The Happy Father

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Author’s Notes: As is usual to state on Literotica, in case it is not clear enough from the story itself, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.


After the children appeared in our family, my wife gradually began to cool down to further family life. I was sure that this was a temporary phenomenon after the birth of our first daughter, Vika. It seemed to me that the second child would correct the situation. But with the birth of Marisha a year later, it only got worse. Constant quarrels, scandals and threats made life a living hell. Therefore, when my wife, who suddenly became a beast, offered a divorce, I gladly agreed. My wife agreed that my daughters should stay with me, and hastily disappeared from our lives. I managed to find a good job, and soon my whole life began to revolve around little adorable creatures.

I was happy to devote all my free time to Vika and Marina. And while I was at work, my parents were watching them. The daughters grew up in an atmosphere of love and care, they were not denied anything. Surprisingly, this upbringing did not lead to excessive capriciousness of my babies, but just the opposite — it taught them to appreciate the family budget and a good attitude.

My girls looked like real beauties. They took care of themselves, wear revealing clothes and cause immodest thoughts from men they met. And all this despite the fact that both of my daughters remained without sexual experience until they entered the institute. This was explained primarily by the fact that most of the guys who surrounded them were sure that such girls simply could not be alone. But neither Vika nor Marina could stand noisy companies and loud music, they practically did not appear at youth “parties”, they did not have a pack of girlfriends and the habit of giggling at every opportunity.

Sincere smiles could often be seen on their still very naive faces, an artificial grin – never. For some reason, most of the guys considered all şişli escort this signs of inaccessibility and arrogance, none of them ever dared to talk to my daughters.

Naturally, all this did not dampen the sexual hunger of my girls in any way. Several times I accidentally caught them doing immodest things, like masturbating or watching porn together. I never made a tragedy out of it, but on the contrary, I believed that it was quite normal… But one day something happened that radically changed my life.

I got home from work earlier than usual and opened the door noiselessly. Usually one of the daughters came out to meet me, but this time it was different. Groans and groans came from their room. “No other way than a new porn movie has been downloaded,” I thought and went to the threshold. The moans became louder, and I realized that they were not coming from the speakers, but belonged to my girls.

When I looked into the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Completely naked nineteen-year-old Vika was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide, and between them eighteen-year-old Marina in a T-shirt, with her eyes closed, was using her tongue in her sister’s vagina. What I saw shocked me so much that I didn’t even dare to intervene — I just stood in the doorway, dumbfounded, looking at Vika writhing and Marina caressing her. Suddenly, Vika threw her head back with pleasure and opened her eyes wide when she saw me. Interestingly, she did not pull Marisha back, but only began to moan a little quieter. Marina was distracted and raised her head. When she noticed me, she froze and stood up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Vika also took a more chaste pose and uttered the first phrase:

“Dad, why are you so early?”

“I finished my work earlier… Girls, and… – I hesitated, not knowing how to ask. — How long have you been doing this?”

“Dad, don’t be a bore. After all, nothing terrible happened, right”

“But why? Marina, this is your own sister!”

“What’s the big deal here? We have mecidiyeköy escort known each other since childhood!”

“- But…”

I didn’t know what else to say. What I saw so stunned me that I sat down on the edge of the bed and thought.

The naked Vika was sitting very close. Suddenly, she moved closer and hugged me, pressing her excited mounds against my back. Marina did not stay away and also moved closer to me, but from the other side.

Vika whispered hotly in my ear: “But no one will know, right? This will be our little family secret.”

“Dad, what you saw is normal… Oral sex is not sex at all, but as a friendly kiss… Marina said.”

Vika suddenly kissed me on the lips. It seemed to burn me, we had no tradition in our family to kiss at a meeting or goodbye, and then — immediately on the lips. I stared at her with a glazed look, and meanwhile Marina stretched out her little girlish fingers to my fly. Here I could not remain indifferent.

Jumping up, I muttered something unintelligible and made a movement towards the door.

“Dad, wait, where are you going? After all, we need to train! And movies are not the same at all. Dad, please!”

A hot wave of shame and desire swept over me. I looked at the pleading expression of their children’s faces, and conflicting feelings fought furiously in my soul.

“After all, these are your children, your own daughters! ” But no one will know, and they themselves want it.”

Finally, I decided and took a step towards the bed where Vika and Marina had been indulging in debauchery a few minutes ago. I sat down on the edge again and looked questioningly at my girls.

“Dad, we often saw in movies how girls do blowjob… But we’ve never tried it ourselves. And I would really like to. Do you mind teaching us a lesson?” — when Vika was saying this, I was sitting on the rumpled sheet, all blush, and with an excited look I followed her round elastic breasts, which were right in front of my eyes. Vika leaned forward and took hold istanbul escort of the belt on my trousers, the bump on which already clearly betrayed my condition.

She unbuttoned her belt and fly and my penis broke free — medium-sized, slightly curved and with swollen veins. Vika and Marina looked at him in indecision, clearly not knowing what to do next. Marisha moved forward and leaned over. The tip of her tongue touched the head of the penis. I jerked at the touch and whispered:

“And now take it in your mouth, daughter…”

Marina obediently hugged the penis with her lips and froze in this position.

“And move your head, up and down, come on, baby!”

When she started doing what I said, I felt like joy bloomed in my soul. A feeling of boundless happiness surged like a tsunami, I followed the movements of her blonde head and felt the wet hot elasticity of her mouth. It was the height of bliss. Marina mumbled excitedly, sitting on my cock, and I quietly wheezed from each of her jerks.

Suddenly I realized that I had not warned Marisha about what was going to happen and wanted to push her away from the penis, but she either did not understand, or did not want to part with it, and I began to erupt right into her little tender mouth. Marina mumbled louder, the seed flowed down her chin and dripped on her T-shirt, when she finally released her captive and looked at me with a bleary look.

“Dad, I think I’m done…”

“It’s wonderful, Marina!” I smiled affectionately. It was as if a wall had fallen between us, which prevented us from fully enjoying family life.

“Dad, did you like how she does it? Vika asked excitedly.” — I want it too!

“Well, of course, now, I’ll just rest…”

Since that moment, our life has changed radically. For others-friends and neighbors-my daughters only became even more joyful and friendly, none of them noticed the dramatic changes that occurred in our family life. I came home from work every day, knowing that Vika and Marina were already waiting for my cock, opening their little mouths. Without remaining in debt, I gave them everything that my tongue and fingers were capable of. We didn’t go further than oral sex, but it was so delicious that nothing else was needed.

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