The Masked One

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Chapter One


Pounding rain had long drenched through the thick cape and leather armor. The mask covered all but her amber, feline eyes. She rode her stallion at a walk through the streets empty of anything but starving mongrels with nowhere else to be. Though it could only be midday, the sun was utterly obscured, giving the appearance of a moonless night.

Passing the array of huts, alleys and the temple, she came to an inn.

Inside, to the bar. Her eyes turned to a man. “Jade” the man breathed. “500 now, 500 when it’s done.” The Ji’kon replied “not a blade in the dark” and vanished.

She was at the temple doors, appearing like their own. A familiar face flashed.




The small, slight woman woke with a scream of terror echoing from her lips. The next heartbeat the room was flooded with armed women. They checked every access point as the shaking woman tried to calm her racing heart.

“What happened?” The general asked with great concern. She came to kneel at her bedside. “Was there another assassin?”

She shook her head. “Not yet…but she is coming. Sabine be willing…” the Priestess sat up slowly. “She won’t have the heart to kill me. A Ji’kon who in animal form is black as night will come to us as a sister. She will claim the title of dragoon and present us with proof. Do not delay; bring her straight to me.”

“But Priestess, how will you protect yourself?”

The Priestess gave her a small smile. “Sabine will protect me. She will show her the way.”

The woman gave a hesitant nod. “Just in case, may we be posted outside?”

“Of course. I trust you to protect me should our goddess choose to test me again.” She ran her fingers along the warrior’s face. “You are my greatest warrior Casey.”

She shivered. “I am always at your command.” She replied huskily.

“Do bring her to me, my general.”

Rising slowly, she bowed and left. The Priestess rose to begin her day, knowing that she must be prepared.


Vespa adjusted the heavy mail armor with a tut. Once fitted to her rather small figure, the assassin disguarded trying to get comfortable. She adjusted the short sword on her waist, unaccustomed to it being in her way.

Approaching the temple was like walking toward paradise. It was made of sparkling sandstone, with a gleaming pool in the center of the courtyard. The roof reached toward the sky. Carved on the front was a naked, winged woman being coupled by two dragons. Bowing at their feet were Ji’kon, humans and the Night Races alike.

Two women in similar heavy armor, one with a sword, the other with a spear, stood at the heavy stone doors that gave way to the glory within. This time of day, they were at morning prayer. The High Priestess was communing with Sabine.

“What brings a daughter of Ha’ath here to us?” One asked before she came within striking distance.

“I came seeking acceptance by High Priestess. I humbly wish to give myself to Her and The Divine.”

The looks of welcome, pleased smiles made the Ji’kon pause. “Offer us your hearthstone and you may enter. Priestess Jade will welcome a worthy dragoon.”

That’s odd. These temples are sealed so tight most dragoons hesitate to transfer from their birth temple.

Vespa produced a hand carved sandstone disk with an intricate carving of the pledge in the sacred language. Only a Priestess could properly make one, as only she could inscribe the pledge and imbue the magic.

“Very well. You may enter, sister. May Sabine embrace you as Ha’ath guides you.”

Nodding to them once, the assassin headed within.

Chapter Two


As she strode through doors swung wide, they closed behind her again. It was monolith after monolith of dragons, the half dragon goddess and High Priestesses who had served before.

Only those who served in baser ways walked the Temple right now, setting out offerings, lighting inscents and preparing for the day. Those serving – called the Lost – were naked. Vespa couldn’t help but stare at one or two of the women – which earned her unexpected winks and giggles.

“I don’t recall a Ji’kon dragoon working here.” A voice drew her eye to a powerful, lithe warrior woman wearing the wings of a golden dragon.

Vespa shifted uneasily. “Most do not know until I’ve taken my form.”

“The look in your eyes gives you away. Most don’t look hard enough to notice.”

“General, I came seeking to protect the High Priestess here.” She recovered with a hasty but accurate salute.

Her grin made the assassin somehow feel like a mouse under a cat’s paw. Nodding like she knew, she purred “Ahh, yes. Priestess Jade did say we’d have a new arrival. Come this way; she is expecting you.”

Shit. Does she know? Well, if I take my time, she’ll let down her guard and die like any other pampered leader.

Vespa followed the general through halls littered with great works of religious kaynarca escort art. The general gave her a knowing smile as she watched a serving girl walk by.

