The Newlin’s, Marcie , Mark Pt. 12

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Stunning News for Mark

Mark was still mortified the following day and called in sick rather than face his boss, Ezra DeZam. But DeZam surprised him, and came by his motel room to see how he was and to impart some important information to him.

“Listen Mark, here in Monroe, some of us play it fast and loose. We have good reason for it. Other folks have tried to fit in here … this climate sucks. We get torrential rain followed by floods and the humidity and heat are enough to drive you crazy. Seemed like everyone we knew either wanted a divorce or had already gotten one. That’s why we had a meeting—I’m talking about those folks at my house last night and a few more that couldn’t make it for one reason or another. Anyway, we began swapping spouses several years back. At first we did it just to do it, but we found out that there was very little jealousy come of it. We called a meeting and discussed it. Brought it out in the open for those who hadn’t been part of it. Bottom line was, anyone wanting to participate could, no questions asked. Just make doubly sure you didn’t pass on any sexually transmitted disease to your partner.

“Now I know you and Bob’s wife Christie got it on last night. Hell, Bob already knows about it. I bet she was the first to tell him. Don’t you worry about it, Christie loves Bob and he loves her. They ain’t going anywhere.

“So let’s go on over to the Pancake House, get some breakfast and then take a look at how the Library’s coming along.”

Immensely relived at this news, Mark hopped in Ezra’s pickup and went off to the Pancake House.

Later that night he tried calling Rana, but no one answered. He left several messages, but she didn’t return them.

The next few days he was as busy as he’d ever been, for Charley Dell, the county Commissioner was trying his best to upset the apple cart. Ezra and Bob were fuming when Mark arrived at work on a Friday to find that Dell had brought their work, or the actual construction part of it—to a grinding halt by citing some archaic regulations about the construction of their building being too close to a creek that ran past it.

“Total bullshit!” Ezra fumed. “That bastard’s wants us to pay him $7500 … a—a—as a contribution to his next campaign.

“Take it easy, Ezra, you’ll have a friggin’ heart attack,” Bob Stephenson said, jumping up from his desk and coming to his friend’s side.

“Why not call the Mayor and have him set Dell straight?” Mark suggested.

Both men looked at him, and then started to laugh. Bob held up one hand and said, “Mark—Mark, that’s probably who’s behind Dell egging him on for some other reason. He’s been against the new Library since was brought up as a possibility for Monroe.”

“Call Maurice Maurice,” Ezra said. If anyone knows what they’re up too, he will.”

It took a while to get the auto dealer on the phone, but when they did he was quick to evaluate the situation. “Both the Mayor and Charley own a property ’bout half a mile from your site. They thought they’d sell it off to you at a hefty profit, but you boy’s took Amos Hendrix’s lot. I believe you paid him a fair price for it.”

“Dell wanted twice as much for his land and Hendrix’s land was the better property for what we had in mind.”

Bob jumped in asking Maurice Maurice what they might do to circumvent this regulatory stuff being thrown at them.

He laughed and said, “Why not fight fire with fire?”

“How so?” Ezra inquired.

“Mmmm, I’d call David Thomas, remember him?”

“The attorney?”

“That’s him!” Maurice Maurice said enthusiastically.

“Okay, but why him? He practices law over Shreveport way.”

“Now, yes; but seven—eight years ago he was here. He was the city attorney in Monroe.”

Ezra smiled and said, “So he’d be the one who’d know how to stymie those bastards—but would he?”

“I believe he hates Mortimer Rocheau with a passion that has to seen to be believed. Now if you call him and explain the problem you’ll hear the hatred, and he probably won’t charge you for his services.”

“At’s right, Ezra, at’s right,” Maurice Maurice said before ending the call.

Less than ten minutes later they had the answer to thwarting the Mayor and City Councilman’s plan to bilk them out of $7500.

Mark was suitably impressed by his bosses’ action in the face of near disaster, and would remember it some years later when pressed by different cities politicians.

“I guess it pays to have friends in the higher places,” he said to Bob and Ezra.

“Always,” Bob said.

Ezra added to that, saying: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I think that was Machiavelli, in The Prince. You should read it. They have it in the current Library.”

Mark made it a point to obtain a copy and read it that night. He found it very interesting reading, chock full of advice on relationships with people, high and low.


