The Divers

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Every morning early the minibus would turn up and pick up the young divers who were training for the university diving team. There were only a small number, usually just six males and six females. The training was rigorous and everybody had to perform well to remain on the team. The teams were just getting to know each other.

It soon became apparent that Naomi and Jerry were getting on well together and everybody left their seats vacant so that they could sit together on the bus. They saw each other occasionally at parties and at other times. After a particularly difficult session, Naomi went to the shower to wash all the chemicals off.

Normally there would have been a few other girls there but on this occasion she was the only one. She stepped into one of the shower stalls and washed herself without a care on her mind. She heard the door open and close and took no notice.

When Jerry had finished his training session he also went to have a shower. He opened the door and stepped into one of the stalls, being aware that there was somebody in one of the other stalls. He was ensconced in his own thoughts when Naomi, totally naked, holding a towel in her hand walked past his stall and glanced in and saw him. Naomi froze.

“What are you doing here? This is the ladies showers”.

She had the presence of mind to put one arm across her breasts and covered up her pubic triangle with her other hand but not before Jerry mentally photographed the unexpected sight in front of him. Naomi was aghast at what she saw. Jerry was very fit and it showed in a taut trim body. He was not unusual in having a long tubular dick which was particularly light-colored and stood out from the rest of his body.

Jerry was sure he had not mistakenly gone into the ladies showers and immediately suspected a trick. He cast his mind back to when he opened the door and remembered that a woman was opening the door next to the one he was opening.

“I’m sure I didn’t make a mistake.”

He pulled Naomi towards him and wrapped her arms around her. It was not accidental that her ample breasts were pressed tightly against his bare chest but it was accidental that his now erect penis was pushing against her lower body. He immediately disengaged below the waist but kept her naked body against his.

“Somebody has pulled a practical joke. Get dressed and walk outside as if nothing has happened and tell me if anybody asks about what happened.”

Naomi walked over to the bench where her clothes were and got dressed being careful to accidentally on purpose keep her breasts and bushy triangle in his sight line. What was the point in trying to hide something that had already been seen? She had just lost her visual virginity. bahis siteleri

Out of the corner of her eye, while he was diving, her eyes would focus on Jerry’s swimsuit and what she imagined was the outline of his penis. It always gave her a frisson to see the water running off and the light reflecting on the shadowy surface. She could imagine that he was also watching her and looking at her pubic bump hidden under her swimsuit and she tried to make sure that the outline of her slit was visible to excite him the more.

Jerry also accidentally on purpose exposed his penis to her view. Naomi was transfixed and could not look away. They both knew that they were looking at each other intensely. Naomi’s conscious response was pre-conditioned by an unconscious response that the man in front of her displaying his erect penis was ready to mate with her if she was interested.

Her conscious response was that it looked perfectly designed to fit into her pussy, better than the vibrator with the unnatural pink color that she had already used. Her mental affinity to Jerry and the physical affinity to his dick combined in her brain so that she was already thinking how she could get that inevitable penetration to take place.

The normal progression was for lovers to slowly reveal their intimate parts to the other but in this case, the process had been reversed. It is normal in nature, when something unexpected happens, for the process to return to equilibrium. It would be interesting to see how that would play out. There were no such complications for Jerry – he was ready to stick it into any woman who showed him her pubic triangle.

Jerry was right. Somebody had in fact switched the signs on the doors after Naomi, and before he went in. They had both been the subject of the prank and now they joined together against the pranksters. Their bonding process had proceeded beyond all expectation. There is nothing more useful than a common enemy to bring about collaboration. Eventually they found out that the whole bus was in on the joke. Jerry and Naomi continued their relationship but without much physical advancement. Privacy or the lack of it was the problem.

While it might be exciting for a young man to see the breasts of a beautiful girl it was nothing like the jolt to Naomi’s psyche to see the tubular shape of Jerry’s dick and then to feel it against her body. She became obsessed with the sensations and they kept repeating over and over in her brain. There was only one release possible and that was a really close encounter with his organ of pleasure.

The image of how white it was kept repeating in her mind. They began meeting after classes and Jerry did manage to get radissonbet his hand onto Naomi’s bare breast which only made the situation worse because her obsessions only grew. Her frequent forays to feel Jerry’s erection outside his pants only exacerbated the need for the next step.

