The Pick-up

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The Pick-up

Joe E Hartley

June 2021

This is a humorous little piece about role reversal later in like.


Mike sat at his usual table in the corner with a book in his hand and a latte in front of him. He came here often for the quiet relaxing atmosphere this time of morning. It was a nice place to spend an hour or two drinking coffee and reading his book.

He suddenly felt someone close and staring at him. He looked up to see a woman, not an employee. She was older, and not like other employee who looked to be most college aged young people. This woman looked to be retired, like him, but nervous. She also carried a book.

“Hello, my name is Gail, … and anyway, I saw you sitting here, …and well. I’m divorced and I’ve seen you here often, …and anyway, I’m reading this book, you see…and, anyway, it says that if you don’t take any risk, the answer is always no. So, anyway, I saw you here and alone. You are alone aren’t you?” She blurted out without taking a breath.

Mike stared at the obviously very nervous middle-aged woman and tried to understand what she wanted. “Hi Gail, my name is Mike and I come here most mornings to enjoy a cup of coffee and to read a bit. What book are you reading?”

“It’s ‘Taking Control of your Life,’ it’s written for women who are alone. Anyway, I’ve seen you here often and thought that maybe…well, maybe, …I don’t know.” She paused and took a deep breath, “I thought that maybe…do you mind if I sit down?”

“Please.” Mike said pointing to the chair opposite him. He marked his place in the book he’d been reading, set it on the table in front of him and looked at the woman giving her the calm attention she seemed to need.

“Thank you,” Gail said, pulling out the chair and taking a seat. She stared at the man opposite her and after taking another deep breath, started again, “I’ve seen you here a lot and wanted to talk to you, but …you see, I don’t know, I guess I just don’t know how to do it.” She paused.

Mike took that small break to ask her a question, “Is that why you bought the book?”

She looked at him in awe as if he’d said something intelligent and earthshattering, “Yes! How did you know?”

He smiled and responded, “lucky guess.” He saw her relax a bit, so he decided to press his luck; “You said you’re divorced, how long since your divorce? Do you have any family you can talk with? How about friends?”

She seemed much calmer now as she started to relay her story. Her divorce had been finalized last year and her children were grown and moved away. Her ex had not approved of any of her friends and so she was now alone.” Her nervousness reappeared, “so anyway…I thought that if you’re… maybe… alone too that…Well anyway… you probably have someone… and wouldn’t be interested.” She then looked down taking on a attitude of defeat.

“I don’t have anyone in my life at the moment either,” he shared, “I’ve been divorced for three years and found that all my so-called friends decided to divorce me as well.”

Gail looked up, a new brightness lit up her face as if she’d just been chosen as “Queen for a Day” and she leaned in closer to him.

Mike again determined to learn more about this stranger asked, “have you tried dating sites?”

“I have,” she answered as her face again showed signs of rejection, “the men I found there either wanted me to take care of them or support them.”

“I know the problem. I tried dating right after my divorce and found the same,” Mike agreed. “So what made you want to approach me?” bonus veren siteler he asked.

“Well,” she now blushed, “I’ve seen you around here for several weeks and you seem healthy and can afford to buy your own coffee.”

“You’ve been stalking me?” He said with a grin.

“Well, I…I’m not sure I’d say…well I guess I have been and you seem to be very healthy” She answered red faced at being caught checking him out.

“I’m glad you think I look healthy and I’m flattered that you have been checking me out for so long. I sorry to admit that I never noticed you before,” he admitted.

“I normally sit way over there so it’s not surprising that you haven’t seen me in here before.” Again she paused as an idea formed in her mind, a devious idea that she hoped would even the score of her checking out his cute butt. “Do you need a napkin? I’ll get one for you,” she said standing and turning to head over to the counter holding napkins, lids, sugar and cream.