“I assure you, the Lost will eagerly serve you.” She told the Ji’kon with a hint of amusement. “I know it isn’t easy to ignore such an important need, but Priestess Jade prefers meeting all dragoons personality first.”

“That makes sense. Who else to judge the worthy?”

“None. Though I am surprised, Ji’kon. Aren’t you a child of the Ji?”

Her finger twitched. “The Ji isn’t a god. It’s the lifeforce that contacts everything, flowing through us and our earth. Some Ji’kon believe the Ji flows from a god. I agree, and her name is Sabine.”

“So it’s more like your soul?”

Vespa scoffed “Humans don’t understand. Ji is bigger than that.”

They arrived at a large door which she waved me inside. The Ji’kon wasn’t sure what she had expected, but it wasn’t this. The room was warmed by a large fireplace, and lit by a circle of candles. In the center was a huge bed with an iron back headboard. Red blankets were rumpled and wrinkled as a woman writhed and moaned on it. Combined with the sight, the scent of sex and body oil joining hot wax had her weak at the knees.

In the candlight her caramel skin gleamed like honey, soft, smooth and delicious. She licked her lips as the door shut behind her. Everything about this woman was small – five feet tall, with delicate features and matching C cup boobs.

“Ohhh, yes, my goddess yes!” The woman cried out as she griped the bedsheets and thrashed.

Where’s her lover?

If there wasn’t an idol of the goddess above her bed, Vespa would have thrust herself onto the bed to assist this woman clearly in need of release. She barely stopped herself, feeling sweat bead her brow. She watched in utter awe as the High Priestess brought herself higher and higher.

“Sabine! Oh fuck, Sabine!” She began to scream more and more frantically.

Vespa gave a whispered groan as she felt herself growing wetter and wetter. The Priestess began to convulse in utter bliss. Vespa couldn’t take her eyes off her. Her own breathing was labored.

Jade just lay there a while, basking in the glow.

She slowly looked up and smiled a very soft smile. Her eyes still gleamed with the glory of her orgasm.

“A voyuer during this sacred time is unusual. Tell me, Ji’kon, did you enjoy yourself?”

Feeling her cheeks burn with shame, Vespa bowed ever so slightly. “I’m sorry to disturb you, High Priestess. I am Vespa, a dragoon asking to join your sacred temple. The general brought me here straight away. And when I saw…”

She giggled softly. “Don’t be ashamed. We all have our secret needs. I like being watched, for example.” She winked at her, making Vespa’s cheeks darken. Sitting up, the Priestess purred “Now, a Ji’kon should not approach me in human form. You are beautiful creatures.”

Vespa hesitated a moment.

“Don’t be shy now.” Jade purred with that luscious grin.

Her lips are so kissable.

Shivering, the Ji’kon siezed the power and unchained it. Her lips parted in a soft sigh as energy tickled along her skin. The tickle became a tingle, which grew to a familiar burn. It seeped from her skin to her muscles and deep into her bones, where the burn graduated to the most familiar pain she would ever feel. Opening her eyes made her dizzy and disoriented for a brief moment as shapes and colors, distance and depth, the relatively between her and the space around her, had greatly changed.

A rumbling purr echoed from deep in her throat.

Jade was starting at her with a knowing, but longing, smile. She stretched up onto her knees and met Vespa’s hungry feline eyes. “My black kitten, I have been waiting for you. Come, let us play a game.”

Chapter Three

“Game?” Vespa echoed in confusion. “What kind of game?”

“It’s a fun game, really. If you start here for a month, living as my personal Ha’ath consort, and do not fall in love with me, I will let you drive the dagger through my heart. You can go get your gold and move on with your life. The temple will find a soul worthy of Sabine.”

She seriously wants me to live here having sex? Sounds like an easy month.

“Sure. I like games so easy to win.”

She giggled at the assassin. “Such confidence suites you. Are you ready to begin?”

Vespa joined her on the bed, keeping eye contact. She went to lay her down, but the Priestess had her on her back in a micro second. Taken aback by how forceful she was, Vespa was completely blown away when she grabbed her short mane to pull back hard.

Vespa let out a low growl. “Harder,” she groaned lustfully.

Without a word, Jade began to twist and scratch at the Ji’kon’s nipples. It elected another happy growl of enjoyment from her lover.

Several minutes went by of Jade simply tormenting her nipples and tugging at her fur.

Finally unable to küçükyalı escort take any more, Vespa grabbed her hand and pressed it to her inner folds. She gave a sadistic laugh, pulling her hand away.

