Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 05

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Ahegao Face

When Steve finally woke it was mid afternoon Sunday. Steve almost forgot about his little arrangement with Samantha, the girl from the adult toy store. He felt around on the nightstand by the bed for his phone. When he finally located it, he saw that he had missed the call from the cute blond lesbian. He maneuvered himself away from Jazmin without waking her and went downstairs to relieve himself and make the very important call that would involve tomorrow’s events.

He hit the redial on his phone and heard it ring a few times before he heard the excited sound of Samantha’s voice on the other end.

“Hi, Steve how are you?” She sounded as if she was going to burst from the excitement.

“I’m doing good, Sam, you?” He sounded a bit groggy but otherwise almost as excited sounding as her.

“I’m doing good. Did you just wake up?” She asked.

“Yeah, we had a bit of a work out the last couple of days, we have been sleeping off the exhaustion.”

“Wow, is that an everyday thing with you guys? Because I wish I could wake up to sex and go to bed with it as well.” the idea of sex everyday was very enticing to Samantha.

“Only very recently has it been everyday. Jaz has been very busy at work lately. So, it’s been very sporadic, we are on vacation this week so we are overindulging a bit.” Steve said, explaining their relationship briefly to the girl.

“Well, that’s nice to get a chance to make up for what time you lost together. So, what are your plans for tomorrow?” It was obvious that Sam just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Hrm let me think. I like to surprise Jazmin more than anything. What time would you be able to make it over here in the morning?” You could almost hear the wheels turning in Steve’s head, thinking of the best way to surprise Jazmin.

“Whenever you like, I can hardly wait.”

“If you could come over at 10 am, I can make breakfast for you both while you wake up Jazmin, anyway you wish. But if I could make a suggestion, I would say use your tongue.” Steve was grinning to himself at the thought of Jazmin waking up to a girl between her legs. “And make sure you don’t knock or anything, just call my cell and I will answer it.”

“Sounds like a good plan, text me your address so I won’t lose it. And I guess I will see you tomorrow. Bye Steve.”

“Bye Sam. See ya tomorrow.” Just then he heard the toilet flush from upstairs. He hung up with Sam then sent the text with the address to her. He erased the call from his phone log; he didn’t want Jazmin to see that he had talked with her before the surprise. It would ruin everything. He made some coffee and waited for Jazmin to come downstairs while watching TV.

Jazmin woke up again alone in bed. This time she got up and went to the bathroom, then tried to flatten the curly locks that had gone all crazy while she was sleeping. She heard the TV turn on, which was the first sign that Steve was relaxing downstairs. So far, the vacation was going wonderfully, she knew she needed to do something extra for Steve though. She couldn’t think of anything,

She glanced up in the mirror and it finally dawned on her that she needed to find another girl that would be willing to play with her and Steve. She had thought to herself “If only I had the number of the girl from the toy store I could call her up and ask her to join in the fun.”

Jazmin sighed knowing she had the perfect idea but no way to implement it. She walked downstairs, and was greeted by the smell of fresh brewed coffee. That immediately perked up her mood. She walked into the kitchen and looked over the counter into the living room to see Steve on the couch.

“Morning baby, what’s on TV?” she said as she was pouring coffee into her favorite mug and also some into Steve’s

“House marathon. Are you making me a cup too?” He leaned back across the arm of the sofa to stretch out his muscles from sleeping.

“Yes I am, baby.” Adding sugar and cream into the mugs. “So, what should we do today?”

“Oh, anything you want baby. We could go to the movies or stay at home.” He said, as she walked around the couch and he saw that she came down naked. “Well, now I’m thinking of staying at home now. Since you came down au naturale.”

Jazmin blushed slightly handing Steve his cup of coffee. “A movie would be nice, but I don’t know what’s playing. Not like it matters we normally don’t make it through a whole movie.”

“How about we stay home and get out that new Jenna Jameson movie we bought. I know how you like to watch her get pounded by those big cocks.” He said as she sat down next to him. He put his hand on her thigh, and made her drape one of her legs over his leg so that she was spread wide open for him to play with if he wanted.

“It’s just that she is so fucking sexy, and I like seeing her getting used like that. I want that someday, get you and another guy to go at me for hours till I don’t even know my own name.” Her mind had drifted as she sipped her coffee absentmindedly, licking her lips at the thoughts she was having.

