The Family Dynamic Pt. 02

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**** Special thanks to tebayer1114 for proofreading and ideas *****

The sisters sat at the table talking about what was to happen if Tim agreed. A knock on the front door surprised them both. Caroline stood up and went to the door, she hesitantly opened it. The red headed girl was facing away from it as she opened it more. The girl turned around. Caroline screamed at the top of her lungs wrapping her arms around the visitor.

Betty bolted from her kitchen chair figuring the visitor had attacked her. She raced to the door, seeing the intruder, she stopped dead in her tracks. Betty’s hands shook as she lifted them to her mouth, screaming. Outside were two women hugging and crying, the “intruder” was Angela, Caroline’s daughter that left just after her 18th birthday.

The ladies huddled together against the cold wind from the onset of Fall. Making their way back into the comforts of the warmer home, they made their warm drinks and sat about the table, the head place remained empty. After getting the chill further removed from their bones, they sat looking at one another. “So, Ang…, why did you leave like you did?” Betty inquired.

Angela looked at her Aunt and sighed, taking pause, she relented and finally spoke. ” I had to. Dad was making it impossible to stay”. Caroline looked at her daughter with concern “Why didn’t you say anything?, Angie”, as she took her hand, holding it. She felt Angie trembling, as if scared to say why.

“Mom…you are…were…so in love with dad, I was afraid that you’d just blow me off” Angela continued “I felt I had nowhere to turn to. Dad wanted me to be his Family Wife. With what happened with Tommy Dryer, and then him being so adamant about taking me as his wife, he just wouldn’t give up.”

“Wait…what?” Betty questioned. “Dryer..Bob Dryer’s son?”

Caroline looked right at Angela, her voice calm and controlled, “Baby, I would Never, Ever blow you off ” then nodded her head at her sister saying “The loathsome and most asinine one himself”.

Betty looked back at Angela and asked “Just how adamant was your dad? Better yet, what happened with Tommy Dryer first..”

Author’s Note: Due to the nature of parts of the backstory, The Literotica Gods deemed “inappropriate.” So I had to modify some of it to pass censorship.. If the story lacks force in why characters are acting differently it’s due to the changes, My apologies. Thanks for reading!! Love Griot.


Angela looked at her mother then spoke ” Mom, I wasn’t sure at the time it felt like I was all alone in it, Tommy took my virginity, the worst mistake I ever made besides leaving.”

Angel continued her story as Tommy and her had argued the following week as he had been quite an ass about telling everyone what they had done, Tim had warned her of this but she felt that it was different and he wouldn’t be that way. She was wrong, way wrong, Tommy kept spreading rumors. The rumor mill finally found the ears of her brother. Tim was livid and on Friday afternoon when Tommy had dropped her off at home from school, he broke up with her. Angela said that she ran to the house crying, Tim opened the door trying to get Tommy’s attention but he drove off before he could get a chance. Angela ran into his arms crying loud and finally getting out that he broke up with her. It was the final straw with Tim. She watched as he hopped onto his bike and pedaled off in search of Tommy. Angela got into her car and knew exactly where Tommy was, the park.

Tim must have seen her car and followed her, she continued. Angela seen Tim come from behind them, peddling full force. He leaped off his bike catching Tommy in the middle of his back and launched him over the other table that sat next to it.

Tim rolled and slid back across the ground as he stood up, the other three guys caught off guard, stared as Tim reached down, grabbing Tommy by the hair then rammed his face down as Tim’s knee came up. A loud bone crack sounded as Tommy screamed, his hands went to his face as blood poured from his nose. Tim, still having a hold of Tommy’s hair pulled him to stand then slammed his face into the picnic table top. Tommy’s body slumped to the ground.

Angela looked out into space as she continued. Tim looked at the other guys and told them that if he heard his or his sister’s name ever come out of their mouths, he’d finish what he started here. Tim grabbed his bike and wrapped an arm around me and we came home

“I’ve never seen 1xbet yeni giriş Tim that mad before” Angela said ending her tale.

“I had heard that Sarah divorced him after catching chlamydia for the third time.” Betty added. “That wouldn’t surprise me at all,” Angela stated.

Betty returned to her first question “Tell me punkin, What did your dad do?”

Angie took a slow drink from her cup, placing it down on the saucer, “After I refused to be his Family Wife on my birthday, I told him my heart belonged to another. Dad would always try to catch me in some state of undress or in the shower. He never knocked like he used to. He always complained about how I could run around naked in front of Tim and not him. I told him he made it creepy, with Tim it was just natural. We had been that way all our lives. That’s why I left Dad wouldn’t let it go.” Angela added “If Dad just would have not tried so hard, didn’t push, that’s what made it so creepy.”

“I’m sorry, but I am exhausted, with all the emotions and the trip, I need to nap before Tim gets home. I think I’ll go lay down for awhile” Angela noted. Angela got up and placed her cup in the sink and headed upstairs.

Both Caroline and Betty nodded and said their goodbyes.

Betty spoke after a few minutes of silence “Sis, what happened to her should have NEVER happened” giving off a scowl.

