The Games We Play Ch. 02

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The Games We Play, Ch. 2


I usually put warnings at the start of my stories because I often write about subjects some find offensive. This story is about a very sexual wife and her accommodating husband. There is infidelity, cuckolding, and chastity. Fun themes for some, distasteful for others. If you fall into the second category and still read the story, remember you were warned.

In chapter one we found that the wife was taking advantage of her husband’s business trip to be exclusively with her lover. The husband was sent away for six weeks of chastity-based frustration and isolation while the wife gave herself to her lover and tried life out as his woman instead of her husband’s. This chapter recalls how this craziness started.

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I had just ditched my husband at the airport as he left for his 6-week trip to Europe. I had humiliated him and left him cut off in more ways than one. He would have no contact with me as I had him delete himself from my phone, and he would have no contact with himself as I informed him he would remain locked in his chastity cage the entire time he was away.

Me? I was about to spend six incredible weeks living as my lover’s girlfriend. It was going to be six weeks of mind-blowing sex, and a six week opportunity for Evan and I to move our lust based relationship into something more. In the meantime, I had a 15-minute drive to my lover, and my brain started replaying the whole crazy journey.

Sex with another man, and especially falling in love with another man, were not ideas anywhere on my radar just a few months ago. When I told Scott about Evan’s flirting, it was simply a way to ramp up our bedroom games. I never thought it would become more. We added it to what we played with, as being sexually playful was something we had added to our relationship. It was just a fun way to tease my husband and one thing we had learned was Scott loved to be teased and I liked to do the teasing. Adding teasing into our sex life was a fairly radical change for us, little did we know it was only one small step on our journey.

About three years ago, when our daughter graduated and announced she was moving to Chile we hit a rough patch. We had forgotten how to be a couple, especially in the bedroom. We decided to go to a couple’s therapist. It turned out both surprising and amazing. It was surprising for many reasons. First, was how easily we opened up with each other, and second was what we confessed to each other.

We were both unsatisfied with our sex life, but learned we had the same needs. The first was easy, we both wanted to have more fun. Our therapist helped us understand that sex didn’t have to be a serious thing all the time. We could play with sex, and it didn’t reflect poorly on how much we loved each other. It helped immediately as we moved away from sex always being this overly dramatic expression of our undying love and allowed it to also be something fun and frivolous. It became ok to just fuck, versus always having to make love. It also was ok to not have intercourse at all and still have fun and satisfying sexual experiences. If that had been our only sex life change, it would have been worth every penny. But we also found out something even more profound that has significantly changed our relationship.

We learned that when it comes to sex, I prefer to be dominant, and Scott prefers to be submissive. That has been our game changer. In fact, it wasn’t just a sex life thing, it quickly became our regular way of interacting when at home.

In our life over the years, I had always deferred to Scott, taking on the traditional role of wife and mother, and then that extended to the bedroom. I let him lead. But as we also learned, he was exhausted from always leading. He went to work and led, and then came home and led some more. As our therapist quickly surmised, after years of that, what we wanted was to flip that script. I needed to lead, and he needed to follow.

So that is what we started to do. I took the lead at home and carried that into our sex life. Turns out that was the spark we needed. Combined with our new focus on making sex fun, we became a whole new couple.

Scott liked giving up control and we soon discovered that he had a very strong submissive side and I learned I really liked letting my dominant side develop. He would still be strong Scott at work all day, but when he got home, he became submissive Scott and deferred to me. He took care of the house, did all the shopping, most of the cooking, always did the dishes, and if I wanted a glass of wine, he dropped what he was bahis şirketleri doing to get it for me. I liked submissive Scott, and he liked allowing that side of himself to come out and play.

His submission also played out in our sex life. Scott was never the best lover, he had a somewhat small dick, barely making it to five inches on his best day, but he did have enthusiasm for pleasuring me and a talented tongue. We moved most of our sex life away from intercourse. We learned that he LOVED to be teased and along with a good hand job, this lead to his strongest climaxes. And for me, his hands, tongue, my vibrator, and a few dildos we bought were my path to orgasm. It wasn’t traditional, but it was fun and satisfying for both of us. And when I would look at him and tell him to meet me in the bedroom, we both knew that dominant me, and submissive Scott, would enjoy it.

After I told Scott about Evan’s flirting, our most frequent and fun game was me sharing what flirting Evan had done while I teased Scott’s dick with my hands. It never took long, between my verbal teasing and my talented hands, he would explode. And I mean explode; his cum would rocket out of his dick and land everywhere. I would always find it amusing and laugh, which only made him happier with the experience. I learned to let go of his dick right before his explosion and watch and laugh as he ejaculated into the air. We learned it was called a ruined orgasm, but ironically it was Scott’s favorite orgasm, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit it was great fun administering such a release.

Then it would become my turn. While he was still recovering, I would straddle him, pressing my pussy onto his eager mouth and tell him how gorgeous Evan was. Eventually I would drench my husband’s face with my juices as I climaxed thinking about Evan and his hot, but forbidden body. Often Scott was hard again, but I would make him forgo any additional stimulation and laugh at his frustration.