“Well then. I think we Etiler escort need to just relax at home and watch a little Jenna.” He said while he moved his hand up her leg. “House marathon is on for another few hours. Unless you want to watch Jenna get her hot pussy pounded right now?”

She took a deep breath in and let it out slowly, as she felt Steve’s hand get closer and closer to her own hot pussy, when she heard her tummy rumble from lack of food.

“Hmm, I’m hungry. How about you feed me.” She took her hand from her hot coffee mug and wrapped it around the shaft of Steve’s semi-erect penis. She heard him gasp from the warmth left behind on her hand from the coffee mug.

The warmth was in great contrast to the cool air of the apartment, that it shocked him slightly. “Ahhh if you want fed you are going to have to coax the good stuff out, baby.”

Jazmin took her leg off of Steve’s and set her coffee mug down on the table in front of the couch. She kneeled down in front of him ready to coax out the cum from his cock with her mouth.

Steve relaxed scooting his ass forward, so that it was on the edge of the couch. His cock pointed up, right up to Jazmin’s awaiting mouth.

She licked her lips at the beautiful cock offered to her, she took her tongue and licked from just under his balls by the sensitive skin next to his anus all the way up to the tip of his engorged penis. She licked at the head, like it was a lollipop sucking on it, then licking and teasing it with her tongue again.

Steve sipped at his coffee nonchalantly, making sure not to spill any of it. He kept watching the TV trying to keep his mind off of the sexy mouth wrapped around his cock. He was the only man that Jazmin had ever been with that could detach his mind from what was going on with his dick. That was how he could fuck her for long periods of time and never get off. If he actually paid attention to the stimulation of his balls being sucked into Jazmin’s mouth he would explode within minutes or less.

She continued he caressing and fondling of his hardened cock, licking the underside of it. She took the whole length in her mouth all 8 inches down to his balls, where she could stick out her tongue and lick on his balls as well. She slowly withdrew her mouth till only the head was in her mouth, just to work her way back down the length of his cock. She squeezed his balls slightly to massage one and then the other.

Steve was finding it hard to concentrate when he felt the muscles of Jazmin’s throat squeeze around the head of his cock. He reached down with his hand and put a small amount of pressure on the back of her head, forcing her to take even more of his cock into her mouth. His mind tried to stay focused on anything but what she was doing so skillfully with her mouth, but all he could think of was fucking her mouth hard to try to make her gag.

He knew she wouldn’t gag; she had gotten to the point of being able to deep throat his whole length without any problem, and liked doing it. Steve gave up on trying to ignore the pleasure she was giving him finally. He made one hard thrust up with his hips pushing his cock fast and deep into her throat.

Jazmin surprised, looked up at him, her eyes started to water from the force and shock of the thrust. She was able to relax her throat though. When Steve finally looked down at her, it wasn’t shock it was pure lust he saw in her eyes which made him understand that was what she wanted right then.

He grabbed her hair on both sides of her head, and looked her right in the eyes as he slammed his cock up into her mouth. He worked his cock in and out of her mouth with long hard strokes, like he would her pussy. He could feel the muscles of her throat tighten around him with every stroke. He felt his balls tighten as he was about to cum.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum hard right in your mouth, right down your throat. You like it when I fuck your mouth, don’t you? FUCK… UNH… YEAH…” With his last word he slammed deep into her throat as he exploded shot after shot down into her stomach.

He fell back on the couch as Jazmin took her time licking up the remains of the sperm that leaked out of her mouth and was still on his cock. It went soft slowly, in the grasp of her lips and fingers. She lovingly kissed the head of his dick, and made her way up his body to straddle his hips. She kissed him softly on the neck and ears, waiting for his breathing to return to normal.

When he opened his eyes he said, “I think I do want to go out to the movies.”

Jazmin stopped kissing his neck, a bit surprised at his statement. “You do? Why?”

“Well, I was just thinking I want to use those vibrating undies on you in public. I will hold the remote in my pocket.” He winked at her then leaned forward to kiss her on her nose.

“I guess if you want to see me squirm that is a good way to do it.” She smiled at him. “Can we get something to eat though, your cock didn’t fill my tummy up like it did my mouth and throat.”