Caroline just nodded as her mind slipped back to the night of the argument. Pete was harping on Angela about not accepting the Family wife honor and using the Tommy incident to shame her into saying yes. She remembered how she told Pete to knock it off, that all he was doing was pushing her away. The next morning, when they got up, she was gone.

Caroline came back to her senses and looked at Betty. “He has a lot of work to do.” she said. Betty sighed and said “We need to get supper ready for the birthday boy.”

Tim was sitting in his car letting it warm up, his mind falling back on the past few days. He had finished a little early, the test was more of a beginner’s test rather than advanced. Friday was his birthday, but his mom had said that she wanted to wait until Tuesday to have it so that more family would be there. He told her then he really didn’t want a party but she pleaded with him for just a small one simply due to it being his 18th and he finally agreed.

On that Saturday, he went to the mall searching for a Christmas gift for his mother. He was at a loss as to what would be appropriate but yet let her know how he felt about her. After a few hours of being pushed around and stalled at what he thought would be nice, he decided to get a bite to eat at the in mall diner. As Tim was waiting in line to be seated he heard his name called out, as he turned in the direction it came from, he saw her. The 5’7″ blonde with a projecting bust line and a slim body, Tim recognized her instantly…it was Sarah Dryer, Tommy’s mom.

Sarah looked at Tim with a slight worry. Tim looked at her saying ” Mrs. Dryer, what a…” Sarah cut him off ” First,.. It’s Sarah, second, it’s Winters, I went back to my maiden name and lastly, drop the Mrs, please.” Tim nodded then spoke “…Sarah,… uhh how have you been?” Sarah smiled and replied “Very well, thank you, Tim,…and yourself?”

Tim returned the smile saying “Doing great, why did you decide to come back here, I thought you all moved back east?”

“We did to get rid of all the hard feelings after what happened. Then things happened that just pushed me over, so I divorced his ass, I got tired of being cheated on. So, I came back home, to where I grew up” She told him.

He remembered, just then the waitress came up and asked how many. Tim turned back to look at Sarah and gave her a questioning look. She nodded and he turned to the waitress and replied, two please. As they both walked to the booth and sat across from each other. As Sarah sat down Tim was able to look down the low cut of her top showing her deep cleavage. Sarah looked up and caught him as he looked away, Tim’s face turned red as he sat down. Sarah on the other hand caught a good look at Tim’s bulge right before he sat. She looked down at the table feeling flushed and a soft smile pursed her lips.

Tim sat down, rather uncomfortably, as he looked across the table at Sarah, she slowly looked back up hoping her face had eased from excitement. Tim shook his head and just said “Wow.”

Sarah cocked her head and asked “Wow, what?”

Tim 1xbet giriş continued to shake his head “How is it that such a beautiful woman could be treated the way Bob treated you, It just racks my brain trying to figure that out” he proclaimed.

Sarah’s face hardened, but, before could speak, Tim saw the change and quickly added ” I’m sorry I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.” Sarah shrugged and said “I’m sorry too, it’s not your fault. I’m just still a little sore about it.” Then added “So you think I’m beautiful?”

Tim smiled and softened his tone looking into her eyes saying “How could one not?” He watched as her face began to redden and she cleared her throat before saying “Tim, I’m getting uncomfortable with all these nice compliments.”

Tim said ” I’m sorry, I guess you’re not used to being treated like a lady, but, It was how I was raised and…it’s the truth.”

Sarah then said ” I’m…I’m just not used to it, it’s been a long time since…since a handsome guy paid any attention to me.”

They had sat and chatted about what each was going to do over the holidays and continued even after their food arrived. When it was time to leave, Tim paid and Sarah tried to be adamant about paying her part, but Tim wouldn’t hear of it. They were walking together headed for The main entrance when Sarah’s phone rang. She answered it as being cheerful until the other person said something that got her really upset.

“Are you guys ok?”

“Are you sure?”

“Well ok, I guess I’ll just stay home then, love you too, and sis…keep me in the loop please. Bye” was all she said.

Tim asked her what was wrong and if he could help, Sarah told him that her nephew had been sent home with a positive covid test and they went to his doctor to get another one just to be sure. It came back positive as well. Her sister had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner, telling everyone not to come over. So, she was just going to stay at home and cook something for herself. He had said that she’d do no such thing and invited her to come over to their dinner and he’d set it up with his mom. Sarah didn’t think that was such a good idea due to the bad feeling between the two families. He still insisted and she wasn’t sure but she would understand if his mom said no.

Tim would have to tell his mom when he got home since he had forgotten yesterday. He felt the heat coming in so he put the car in drive and headed home.

Caroline had told her sister that she was going to get a shower before Tim got home and went up to her bedroom. She undressed and went into the bathroom, turning the water on and setting the temp. She stared at herself in the mirror, it won’t be long now, she thought., trying to boost her confidence. She stepped into the shower and rinsed her body of the light sweat from cooking in the hot kitchen. She lathered her hair with shampoo and rinsed it clean, applying conditioner soon after. Using the hand showerhead she slowly washed down, the pulsating water plummeted her already hard nipples sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She moaned as she continued to lower the pulsing spray. Once she turned the head towards her thighs, the stray shots of water pelting the lips of her pussy caused her legs to almost crumble under her. She aimed the nozzle full force at her crotch, spreading her legs wide. The pounding water thrashed her clit and opening, along with her asshole, sending electric shocks through her system.

