The Secret Journal

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Author’s note: Everyone in this story is over 18.


She was the most beautiful girl in school. At least, that’s what everybody said. Beauty is in the eye of beholder, but it would be hard to find anyone who disagreed with that evaluation. She had the body of a swimsuit model, the sweetest face, and the most gorgeous, luxurious hair. Everyone lusted after her. He was no exception.

He was quiet, but had friends. He had only interacted with her a little bit, when they had a class project together. She was impressively intelligent – it’s easy to assume that the beautiful are dumb, but she defied stereotypes. She was kind and creative, an incredible dancer, and a soulful singer. She was every person’s dream.

He was cute, but unassuming, because of his shy nature. If he had confidence, he would have captured the eyes of many girls, but because he was withdrawn, he passed by unseen. He’d had a girlfriend in freshman year – another quiet person, like himself – and they had had incredible sex, until she moved to another country and found someone else. He didn’t hold anything against her, and had moved on, but missed that sensation of being inside a woman.

She was saving herself – but not in the way most people do. She had a complicated fantasy, and she didn’t want to have sex until she could fulfill it. She desperately wanted to be tied up and impregnated her first time. It occupied her thoughts – the idea of not being able to move as a man filled her with his cum excited her so much. But she was ashamed to tell anyone, and she didn’t want to have this experience with just anybody.

She liked to read in the library, and write in her journal about her fantasies. She had just finished writing a long passage about how badly she wanted someone to take advantage of her, when her friends called to her. Afraid they’d ask what she was writing, she slid her notebook into one of the shelves and left it there. Moments later, he wandered over to that bookshelf, looking for something new to read. The journal caught his eye – it didn’t belong there. He pulled it off the shelf and began to read. He looked up and watched as she left the library and realized that it belonged to her. His heart raced as he read about her deepest fantasies. He had never realized it before, but the idea of tying this intoxicating girl up, deflowering Manavgat escort her, and getting her pregnant, was his ultimate fantasy. He couldn’t believe how badly he wanted her after reading her words. She wrote about wanting to belong to someone, be their possession. She wanted to marry a man who would dominate her, fuck her hard, and give her children.

He grabbed out his pen and wrote his number at the bottom of the last page she wrote on, and the words, “I’ll make you mine.”

She was walking back into the library to grab the journal before she left, when he handed it to her. He smiled, and she realized how handsome this quiet boy was – she’d never really noticed him before. Her stomach jumped when she realized he must have read her words. When he walked away, she flipped through the pages and found his note. A wet warmth spread between her legs and she wondered if her fantasy was finally going to come true. Would this seemingly sweet person really be able possess her like that? She was desperate, and decided to try.

That night, when he was getting ready for bed, he received a text: “If you can take me, I’m yours.”

He grinned and his free hand went to his growing cock. He pulled his long, thick member out of his boxers and stroked it before he responded. “What’s your address? You should stay home from school tomorrow.”

Quickly he received the address.

She touched herself, thinking about what would happen when he came over. She hoped he was willing to do everything she wanted. She texted him, “You’re willing to get me pregnant?”

She received the words, “I would love to get you pregnant, and I’m going to.”

She whimpered with desire. She replied, “And you’ll marry me?”

He thought for a moment, and realized that he would love nothing more than to be married to this angel-like woman, fuck her night and day, and have her be his plaything just like she wanted. He would love to tie her up and use her and have children with her.

“I will,” he answered.

She fell asleep with her hands in her panties.

When she woke up, her parents had already left for work. She had the house to herself. Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door. She hurried downstairs to find him waiting, rope in his hand. Before she could say a word he pressed her against the wall and kissed her, Manavgat escort bayan kicking the door closed behind him. “You’re mine,” he growled as he bit her lip and handled her roughly.

She couldn’t believe it – this was exactly what she wanted. He picked her up and carried her up to her room, setting her down on the bed. He pulled off her shirt and panties and quickly tied her arms to the bedposts. She pulled at the ropes to see if she could move, and she couldn’t. It was too late to change her mind. She was afraid that this was all a big mistake, but that just made her want it more. She thought about asking him to stop, but couldn’t make up her mind. Her body ached for him while her mind screamed that this wasn’t wise.

“You belong to me,” he told her as he ran his hands across her vulnerable virgin body. He leaned down and kissed her small pussy, and smiled as she shivered. He took off his clothes and whipped out his cock. Her eyes widened when she saw how big it was.

“I will definitely get you pregnant with this,” he warned, taking some pre-cum off the tip and rubbing it into her pussy.

She whimpered with fear and excitement as he pulled her legs apart forcefully and licked her up and down, getting her thoroughly wet. His tongue circled her clit, making her buck against him and whimper at the intensity of the sensation. She had touched herself so often, but it never felt like this.

He moved up and began to explore her succulent breasts with his mouth as he rubbed the tip of his cock against her wet lower lips. She gasped and moaned. This was so real. He was about to get her pregnant and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried pulling on the ropes but couldn’t move. He slowly began to press into her virginity.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked gently.

“I…I don’t know,” she answered honestly, the uncertainty clear in her face.

He thought about her writings. About how much she ached for this. How she didn’t want to be given a choice about it. How she wanted to be controlled. He made a decision.

“You don’t have a choice,” he purred. “You’re going to take it, and you’re going to have my child.”

She whimpered with arousal and nervousness.

He pressed deeper in, until he was pressed against her hymen.

“I’m about to make you a woman,” Escort manavgat he said, and burst past the barrier.

She cried out in shock and her head rolled back. It hurt, but the sensation of him pressing deeper inside her felt so good. She loved how he was in charge of her. He pressed in until he was fully inside her, his balls resting against her firm ass.

“You are my possession,” he told her as he slid out and pushed back in, making her writhe. He grabbed her hair and pulled it back tightly as he began to pump in and out of her. His pace increased until he was pounding her, making her moans grow louder and louder. His free hand moved from her hair to her breast, and pinched her nipple as he hammered into her.

Suddenly, he grabbed her legs and pressed them against her stomach, letting himself move even deeper in, his cock pressing up against her cervix. She cried out at the intensity of the new position. It was too much to bear. She lost herself in the pleasure, an orgasm rocking her body. He grinned and fucked her harder, feeling his own need for release rising. He thought about getting her pregnant and his arousal put him in a delirium.

“This is it,” he said desperately. “I’m going to fill you up.”

Her eyes flew open and she looked at him with her own desperation. Part of her wanted him to pound his cum into her, and part of her wanted him to let her go. He saw the uncertainty in her eyes, and noticed that she was tugging on her ropes again, seeing if she could get free. He grinned down at her trapped body. He knew she wanted this. He took her harder and harder until he couldn’t take it anymore. A huge load exploded out of him, shooting past her cervix. He groaned and held her tight, not letting a single drop escape. She cried out and whimpered, overwhelmed by the pleasure of having this ultimate desire of hers finally satisfied.

He leaned down and kissed her, still holding himself inside her. They lay there for a while, kissing, and letting her body absorb all of his gift.

Finally he untied her and lay down beside her. His breath slowed, feeling more content than he ever had in his life. She truly belonged to him now, forever. She would be his sex toy, just like this, whenever he wanted. This was her ultimate wish and he was incredibly glad to grant it. He would fill this beautiful girl with his seed over and over at his whim. He sighed and looked at her with joy. She looked back at him, the worry gone from her mind. It was out of her hands now – he had laid claim to her body and there was no going back. Her body belonged to him. She was ready to start her new life with him.

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