“What would you like, my love?” He said as he Beşiktaş escort gave her ass a tight squeeze.

“Mmmmmm, as much as I would like that, my tummy is starting to get mad at me. I only got a small taste of your delicious cum, and I need something a bit more substantial baby. How about we go to ‘O’Charley’s’.”

“You do know how to treat a man. Making my coffee just right, fantastic blowjob, then picking my favorite place to eat. OK, but you better put on those undies, and you might want to put on that sexy corset we got the other day, it is as good a day as any to get more than a couple minutes wear time out of it.” He squeezed her ass again with that. He moved to stand up, she wrapped her legs around his body and he carried her up the stairs so that they could both get ready.

As requested Jazmin took out the new corset teddy she had gotten, cinched up the back and put it on with a quick zip to the front. She could feel the tight squeeze of the material pressing in her mid section, leaving her breasts exposed. She pulled on some black thigh highs and attached them to the garter straps, just right. Then she pulled out the vibrating thong. Making sure it worked she flipped on the switch and felt them come to life. She turned them off and put them on, making sure that the small silver bullet in them fit snug against her clit.

She then pulled on a short flowing skirt. She knew that Steve would want to play with her during the movie it was a game they played. Who could last the longest while being played with under the darkness and semi-privacy of the theater? She matched the skirt with a form fitting V-neck top that would show off her cleavage.

When she was done she walked into the bathroom where Steve was finishing brushing his teeth, having finished dressing 10 times faster than Jazmin. They hadn’t been out on a date night for a while and she wanted to finish getting ready by putting on some make up and putting up her hair. Steve left Jazmin to get finished with a kiss on the neck and a hard squeeze to her ass.

Jazmin finished in record time, she walked down the stairs where Steve met her. He held out her winter jacket for her, and she slid her arms in. She leaned back into Steve, loving his arms around her.

“Ready, baby?” Letting go of her to offer her his arm.

“Thank you. Yes, sir, I am ready.” She told him as he was leading her out the door. “Here’s your remote for the evening.” She said, handing over the small remote for the panties.

He took the remote, pocketing it for later. He grinned to himself at the thought of using the little remote on her later,

“Hey, unh.” She moaned stopping abruptly grabbing a hold of Steve’s arm as she felt the little vibe come to life between the lips of her pussy.

He laughed. “Well, I had to check if they worked and just how well they worked.” He said flipping off the vibe with a tap of his finger. “Pretty damn good, apparently.”

They walked out to the car while Jazmin composed herself a bit. She thought this was going to be a fun night. “All I ask is that you don’t do that while I’m taking a drink or eating. I don’t want to choke on anything. Unless it is your cock of course.” She said, as she flashed him a wicked grin.

He agreed, grinning at the thought of the remote in his pocket. To have that much control over her was an awesome thing.

When they arrived at the restaurant there wasn’t a wait, even though, almost all of the tables and booths were filled. The only table left was in the middle of the bar. It was one of the high tables with bar stools at them, and their groins were at eye level with most of the other patrons seated around the bar. Jazmin pulled up the back of her skirt so that her nearly bare ass was on the chair without the skirt in the way. She didn’t want to leave a wet mark visible on her skirt for when she stood up. Steve sat next to her instead of across the table from her.

The waitress arrived and took their order. Jazmin and Steve could see only some of her figure, though it was very nice looking from what they could tell. The uniform was not flattering to her body though, with a baggy collared shirt, and black slacks and apron. Steve paid attention to Jazmin as she ordered. As Jazmin said she was getting a steak, Steve flipped the switch on the remote to turn on the vibe, just for a second. The small action elicited a sharp intake of breath from Jazmin, as she was trying her best not to change her facial expression. She closed her eyes and gripped the menu, then finished her order like she was almost out of breath. Steve flipped off the vibe as the waitress turned away from the table to place their orders with the kitchen.

Jazmin let out a soft moan of relief. She knew this would be a challenge but didn’t know how much. She gave Steve a stern look,

Steve chuckled, “I don’t think you did too bad babe. She probably thought I grabbed you under the table.”

Jazmin couldn’t stay mad at him. She did agree to this, so she was just going to have to deal with it. It was extremely Taksim escort exciting to have a little exhibitionist show without people knowing what was going on.

