Want Ch. 02

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The sun is shining on my face. I guess I didn’t close the curtains last night. That thought makes me smile.

Then I remember the rest of last night, as I feel you stirring next to me, I realize it wasn’t a dream, it was real. It was amazingly, incredibly, blissfully real. I ache in places I’ve never ached before, but in a good way. I feel bruised, and sore, but all in such a good way.

I open my eyes and look at your sleeping face … You look so peaceful and content. My eyes move down your body, noting how perfect it is, then lower still, and I realize you must be content, and your dreams must be good, for at least one part of your body is waking up… I have a naughty thought … Dare I? I do.

I slowly pull myself away from your body, inching down the bed, towards your hardness. Position myself between your spread thighs … Looking at your thick, long cock… Unsure about what I am considering, about what I am going to do to you now …

Leaning forward, I run the tip of my tongue around the head of your penis … that little V shaped part of you, just gently, running my tongue around you… Feeling you tense … knowing you’re waking up now … Taking you a little bit further into my mouth, running my tongue down your shaft now, and then moving my head back, running my lips up your hard hard cock, just grazing it with my teeth as I pull back ..

Stopping canlı bahis … Looking up at you, as I become aware of your gaze… You’re watching me again … “Don’t stop” you say. I smile, glance down shyly… “I’m not totally certain what to do … not exactly…” “You’ll be right… just do what feels right…”

Leaning forward again, kissing your cock again, then taking you back into my mouth, moving up and down your shaft slowly, making little patterns with my tongue as I move… Right down to your balls, your heavy sacks, feeling your wiry curls grazing my face … moving back up again, releasing you, then leaning my head further forward to gently suck on first one ball, then on the other, as you did with my nipples last night..

Glancing upwards to look you in the eye, letting you know that I have you in my mouth, letting you know that I want you, I want to taste you, and I can taste you, wanting to feel you, and feeling you, knowing that work will never be the same again …

Feeling your throbbing, hard manhood inside my mouth excites me.. Working you with my tongue, kissing and licking and nipping and moving and rubbing and oh just everything feeling your excitement build, feeling your hand on the back of my head pushing me on your cock, making me move my head faster, up and down and down and up bobbing, licking, kissing, you’re throbbing, bahis siteleri its going to happen soon, soon, so soon…

All of a sudden you hold me still as your cock shoots out a load of cum right into my mouth, and again, and again, as a shudder runs through your body, as you moan, and lie back weakly on my bed …

Licking, I slowly, slowly move away, leaving you clean of your cum, but covered in my wetness, from my mouth … moving back up your body, I kiss your lips, letting you taste yourself on me.

You pull me towards you hungrily, pushing your tongue inside my mouth, locking with mine, warm and wet, soft and flexible, twisting. You use your tongue to massage mine; this is a kiss that has to be broken, a kiss full of lust and urgent need.

All of a sudden, rolling me onto my back, and straddling my hips. “Uh-uh’’, I think “this is MY turn.”

Pushing you back, so you’re on your back, I straddle YOUR hips. I want to be on top this time… Position myself over you, you’re hard again, Christ, doesn’t take much hey…

Slowly lower myself onto you, all the way in. Feeling you rub against sore spots from the night before… Raising my body up and down on your shaft, all the way in, I can see you’re enjoying this, being ridden, my breast bouncing up and down… I’m leaning back, supporting myself on my hands between your spread legs, you have your bahis şirketleri head raised looking at me, supporting yourself with one hand, while pulling on my right nipple, then my left, with your other.

Riding your cock, faster and faster, harder, feeling you slide in and out of me, rocking back and forth, and up and down, harder, faster, faster, harder, loving the feel of you inside me.. You raise yourself higher and bite on my nipples, not so hard that it really hurts, just enough to send a shiver running down my back, too add to the spirals of pleasure running through my body, starting in my stomach, moving down my legs, around my body, feeling so good, faster and harder, we’re moving together, you’re arching your back, thrusting with me, as I move on you, as you move in me, as we orgasm together, once, twice, three times I feel myself coming, you’re cumming in me, I can feel the spurts, warm fluid inside me, leaking out as I pull myself off you, slowly.

Reaching down with one hand, to wipe some of your ooze off my thighs, bringing my fingers to my mouth, looking you in the eye as I slowly lick you off me … You moan with lust. Pull me forward onto you again, smashing your mouth against mine, kissing me, kissing me hard. Teeth grinding, tongues intertwining in some mad, un-choreographed dance.

Ending the kiss as we hear my alarm go off, meaning its time to get up and get ready for work… For another normal day of work… where we send our hot passionate glances, and where we now have to pretend everything is normal… Until next time you knock on my door late at night.

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