The Hotel Room

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I am sitting here in the Bar of the Hotel waiting a little bit nervously for you to arrive…..this is going to be our very first face to face meeting and I am so looking forward to it. I am not sure why i am feeling nervous because we have been talking to each other for ages now and we have spoken on the phone so many times as well….but now i am finally getting to meet you and that in it’s self is a dream come true for me.

We have become really close over the last few months and the Friendship and Special feelings that we have for each other have grown and grown…to what we have today, a very special Love between us where both of us feel so fantastic when we are together online, or talking on the phone.

In a way we were both so surprised just how quickly we seemed to click together from the start…there was just a certain something that was between us straight away that neither of us could explain, other than by saying maybe Fate brought us together on the night that we met, it certainly seems that way….

but whatever it was that brought you to me i am forever in it’s debt because it brought to me one of the most Beautiful, Friendly, Warm, Funny, Sexy, Lovable and Happiest people i have ever met, and whom i Love very Much.

And that is why i am here in Sydney Today….to finally meet you and Give you a Great Biggg Hugg and a Long Hot Passionate Kiss in Person….AT LAST!!!

I booked into the hotel earlier today after i had arrived by plane from Melbourne this morning, you had already told me that you couldn’t get here till about 1.00pm,so i went to my room unpacked a few things, then had a quick look in some of the shops near the Hotel, and then hurried back here to the bar at about 12.45pm.

I buy a drink and sit down at a table that gives me a view of the door so i can see when you walk in, and wait………..Each time the door opens my heart skips a beat………I tell myself not to keep staring at the door and to just look round the room until i actually hear the door open…’s almost like waiting for a Kettle to boil…if you look at it it never will.

I look at a Painting on the wall beside me as i take a sip of my drink, and almost don’t turn round when i hear the door open…..i think it will probably be just another Lunchtime visitor to the Bar, but i look anyway and there YOU are…….Wow!!!!! You Look Fantastic!!!!…Although i have seen pictures of you nothing could compare to seeing you here in front of me now.

You look around briefly and you spot me looking at you, and that Huge smile lights up your face:)….It’s just how I imagined that it would look……A really Great Smile that makes a Big Smile appear on my Face immediately.

I stand up as you walk over to me….And we both put our arms out for a Hugg, and i draw you to me….a Small friendly hugg to start with as we each say hello nervously……then i cuddle you a lot closer and Hold you tight…Loving the feeling of finally holding you in my arms……..Feels so Great……I Kiss you on the Lips……Ohhhhhhhhhhh so smooth and warm, just how i imagined them to be……..A True Dream Come True:)

I ask you to sit down and tell you How great it is to finally see you……you sit down and i find myself holding you hand as we start to chat. I order you a drink and when you have it we start to talk about all the things we have spoken about before and about how we had been both waiting for today to finally happen….within a couple of minutes, you would never have thought we had never met before…we are chatting away, and laughing and smiling and having a great time as if we have been friends forever who just haven’t seen each other for a while. As we talk I look at you and realize just how beautiful you are, and think I am just so lucky to be here with you right now…..i just can’t help but look at you and be drawn in by your eyes and your smile.

I keep holding your hand, and you hold mine back, i suppose neither of us wants to let the other go, now that we are here together.

I ask if you have eaten ,and you say no, so we go through to the restaurant together to have a meal.

The Meal is Wonderful, and the Company even better……we chat about so many things and have a good laugh and a giggle about a few things as well…..All of it is just so natural…..exactly the way we are when chatting online and on the Phone, only this is 100% more nicer.

After the meal we have a Coffee each and just relax a little………I ask you what you want to do for the afternoon, and you say it’s up to you….which is what i thought you would say.

I suggest that we maybe catch the Ferry over to Manly as it is a Place i have always güvenilir bahis loved to go to before, and you say that sounds like a Good idea.

You tell me that as it’s a little bit cold outside i may need either a Jacket or a Jumper as it can get cold on the ferry.

I say that i will have to go get one from my room, and that i will have to nip up and get it, and I ask if you want to wait here while i go……You say No…you will come up with me.

I Pay for the Meal, and we go over to the Elevator…..The Door closes and i draw you close again and Kiss you…while whispering that i am So happy you came…

We leave the Elevator and walk the few paces to my room, and i open the door and we walk in……It’s not a Huge room, but is still a very nice one with a TV, Sofa, Writing Desk, Bathroom with Shower, and a Good size Comfy Double Bed.

I open the wardrobe and take out a Jacket……You are having a Nosy round the room while i got it….Typical Woman hey:)

I smile at you and you smile back with that Special Smile of yours….

We walk to each other and i put my Arms around you tightly, our lips touching and then moulding together to form a Perfect seal……The Perfect Kisss….

Our Lips Sliding across each others as the Kiss becomes more intense, our tongues probing each others mouth, sliding across lips and teeth, Our tongues circling each other entwining in their own love making……

Our Hands Feeling and Holding each other, my Had sliding up and down your Back as i draw you closer, caressing you, Wanting you……the Kiss Never unbroken.

