The Only Logical Thing To Do – Jess Pt. 02

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This is a direct sequel to It’s the Only Logical Thing to Do – Jess


I woke to the sound of a cell phone buzzing on the nightstand next to the bed. I turned, intending to grab the annoying device, but a set of teeth tightened onto the tip of my limp dick. I glanced down and saw my aunt Jess nursing on me. She made a little noise which indicated her displeasure at my movement. Apparently, I thought, she doesn’t want to give up her pacifier. As the said pacifier, I wasn’t complaining, instead, I laid back and petted her head, her sound of displeasure quickly turned to a sound of happy contentment.

Jess, my golden-skinned goddess of an aunt, had been sitting at my kitchen table earlier when she asked me to come over to mow her lawn. Thanks to Victoria, my sister, I couldn’t stop thinking about my sexy aunt. When I couldn’t take anymore, I went inside to find a place to relieve myself. Instead, I found my aunt sitting on her couch pleasuring herself and telling me I could take her if I wanted. I really, really, wanted. A quick primal coupling on the living room floor sealed my fate forever. Even when she asked if I wanted to stop, I knew I’d never be finished with her.

She’d wanted more, but the combination of the sun and our unexpected exercise, I needed to recoup. She suggest I use her bed while she sucked me. After a moment’s hesitation, I happily agreed. It felt good having someone loving my body again, but the way my aunt was doing it relaxed me instead of turning me on. Honestly, I didn’t know that was even a thing. I thought if I had my cock in someone’s mouth, I was going to get hard, but aunt Jess was on a whole other level.

As I watched her service me, I grew. Her technique changed from massage to good old-fashioned cock sucking. Her head bobbed up and down on me like a buoy in a bad storm and I loved it. She gagged and choked as I felt the tip of my dick hit the back of her throat, but with every attempt, she seemed to get me a little deeper. At one point, I started to get worried she would hurt herself, but she didn’t seem to mind so I left her alone to do what she wanted.

I knew since I’d popped a few times earlier, I wasn’t going to pop again anytime soon without taking a more active role in things. I pulled out of her and got the cutest little pouty face. It was strange, I’d seen Jess use that look on men she dated to great effect and thought the men were weak for falling for it, but to have it used on me gave me a whole new understanding. Just looking at her angelic face so upset made me want to fix all her problems. Luckily, her immediate issue was I took my dick away, but also luckily for her, I wanted to put it in other places.

I quickly swung my body from under her until I was on top. She was still lying on her stomach and I could feel her arching her back so I could slide through her firm ass cheeks.

“Oh yeah, baby, you claim my ass and I’m yours,” she said. “There some lube in my nightstand. I want you, but I also want to walk again.”

She laughed as I grabbed the tube and as I looked it over her knees came up under her, she was presenting herself to me and I got a little harder. I never realized it before but Jess was a little bit submissive. I had never considered myself dominant, but then Dana hadn’t really liked me like that so I suppressed that side of me. Jess, on the other hand, was bringing it out.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed so I could stand and really get some power behind my thrust then began coating her. She cooed and mmm’d as filled her crevice with the gel. It claimed to have a sweet flavor to it. I was curious so I knelt behind her running my tongue from her tasty pussy to the top of her ass crack. Honestly, her pussy tasted great, but the lube wasn’t bad either. I’ve always been an oral man, love to give it so it was my pleasure to please my aunt’s little rosebud. Apparently, she liked it too as the coo’s and mmm’s ramped up to ooh’s and ahh’s. I knew she wanted more when she began rocking back and forth into my tongue as I poked at her.

I stood up and replaced my tongue with my thick hard cock.

“About fucking time,” she whispered.

I smiled and placed my head against her. I wanted to cram myself in, but I didn’t want to hurt her so I pushed in slowly. Jess, tired of waiting, slammed herself backward until her ass was pressed against my stomach. She was tight, almost vice-grip tight. I could feel every flex and every spasm from my intrusion. When I went in, she screamed into her pillow so I waited until she moved again. The scream said it’d be a lot Bursa Escort longer than I was prepared to stand there, but within a minute, she was pushing back onto me. My aunt really is an ass whore, I thought as I pulled out of her and pushed back in.

