry’s turn to feel the sting of the whip.

“There are just five more strokes left Sherry. I am sure you can take them and spare your sister anymore discomfort.” Sherry meekly obeyed while I rubbed some oil on Charlene’s back. As I cradled her head in my lap, Charlene ran her hand over the length of my swollen cock. Sherry just had one more stroke to take then their ordeal was over. It was time for me and the two sisters to complete and act we had started already but had paused in anticipation of this night.

“Father, please fuck Sherry first. She has been dying to ride your cock since we started preparing for tonight.” Sherry seemed quite happy with the fact that she had been able to take the last five blows without crying out once. Fucking her would be a great way to show how happy I was that she had been able to complete the ordeal of penance.

We had a great big circle drawn on the floor surrounding the cross. There was ample space for all seven of us to fit Bayan escort comfortably into the circle. Natalie and Monica exchanged positions. It was Natalie’s turn to be bound to the cross. I turned my head to watch them for a short while. After binding Natalie’s hands and feet Monica straddled Natalie’s chests. Watching a woman eat another woman’s pussy in this position was a great turn on for me.

The sisters had started to work on my cock as well. Charlene took the lead as she always did. She unbuckled my belt and pulled my pants down. It had been years since I had stopped wearing briefs. I loved the feeling of freedom around my balls as I moved around. Charlene started stroking my cock.

“Umm Father your cock seems so huge tonight. Sherry and I want to see which of us can take the whole shaft down our throats.” Charlene held my cock at the base while Sherry covered it with her mouth. She took my hard cock inch by inch until most of it was lodged in her mouth and against the back of her throat. I could feel Charlene’s soft fingers caressing my balls as she urged her sister on.

“Go on Sherry. You are almost there. Just another inch or so and you would have deep throated Father’s entire cock. Sherry started to gag as my cock began to trigger her throw up response. She pulled up a bit but started to suck me with the kind of enthusiasm that youth brings to the table. Her technique was adequate. With time she would be able to please any man with her sucking skills.

“Ok sis it is my turn to see if I can get all this big cock down my throat.” Charlene flexed her jaws and her shoulders. She reminded me of a prize boxer before a big fight. Charlene did not go for the kill straight away. She rolled her tongue over the tip of my cock. Fuck it felt so good. I could not wait until her warm mouth engulfed my stiff cock.

She was not in any hurry. I waited as her skilled tongue went down the side of my shaft. She was planning to enjoy this as much as she could. Things would get a little uncomfortable for the sisters a little later but for now they could enjoy themselves fully. Sherry was not idle. I could feel her fingers tickling ass. She was a little hesitant at first but she got much bolder and shoved her middle finger up my asshole.

This was not a night for the ordinary. We were going to reverse all polarities tonight. The abnormal would become the normal as we sought to release the darkness into the chapel. Sherry got even bolder when she realized that I had raised my ass to allow her better access to my tight asshole. She inserted another finger and started to finger fuck me in my ass.

Reverend Thomas was sitting on the floor. Terry was standing over the Reverend with her crotch pressed to his face. The Reverend was beginning to unravel the full dimension of Terry’s secret. I watch with satisfaction as he opened his mouth taking his first taste of Terry’s long cock. Terry had her way with people. Once she cast her spell on a man she could get him to do anything. I watched as Terry started to thrust her long cock into the Reverend’s mouth.

I looked at my watch. It would soon be midnight. We had started at eleven. The ceremony of damnation lasted for one hour. We had just over half an hour to complete the ritual of defilement. An assortment of items had been laid out on the altar above us. These would be our targets. Each of us would defile the items in a way we felt comfortable.

Charlene was still devouring my cock. She had succeeded where her sister had failed. She took the whole length of my hard cock down her throat without even gagging once. Both sisters were on opposite side of my body allowing my hands easy access to their youthful bodies. I caressed Sherry’s large breast while my other hand explored Charlene’s cleanly shaved cunt.

“Come on Charlene I want to fuck Father before the ceremony is over.” Charlene raised her mouth up off my cock and held it as her sister got on top of me. Sherry’s cunt felt hot and wet as she lowered herself onto my pulsating cock. “Oh fuck Sherry your pussy feel so tight and good baby. Let me see what you got.”

Sherry needed no further invitation. Her sister might have been a better cock sucker but Sherry wanted to establish herself as the premier cock rider in the circle. The other stopped what they were doing to give Sherry some encouragement. “That’s right baby fuck his cock until his brains come out through the tip.”