She walked over slowly hoping that he wouldn’t think her too blatant, but what did her book say about putting you best assets forward. That is what she’s doing. She picked up several napkins and turned to head back making sure to display all her curves. She suddenly had an epiphany that flirting was hard and gained a new respect for the men who always had to make the first move.

She returned to the table to a smiling Mike. “I don’t know why I never noticed you before. If I had maybe I’d be the one stalking you,” Mike said as Gail sat down.

Gail blushed, both ashamed and excited that she had displayed her body to this man. She did not know him, but her actions were driven more by her desire to see him naked than to develop a long-term relationship. Her blush deepen as she thought of getting hot and sweaty with is man and thinking he might also be interested in seeing more of her body. Was he staring at her breasts? How she wished she was not wearing a bra. Would it be over the line if she excused herself to bathroom and removed her bra? Wait he was talking to her, what did he just say?

Mike watched, as Gail seemed lost in thought and decided to see just how far she wanted to go. It was obvious that she was trying to flirt and didn’t know how to pick up men. “I admire your courage in taking the initiative to come over and talk to me, but I’m curious, where did you see this going when you walked over here?” he asked.

Gail was in way over her head and needed this man to take charge. The answer to his question was too much information to give him. It would make her seem desperate. Maybe she should excuse herself to the bathroom. Maybe a bit more eye candy would encourage him to take the lead. Wait, he did say he admired her courage. Wouldn’t being braless in public be courageous?

She paused, considering her options and as hard as it seemed to be honesty, that would be better than games. That’s what the book said anyway. Well maybe not total honesty. “This is all very new to me and I really hadn’t thought we’d still be talking, so I’m not sure. I just knew I wanted to meet you.” She lied and if she had been braless right now, he would notice her state of arousal, he might anyway and again her face felt red.

His smile indicated he was still interested in talking to her, or it indicated that her nipples were on display. She didn’t dare look down to check. Where were his eyes focused?

Again Mike was enjoying putting her on the spot. He knew exactly what she was after and as he eyed her up and down, he was coming to a similar desire. bedava bahis He decided to push her a bit further and not be so subtle with his eyes. He opening stared at her breasts and noticed her peaks becoming more prominent.

She noticed the focus of his eyes and lowered her head, but did nothing to hide her breasts from his gaze. Her face not felt hot.

“I think you did have an idea of what you wanted and right now I think I want that too. Would you prefer to go to your place, or mine?” Mike asked.

Gail looked up in surprise that he would come right out and hint that she wanted sex. Well she did, but she didn’t want to admit it so brazenly. What did her book say to do when what she wants is offered? It didn’t, so now she was scared. What was she to do? She had convinced herself that she was a take-charge woman, but now didn’t feel that way. She took a deep breath and asked, I have wine at my house, if it’s not too early for you.” She didn’t exactly tell him to come over and ravish her, but the hint was there.

“I’d love a glass of wine with you,” he responded. “How far away do you live? Can we walk?”

“It’s only about 5 blocks away. I walked here.” She replied.

He stood up and stepped closer to her, “we have gotten to know each other quite a bit in a very short period of time. We may have progressed to the point where we can hug each other.” He stated.

Gail stood with a sparkle in her eyes and her arms wide. She pressed her breasts into his chest and held him close for several seconds before releasing him red-faced. He escorted her to the door and only just barely stopped himself from caressing her breasts as he released the hug. He did however allow his hand to rest on her butt as he held the door for her.

They walked the several blocks and Gail could not stop talking in a nervous banter about her life.

They arrived at her condo and she escorted him inside. She directed him to a seat on the couch then went to get some wine. It was only 10 AM, but she did need something to calm her down.

Mike knew she was building herself into a frenzy. She was scared and didn’t know how to proceed. He offered a game of questions and answers where they could get to know each other better. She said okay, but wasn’t sure this would lead them where she wanted to be.

Mike saw her confusion and offered to change the game to Truth or Dare. She knew playing Truth or Dare with a man normally led to something sexual and she immediately calmed. “That sounds like a good idea. It’s important to get to know a bit about each other.”