I remembered her saying I was supposed to find all her ‘right’ buttons and with the sounds she was making, I was pretty sure I’d found at least one.

She started to get a little wild in her efforts to make me fuck her faster, but I grabbed her waist, held her tight, and then took my time enjoying her forbidden tunnel. She cried out, she tried to buck, she pouted and grumbled the entire time because of my pace. I didn’t care, it felt too good and there was no way I was going to rush. Slowly, in and out, in and out, I fucked her then I pulled her up so I could reach around and play with her perky tits.

Her nipples were hard and erect as I fondled them, but she liked to use the distraction to slam her hips back and forth until I wrapped my arm around her forcing her to stop.

“Is this my ass,” I asked into her ear. She pouted a little but nodded. “Then I’m going to fuck it the way I want, not the way you want.”

“But, I need you to fuck me hard, I want to feel little spikes of pain whenever I sit down.”

I smiled thinking that’s what I wanted too, so I said, “Calm down, and I promise I’ll finish by pounding that little hole for all I’m worth.”

Her pout changed to giddy as she said, “Thank you, Daddy.”

Another hidden button she’d managed to push on me. I loved porn, mostly the standard guy things. Lesbian, MILF, Cheerleaders, Outdoors, and a few others that rarely had women calling the guys ‘Daddy’. I could see the thrill, but honestly, I hadn’t really cared for it.

My biggest issue with that kind of porn was it was all the same. The women would get upset, they’d whine, and then they’d pout like children until the guy was ‘forced’ to take some kind of action such as spanking their asses red before fucking them. Again, nothing I’d really ever cared about. At least not before Jess, but as I listened to her call me Daddy I realized how erotic it was.

I returned to my task of fucking my aunt’s asshole while fondling her tits, but I couldn’t get ‘Daddy’ out of my mind. It was suddenly an obsession.

“Say it again.” She twisted and I kissed her, “Call me Daddy again.”

“Really,” she asked. It wasn’t a condemnation or a tease, but almost a hopeful question. I nodded and she immediately fell into character. Ooo, Daddy, your cock feels so big in my ass. Oh God, Daddy, fuck me harder.” I did. “Yes, Daddy, yes!”

I pushed her forward until she was bent over again. My fingers dug into her waist as I held her still against my assault, the entire time she was calling me Daddy and encouraging me to fuck her harder and faster. I felt her fingers brush my balls and realized she was rubbing her clit as I buried myself into her.

“Oh Daddy, I’m so close. Your baby is going to cum while you fuck her ass. Cum with me, Daddy, I want to feel you burn my insides with your Daddy juice.”

Never before could I imagine those words having any kind of effect on me, but there I was, standing behind my aunt praying my orgasm would soon arrive. As her words got louder, and her Daddy’s got more frequent, I did everything in my power to make sure she’d never sit right again. I wanted to brutalize my aunt’s dark tunnel, and from what she was crying out, she wanted the same. Finally, after almost ten minutes of driving into her, I felt her orgasm hit.

As her muscles clenched around me, I didn’t stop. Her cumming triggered my own and I wanted to be at full capacity when I blew in her, so I waited. I held back the flood as long as I could and then pulled her tight against me. I grunted as I filled her anal cavity to capacity and then overflowed her. I looked down to see her sphincter wrapped around me like a seal, but my cum was too much for her, especially with my cock so deep inside her, and she leaked. I pulled out a little and pushed back in enjoying the sight.

I felt her relax and was impressed that she kept her ass up high in case I wasn’t finished. The knowledge that she’d let me continue to use her for as long as I wanted, made me want to continue even though I was getting soft. When I was soft enough to fall out of her, I crawled into bed and pulled her into my arms. She was my little spoon, my content little spoon.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said, sleep in her voice.

My cock twitched at those words surprising me once again. I didn’t care anymore, well not Bursa Escort Bayan at that moment anyway, I had had a nap, but the warmth of her body lulled me into another.

I’d love to say I woke up to her sucking on me again, but she was still happily asleep as her phone buzzing brought me out of my slumber. I looked at the number, not to be nosy just in case it was important and saw it was Mom. I nudged my bedmate and she pressed back into me.