After finishing The Prince, he tried Rana again, and once again there was no answer. Now his concerns güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri were magnified. He called Ezra and told him of his unease.

“You’ve been trying to reach her for some time with no success? Maybe you should fly up there and look in on her.”

“I can’t afford the plane fare. I could drive up.”

“That would take you about four days. If you fly it’s one—two at the most to assure yourself she’s okay.”

“But …”

“Let me give Paulette LeBlanc’s husband Herb a call. He’s got his own plane. I know he heads up to Kansas City every week or so.”

“I don’t know…”

“Here lemmie call …”

Ezra opened his cell phone and speed dialed LeBlanc.

“Herb, Ezra here. Say you going up to KC anytime soon?”

Tomorrow? Great. Can I ask a big favor of you?

He listened for a moment then said: “My guy here, Mark … yeah you met him at the party the other night. Well it seems he hasn’t heard from his girlfriend for too long a time now and he’s worried. Any chance of him piggy-backing a ride with you?”

“No, KC isn’t his destination. Actually it’s Lincoln, Nebraska. The university. Yeah, another 200 miles give or take.”

“You will? That’s great! I’ll tell him. Oh, he’ll be ready and waiting on ya. Thanks man!”

“You’re in luck, Mark. Herb’s due to fly tomorrow if the weather is clear enough and present conditions are apparently holding through the weekend. “

“Wow, that’s fantastic! I can rent a car …”

“You won’t need too. Herb’s going to drop you off in Lincoln. You might show your gratitude by introducing him to some of the students there. I mean the more attractive female types.”

“Um, sure, I can do that. But I can’t guarantee anything, you know?”

“Herb’s more a look don’t touch kinda guy. So I wouldn’t be concerned about that. And he’s your ticket back here as well.”

“Ezra, I don’t know how to thank you … this is—well it’s more than I deserve. I really appreciate it. You can’t know how worried I am about Rana.”


The flight went as planned. Herb took care of his business in Kansas City and then they flew into Lincoln and landed several miles from the university, rented a car and headed to the campus.

Mark raced ahead of the older Herb and opened the door to his apartment and found it empty. Empty in the sense that Rana had cleared it of her belongings; his personnel affects were still there, but it was as if she’d never been there at all.

He tried her cell phone again, but it just rang and rang and rang. “She’s gone!” he said forlornly.

Herb tried to be helpful and suggested he talk to some of their mutual friends.

“That’s the thing,” Mark replied, “We didn’t really have many mutual friends. Once we hooked up we were like … together all the time. Well there was the Professor and his wife …”

Karrie answered on the third ring. “Hi Mark, it’s so good to hear from you. Are you back in town? We’d love to have you and Rana over again …”

Mark interrupted her to tell her that Rana seemed to have disappeared.

“She’s not going to classes?”

“She’s cleared out the apartment … her stuff I mean. I don’t know about her classes. I’ve been frantic. I just flew back to see what’s wrong and …”

“Wait one minute. Let me put you on hold while I call my husband.

Mark paced around the living room while waiting. It was only about a three minute wait before Karrie was back on line breathing hard. “He’s checked with the registrar. Rana has left the University. Um, that was about a week or so ago. No reason stated. That’s all I have, Mark. It’s possible one of her girlfriends knows the reason. Have you tried her home number?”

“I have. No one answers. I think the numbers no longer in use.”

“I hate to say it, but that’s not good news, Mark,” Kerri said. “Um, if you need anything, Mark at times like this a little comforting can help. Do come by. I’ll do my best to make you feel better.”

Mark was surprised at her offer of sexual companionship, but didn’t react one way or the other on it. He thanked her for the information and said he’d keep looking for an answer from those who knew her, and ended the call.

“Not the best news, huh?” Herb said trying not to look overly concerned.

Suddenly, Mark yelled, “Nicole!”

“Who’s Nicole?” Herb asked, seeing light at the end of the darkened tunnel.

“She’s a girl Rana shared some classes with. They did laundry together. Let me think … ugh, she lives in the next building in Rana’s old apartment! Let’s give it a try.”

It took him twenty minutes to locate Nicole. She was at class and they camped out in front of the apartment and waited. At first she was reluctant to talk to them, but eventually she saw the concern on Mark’s face and invited them inside.

