There’s No Place like Home Pt. 01

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!!Warning this story contains incestuous relationships if that’s not your thing move on!!

Corey walked off of the greyhound bus, the sun high and bright in sky. He walked around to the front of the seven eleven and sat down on the curb with his blue duffle bag. The whole parking lot was empty save for one car fueling and a pickup truck parked in front of the convenient store. The pickup truck was a nice grey GMC. He sat there thinking of what to do next. He looked down at his phone the time was six forty. If he was still home he would have just started to wake up and get ready for work.

He didn’t miss it though, he had warned his mom for the last time if she chose that man over him he was gonna leave and he made good on his promise. His step father Mark had come home drunk and angry like usual, but this time Corey was tired and fed up. Most times he’d keep quiet while he went for his mom sometimes he’d turn on Corey every now and then. After his mother had found the gay mags while cleaning out his room day their relationship had never been the same it was an unspoken thing between them. His step father on the other hand hated him even more for it than before.

That night he stood up for himself when his step father started on him with his torments. His father laid a big one on him. His mother blamed him for it the day after saying he should never have provoked his step father. After that he gathered what little he had and bought a bus ticket. He let out a heavy sigh “Damn what now.” he mumbled under his breath running his hair through his short curly hair.

“Hey man, you good?” He looked up to see a guy with messy straight jet black hair and a beard with deep green eyes looking down on him worriedly. The man was somewhat over 6’3 and had a slim muscular build, he had to have only been a few years older than Corey twenty three or four maybe. He had warm yet gruff voice with an accent that was unmistakably Texan.


Preston walked out of the seven eleven with a cup of coffee and a breakfast burrito. His father had sent him into town early to run to the feed store to pick up some supplies. He liked these errands where he could be alone and grab himself some snacks and booze. He opened the seven eleven doors and started walking out to his GMC when he saw a kid sitting on the curb by the entrance looking disheveled. He approached him.

When he got closer he saw the young man had curly dirty blond hair which he wore a baseball cap over. He had deep blue eyes, a strong clean jaw line and pouty lips which gave him a boyish appearance. The kid seemed only a few years younger than Preston probably eighteen or nineteen. He was downright adorable and something about the worried look on his face tugged at Preston’s heart strings.

“Hey man, you good?” Preston asked looking down at the young kid. His blue eyes stared back up at Preston in surprise. The closer look he got the more he realized how beautiful the young man in front of him was.

“Actually not really” he said looking back down.

“I kinda ran away from home.” He gave a nervous laugh “I didn’t think it through though.” Damn thought Preston this kids like a lost pup, a pup without a home. He sat himself by the young man on the curb. He reached over his and gave the young man a big toothy grin.

“The names Preston, Preston Massey.” He tried to make his voice as warm and welcoming as he could. The boy smiled and reached out his hand shaking Preston’s hand. He gave a shy smile and blushed. Damn this boy was way too cute for his own good Preston thought. Exactly the kinda guys Preston loved.

“Mines Corey, Corey Marshall.” He said sheepishly.

“Nice to meet ya bub, hey ya know my family owns a ranch. If you’re looking for a place to stay maybe you and my old man can figure something out we’re always looking for more helping hands.” Corey’s smile went from sheepish to beaming, showing all his pearly whites.

“Wow, really that sounds great. Thanks sir I’d appreciate that.” With this Preston let out a warm playful laugh. Corey’s smile became embarrassed and crooked, he blushed.

“Man I’m not that much older than ya, no need for the sir. Save that for the old man he loves that stuff.” Preston said. He than rose to his feet and stretched, letting out a booming yawn. He looked down at Corey, his smile wide and gleeful.

“Well ya coming Corey?” He asked. Corey got to his feet, his duffle bag already draped over his shoulder. Preston was still looking down on Corey even with both of them standing right next to each other. The kid couldn’t have been more than 5’8. Corey smiled.

“Yes si…” He stopped himself “Preston.” He said correcting himself. Preston laughed this kid was gonna be the death of him, his dad was gonna think of him as some kid bringing home a lost puppy. Although his intentions to be completely honest weren’t as innocent.

He could tell that Corey was attracted to him it wasn’t hard to tell. He was the kinda young naive guy who unknowingly wore their heart on their selve, their Anadolu Yakası Escort cock too. Preston’s mind was definitely running with impure thoughts. All that being said though it’s not as if he didn’t want to help Corey, even if there turned out to be nothing between them. Preston’s father had always told him how his empathy and gentle nature were gifts and not to let the other boys make him feel ashamed about those things.