The Passion between us has built up over time and now with this Kiss in real life it is being released….both of us knowing this is what we have both wanted for Soooo long…this Intimacy….this Closeness…….This Special Feeling that has been there from the start….

The Kiss finishes……i look into your eyes and see deep inside you…..the Love i have for you growing stronger with just this one act of finally being able to look into your eyes, and know the feelings we have are truly Mutual..

There are no words at this point……no words need to be spoken…….it is just a knowledge we both have of each other………

I Sit down on the edge of the Bed……Looking up at you……Into those Eyes.. I help you take off the Beautiful Jacket you are Wearing….A Pale Blue in Colour…..with a Matching Skirt that finishes just above the Knee and you are also wearing a White Blouse that Buttons up the front…….

I reach up and start to unbutton your Blouse….one button at a time….slowly revealing your Cleavage and the Beautiful Electric Blue Satin Bra you are wearing…..then your stomach comes into view and as i undo the last button i lean forward and place a Kiss on your stomach, and let the tip of my tongue trace a small line from just under your Breasts to the waistband of your skirt…..MMMMMMMM

Then you remove your blouse and i start to slowly lower the zip on the side of your skirt….inch by inch as i continue to kiss all over your stomach with you standing so close to me…..

Your Skirt drops to the floor and you step out of it, and flick it away with your foot.

You are now standing in front of me in your Bra and Matching Panties, i can tell that the Panties are a G String Kind without you even turning round yet.. and You are Looking So Beautiful and Soooooooooo Sexy……

I turn you round so you have your back to me…….I unclasp your Bra and slide the straps down over your Shoulders….and it to drops to the floor.

I reach round in front of you and i cup each Breast in my Hands and start to Massage them slowly…Loving the feel of their full weight in my hands.

Using my fingertips i circle around each Nipple feeling them harden as i do so.

Flicking them gently and giving them such an ever soft squeeze between my fingers.

I let one hand slide down across your Stomach and i slide it down slowly inside the waistband of your Panties…Loving the feel of the soft skin against my fingers…….I Cup your Pussy in my Hand and gently move my fingers around…feeling how Hot and Moist you have become…….

Kissing now up and down your Back…letting my Tongue tip slide up and down your spine.

You bend over a Little so that i can place kisses all around and over your Ass Cheeks…….Covering each and every centimetre….sliding my tongue up and down the space between the cheeks…….Feeling you tremble slighly as i do this…….i place a Hand between your Legs and Gently massage your Pussy though the material of the panties…and i can already feel how Wet and Moist you are becoming….

I türkçe bahis Then hook a finger in each side of your Panties and start to slowly slide them off you……Inch by Beautiful inch……

They drop to your ankles and you flick them away and turn to face me…….

You lean forward and we Melt into a Passionate Kisss, our Mouths becoming one and our Tongues flicking at each others…a Hot Wet Moist Passionate Kiss

I Take Hold of you and i Pull you onto the Bed Beside me.

We continue our Kiss as my Hands caress your Body all over…..wanting to Touch and feel every part of you……..

You Hook your leg up over my thigh, and i slide my Hand down so i can run it up and own your leg, feeling the Soft skin beneath my Fingers and Loving it.

I kiss you all around your Neck, and slide down slowly so i can suck on your Nipples…….sucking each one into my mouth, playing with them, teasing them, licking them and circling my Tongue round and round feeling them grow harder and harder……..Sucking them deep into my mouth and then letting them POP out of my Mouth as i let go….

I stand up now and Take off my Shirt and Pants and i climb on the bed between your legs….You Raise your knees and i lie down between them……Kissing the Inside of your Thighs, and running my tongue along them…small delicate kisses to the inside of each one.

I then move to the middle, and i kiss you just above your pussy…..i love the soft warm shaved skin there. .it is such a turn on to see it so perfect like this……I start to kiss and slide my tongue slowly downward, till i am Lapping at your Pussy lips like a Kitten drinking Milk…….Mmmm you taste as good as i always imagined you would in my dreams.

My Tongue Sliding up and down your Slit from top to Bottom, and then back up again over and over again…..Filling my senses with the Aroma and Taste of you….

You are So wet that your Juices Smear my Face as my Tongue moves up and down

And you are so moist down there that i know right now i could slide into you so sweetly.

You reach down and open yourself up for me so my Tongue can slide all the way inside, Filling you completely, moving it round and round touching every inch of the inner lips and walls of your pussy. You taste so good, and i am already so hard just being here and doing this for you….I want you to feel sooooo good while you are with me…want this to be a moment we will never forget.

I move up slightly so i can start to play with your Clit which is exposed and looking very hard……i circle my tongue around it, round and round just using the tip of my tongue, before sucking it between my lips and gently massaging it there…….rubbing it between my lips as i slowly insert a finger inside you…first one moving it in and out slowly, fucking you gently with my finger….in and out in and out…..I can hear soft Moans escaping from your lips as i do this and you have both of your hands Massaging your Breasts and squeezing you nipples…..

Then i slowly insert another finger to join it, filling you completely as i slide them in and out in and out, while still licking and sucking on your Clit.