“Come in, come in,” she said, and led them into a spotlessly clean apartment. “I’m a neat freak,” she said, wringing her hands. “Sorry if it reminds you of your mother’s cleanliness güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back home.”

Mark waved it off as if it were of no consequence and asked pointedly: “Do you know where Rana is?”

An expression of concern crossed her face as she asked, “Why, what’s wrong now?”

“I don’t know what’s wrong. All I know is that she isn’t answering my calls. She dropped out of school and didn’t tell me anything!”

Nicole’s hands covered her breasts as she absorbed this information, and then she opened her mouth to speak, shut it and reopened it again.

“Here’s what I do know. Two men showed up while I was returning her laundry. She knew them that much was obvious. They both had foreign accents, although their command of English was very good. Well the one who spoke in my presence did anyway. Rana was sitting in the living room and crying while they packed her stuff into several cartons. They even went through the laundry basket, asking me which was hers and which was mine. And me … dopy me, told them.”

“So why were they there? Did she tell you?”

“She said someone named Samira was pregnant …”

Mark’s knees gave way and he dropped to the floor in a kneeling position. Both Herb and Nicole sprang into action trying to help him and collided, with both of them getting knocked to the floor where Nicole lay, legs spayed, giving Herb a ringside look at her pantied crotch before realizing it and taking preventive action.

Then all three slowly got to their feet and moved to sit down on the couch together.

“Is that all she said?” Mark asked hoping there was more to it than what he’d just heard.

“Um, well, one off the men—the one who never spoke, ushered me out of the apartment with my laundry.”

“Did Rana say anything—anything at all?”

“Oh, yes she did. She said her life was over. Samira’s life was over. And that was all she said. That’s as close a quote as I can recall. In fact those were probably her exact words.”

“I’ll be a son-of-a-bitch,” Herb said aloud, but not meaning too. “I’ve never heard the like of it before!”

“I think she’s in Sioux City with her aunt. That woman is connected to the Federal Government in some way. Her brother or someone in the family was the Shah of Iran before being overthrown. They have some weird rules they live by,” Mark said.

After a moment’s pause, Mark added: “I can drive up there and talk to them.”

“She’s connected to the Feds?”

“Probably, Rana said it was like being in the Witness Protection Program but not quite.”

“Son,” Herb said kindly,” If that’s the case you’re not getting near her again. I spent some time over in Iran and got to know the people and their ways. That phone’s working all right, but it’s not taking your calls. And it never will. You’re persona non grata to that family. That aunt is keeping those girls sequestered and it will stay that way until she relents if she ever does.”

“But that’s crazy!”

“Mark, listen to me,” Herb said, “I think it’s fortuitous that you happened to be in Monroe at the time all hell broke loose her in Lincoln. The way these people play, they might have taken you out too and still taken the girls with them.”


Mark was devastated, but returned to Monroe and threw himself into his work on the library as he tried to put what had happened behind him. He months flew by, and while he never forgot Rana and Samira for that matter, his anguish diminished; no doubt helped by the various ladies of Monroe who wanted to help he lovelorn young man heal.

Then, with the library nearing completion, he was urged to return to school as the new semester was about to start.

He was surprised to receive a bonus of credits toward his degree from the Dean thanks to his Department Head Professor Horowitz and letters from both the Mayor of Monroe and Ezra’s architectural firm. Pleased but still disconsolate, he threw himself into his final days at the university. He did spend the occasional night with Assistant Dean Howard Aubuchon and his wife Karrie and other ‘special ‘guests that relieved his sexual needs.

Along those lines he also spent a few nights with Nicole, the girl who had been living in Rana’s apartment while she moved in with Mark. But there was no real spark, just sexual satisfaction for the two of them.

Almost before he knew it Mark was finished with his studies and embarking into the real world seeking a job with an architectural firm. Once again, Ezra provided a strong letter of recommendation. Professor Horowitz also praised him as one of the finest students he’d ever had.

The Disney Company in Orlando offered him a job and he accepted it. He worked along with other, more experienced architects on redesigning one of the more popular attractions even as the ride continued providing thousands of tourists continued service by working nights to accomplish it.

Still Mark was a single guy living in a tourist town with an abundance of güvenilir bahis şirketleri females. He was renting a nice condo on the ground floor in the upscale part of town. His neighbors consisted of an oriental woman that he did not know at all. The other unit was occupied by a married couple who he had met once or twice to say hello too and that was all.