“Aren’t you a naughty little kitty?” She teased with that leer Vespa already knew she was going to love.

“Fuck me,” she was so close to begging her fur burned with shame as well as hunger.

The Priestess debated her lover’s plea. Vespa closed her eyes and let out a low growl. “Please, Priestess.”

The words were hissed more than said. Jade thrust three of her fingers deep and hard into Vespa’s dripping lips. The Ji’kon gave a sound bordering between a growl and a trilling purr. Deep and fast, pumping at amazing angles as she continued to tug at her fur.

“Harder!” Vespa groaned.

“Seems I’ve found myself a pain slut!” She growled out.

Yet she began to pull hard and twist at the nipples without further prying.

The grunts and purring growls escalated with her gradually erratic thrusting toward Jade’s administrations. Her body tensed as ecstasy crashed into her, clouding her mind as her cries reached a new level. Jade’s moans joined her in the air as something soft gave way beneath the Ji’kon’s claws.

Knocking brought Vespa back to the world around her. The smell of human blood mingled with the scent of sex made her heady. She gently removed her claws from the Priestess’s shoulder and began to lightly lap at the wound.

The door opened. Until Jade gasped Vespa didn’t bother looking over. At the sight of the general she reached for her sword – and realized it and her clothing were nowhere in sight. She couldn’t even recall getting undressed!

“Shhh, it’s okay. She won’t attack my consort.” Jade assured the Ji’kon, running her delicate hands through her fur.

“Consort?” There was undeniable disbelief in her voice. When Vespa found her eyes, there was a brief moment where she swore there was jealousy. “Shouldn’t that go to a soul not trained in war High Priestess?”

“Sabine has spoken, and you hear her words through me. Who are you questioning, general?”

She shook her head. “Forgive me; I was merely surprised.”

Jade rose slowly from the bed. “As was I.” She said quietly. As I sat up to let body contour to the human form, I realized she’d been honest with the guard.

She knew I was coming. So what took her by surprise?

Chapter Four

“You want me to wear that?” Vespa hissed with an upturned lip.

It was two pieces; a tight black corset with red silk elbow high gloves and a pair of tight pants gently fanning out. There were fancy shoes instead of boots. Vespa glared at the outfit; resentful all the more of the fact that it appeared to be the right size.

“It’s the consort attire.” There was that knowing, sadistic grin again.

Damn it. I can’t hide even a thorn in that thing, let alone a dagger!

“Could it be a little more revealing?” Vespa snapped sarcastically.

“You could always walk around in nothing. Though, don’t take it personally when people mistake you for my favorite Lost and proposition you.” She replied smoothly. Still holding the outfit.

I have a feeling they won’t give me back the armor.

Having little other choice, I seized it with a growl of frustration. Shrugging into it, I glared at her. “Happy?” I snapped.

“Very.” She purred. “Now that we’re clean and dressed, it’s time for breakfast and announcing your place as my consort.”

“Wonderful. Came in adorned as a warrior, go out as a Priestess’s slut.”

She whipped around to give Vespa a devil’s grin. “Enjoy that title, do you? I can always introduce you as such…whatever turns you on, beautiful.”

“I look like your slut. That doesn’t make me one.”

She gave a cute giggle. ” Of course not. But you do like to be treated like one.”

“Only in the bedroom!” Vespa retorted indignantly as her cheeks burned with shame.

Smiling sexily at her, Jade purred “You can tell yourself that if you want, my little whore, but you cannot hide it from me.”

Then Jade walked out, forcing her consort to follow behind frustrated with her own body. Breakfast was in a central dinning hall with hand carved statues of Sabine and Ha’ath behind the High Priestess’s chair. The general sat to her left. Vespa couldn’t help but notice her narrowed eyes when the new consort took her place.

She clearly doesn’t like the idea an assassin being her Priestess’s lover. At least there’s someone who’s intelligent enough to know how stupid her plan is.

There was an offering ceremony before they were allowed to eat. Jade signaled Vespa to stand with her. She beamed to the gathered crowd. “At long last, Sabine has chosen a consort. This young Ji’kon has been brought here by Her will to serve as Ha’ath’s emissary. Meet Vespa, our consort. Being as she’s uncomfortable with the title and the respect it entitles, please call her my slut.”

Vespa sancaktepe escort felt her entire body flush with heat. Everyone applauded but the general. There were heavy cheers.

“You’ve found such a pretty slut!” One cat called in a friendly but knowing way.