I can feel you body start to shake under me and i can feel that you are close to Cumming…….i want you to Cum for me like this i want you to Climax as many times as i can make you Climax……….I slide my Fingers in and out in and out Faster and Faster…your Back Arching as i fuck you faster and faster…still lapping and Sucking on your Clit as your Hips rise and fall in a Bucking Motion trying to get my fingers deeper inside you…….Then Suddenly you let out a Loud Moan and a Gasp as the first wave of the Orgasm passes through you, You arch your Back Suddenly 2-3 times and you full body jerks and shakes as wave after wave of pleasure surges thru your Body……

Finally you start to calm down and your heart goes from full pace down a bit slower….you are panting and the perspiration has built up on your forehead.

I take my fingers from you, and bring them to my Mouth and i suck your Juices off each one individually….Loving the Taste of you completely.

I then slowly move up so i am laying along side you again, and i put my arms around you and draw you close……feeling you So close to me as you calm down little by Little………We Kisss a long Hard Deep Kiss, that in it’s self says so much about the Moment we have just shared……..

We Kiss and Cuddle for about 20 min or so…..just holding you like this is such a Pleasure for me…to feel you closeness to me…….we whisper sweet nothings in each others ears in between our Kisses……words are not that güvenilir bahis siteleri important right now……

You Sit up a Little and Motion me to lay on my back….you start to rub your hands over my Chest and flick at my Nipples with your tongue…then you kiss me all the way down across my Stomach……You can see just how hard i am and

Carefully you take my cock in your hand and start to move it back and forward while your other hand gently cups and starts to massage my balls.

I am looking down at you as you do this, loving the feeling so much

I can see your tongue come from between your lips and start to slowly

circle the head of my cock. Watching you do this is such a high for me, and i

grow even harder as you holds it in her hand.

You lift my cock up a little and i can see as the tip of your tongue slides along the full length of it.

You are licking it the same way you would a lolly pop. Up and down the length making sure you doesn’t miss one piece of it. I watch’s as you mouth slowly starts to slide down over the head going further and further into your mouth as you draw me all the way in to it.

You tongue still circling the head and playing with the little hole in the tip. I am in complete Heaven while you do this and the feeling is indescribable.

You move your head back and forward in time to my thrusts to meet your mouth and your hands now grips onto my ass cheeks.

I love the feel as my cock slides in and out of your mouth like this and although i would love to cum like this i know that i truly want to Cum inside you.

You pop the head of my cock out of your mouth and you starts to kneel up in front of me. A bit of his pre-cum on your lips as you lean forward to kiss me again……….Another Long Deep Kisss………..

I Lay you Down and i Move over so i can get between your Legs and lay there.

I rub the Head of my Cock up and down your Pussy lips, feeling the Softness of them against it for the first time and the feeling is like electricity running through me…..They are so Moist, and i have no resistance as i start to slowly slide myself into you….Little by little until i am allll the way inside…

Just laying there for a Moment…My Cock Throbbing So hard inside you…i can feel your Pussy Start to Grip tightly against it…….I Slide it all the way out again, and then Slowly Push it all the way back inside…In and Out In and out with Long deep thrusts……Very Slowly just loving the feel of being inside you…….Your Legs Move up and Encircle my Waist Pulling me into you more as you Hook them round me……I start to Fuck you a Little faster as you Pull me inside with your Feet and your Pussy Lips…..In and Out or Fucking now is a Precise movement together…we are like One…You moving up perfectly to meet me each time i slide back in again………I have wanted this Moment for so long to be inside you like this …Making Love to you………Fucking you till we Both Cum to an Incredible Orgasm……..You pull me closer i move Faster, my Hips moving to meet yours……Faster and Faster…I can feel the Familier tingle running down my Spine that tells me i am getting Closer and Closer to Cumming……I Kiss you Passionately as we Fuck Harder and Harder…our Bodies Pressed against each others so hard……I want to Cum and I want to Cum With you,……Closer and Closer to the Peak….Yessss….Closer………Yesssssssss….Ooooooohhhhhhhhh i can Feel the Explosion about to Start…… are Bucking under me Pulling me into you tighter……..Ysssssssssssssssss Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss Yessssssssssssssssssssss….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


I Cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm Like I have Never Never Cum Before………My Body Jeking with the Release……..Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

You are Shaking S much as well and Holding me deep inside you as I Pump my Juices into you…….Throbbing as Each Stream of Cum explodes inside you..

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..This is Truly a Very Very Special Way for us to have shared this Moment together……….Both of Us Cumming at the Same time and With Such Intensity…………..

I Kisss you for what Seems like Hours while Laying on you, not wanting to move.

I Move from you and Lay beside you Holding you tightly to me.

I look into your eyes and Smile You smile Back at Me and I kiss you again…

I Whisper into you Ear…………I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!

You Smile Back at me…..And Say Love you So much as Well Babe……

We Kiss yet again……and then i say……..

Looks Like we’ll have to be a Bit Late for our Trip to Manly:):):)

You look back and Say……No…….We’ll go tomorrow:):):):)

We both start to Laugh and Giggle Like two big Kids………….

What a Perfect way to Have Met You……………………..

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