“Mmm, do whatever you want, I’m sleeping.”

I chuckled, “Thanks for the permission, but Mom’s calling.”

“Ugh, she’s probably wanting to know if I’m eating with you all tonight. Answer it and tell her I’m going to stay in bed and pleasure her son in ways that’ll blow his mind.”

“Okay,” I said teasing her. She just laid there. “You’re not going to stop me?”

“Why, you’re not stupid enough to say it so no need for me to bounce up like an idiot.” She rolled over to face me and to wrap her leg around my hip. “Don’t speak,” she said as she answered the phone on speaker. “Hey, Helen, what’s up?”

“Are you asleep?”

“Yeah, that’s what you can do when you don’t work weekends.”

“Is Alex still with you?”

I bucked my hips a little and she smiled. “Maybe, he said he was going to finish up and then either go home or take a nap on the couch. Want me to go look?”

“Nah, just wondering if he was going to be making dinner tonight.”

“Well, if he’s still here, I was going to take him out. A thank you for being so helpful around the house.” She buried the phone under her pillow and said, “And for fucking me so well.”

I kissed her as she pulled the phone back out. “Oh,” Mom said a little disappointed, “That’s nice of you.”

“You don’t want me to?”

“No, that’s fine, I just haven’t got to talk to him in a while, either he’s running errands by the time I get home, cooking dinner, or playing video games. I kind of miss him is all.”

“I can send him home if you want.”

“No, he deserves to be taken out. Especially, since I asked him not to get a job this summer. I know it bothers him to not be making money, but dammit, it’s nice having him taking care of the house.”

“Yeah, we got lucky with this one. Maybe, I’ll give him a special treat tonight to say thanks for both of us.”

“He’d like that, but I should probably take him out and give him my own treat.”

“Well, he is pretty handsome, you better be careful, someone will think you’re a cougar after you some young man meat.”

“Tsh, I wish. What I wouldn’t give to have someone like Alex to take me out. Young and fit and can keep up with the housework I hate, think he’d be opposed to being an old woman’s plaything.”

“Uh oh, someone had something a little stronger than tea for lunch.”

“Guilty, and it didn’t help that Victoria put it in my head this morning.”

“So now you want your son to put it in your tray tonight.” She was smirking at me as she said it.

“What? Oh my God, no, but I may have to change the name of my vibrator for a couple of nights.”

Mom and Jess laughed as my eyes got wider and my dick got thicker. Jess rolled me over and started stroking me.

“You’re such a naughty mommy. I bet you he has a big cock. What would you do if you saw your son’s big cock? Would you lick his thick shaft?”

Jess’s voice changed as she talked to Mom, it was similar to her Baby Doll voice she used when calling me Daddy but slightly different. She set the phone on my stomach and licked my shaft.

“Or would you kneel in front of him and let him fuck your face while you gobbled your baby boy up?”

Following her own instructions, my aunt pulled my erection and let it disappear into her mouth.

“Dammit, Jess,” Mom whispered urgently, “You know I hate it when you do this.”

“Do what, Mommy?”

“Make me all wet while I’m trying to show a house.”

“Why are you all wet, Mommy?”

“Dammit, Jess, you know why. You’re making me wish I was there sucking my son’s cock. What is it with you and my daughter? Is he still in your house?”

“No, Mommy, he’s outside again. Do you want me to call him back in and show you his cock?” Amazingly, Mom moaned. “Would Mommy like to see how big her son’s cock has grown since he left your body? Maybe Mommy would like Alex’s thick cock to slide back into his original home inside of you dripping cunt?”

“Oh God, yes,” Mom moaned. We could hear her breathing change and her voice took on an echo. “Next time I see you, I’m going to punish you so much.”

“Maybe Mommy can make her big old son put his hard cock Escort Bursa in my ass. You know how much I’d hate to have a thick cock in my tight little hole.”

“Almost as much as I’d hate it.”

I leaned up and stared at her mouthing, ‘Mom likes anal?’

Jess smiled as she bit her bottom lip and nodded

“Mommy, if your son walked in on you right now, would you ride him?”