“Just throw you bag in the back seat.” He said as he started off to the GMC, Corey in toe. He reached the driver’s side door and unlocked the truck. Corey threw his duffle bag in the back seat and the two drove off.


Preston was everything Corey liked in a guy, except usually these guys looked at Corey as a scrawny gay dork to torment. Not Preston though he was warm and inviting, he even intently listened to Corey when he spoke.

His voice along with that smile underneath that beard made his balls tighten and his cock harden. Now this hunky Texas gent was offering him a place to stay, as long as his father approved and he was capable of the job. Preston and Corey talked about all kinds of things on the drive to the ranch. Hunting, fishing, trucks. They were getting along great, as far as Corey could tell, Preston seemed to greatly enjoy his company.

He could never pick up on if another guy was interested in him or not he’d never been good at those types of situations. There were plenty of gay kids at his school and he got along with them well enough, but none of them were his type. Tall, muscular, country boys; Boys like him. Boys like Preston. He glanced over Preston physique as they drove.

Preston wore a plain grey v neck tee, baggy pants and a pair of brown leather cowboy boots. His arms were slim yet muscular as well as tanned from working in the sun. He had arm hair that was as jet black as the hair on his head, and spread throughout his forearm mostly. His beard was well groomed, full, and short. It smelt of beard oil which he most of put on a couple of hours ago after waking. His face similar to his arms was tan and complimented his bright green eyes.

Most guys like Preston didn’t usually care about the way they looked but you could tell Preston did even when he was heading to a small gas station or do errands. Corey thought maybe it was definitely possible that Preston could be gay or maybe even bi curious. He’d steal glances at his crouch every now and then but his Jeans were too baggy to see any goods. “Before we go to the ranch I gotta stop by the feed store and pick up a few things that cool?”

“Yes sure, dude.” Corey had definitely become more relaxed around Preston. He had become a warm welcoming presence in a short time, although Corey was definitely hoping for more than just that. At first Preston insisted on doing all the heavy lifting but Corey convinced him to let him help chip in. The two checked out and loaded up the GMC full of feed and went on their way.

The truck drove down several paved roads then some dirt ones. Until the truck stopped and turned in front of a fancy iron gate with a sign above it that read Massy ranch. Preston reached up and pressed a clicker on his sun visor. The gate opened and the truck drove down a long nice gravel driveway at the end of it stood a three story white ranch style home with a cobblestone face.

It had two balconies and a three car garage off to the side, where Preston parked theGMC. Beyond the home was a large barn, some corrals and a gated off pasture where tons of cattle roamed. There was also a trailer and a camper behind the home as well. Preston opened the front door and they entered a large main hall with a large stairway to the left.

“Hey pa!” Preston yelled out. It was quit for few brief seconds then.

“I’m in the foyer son, what I tell ya about yelling across the house boy.” A voice much deeper and authoritative then Preston’s responded yet still familiar and with the same strong Texan accent. Both boys headed to the adjacent room. A man sat on the couch watching a football game. He was a large man out stretched on the couch in only his underwear.

He was a great big older man. He was probably a few inches taller than Preston but much bulkier and muscular. He had the same jet back hair but in a buzz cut and rather than a full beard he had a thick mustache. His body was covered in thick salt and pepper body hair. He was barrel chested, had a bulky stomach, and large hands and feet. He smiled.

“How’s my boy today?” He looked over with the same smile and looked Corey up and down. “Well who’s this?” Corey blushed under the man’s gaze. He could feel himself be looked over in a not so wholesome way.

The man rose up, he was a brick wall of a man. Corey’s cock started to harden, fuck he thought this was a real man. The kind that toke no shit and ate barbed wire for breakfast. He stood frozen for a second or two before extending his hand. Nervously he responded. “My names Corey sir, Corey Marshall. I’ve come Kartal Escort from out of town and I was wondering if you might have a position open for me?”

Once again the older gentleman looked Corey up and down but this time less subtly and more inquisitively. The man looked over at his son who gave a dopey smirk and small shrug like a boy asking his father something. He looked back over at Corey he shook his head a boisterous laugh ruptured from him. He walked over to Corey and wrapped his right arm around his shoulders guided him to the couch.

“Have a seat my boy, I’m Jim, Jim Massey.” Corey sat down on the couch and Preston sat beside him, Jim sat on a recliner across from them.

“Well my boy seems to have taken a liking to you, you ever worked cattle boy?”