This all sounds cruel but Scott loved it. He bought me flowers and gifts and served my every whim just so I would tease and stimulate him again. He told me he sometimes had to go masturbate at work because he would be so excited thinking about one of our past sessions. It was our new, empty nester sex life and we both loved it. At this point, it was still purely a game between us, and I don’t think either of us anticipated how quickly the game would become real.

It started to get real one day when I had one too many glasses of wine with my my best friend Angela. I told her about our new arrangement. She got so excited for me. She told me her and her husband had a similar home life. From that point forward, we talked about it often. We both found we loved teasing our husbands and couldn’t help laughing when they came from our teasing. It was great to have someone to share with, and we traded tips and techniques for teasing and using our submissive husbands. It made me more confident and bolder with my husband. Which of course made my husband happier. It was a virtuous circle that made us both happy.

Scott and I had an amazing session one Tuesday night. I was just plain horny and feeling highly dominant. I teased and edged my poor husband for almost 45 minutes before I finally pushed him over the edge. As usual, I released him right before he came. And man did he cum! I watched as his whole body shook and he spasmed as his cum both shot and flowed out of his overstimulated dick. I laughed and teased him that when I let Evan fuck me, he would get to cum in my pussy. My husband responded by doing something I had never seen him do; he remained hard after an ejaculation.

I turned up my teasing and started to stroke his still hard dick. He squirmed and moaned as I told him how good Evan was going to feel in my pussy. And then amazingly enough, he came a second time. I rewarded him by laughing at him even more while pointing out that he must really want his wife to fuck Evan if he came twice that night. As he finally stopped moaning and shaking, I ordered him to eat me out.

He got between my legs and while I fantasized about Evan my obedient husband got me off with his tongue. I came powerfully, pulling his head into my sex as hard as I could, as it was my turn to explode into pleasure. I came about as hard as I ever had. I didn’t directly tell my husband that I was fantasizing about Evan while he got me off, but he had to know.

When we finally calmed down, we laid there and I asked, “too far?” And my husband looked at me and said, “perfect! That was amazing! Based on the orgasm you just had, I think you would also classify it as perfect. Am I correct?”

“Well, perfect would have been Evan actually fucking me, but that wasn’t terrible. I might be convinced to let you do that again!” Although I said it in a playful tone, as soon as it came out of my mouth, I regretted it. I surely went too far. But then Scott moaned and said, “anytime, anywhere. You are fucking bahis firmaları amazing!” He obviously didn’t agree with my “too far” assessment.

I smiled a genuine smile because I was truly glad to hear his response. It was crazy but I was truly enjoying our new sex life. I was gaining confidence and one element of that confidence was I was starting to think about Evan, and the idea of having him as a lover, as something more than just pure fantasy.

Scott and I fell asleep together and as he rose to go to work, he kissed me on the head and said, “last night was amazing. I love you and look forward to our continued journey. It is amazing to discover these new ways to make each other happy!”

“Just tell me if I am pushing things too far.”

“Not too far at all. I have years of suppressed submission to let out. You can push as far as you want! Being your submissive pet while you dream of better men, that is heaven to me! I hope we can do it again soon.”

“Be careful what you ask for my love. I just might be enjoying my new dominant self a bit too much. And maybe someday I will want to make this more than a fantasy!”

Scott smiled and replied, “I guarantee I am enjoying it more. My body is still tingling from last night. And you can make it anything you like. Remember, I am your submissive pet, and pets primary job is to make their owners happy.”

“I guess we both are happy. And I would make you lay back down and help wake me up, but I know you have a staff meeting to run. So go be strong Scott at work, in fact, get that out of your system. From now on, you are going to be fully submissive Scott here at home.”

“Yes, my love. That sounds amazing!”

Scott left and I decided to enjoy myself without him. I grabbed the largest dildo we had bought, the one I had nicknamed Evan, and I went to work. I have no idea where Evan was, or what he was truly doing, but in my mind, he was fucking me in my marital bed and I was enjoying the shit out of the experience. It didn’t take long until I screamed his name and came hard. When my breathing finally settled down, I texted my husband.

Since you had to run off and make some money, I had to let Evan, in dildo form, rock my world. I came hard and now I am ready to start my day. Good luck with your staff meeting. 😉

I got up and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast. It was nice being the wife of a well-paid executive, especially when at home, he was my submissive pet. I laughed at myself as I thought about that. We had come a long way over the last 18 months. I was really getting into my dominant role. In fact, it wasn’t feeling like a role, it was feeling like me. I didn’t think of it fully in the moment, but what I was feeling was that our games were shifting to realities.

A bit later I got a text from Scott.

Had to enjoy the privacy of my office bathroom to relieve myself before my staff meeting. I have been so aroused since last night I couldn’t concentrate and then you tell me Evan took my place this morning. I had to celebrate that! But I suppose I should have asked permission first. So, consider this my ask for forgiveness.

I sat and contemplated his text. I was truly worried I had gone to far the previous night and here he was admitting that what we did and what I said to him had aroused him, not upset him.