Jerry and Naomi both knew that it was inevitable that they would make love together. They were both goal oriented and took the opportunity to look on the Internet for information that would help them to a better performance even if the only judges would be themselves. There was literally a smorgasbord of things that attracted over her attention but the most significant was a suggestion that a woman rarely had an orgasm the first time she had sex.

For Naomi this was a challenge and she wanted to beat the odds. As part of the solution she decided to buy a Magic Bullet vibrator which she tried out a few times. There was no doubt that it worked very well on her very sensitive clitoris and she had an orgasm every time. Naomi had always been highly sexed – ever since she was a young girl she remembered having orgasms and the desire to have them had not waned.

The introductions of a pink dildo only helped to increase the frequency and shorten the duration of her orgasms but the sight of and feel of Jerry’s hard dick only heightened her need to enjoy the thing that nature had designed to fill up her pussy. It was flesh and blood and warm and there was a human being at the other end.

The very thought of it was exciting. You could dream about a stiff dick but you couldn’t dream about a dildo. She had read about and now wanted to experience the throb of the knob. Jerry knew that he had to make sure that Naomi was well lubricated and the rest would take care of itself.

A few days later Naomi invited Jerry to come to her parents’ house which was an hour away by bus. Jerry imagined that he was going to meet them but when they opened the door and he saw the message on the kitchen table, “Naomi, I’ve left food in the fridge. Mum’, Jerry knew that he’d been drawn into a honey trap and Naomi could sense it on his face but she knew he would like it.

“Jerry, I want you so much. We’ve got all day. I’ve seen you naked and you have seen me naked. Let’s just take our clothes off. Okay?”

Jerry needed no encouragement and had soon stripped her down to her birthday suit and had taken all his clothes off. He took delight in removing her top and bra and pulling her panties down. He was taller and towered over Naomi. His hands squeezed and massaged her breasts as if he needed to know just how soft and warm they were. Her hand gripped his dick while his finger quickly settled into a rhythm betsalvador in her slit. He could feel her becoming decidedly wet.

At this point Naomi said,” let’s go into my bedroom – the bed is only narrow but it will be wide enough for us.”

She pushed him down on the bed and put her mouth around his dick. It was first time that she had ever done this and she loved it. She stood up at his feet and swept her arms out as if to take off from the diving tower.

“What are you doing?”

“I am going to take a swallow dive.”

In that instant she landed her mouth around his dick and sucked vigorously until he came in her mouth.

“Where did you get that Idea?

“I saw it on a porn video. Did you like it?”

“10 points.”

After a short while she loosened her mouth and disappeared into the bathroom. When she returned she said “I’m ready”.

Those two words incorporated a lot of thinking and calculation and meant a lot more to Naomi than to Jerry. They were a commitment to open her legs to allow his dick to penetrate her and in theory, if not in practice, make babies. By its very nature the statement showed that there had been mental preparation for this decisive act whereas for a man, who could go from soft to hard in seconds, there was no preparation needed, just the will.

Naomi was lengthwise on the bed with her bushy triangle defining the target zone. As Jerry stood at eh foot of the bed her legs defined the approach to the beautifully trimmed landing strip. Not a pubic hair was out of place.

Jerry knew that he could not penetrate her with her legs in this position and instinctively lifted her knees to reveal the hairline of her crack. He had never taken a lot of notice of this in his online viewing before but suddenly he realized that he needed to separate the lips to reveal the entrance to her vagina. Naomi was following his eyes as he looked into her soul and her hands moved to separate her lips and reveal the entrance to her vagina.

It crossed Jerry’s mind that he was in some way like a rutting stag, with a huge rack of horns, about to mount the innocent little doe for the first time. The difference was that the beautiful little doe in front of him was offering up her beautiful pristine pink slit and looking at him. He positioned himself deliberately and slipped right in and began to thrust.

After a few thrusts Naomi produced her little Magic Bullet against her clitoris and let it do its work. Jerry could feel the vibrations on his penis through her body and it gave him sensations he had never had. In a few short minutes Naomi had her wish – an orgasm on her first time and Jerry came more or less simultaneously. Jerry collapsed on her and Naomi said,

“Simultaneous diving. Forward entry with tuck and fuck. Degree of difficulty 3.9. 10.0 10.0”

They collapsed in hysterics.

Jerry said, “Wouldn’t it be great to fall off the high tower joined like this. It would be the first flying fuck in history.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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