“No sir.” answered Corey. “But I’m a fast learner and I’m in shape.”

“Mm well I can see that son.” Woof what was with that, the man’s gaze changed, it was a hungry stare. Corey visibly stirred in his seat his dick Hardening.

“Dad!” Preston’s voice broke the tension. Jim looked over to his son. Preston’s brows were furrowed and he had a frustrated expression on his face. “Pa he doesn’t have many options he ran from home. I’ll show him the ropes, he was tons of help at the feed store.” He was like a kid asking his pap if his bud could spend the night, the sweetness of it made Corey smile.

“Dont get ya undies in a twist boy!” He said in a stern annoyed voice. “What I do need to know is why you ran from home son?” His voice was quiet and patient. Corey got quit, then finally he said.

“Well ya see sir, my home life wasn’t great. My mom’s boyfriend liked to drink and he’d get violent. My mom wouldn’t do anything about it so I left.”

The room went quit. Corey had gotten all his tears out on the way over he had no more left to give. His family never was a family to begin with and neither was his home ever a home. Corey was looking down at his feet he felt a firm hand on his shoulder.

He looked up to see Jim standing over him a warm understanding smile on his face. “Boy you’re a brave kid, not many youg’ns would do the same in your position. Ya welcome here boy. You gotta be willing to work though.” Corey got to his feet, and looked up at Jim his face determined.

“Yes sir, people have always said I’m a hard and honest worker I won’t disappoint you sir.” Jim gives a big broad smile and pats Corey on the back.

“That’s what I like to hear my boy, here I’ll show…” he was quickly interrupted by Preston.

“Pa I’ll show him around, so you can watch the game.” He said looking at Jim expectantly. A weird tension hung in the air that Corey describe but the two looked at each other a moment. Jim released Corey and smiled down at him.

“Well then I’ll leave you boys to it I suppose.” He looked over at Preston and winked.” Now son don’t do nothing I wouldn’t do.” He then looked back at Corey.” Boy you’re gonna do well here I just know it.” he winked and gave a warm boisterous laugh, with that he sat back down on the couch.

“Come on Corey ignore him.” Preston gave Corey a warm smile and showed him around. They walked around the house a bit Preston showed him the kitchen, the dining room, the theater room, the billiard room, and than finally the room he’d be staying in. It wasn’t anything to lavish the room was a decent 12 feet by 12 feet with a closet and a bathroom of its own off to the side. The room had a very log cabin feel to it which Corey enjoyed.

“Well what do ya think? Nice right. I wanted to give you one of the nicer rooms, also my room next door.” He said happily then gave Corey a wink. Corey’s face turned bright red.

“You’re pa and you sure are welcoming.” Corey stammered out, smiling shyly. A devious grin came into Preston’s face.

“Well for a cute fella like yourself, me and pa got soft spots.” He said. Corey was silent for a moment was this happening, this handsome guy Corey just met not even an hour ago couldn’t be coming on to him could he. Corey was frozen. Preston padded a place on the bed beside him, smiled and said.

“Come on bubba sit down won’t ya, I’m nice I don’t bite.” he gave Corey a toothy grin. Corey’s heart was racing and he was nervous as hell but he toke a seat next to Preston on the bed. Preston toke his hand and rubbed the nape of Corey’s neck. Corey was rigid under his hand.

“Ya know, Corey I’m not gonna lie when I picked you up I wanted to help you of course, but I thought that maybe if I did there might be something in it for me.” He said cooly.

“Well I can help out whatever way I can I’m a har..” Preston interrupted with a chuckle.

“You’re so damn adorable, I’m glad I snagged you away from pa before he could have all the fun. He always loves to challenge me on the guys I bring over.” Corey’s cock started to harden as the exhilarating reality of what was happening rushed over him. Preston wanted him, wanted him bad to fight his dad over him. Preston’s dad wanted him.

“I think you’re Kartal Escort Bayan very handsome Preston.” Said Corey breathy.

“I know man I could tell you were eyeing me the whole way here.” Preston leaned in and started to kiss Corey’s neck. Corey let out an audible sigh. He felt a hot burning feeling shoot through his body with each kiss.

“God Corey you make a man crazy.” He cupped Corey’s face with his palm and turned his head so they could kiss. They kissed hungrily, Corey could feel Preston’s tongue searching he met it eagerly. Corey was shaking he was so excited, every touch and kiss went straight to his cock.

“Damn man you got a great mouth. You suck cock bubba?”