I thought you were strong Scott at work!

You have me so excited I had to do something. Can’t run a staff meeting with a tent in my pants! LOL

That is true, perhaps we will have to change our morning routine so you can concentrate at work. Does my husband want to serve his mistress every morning before work so he can be the strong captain of industry everyone else thinks he is?

Fuck yeah, I will do whatever my Mistress wants!

Well then, be sure to set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier, starting tomorrow, you are going to leave for work AFTER you take care of your wife and if you are good, I just might let you leave fully drained! Wait, make it 60 minutes, we won’t want to rush it!

Yes, Mistress, alarm has been reset and I look forward to our new routine! You make everything we do special!

Yes, I do. Now go get your work done, we are going to play hard tonight when you get home. This conversation has me horny!

Too bad you don’t have class with Evan today!

Push any more and I will set up a private session. Think about that all afternoon!

Damn, I am glad I don’t have any more in-person staff meetings today!

And no using your bathroom again, I want you horny as hell when you enter the house. That is an ORDER!

Yes, Mistress! I am already that horny! But I do have to go and be on a Zoom call with Stuttgart in three minutes. Glad they won’t be able kaçak bahis siteleri to see all of me!

Haha, yes that is good. Be ready to serve your mistress all evening. Love you my submissive pet!

Love you my dominant Mistress! Sub-Scott out!

That was a conversation we never would have dreamed of in the past, but now it flowed from both of us easily. I really did like our new life.

I decided I would chat with Angela. That always kept me both grounded and in a good mood. I decided to text her. I forwarded her the text Scott had sent.

Her reply came quickly.

Babe, you need to leverage his love of submission. First, get that man in chastity, and second, you should think seriously about cuckolding him with that guy who is flirting with you. Scott will love both.


Yes, lock your husband in a dick cage so he can’t have fun without your very direct permission. Become his key holder. I will send you links. My hubby has been in chastity for almost six months now.

A few more texts came in with links for chastity which I read with great interest.

Oh, and I have an extra device you could borrow as it was too small for my hubby, but you have said Scott is pretty small, so it should work. It is a high end one and designed to be worn for long periods. I keep my “man” locked for 2 weeks at a time. He doesn’t know it yet, but we are upping it to a month starting soon.

I had no idea. You think Scott will accept that?

He will do what you tell him. Just like he will accept it when you start fucking Evan. In fact, he will love both. It is time to take things to the next level. Trust me, it is amazing.

Wait, you cheat on Jeremy? You have another man?

I DO NOT cheat on Jeremy, I cuckold him. Big difference. He loves it when I have a date. My real man is a guy from work, and we have a great friends with benefits relationship. You need to realize how much power you have.

Why didn’t I know about this?

Because I was waiting to tell you when I thought you were ready to hear it. You are ready! I am already planning our double date, you with Evan and me with Steve. We will leave our hubbies locked up at home and we will go have a great date and then have seriously great sex. Perhaps we will even have to swap partners.

That is crazy talk. I don’t think we are ready for that.

You are, and so is Scott. I am coming over and we are getting you ready to introduce chastity this very evening to your hubby.

Why do I think I couldn’t stop you if I wanted to? And perhaps I don’t want to. See you in a bit.

On my way in 15. This is going to be such fun!

Angela arrived and we talked. And then we talked some more. She sold me on putting Scott in chastity fairly easily. In fact, she got me excited and ramped up related to putting Scott under lock and key. Confident me sent Scott a text in the early afternoon. It was a photo of the device and a teasingly fun message

You won’t need to ask for forgiveness anymore because first you will have to ask for the key. Your chastity starts tonight compliments of Angela and her husband. Too small for him, should fit you just right!

Ten minutes later I got his response.

Fuck yeah, I am all in! Literally, obviously! 🙂

Angela and I laughed at his joke and then I sent him another teasing response.

Angela’s hubby goes two weeks at a time in his, I was going to be a kind Mistress and only lock you up for a week this first time.

His response delighted me.

I just might have fantasized about this, so I just might have already bought you a nice gold chain for you to hook the key to. A week sounds GREAT. Well not really, but I will fully accept a week. You’re the boss! And now you will be my key holder!

Sounds like our great minds are thinking alike. So, we will see you tonight for our first official locking ceremony.

I am looking forward to it!

Oh, and Angela is going to be our instructor as she knows how this thing goes together fully. Not quite your other fantasy, but close!

As I hit send, I had to explain to Angela that when our therapist asked us to confess a taboo fantasy, Scott had said a threesome with Angela. She laughed and said, “how much leeway do I have to tease him about it tonight?”

“As much as you desire. I know both he and I will be disappointed if you don’t tease the shit out of him!”

As we continued to laugh, Scott’s reply came in.

Fuck that is hot! I promise I will accept two weeks if you work together to give me one final release before being locked away!

I showed the text to Angela, and she said, “I am game if you are. But in all seriousness, he may not be able to handle 2 weeks the first time, so don’t absolutely hold him to that”

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