Caroline’s mind fantasized about Tim’s hands all over her body, playing with her tits, pulling at her hard nipples, as she was doing. His cock rubbing against her slit brought her closer and closer to an overwhelming orgasm. Her body was already there from the water’s hammering. When Caroline realized she was about to cum, she clamped her hand over her mouth right before she screamed loudly.

The powerful wave buckled her knees, her hand released the hand shower head as she tried to keep her composure, she witnessed something she thought she never could do, as she came violently hard, a wide spray gushed from her pussy, blasting the wall. Caroline crumpled lower onto the shower floor, her body continued to tense and another wave of orgasmic bliss ravaged her. Still covering her mouth as she yelled out Tim’s name. Her breathing was sharp, her exhales were followed by low feminine growls as she tried to recover. She dropped her hands to the floor of the shower, trying to get up, but she was still 1xbet güvenilirmi weak from her blissful ordeal. Finally she was able to stand, still wobbly, after a few moments. She dried herself off and started to blow dry her hair when Betty came up to see if she was about ready.

When Angela went upstairs to lay down she placed her things in her old bedroom. She then went to the bathroom to pee, after finishing and cleaning up she stepped out and stared at Tim’s bedroom door. She wanted so badly to simply, just see. She stepped up and turned the door handle, opening the door the air filled her lungs with his scent, she closed her eyes and it was like an aphrodisiac. Her nipples grew hard as rocks, her cunt became wetter and wetter until she could feel her own juices start to trickle down. She opened her eyes and stepped over to his bed and turned on the light on his nightstand. She felt a thump as she kicked something under it. Getting down she saw an old shoe box, she reached under the bed and pulled it into the light.

Dust covered the top, she blew across it and then pulled the top off. Inside were letters, the first one on top had her name and the home address. There was no address under her name. As she looked more, they all were addressed to her. Each having a letter in the envelope. She looked and found the oldest one and opened it, It read

“My Dearest Sister,

I don’t know what I’ve done to cause you to leave, whatever it is please come home and tell me. I can fix this, whatever I said I will apologize to you on hands and knees. Please, just please come home. I love you. I need my big sister home with me, please!!

All my Love,


Angela started to cry again, reading each letter until she came across a couple that were full of anger and hurt. Her crying became more sobbing. Until she laid down on his bed as was trying to finish reading the last one when exhaustion overtook her.

Tim pulled into the drive and noticed a strange new car in the drive. He opened the garage door and pulled in, clicking the button again, closing the door. He turned the ignition off and opened the car door, getting out and closing the door back. Walking into the back door of the house he saw his mom and aunt sitting at the table. The aroma of the food was enough to make his stomach growl. Smiling at the me was about to ask about the car when his mother said ” Baby, go put your backpack in your room and come back down” he looked on the counter and sure enough, there was a double Dutch chocolate cake with the numbers 1 and 8 standing proudly on top. “Mmmoooooommmm…” was all he could muster before Caroline said “GO!” and swatted his ass, pushing him towards the staircase.

Tim didn’t want this party, all he wanted was one thing, one person, and he knew he wasn’t going to see that. As Tim started walking towards his room he noticed a light on in his bedroom. He was almost positive he had turned off the light and closed his door before leaving.

Tim opened his door, a red head woman was laying on his bed, his eyes widened, his whole body trembling as he moved closer. He sat on the edge of his bed and moved a red lock of hair that partially hid her face. He smiled as tears started rolling down his cheeks. His hand slowly rubbed her back, moving down to just above her ass, then back up in a slow circular pattern. She stirred slightly.

Angela felt someone rubbing her back, it felt good, but she wanted to sleep. She grumbled and tried to shake off the rubbing hand, it persisted. Finally she opened up her eyes, the world was blurry as she tried to focus, she had been in a very deep sleep. She looked at the person sitting at her side but was yet to really comprehend just who it was. She slid up into a sitting position and was still trying to get her eyes to focus, then her vision cleared and she saw who was sitting by her..

Angela screamed “TIM…OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!!” she jumped into his lap, her legs wrapping around his waist, her arms around his neck as she bawled loud and incoherently. Tim’s eyes were wide with disbelief, his arms wrapped tightly around his sister’s body. Tears running down his cheeks like rivers being flooded by opening gates of a dam.

All Tim could do was rock her, holding her firmly in his arms, never wanting to let her go again. He heard a noise and looked to the door of his bedroom, There both mom and aunt stood. “Happy Birthday, son.” Caroline said.

Tim’s only response was “Best Birthday present ever..” He then rocked his sister more and bawled along with her.

Caroline looked at her sister, Betty “My babies are home and we are whole again.”

************End of Chapter 2. To Be Continued ********

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