The Reverend Simon Dye

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During the 1930s, the Reverend Simon Dye would travel around the farmlands of southern Georgia and Alabama seeking places to hold Revival Services for the surrounding farms and inhabitants. He preached the gospel and used fire and brimstone as a tool to convert the unconverted.

He would fuck the devil and sin out the farmwives to ensure their salvation. And he would feed his cock and cum to the unrepented farmers. He truly was a man of God on a mission.

On a very hot and muggy morning, Simon’s 1931 Ford clunker broke down in front of farmer Ty-Ty Holcomb’s farmhouse. Simon saw this as a sign from God and decided this must be the location for his next Revival.

Knocking on the front door of the ram shackled farmhouse, Simon was greeted by Sugar, the Holcomb’s negro maid. The master is out in the fields and not at home, she informed Simon.

Simon inquired if the lady of the house was home. Shorty an unkept young lady wearing a feed sack dress appeared. Sugar said, “This is Missus Griselda Holcomb.”

Simon mentally undressed the young lady, and saw in his mind’s eye, a nubile young lass of great potential.

Simon had made a mental note of Sugar’s ample bosom and big round ass, and stored the info for future reference, but for now, his interest was directed to Missus Holcomb.

Simon explained who he was, and that he was on a mission from God, to hold Revival Services for the local farm families to ensure their salvation and eventual entry to heaven.

He further stated he needed a place to stay and a place to hold services. He also said that God had told him, this was the place.

He asked Missus Holcomb which room he would be occupying. A befuddled Missus Holcomb stammered and said, “You can sleep in the barn, and with a little cleaning out, the barn could be used for the services.

Simon turned to Sugar and asked if she could fix him something to eat as he had Mersin Escort not had his daily sustenance. Sugar turned to Missus Holcomb and was met with a nod. Sugar said, “Follow me.”

Simon followed Sugar int to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Soon a cup of steaming hot cup of coffee with chicory was placed before Simon and followed by fat back and eggs.

Simon was so hungry, he devoured the food and washed it down with the chicory flavored coffee.

Ty-Ty was not expected back till evening, so Simon decided to take a rest and laid down on the sofa, which was hard as a rock, yet he quickly fell asleep, and was soon snoring.

His sleep was interrupted by Ty-Ty roaring, “Who the hell is this”

“Oh Ty-Ty, this is the Reverend Dye” Griselda Holcomb said.

“What is he doing here?” Ty-Ty roared.

“I’ve come to save your sinful soul along with others,” Reverend Dye responded.

“Oh, ye have, have ye? Ty-Ty said.

“I’m on a mission from God and he sent me here to hold Revival Services for you and the neighboring farmers.” Simon replied.

“God has chosen you to host me during this period of Revival,” Simon said.

Ty-Ty was not the brightest of fellows and did not see through the phoniness of the Reverend Dye. That evening during supper, Simon regaled Ty-Ty, Griselda and Sugar with his spell binding oratory.

Simon thought, fucking Griselda and Sugar is going to be easy, but I think, I could get the rube Ty-Ty to suck my cock.

Ty-Ty agreed to let Simon use his pick-up truck to visit neighboring farms to spread the word of the upcoming revival services. Griselda would accompany him.

While making the rounds of the neighboring farms, Simon explained to Griselda that she had the devil in her and he was personally going to drive the devil from her. Inquiring how he was going to do that Griselda was shocked to hear Simon say. Mersin Escort Bayan “I’m going to fuck the devil and sin out of your body.”

Stopping by a grassy field, Simon ordered Griselda to get out of her clothes. “You want me to get naked?” Griselda asked.

“You were naked when you were born and naked you will be when you are born again,” replied Simon.

As Griselda removed her feed sack dress, Simon’s hard cock only got harder, as he saw she wore no underwear. This lass of no more than eighteen was ripe and nubile. Simon’s cock was so hard, it hurt.

Simon shucked his clothes and when his big hard cock came into view, he heard an audible gasp emanating from Griselda. Ty-Ty was hung, but nothing like the Reverend Simon Dye. She swore his cock was as big as a horse.

“Come worship my cock,” said Simon.

Simon placed his hands on her head and pushed her to her knees and presented his hard cut cock to her lips. Griselda opened her mouth to speak, but her mouth was quickly filled with Simon’s cock, and no words came out. Simon’s cock bounced off the entrance to Griselda’s throat. The girth was much too large to ease in her throat.

Griselda was the beneficiary of a good face fuck, as the good man proceeded to give her his best.

Ty-Ty’s nubile young wife was not only getting a good face fuck, her cunt would soon be filled with Simon’s monster cock.

On that grassy field, Griselda would have the devil and sin fucked out of her. Cleansing her soul.

Simon was immensely enjoying fucking Griselda, but in the back of his mind, were visions of Sugar’s ample bosoms and big ass. A big ass he desired to tap.

When Simon made a holy deposit deep in Griselda’s cunt, he shouted. “Hallelujah praise god, the devil has been fucked out of the precious creature of God.” Griselda had fainted and did not hear the last words of the Holy Man.

For Escort Mersin the next two days, Griselda assisted Simon in preparing the barn for services. At the end of each work session, Simon would reward Griselda for her good work by fucking her senseless. He truly was a man of God.

Sugar had spied on them, and was horrified by the size of Simon’s cock. Now Sugar was not unfamiliar with big cocks, but the Reverend Dye had the biggest, she had ever seen. It was almost scary.

The next evening Simon held his first service in Ty-Ty’s barn. A bigger than expected crowd showed up, and Simon did not disappoint. His fiery oratory put the audience in an almost trance. Thirteen sinners confessed their sins and rededicated their lives. Eight of the 13 were women and Simon advised he would visit them each to counsel them on their rededication efforts.

Over the next several days, Simon would use Ty-Ty’s old pickup truck to visit neighboring farms to attend to his counseling duties. As he left each farm, a very well fucked farm wife had been counseled.

At the close of each service, Simon would pass the collection plate. After the fifth service, the collections begin to fall off precipitately. Simon decided it was time to move on. He announced this was the last service, and promised to return in the Spring for future services.

He had one last chore to attend. The next morning at breakfast, after Ty-Ty had left for the fields, he ordered Sugar into her bedroom. Time to tap that big ass.

Simon followed Sugar to her bedroom. Griselda was in the living room intently listening as Simon was being sucked hard by Sugar.

Griselda lurched when she heard Sugar’s screams as Simon’s big cock pierced Sugar’s ass and penetrated past her sphincter muscle. As Simon slammed fucked Sugar’s big ass, her screams turned to moans and mews.

This was not lost on Griselda, and she began frigging herself to what would be an awesome orgasm.

After leaving Sugar a large deposit of cum deep in her bowels, Simon decided it was time to leave. Passing Griselda on his way out, he said, “Tell Ty-Ty I will return his truck in the Spring.”

The Journeyman Preacher was gone.

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