“It is,” Mike agreed, “unless all you want is a one night stand, or in this case a one morning stand,” he commented informing her that he was thinking about sex as well.

“I’ll start since you have been observing me for weeks and I just met you. Truth or Dare?” he asked.

“Truth,” she replied.

“What made you start watching me?” Mike asked.

Gail thought for a moment, this actually was a safe question. “I had just refused to give a guy I met on the dating site any more money and was feeling that I’d never meet anyone and maybe I’ll never have sex again. The guy was not that cute but he was the first one I met who wasn’t one step away from the grave. That’s when I saw you sitting in your spot with your book. I came back the next day and there you were again and in clean clothes.” She paused, “okay my turn. Truth or dare?”

“Since you already know a lot about me and have an agenda, I think I’ll say dare.” Seeing her reaction to his choice, he knew deneme bonus he chose wisely.

“I dare you to hug me the way you wanted to in the coffee shop but were afraid to.” She said standing and arching her back slightly.

Mike stood and wrapped his arms around the woman in front of him. He allowed his hands to roam low and caressed the fleshy globes of her butt. He raised one hand to her breast and caressed it as well as her butt for the better part of a minute.

Gail pulled back and excused herself for a minute. She went into an adjacent room, probably her bedroom and reappeared moments later wearing a short nightgown. It wasn’t sheer, but she had removed her bra.

She smiled at the reaction she caused; now this is what she wanted—his face full of lust looking at her. She spun around allowing the short nightgown to flair out and show off her naked butt. “Now I want you to take off all your clothes,” she coaxed facing him with legs spread slightly, her hands on her hips in her most seductive pose.

Mike was enjoying this game they were playing and quickly removed his clothes. His cock displayed his eagerness to move forward, but he had one more card to play. “My turn to ask a question,” he stated. “Do you prefer cunnilingus or fellatio?”

Taking advantage of her stunned silence, he reached for her hand and led her back into her bedroom.

He pulled her nightgown over her head, and then started to lick the side of her neck. He worked his way down her body with his tongue hesitating in a few strategic spots that appeared to need more attention.

He gently pushed her back onto the bed and positioned her on her back. She automatically spread her legs allowing him access to her sweet core. He allowed his tongue to lead the way exploring the entire area between her thighs until she started to squirm in frustration. He then licked up her entire crease until he found her button. He circled it with his tongue several times allowing her to raise up her pelvis to meet his tongue.

He switched techniques and flicked his tongue back and forth over the entire length of her vulva followed by more slow vertical licks. She was extremely responsive and thrashed around like a woman possessed. He had to wrap his arms around her hips to maintain his position.

He paused a bit to allow her to calm down before he began to gently blow on all of her exposed and very wet flesh.

She arched up and wrapped her legs around his neck driving him closer to the place she wanted. He drove his tongue deep into her channel then out and up to her engorged clit and repeated that move until she forced him to stop. Her body shook for a full minute from intense to mild to intense again.

Mike allowed her time to recover thinking now was his turn. He had been the gentleman allowing her pleasure before his. It was the least he could do after she overcame her fear of making the first move. Her pick-up line was funny, but she did display courage. He rolled over onto his back as he watched her again gain control of her body. His cock stood up straight and proud.

She looked over at him and that stiff cock. She then climbed on top of him and started to bounce on him with a ferocity as if she were riding a bucking mustang. He watched her breasts bounce as this cowgirl took what she wanted.

She came again and this time collapsed onto his chest. A few moments later she looked into his eyes, “That was nice,” she said.

He looked back at her and responded, “It was definitely nice and I think I got the answer to my question.” He paused making sure that she saw his grin telling her that he was joking, “Is this the part when I give you my phone number hoping you will call, but you never will?” he asked still grinning.

“We have to see each other again; I still owe you a blow job.

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