Truth or Dare

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Danielle and Steve were good friends in high school, but after going to separate colleges, they had lost touch. When they got back in town for the summer, Danielle called Steve and invited him over. We find them sitting on Danielle’s bed, smoking a joint and pleasantly reminiscing about the old days.

DANIELLE: Hey, remember when I slept over at your house that one time?

STEVE: Yeah. That took so much convincing before my parents let you stay the night.

DANIELLE: Yeah. Mine too. Remember how we used to play truth or dare all the time?

STEVE: I do.

DANIELLE: That was funny.

STEVE: It was. I believe the most exciting dare was when you ran around the house in just your panties.

DANIELLE: Still, you got to see me topless.

STEVE: And you saw my butt, I believe.

DANIELLE: Oh that’s right, I did.

STEVE: I don’t think I’ve played since then.

DANIELLE: Oh yeah? Well… are you high?

STEVE: Yeah.

DANIELLE: Wanna play now?

Steve considers for a moment.

STEVE: Well, we’re not in high school anymore.

DANIELLE: I know. Maybe it’ll be a little more… risqué.

STEVE: Ok. Fine. Any limits?

DANIELLE: Hmmm… What do you think?

STEVE: Well. We’re adults. We don’t need to… set actual limits… I guess.

DANIELLE: Ok then. Agreed. No limits.

STEVE: Fine.

DANIELLE: Truth or dare?

STEVE: Uhhh. I’ll start with a truth.

DANIELLE: Ok… How big is your penis?

STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: Answer the question.

STEVE: That’s… I mean…

DANIELLE: You said no limits!

STEVE: I haven’t measured it.

DANIELLE: You’re a liar.

STEVE: I haven’t.

DANIELLE: Come on, all boys measure their penis.

STEVE: If I had to guess, I’d say roughly around… 7 inches.


STEVE: I think.

DANIELLE: Hmm. That’s big. I don’t know about that.

STEVE: Well, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

DANIELLE: I guess… For now.

Steve lets out an awkward laugh. Mostly out of nervousness.

STEVE: You’re turn. Truth or dare?

DANIELLE: Uhh. Truth.

STEVE: When’s the last time you masturbated?

DANIELLE: That’s an easy one.

STEVE: Ok, when?

DANIELLE: Last night before going to bed. I have a vibrator.


DANIELLE: You’re turn.

STEVE: You don’t waste time do you?

DANIELLE: I got a good dare in mind.

STEVE: Really? Well I choose truth then.

DANIELLE: God… you are still such a pussy.

STEVE: Hey, I can pick which ever I want.

DANIELLE: What’s your favorite position?

STEVE: Well. Uhh. You want me to describe it?


STEVE: I like to put the girl on the edge of the bed, lay her down, spread her legs as wide as they can go, while I stand over her, and then… just start…

DANIELLE: Fucking her?



STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: That sounds… nice. I’ll have to try that sometime.

STEVE: Yeah well, truth or dare?


STEVE: Oh, ok then. Uhh. You have to sit through the rest of this game in just your panties.


STEVE: Too much for you?

DANIELLE: Fine, on one condition.

STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: You have to choose dare next.

STEVE: Fine.

Danielle slowly stands up. First she reaches down and pulls her top over her head revealing her semi see-through bra and her perfect size breasts. She then unzips the back of her skirt and lets it drop to her ankles. She is wearing a cute pair of red bikini panties.

DANIELLE: Bra off too?

STEVE: That’s the dare.


She reaches behind her and unhooks her bra, her breasts are let free. They are beautiful. She stands in front of him naked in just her little red panties. She catches Steve staring at her crotch. A little bit of camel toe is visible. She sits back down, keeping her legs the slightest bit open, her camel toe even more apparent now. Steve feels güvenilir bahis his cock harden.

DANIELLE: There. Done. Now you. Dare or… dare?

STEVE: I guess I’ll have to go with dare.

DANIELLE: I dare you to… go to that dark corner over there and… masturbate until I tell you to stop. Facing me.

STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: That’s the dare.

STEVE: No way.

DANIELLE: Hey. No limits, remember! That was your call.

Steve looks over at the corner.

STEVE: That corner’s not even dark.

DANIELLE: It is kind of.

STEVE: No it’s not.

DANIELLE: Just be grateful I didn’t make you do it right here in front of me.

STEVE: I have to masturbate?

He had a full on hard on now.

DANIELLE: Yes. Until I tell you to stop. And you have to face me. Naked.

Steve takes one last look at the “kind of dark” corner.

STEVE: Fine. But you’re going to get it after this.

DANIELLE: Alright. Go on then.

Steve walks over to the corner. Danielle snickers because she really does have the perfect view from where she’s sitting. Steve starts to unzip his pants. He reaches through his jeans and makes to pull his cock out.


STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: You have to be completely naked.

STEVE: That wasn’t part of the dare.

DANIELLE: Yes it was.

STEVE: You never said that.