All in all, everyone kept to themselves. Mark did much of his work from home, but spent long evenings on site at the Disney complex. Mark had one female with whom he spent some time whenever she put in a booty call to him. He had never called on her for similar favors.

Her name was Evie and she had a Middle-Eastern background, which is why he found himself interested in her from the time they met near his work place.

She called him one particular Thursday afternoon. “Hey, Mark … Are you free this weekend?”

“Um, hi Evie. Um, free this weekend? Err, Friday night’s good, but I’ve got this meeting Saturday night. It’s a business dinner actually, so …”

Now Evie was a brunette with a great body. She was several years older than Mark and she loved to dance. She had enhanced her breasts several months earlier and still loved showing them off at any opportunity. At 5′ 6″ and barely 110lbs., her legs were actually her most striking feature that is if one could manage to overlook her jutting ass.

“Do you have a place to stay?”

“Well I was hoping I could stay with you, sweetie.”

Mark felt a stirring in his slacks, and smiled. “You can bunk with me anytime, Evie.”

“Thank you, baby, I’m so horny I can’t wait to get my hands and mouth on you. But I know you feel the same about me. We should move in together … really, we’d save so much time, you know?”

Mark was laughing as he replied, “I’d never get any work done, and so as much as I like the idea, I still have to earn a living. Being with you full time would make that impossible.”

“Maybe we could have two or three other guys move in with us. That’d give you the free time you need, hmmm?”

He ignored that statement having heard it phrased similarly before. “What time should I expect you? Maybe we can have dinner.”

“I just have to fuck you first, baby. Then you decide if you want to treat me to din—din.”

They were both laughing until she stopped and said, “I’ll pop in round seven. You can pop in round 7:02, okay?”

They were still laughing when she broke the connection and he returned to his work.

Evie arrived and got herself settled in Friday evening around 6:30. Contrary to her original comment, they didn’t fuck, but went out to eat. She was, she said, famished. She had, she demonstrated, dressed to impress, and did: Her silk blouse was cut deep which displayed her recently procured breasts deliciously. She wore a tight, short, white linen skirt which highlighted her firm ass and her graceful, slender, shapely legs. Her stilettos finalized her outfit and completed her transformation from gorgeous to goddess.

Mark tried not to laugh as he noted the expression change on the valet’s face as he opened the door for Evie. He was a young, good looking guy and there was no doubt what he was thinking when he saw her step out of the Camaro. Evie saw him staring at her boobs, then her legs as he opened the door of the car. She leaned down to get her purse and gave him a full view of one perfectly shaped breast. She lingered allowing him a good long look before lifting her leg and stepping out of the vehicle. She reached back inside the car and he had an unobstructed view of her leg as well as her crotch. She swiveled and came out of the car and stood close to him. Her hand lightly brushed his bulging crotch as she passed him to rejoin Mark.

“You are such a tease,” Mark laughed.

“Ahhh, yes—yes, but you know, Markie … the air feels so good on my naked pussy, baby.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me…right?”

She smirked, “Did you see the package he had?”

Mark just laughed. Evie was always checking young men and some older ones out. She called it prospecting for clam diggers, after a very old joke they’s shared on first meeting.

They had a delicious dinner and drinks then headed back to Mark’s place. He made them both rum runners and they kissed.

Evie loved kissing. The longer the kiss, the more she moaned. Her blouse provided him unobstructed access to her perfect breasts. She threw back her head as his palm grazed over the hardening tips of her nipples.

“Oh baby, squeeze my tits! Play with those nipples, baby! Oh yes, I love it! Tug on them! Oh yeah … tug on ’em!”

Mark laughed to himself because it had been a while and he’d forgotten how loud she could get. And Evie was only getting started, as was Mark who at this point was slipping the expensive blouse from her shoulders fully exposing her luscious tits.

“Oh you fucker … you get me so wet!” Evie laughed nervously as she undid her short skirt. Her dark hair was splayed out against the gray leather of the sofa. Her long legs were encased in silky thigh high nylons and striking stiletto heels. He quickly removed his shirt and trousers as well, placing them on the chair beside them as Evie lay back in an erotic pose.

Once again her complete—well almost–nakedness nearly overwhelmed him as she lay there inviting him to please her.

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