Corey nodded. “Couple of times, I like sucking on cock.” Corey said sheepishly looking down he saw Preston’s cock bulging from his Jean’s. Preston had his hand running it through Corey’s hair, he looked at him with kind yet wanting eyes. Corey kissed him deeply.

Then looked down and started to unbutton Preston’s Jean’s. He wore plaid boxers, Corey lowered his face a toke a whiff of Preston’s man hood. The musky smell toke over Corey’s nose, it was euphoric. He slipped his hands in and pulled out his cock. It was long couldn’t of been less than 7′ inches with a nice girth to it. He could practically feel it throbbing in his hands. A little pre dripping from the head.

Corey could feel his own dick pumping out pre, but he wanted to focus on Preston if he gave his cock one stroke he’d be sure to cum fast. He lapped up the pre on Preston’s cock. Preston gave a heavy huff then laughed. “Damn bubba that feels good. I’ll feed ya all the pre ya want bub but ya gotta milk it.”

With that Corey toke all of Preston firm cock into his mouth. Corey could feel Preston’s soft touch on the back of his head. A lot of guys by now would be shoving Corey down their dick, but Preston only ran his hands through Corey curly blond hair. Preston’s cock felt so good in Corey’s mouth he could suck and lick at it for hours. He wanted to please Preston, make him feel good.

“Bub your mouth feels so good, fuck I’ve been thinking about this since I meet you and those beautiful pouty lips of yours. I’m glad I got to ya before some other guy, I’ll make sure you get what you need bubba”. He pulled Corey off of his throbbing cock.” Enough man you’re gonna make me cum, I know you want that but I want to see you cum first bud, take off your clothes.” Corey did as he was told. Then Preston started to strip he had a farmer’s tan and a muscular lean body some chest and happy trail which lead to a black mound of pubes his hard cock jutting out from it his, ball tight.

“Lay on you back bud.” Corey did and Preston crawled on the bed in front of Corey. He crawled onto Corey and kissed him wildly. He pinched Corey’s nipples and Corey let out a small Yelp.

“Fuck.” He huffed Preston went and lapped at Corey’s left nipple. “Preston, fuck man you’re driving me crazy.” Preston looked up and gave Corey a dopey boyish smile.

“Bud I’m just getting started, look atcha, shaking like pup.” Preston reached his hands to Corey’s mouth. Corey toke his middle finger and index finger and started sucking on them, he was going crazy but he didn’t want to cum, until Preston said he could.

Preston went lower, he reached Corey’s cock and gave Corey’s head a lick lapping up all of Corey’s precum. Corey shivered and huffed. “Preston careful!” Preston laughed

“It’s not your cock I’m after bubba.” he winked then lifted Corey’s ass into the air. “Fuck that’s a nice pink hole, ya got.” he buried his face into Corey’s ass and Corey felt his tongue lapping at the entrance of his hole. Corey’s breathing was heavy and his body was a shuddering mess.

“Fuck, Preston that feels good, please don’t stop please.” Corey pleaded shuddering. Preston had two firm hands on Corey’s ass cheeks squeezing them while he had them spread. His tongue now had made its way into Corey’s hole lapping at the inside. Corey loved when he got his ass ate but fuck was Preston a pro at it.

The feeling of Preston’s tongue lapping and teasing Corey’s hole went straight to his cock and balls. Preston removed his face and spit on Corey’s hole he toke his middle finger and entered Corey. He started to massage Corey’s prostate. Corey’s moans and pleads became more despite. The look of hunger in Preston’s eyes grew.

He was getting off on Corey getting off. “Fuck bubba, you’ve been starved for a good lay aint ya. Poor little fella.” Corey said teasingly with a look of mock sympathy. He worked over Corey’s hole firm and gently.

Then he leaned his head in and spat on Corey’s hole. He the toke his index finger and started working over his tight ring with both finger. Corey’s body shook violently. Fuck Preston knew what he was doing. “There ya go man open up that starved boy hole later I’m gonna come back and fuck you. Don’t worry bubba I’ll take good care ya.”

Corey couldn’t take anymore. Corey yelped, “Fuck you’re gonna make me cum Preston” he yelled. Preston grinned satisfied.

“Cum for me babe, let it out.” His finger probing Corey’s eager hole, Corey could feel the surge rising from his cock, his body shuddering violently. Then without even touch his own cock, hot white cum spilled from his cock. “Fuck bubba look at ya no hands. You must have a sensitive boy hole.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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