“Where’s your slut’s collar, Priestess?” One teased.

Vespa found her seat before her face found the floor.

They’re all children!

She complained to herself. Through dark red cheeks.

“Now, now, you’re embarrassing her! We need to make sure she can make it through breakfast!”

When everybody laughed and even the general cracked a grin, Vespa realized the comment was sexual. The Priestess led the prayer before they were allowed to eat. After super, Jade led her to another room, where she led a sermon Vespa couldn’t focus on. She’d heard too many human legends to bring herself to care.

Vespa jumped out of her skin when a hand smacked her ass. “Stop staring off into nowhere!”

Jade was giving her a very stern look.

Suddenly Vespa felt very small. “I didn’t mean-“

“Yes. You did. You have heard it all before and didn’t want to hear it again. Well, starting tomorrow you’ll be helping me with this!”

The look of victory in her gaze boiled the assassin’s blood. But what choice did she have? She averted her eyes in submission. Jade returned to her speech about Sabine granting humanity the ability to love. Vespa did her damnedest to pay attention, not wanting to be humiliated by this harlot again.

“Vespa, let’s go to the garden.” Jade’s suggestion after super caught the assassin off guard.

Like I’ve got a choice. They won’t let me leave her side for a heartbeat.

She rose to follow the Priestess without a word. The general their shadow, the two made their way to a garden boxed into the temple walls. Vespa looked around with interest.

“I’ve not been here the entire week you’ve been here.” Jade sighed with relief as she led the way to a bench under an oak.

Vespa stood next to her, with the general a few feet away.

“Sit down, for Sabine’s sake.” Jade snapped. “I’ll only bite if you get frisky.”

Sighing, Vespa sat next to her. Jade lay her head against her shoulder.

They enjoyed the sound of the night for a while before Jade asked. “Why didn’t you kill me last week?”

“Are you kidding? My knees were shaking watching you get off.” Vespa laughed quietly. “I was entranced.”

She was quiet a little longer. Then she asked “Are you with the Kron?”

She shook her head. “Not a spellweaver.”

Jade moved her hand onto Vespa’s. Vespa didn’t pull it away. The general scoffed, drawing the Ji’kon’s attention. “Don’t you have other things to do?”

Jade snickered. “Casey is just doing her job. Ignore her baby.”


The word made Casey flinch.


Is that all the general is doing? Her job?

Jade began to tell stories of her gods; Vespa found herself content in listening.

Chapter Five

Vespa watched from where she leaned against an oak tree as Jade meditated a few feet away. The sunlight struck her skin like amber. She studied every hair on the girl’s head.

She doesn’t even know what today is, does she?

Jade began to stir and come back to the world. Vespa could see it in the slight twitching of her eyelashes and fingers.

I can’t.

The thought made her stomach knot.

What can’t I do?

She growled as Jade slowly rose to her feet and approached her. “Did I bore you?” She teased.

She wrapped her arms around Vespa.

Movement caught the Ji’kon’s eyes. She glanced over, but it was only Casey. She turned back to Jade.


Jade leaned up to kiss her. “Yes?” She asked as it broke.

Why spoil her mood?

Her heart twisting, Vespa replied “…it’s passed mass.”

She gasped. “Oh goddess! You should have brought me out!”

She shook her head. As Jade took the lead, something shone in the dimming light. Curious, Vespa approached it. Her mouth went dry at the sight of a dagger concealed beneath a bush.

Did he send another assassin?

Realizing it fit in her corset, she concealed it from Jade.

I will find the other cutthroat and put an end to his quest.

“Jade! Don’t wonder off!” Vespa snarled angrily.

She paused, giving her lover a look. “I’m four feet away, Vespa!”

She was about to explain, but caught herself. If she was wrong she’d look bad.

Especially today.

So instead she apologized as she took Jade’s hand. Jade gave a very happy smile before leading them into the service. Through the service Vespa couldn’t get her mind off the dagger while she kept an eye out for anybody who looked threatening.

I can’t let someone else do my job.

“Vespa, stop pacing.” Jade jolted her from her thoughts.

“She’s just anxious to get you alone.” The youngest priestess teased with a grin. Rose was always teasing them.

Everybody laughed but Jade. There was a dark look in her eyes. “I think we’re going to commune early tonight. Vespa, come.”

Vespa hesitantly followed her to the chamber where they’d met. The chamber they’d shared twice daily for a month.

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