Time For Work

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She wondered if her original plan to seduce him in the shower was a bad idea because he only had a few minutes before he had to leave for work that night. The passion they shared, was so intense, that it was too hard to break free and go seperate ways just moments after experiencing a pleasure that she had not known before him.

For her, she not only enjoyed the moments of sexual pleasure that they shared, but cuddling and conversation afterwards as well. There was nothing like the feeling she felt after they made love and he wrapped his arms around her tight, hugging and kissing her gently and pushing her hair away from her face. The way he would whisper “I love you” in her ear. The smile on his face, the sweat on his body, or the feel of his heart beating against her body. The anticipation of what came after, was to her, just as wonderful as the passion they would have shared during the physical pleasures they explored with each other before that moment.

But just as he made her feel things she never felt before emotionally, he also gave her things physically she never dreamt possible either. With that, brought a new desire she had not known before. When he was gone, he was always in her thoughts. To see something of his, would be enough to let her mind wander to a memory of a night they shared together . As it was, she had been craving his attention and touch all day. She knew she’d miss him terribly when he left Although she knew she’d miss out on something she desired so much afterward, she put that out of her mind and took pleasure in the few stolen moments they could share before he had to leave.

She looked up at him. He was so handsome. She loved the way the water trickled down güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri his chest. His height was just perfect and she could wrap her arms around him and when he did the same back, she felt safe. She loved everything about him. His deep eyes, and the way he looked at her as if he could see right into her soul. His perfectly shaped lips, and the way it felt when he pressed his lips against her body. His hands, and how they were so strong yet when he touched her, it was with a gentleness that felt truly amazing. His ears, and how she liked to kiss them and nibble on his earlobes and for the way he listened to everything she said as if it actually was important. But there was one part of his body that she had not ever taken an interest or time to understand on anyone before him and it was the most perfect, pleasurable thing she ever noticed before. Since she had not felt the joy that he brought her before in her life, to her, it was almost a seperate part of him entirely, and she couldn’t help but love that part of him just as much as any other part of him.

As she washed his hair, all the while loving everything about him and still wondering why she loved his head so much too. Was it just that she was in love? Was it that she loved him so completely that she could love everything about him from the tiniest thing right to the biggest part of his manhood as well? Next, she washed his back gently and as he turned around she let her hands glide across his chest and their lips met with a kiss.

She knelt down on to the shower floor and rubbed him all over, except the one place she knew he desired her hands the most. She moved closer to him, and let him feel her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri breath upon it, but still careful, not to touch it with her hands. She moved even closer and as lightly as she could brushed his hard cock with her lips and quickly moved up to his stomach. She could see his anticipation rise along with his beautiful manhood as well. She knew that he couldn’t resist it much longer, but that gave her even more excitement in taking her time and making him wait.

He was rubbing her hair gently and touching her shoulders. His breathing a little heavier by the moment and she paid close attention to how his breathing changed and his body reacted to the things she would do to it. She could have explored his body all night, but time was running out.

There was something to be said for a quickie, and she would soon find out it could still be as awesome as the long, pleasurebale nights they had shared together already.

She knew time was no longer on her side and had no choice but to move things along. She gently took his cock into her mouth just letting the tip barely inside and very softly and slowly, swirling her tongue around, then she started going a little farther down , and with each movement a little bit faster and a little more strongly. Each time brought him deeper inside her mouth, until she felt the tip of his cock reach the back of her throat. He let out a sigh that let her know he was enjoying it. She covered his cock with kisses and caressed his balls gently with her free hand and she alternated between going soft and slow to sucking him harder and faster. When she felt a tingling pulse throbbing from within him she knew he couldn’t hold güvenilir bahis şirketleri out much longer.

She stood up, kissed him deeply and he gently turned her around so he was standing behind her, guiding her leg up onto the ledge of the tub and pulled her close to him. He reached down and started to explore her gently and found her hot spot and gave her a taste of her own medicine and started to tease her gently. He knew it wouldn’t take long because she was already wet and he knew it wasn’t the shower water either. He held her close to him and when her knees started getting weak, he held her up and didn’t stop until he felt the warm juices from within her that only he had the power to create for her, and within that moment, he pressed up against her and put his big throbbing cock in her. She was next to let out a sigh of relief. He started out slowly and the rhythm of their slippery wet bodies grinding together in the water made a sound that turned them both on even more.

With one hand on her waist, he moved the other one back on her most inviting hot spot, he began to rub her with the same rhythm as their bodies rubbed together. He gently kissed the back of her ears and neck. Within seconds, she could feel him deep inside her and as she let her mind and body become a prisoner to his love, she let go completely and her warm juices released at the very moment as his and at that moment, it was the first time either of them had experienced the amazement of that before.

She turned around and he hugged her tight and lifted her chin with his hand so their eyes could meet, and he whispered “I love you honey”.

“I love you too”, she replied.

In those short minutes that as they existed, it seemed as if time stood still, and she realized that a quickie before work could be as amazing and wonderous as the endless nights they’d shared in the past.

Although he was late to work that night, he wasn’t angry with her like she feared, but even more in love with her than the day before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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