DANIELLE: Yes I did! I made the dare, and that was part of the dare – you have to be butt naked. Now strip.

Steve sighs and shakes his head. He pulls off his shirt revealing his hard chest and stomach. He undoes his belt and slips his pants off, now standing only in his boxer briefs – his hard cock pushing against the fabric, creating a rather visible tent.

DANIELLE: Looks like you’re ready. Take em’ off cowboy.

Danielle watches intently as Steve hooks his fingers on the elastic and slips them down. His cock bounces up after being freed, already moist with pre-cum. Danielle let’s out a small gasp at the sight of it.


STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: It is big.


DANIELLE: Go on now. And remember: you have to keep going until I tell you to stop.

Steve grabs his cock with his right hand and starts to stroke. His cock is so hard that he almost comes at the first touch, but he goes slow. Danielle watches intently, unknowingly licking her lips. She feels her pussy start to ache for attention as he panties start to get damp.

Steve keeps stroking for a while, bringing himself closer and closer to orgasm. He lets out a moan.

STEVE: Ohhh.

He continues to stoke his huge, hard cock slowly. More pre-cum appears at the tip. It glistens in the light. He feels himself getting closer. Closer. CLOSER.


He stops. Looks around and realizes the reality of the situation. He quickly puts his briefs back on, but his cock still protrudes. Immediately there is a wet spot on the fabric from all the pre-cum. He walks back over and sits next to Danielle on the bed.

DANIELLE: Looks like you got yourself a bit wet there.

He looks down and sees the pre-cum spot. He looks over at Danielle. Her legs are spread a little wider than they were, and there is certainly a damp spot right where her pussy is.

STEVE: You too.

Danielle looks down at her red panties and sees the dark red spot in the middle. She closes her legs in embarrassment.


STEVE: You’re turn.


STEVE: Alright then. I dare you too… Strip off your panties, lay back on the bed, spread your legs as wide as they can go, and play with your clit using your vibrator.


STEVE: Facing me.

DANIELLE: No fair.

STEVE: Why no fair?

DANIELLE: Because I let you go in the dark corner!

STEVE: Well, I’m upping the anti. Oh, and you have to stay naked after that.

DANIELLE: What?! I don’t know about this… I let you go in the corner; you’re making me do it 3 feet in front of you!

STEVE: Hey, guess what?


STEVE: türkçe bahis No limits. Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it.

Danielle thinks to herself for a moment.

DANIELLE: Fine. But just you wait till it’s your turn again.

Danielle slowly stands up. She hooks her fingers under the strap of her red bikini panties – the wet spot now really apparent, and lets them slide down to her ankles. Steve almost loses his breath when he sees her perfect pink pussy with just a little patch of pubic hair on top.

She steps out of her panties and goes over to her bed side drawer. She opens it and grabs a tiny white vibrator.

She walks back over to the queen-size bed and proceeds to lay down, her feet in the direction of Steve. She then puts her knees up, and in one slow swoop, spreads her creamy thighs, revealing her entire self to Steve – her pussy lips swelling, and already dripping.

STEVE: Wow. Looks like your ready then.


She turns on the vibrator. Buzz. She slides it down between her breasts, down her stomach, through the patch of pubic hair, and between her slit allowing her pussy lips to spread. Buzz, buzz. She starts rubbing her clit.

DANIELLE: Ohh… ohh.

She begins to arch her back.

DANIELLE: Ohh. Mmmmm.

She starts to pump her pelvis in the air a little bit.


STEVE: Does that feel good?

DANIELLE: Ohhh. Oh god. Yeah.

Her pelvis thrusts get a little bigger.


STEVE: Stop now.


The buzz stops. She pulls the vibrator away and comes to rest on the bed. Legs still spread wide, pussy dripping, chest heaving.

DANIELLE: You’re cruel.

STEVE: I try.

She slowly closes her legs, sneaking a chance to rub her hard nipples while she comes up to sitting.

DANIELLE: Truth or dare?

STEVE: Dare.

DANIELLE: I dare you to let me measure your cock.

STEVE: With what?

She reaches in her drawer and pulls out a ruler.

DANIELLE: With this.

STEVE: Fine.

DANIELLE: Good. Stand up in front of me. Keep your hands at your side.

Danielle scooches to the edge of the bed. Steve takes his position.

DANIELLE: Now. Let’s see what ya got here…

She puts her fingers under the elastic and slowly pulls. His cock comes bopping up, almost hitting her in the face. His briefs slip to his ankles and he steps out of them. Danielle doesn’t touch him, but just stares at his hard dick, twitching and begging for attention inches from her face. She observes.

DANIELLE: Hmmm. Nice. Except…

STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: …I don’t think it’d be fair if I measured it when it wasn’t the hardest it could be.

STEVE: Ok. So what do we do about that?

DANIELLE: Well. Since you’re not allowed to move your hands, I’ll have to help you.

Danielle slowly grabs Steve’s cock and in one slow, hard movement, pulls back his foreskin. Steve feels like he’s about to cum at her touch. A bit of pre-cum squirts out the tip.