Everyone in the circle laughed. Terry was being her nasty self as usual. The rules in the ceremony were simple the women could cum as often as they wanted but the men had to control their ejaculation until the moment of defilement. It was difficult for me to control myself with the two sisters working me over with all their youthful energy. I hated the fact that I would have to stop Sherry. She was doing such a fantastic job with her cunt around my cock.

The room went silent as the music stopped. That was our cue to begin the final phase of the ceremony. Sherry Escort and Charlene took their places before the altar. They knelt on their hands and knees. Terry walked up behind the two girls and poured some oil on their asses. He allowed the oil to run between the cracks of their asses then ran his hand between the cracks to make sure they were well lubricated. Natalie and Monica assumed their position on the floor in front the sisters. Both women spread their legs as the sisters dived into their pussies with their wet tongues.

We had reached the apex of the ceremony. Terry lined himself up behind Charlene and inched her massive cock into Charlene tight asshole. Each of the men had sprinkled our cock with a powder that would help to deaden the pain. I could not allow Terry to fuck Sherry in her ass. Terry could be such a sadist at times. Reverend Thomas had the smallest cock in the room. I watched as he gently pushed it into Sherry’s tender asshole. I was happy when I saw Sherry backing her ass onto the Reverend cock.

The two women laying in front the girls were clearly enjoying having their cunts sucked while the men fucked the sisters in their assholes. I walked up to the altar and took all the objects I had placed there. There were books, relics, and article used in the normal weekly services. These would be the first to be defiled.

The final act of defilement would be take place on the altar itself. Bishop Natalie would have the honours tonight. Each person took an item to defile in their own unique way. The men would shoot their sperm on their items while the woman could use any body secretion the desired.

Time was running out for the ceremony. Midnight was almost upon us. It was time for everyone to release the serpent force within themselves. The music in the background pick up in tempo. Everyone focused on one thing. Each person would release the own sexual energy into the circle at about the same time. I had seen surprising thing take place at the juncture in the ceremony.

It is said by masters of the craft that as the sexual energy is released in the circle the gods return to the earth to bask in the raw power of human desire. Charlene began thrashing her head around and screaming. Her sister Sherry seemed transformed before my very eyes. She was backing herself unto Reverend Thomas’s cock with such intensity that the goodly Reverend had to hold her waist to maintain any control over his cock.

Natalie and Monica were locked in passionate embrace. Both women had their hands in the others crotch and they were rubbing for all there were worth. The sisters were also rubbing their own cunts as they sought to build up their own sexual energy. Terry was the first to cum. I had never seen Terry looking this depleted as she literally fell to the floor clutching her large cock and the book she would defile with her sperm.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck I am cumming.” It was the first time I had ever heard Reverend Thomas use such language. I watched as his eye rolled back in his head. As I looked at Reverend Thomas I realized why his orgasm had been so violent. Terry had forced a number of vibrating balls up the Reverend ass. It was clear that the balls had triggered a very intense orgasm.

Natalie was on top of Monica rubbing her clit against Monica’s clit. Of all the things I have seen women do when they are fucking each other rubbing clits like this was the most erotic. I watched in fascination as the two women locked their clits into each other. I could see by the intensity of their movement that the both would have an orgasm any second. Monica screamed and held on to Natalie while Natalie fell onto Monica’s breasts breathing heavily as she tried to regain her composure.

The sisters were tearing each other’s pussy up. They were both laying on their sides with their heads buried in each other’s cunt. I went over to the sisters and pushed a finger up both their assholes. I had learnt from my studies that there is a pleasure spot located in the ass of every human being. When stimulated it could trigger intense pleasure and hasten an orgasm. I did not have to wait long. Both sisters started to cry out as waves of pleasure swept over their youthful bodies.

I walked over to the altar. Terry stood behind me. I could feel his huge cock brushing against my leg. It was my duty to ensure that all in the circle had released their sexual energy. All of the items had been defiled in one way or the other. We all gathered around the altar as

Bishop Natalie was helped up onto the structure. She waited for me to give her the cue then she opened her legs and started to piss on the altar. We all watched as the golden liquid streamed out of Natalie’s cunt dosing the altar and all the items that had been replaced there. This was the ultimate act of desecration and defilement. Reverend Thomas and Terry helped Natalie down from the altar once she had completed her act of defilement.

The ceremony was over. It was time for each of us to depart to our separate destinations. Well not quite separate. We all had some unfinished business to complete from the ceremony tonight. I could not help but smile when Terry and Reverend Thomas walked out of the chapel holding each other’s hand.

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