“Please don’t make me fantasize about Alex.”

“But Mommy, I want to know. If Alex walked in right now, naked, hard, and stroking himself, would you get on him?” We could hear her quietly moaning. “Mommy, are you fingering your pussy thinking about riding your son, Alex?”

“Yes, damn you, yes.”

“If he was in front of you right now, would you ride him?”

“Oh God, yes. Is that what you want to hear, I’d push him down and drown his cock in my cum.”

As my Mom fingered herself thinking about riding me, my aunt climbed up and actually took me into her well-lubricated cunt. She groaned loudly.

“Oh Mommy, Alex feels so good inside of me. I wish you could be here to see your sister fucking your son.”

“If I was there, I’d push you off and ride him myself.”

“Describe, Mommy, describe how that would play out if you were here riding your son instead of me riding my dildo. Talk to me like I’m Alex.”

“Oh, Alex, baby, I love feeling your manly cock so deep inside of me. You’re so big inside of me, I can’t wait to feel your cum sprays inside of me and paints your original home.”

Hearing my Mom talk about me cumming inside of her as my aunt rode me had my balls tightening and had me stiffening all over as I tried to wait.

“Oh Mommy,” Jess called out, “I think Alex can’t take much more. Cum on him, Mommy, cum on your son and let him cum in you.”

“Do it, Alex, cum inside of Mommy’s pussy, flood me, baby,” Mom called out as we listened to her own orgasm hit.

It was all I needed. Hearing Mom orgasm after fantasizing about me gave me the permission I wanted to release my own body to do what it was made to do. Without meaning to, I grunted as I came in my aunt’s pussy while wishing it was my Mom’s.

“Mommy,” Jess called out a little too loud, trying to cover my noises, “He’s cumming, his filling you up so much. You’re so full and as you ride him his orgasm is dribbling out of you.”

“Yes, baby, fill Mommy up. Mommy misses you in her so much.”

Everyone got quiet as we came down from the impromptu phone sex session. I didn’t notice, but as I was finishing and as Mom finished, Jess finished too. Amazingly, we all finished at the same time. Jess laid on me as her muscles continued to squeeze and spasm around my cock.

“That was so good,” Jess said into the phone as she looked into my eyes.

“I wish it was real,” Mom whispered.

My cock twitched and Jess smiled. “If you want, I think I can make it happen.”

“No, that’s just fantasy talk, not real. I’d die if anything really happened and he said no. It’d destroyed our relationships. I don’t think he’s like you and me.”

“He’s a horny male, he’ll stick his cock into anything. We dress up a toaster and he’ll fuck himself to death,” she said teasing me.

I slipped between us and rubbed her clit. She moaned and started riding me again. I was half-hard and fell out of her but she kept grinding on my fingers.

Mom said, “Oh my God, are you going again?”

“My toy started me up again.”

“I’m going to have to get one of those if it’s getting you going again.” Jess laughed as she pushed my hand away, I slurped it clean. “You better save me some of that,” Mom said.

“You know I will, Mommy,” my aunt teased.

“Thanks for reminding me of what’ll never happen.”

“We need a girl’s day out.”

“I’m free next Saturday,” she said hopefully.

“Perfect, I’ve got a plan.”

“What plan?”

“You’ll just have to come along and find out.”

“You’re not going to involve Alex, are you?”

“Love you, byyyyeeeeee.”

She disconnected as Mom continued to protest and smiled at me.

“What’s the plan?”

She shook her head, “Not telling.”

She smiled and I knew she wanted me to get it out of her. My hands slid up her taut stomach until I was able to use the backs of my fingers to brush her nipples. She reacted just the way we both wanted. Her back arched and her hips began to slide back and forth as she leaned forward fingernails digging into my chest. I let my hands fall just as I could feel her getting wet.

Her eyes shot open, “What’re you doing? Don’t stop!”

It was my turn to smile, “What’s the plan?”

Her face gave the cutest little scrunch as she got mad at me. “You’re mean.”

“Me? You won’t tell me what you’re going to do.”

“Fine, but you should know what I’m planning, it should be obvious. Or as your sister likes to say, ‘It’s the only logical thing to do.'”

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