The rest of the dinner went fine, although, every time the waitress came to their table, Steve flipped on the vibe which got a response from Jazmin every time. It came apparent to Steve that the waitress started coming over to the table more and more often, because of the response she was getting from Jazmin.

The last time the waitress came to the table to pick up the check with the money in it. Jazmin started to have an orgasm. She felt the rush wash over her, her legs began to quake under the table and she gripped the table while she closed her eyes to savor the erotic moment. Steve had his hand on Jazmin’s leg and could feel that she was taken over by a strong orgasm, and didn’t turn off the little vibe till she came down.

Steve thanked the waitress and told her to keep the change for a tip. It was a $20 bill, he gave it to her for the great service and the wonderful orgasm Jazmin was having because of the young waitress’s attention to detail and nearly constant presence at the table.

Jazmin recovered from her orgasm taking deep breaths to calm herself. When she opened her eyes she saw the huge goofy grin on Steve’s face. “That took a whole lot of self control not to scream out.”

“Baby, if you would’ve screamed out I would’ve just stood up and told the whole restaurant that you were reenacting that scene from ‘When Harry met Sally’.” He took her hand and kissed it gently.

He stood up and began to guide Jazmin to standing as well, when she looked up a bit panicked. “Um, baby, I believe I made a mess.”

“Don’t worry the way that waitress was looking at you, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came back and licked the chair clean of your juices. Now come on, we got a movie to go to.” He pulled on her hand until she stood.

Reluctantly, she followed him knowing that there was going to be an obvious line from where she leaked out the side of her vibrating thong. She had always been one to leak her juices down her leg when she got excited and always left a small puddle under her when she came. She looked back and, sure enough she had left her mark on the barstool.

They left the restaurant to drive to the theater; Steve was already aroused from the display of Jazmin holding in what seemed to be an intense orgasm. Normally, he loved to hear her shout out and feel her quake and shiver under his touch, but watching, knowing he had control of her like that was very arousing.

When they got to the theater, they got their normal, popcorn and drinks. Jazmin picked seats at the very back of the theater, the movie was later at night so there wasn’t that many people there. At least they would have some privacy in here. Jazmin thought to herself.

She relaxed; legs open wide so that if Steve wanted to play with her, he would not be denied. The theater was one that had the fold up arms as well, so if you truly wanted to lie down while watching the movie, you could.

The lights dimmed for the previews to begin. Before Jazmin knew it she felt Steve’s hand travel up her leg. Her breath caught in her throat, and then released, relaxing under the feel of his hand.

Steve trailed the line of Jazmin’s garter strap, moving the skirt up and out of his way, pushing it up all the way up to her hips exposing her barely covered pussy. He could feel her trying to take long deep breaths in the tight confines of the corset she was wearing under her top. He found the line of her thong and traced it down between her inner thigh and groin, to her already soaking pussy. He moved his fingers on the outside of her thong along her slit to where the silver bullet was pressed up against her clit. The material of the thong completely soaked through. He pushed the small bullet up against her clit with one hand, and flipped the switch on with the other that was still in his pocket.

Suddenly, Jazmin yelped, right at the same time one of the previews had a loud action scene. They always went to intense action movies, and left the comedies, and romantic stuff for when they were at home. At least that way when something is exploding on screen, a scream from the back row is not always heard.

The movie began as most did, but Jazmin and Steve were already lost in their own world. Steve leaned over and whispered in Jazmin’s ear, “I’m going to eat you out, that sloppy pussy got me in the mood for dessert.”

“Oh god baby, yes.” She said out of breath, barely above a whisper.

Steve kneeled down on the floor, on his jacket, thankful it was winter; otherwise he would not kneel on this floor at all. He pushed her legs further apart, and pulled the thong down her legs. She responded by lifting her bottom off the seat to make it easier on him, then putting one leg on the back of the chair in front of her and the other on the seat beside her.

Steve dove in tongue first causing Jazmin to tense up from the sudden assault. He lapped up her sweet juices like it was his last meal. He licked her clit into his mouth and gave it a small nibble, sucking on it gently. He slurped up all the juices leading from her hole before he plunged 2 fingers deep into her hard, lifting her bottom off the seat slightly from the force.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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