DANIELLE: Oh. I love pre-cum. Do you mind?

STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: If I get some for myself.

She slowly leans in and licks the tip of his prick, spreading the pre-cum all around the head with her soft, hot, moist, tongue. Steve is now fully erect. She starts to stroke slowly – big full strokes.

STEVE: Oh God.

She takes the ruler in the other hand and holds it next to his twitching cock.

DANIELLE: Oh wow. 8 inches. Looks like you were wrong.

STEVE: (Barely able to speak) Looks like it.

She gives him a few more strokes and then:

DANIELLE: You have a lot of pre-cum there. Let me help you out a little.

Danielle opens her mouth and takes Steve fully inside her. Steve feels the hot temperature and wetness all around his throbbing cock. She begins to slowly swirl her tongue around the head, causing Steve to almost blow his load right there.

STEVE: Oh my God.

She starts to stroke as she swirls her tounge around his huge cock, sucking and humming.

DANIELLE: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmm.

STEVE: güvenilir bahis siteleri Oh god… Oh god….

She takes him out of her mouth and looks up at him with her innocent blue eyes, still stroking hard and slow.

DANIELLE: Are you going to come?

STEVE: Yes…. Yes…. Ye-

She stops and let’s his cock go. It bops there inches from her face, twitching like crazy.

STEVE: Ahhhh!

DANIELLE: Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

She moves away from him, scooching back on the bed and resting against the wall with her knees up. She allows her thighs to part a decent amount. Steve gazes at her pink, perfect pussy. She stares at his hard, dripping cock.

DANIELLE: I’ll take a dare.

STEVE: I dare you to let me rub your clit… with my cock.

She gasps.


Danielle’s breathing increases at the thought of his cock near her pussy. She slowly scooches back to the edge of the bed, and spreads her legs, keeping her eyes on Steve’s throbbing member. Steve grabs his cock and slowly touches it to Danielle’s wet, pink pussy. Softly at first – barely grazing it.


He begins to rub his tip up and down her slit, covering her already wet pussy with pre-cum. He goes up and down from her entrance to her clit.

DANIELLE: Ohhhhhhh God.

After massaging her for a while, he slowly lowers his cock back down to her hole, and then pushes it inside her, just the slightest bit.


STEVE: Should I push it in further?

DANIELLE: Oh yes! Oh god yes!

He pushes his hard cock deeper into Danielle’s wet pussy, watching it slide in slowly.

STEVE: Ohhh god.


As soon as he’s in to the hilt, he starts to pull it back out, slowly. And then push it back in, slowly. Watching the entire length of his 8 inch dick appear and then disappear between her pink, wet lips.

DANIELLE: Ohhhh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Yes. Yes.

He starts to go faster, and faster, and faster. She reaches up and puts one hand on his chest. He immediately grabs both her hands and pins them up above her head.

DANIELLE: Ohhhhhh.

He begins pumping harder & faster, now holding her arms down as if her hands were tied above her head.

DANIELLE: Oh God. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh god!

STEVE: Oh yeah! Your pussy is so tight!

DANIELLE: Oh my god! You’re cock is so hard! It’s so big!

STEVE: Fuck!

DANIELLE: Oh my God! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m cooooommmmmmminng!

Danielle suddenly goes quiet and arches her back closing her eyes tight. Steve keeps pumping hard and fast. After a moment:


She comes like a train! Pussy juice comes squirting out of her wet cunt and onto Steve’s balls. Steve feels the warm juices cover his cock. He doesn’t pull out – he keeps pumping even harder and faster.

DANIELLE: (Trying to catch her breath) Oh god. Oh god. Oh God!

STEVE: Oh god.

Steve takes one of his arms and pins Danielle’s right leg up. He keeps holding her wrists together above her head. He puts one foot on the bed, and starts to pump even faster.


STEVE: Fuck! Yeah! You like that?!

DANIELLE: Oh my God! Oh my God I’m going to come again!

STEVE: So am I! Oooooohhhhhhh…

DANIELLE: Oh god! Come inside me! Come! Come! Come!

Steve closes his eyes and Danielle does the same. She arches her back again. Faster, faster, faster!

On the cusp of orgasming they both go silent, but keep pumping hard and fast! They feel their juices approach release! Closer. Closer! CLOSER! And then: he comes HARD into her pussy, just as she SQUIRTS all over the place!

STEVE: Awwwwwwwwwwwww…

DANIELLE: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

His pumps start to slow down.

STEVE: Oh Jesus Christ… Fuck.

DANIELLE: Oh my God.

Slowly, after catching his breath he pulls his cock (still throbbing hard and twitching) out of her hot, cum-filled pussy.

STEVE: Ohhh fuck.

DANIELLE: Oh my god. That was amazing.

STEVE: Yes it was.

They both pause for a moment. Panting and trying to catch their breath.

DANIELLE: (Through breathes) I believe it’s your turn.

STEVE: What?

DANIELLE: Truth or Dare?


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