We Love Our New Stepfather

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When Jack married Marsha, he thought he knew what he was doing. What he thought, and what happened, however, weren’t the same thing.

Jack had been married before, in his mid-twenties, but it had ended badly – she left him for another woman. And that had done a number on him; his self-confidence took a nose dive. His social world shrank to just his family and friends he had before that marriage. It literally took years before he was almost his old self. His confidence returned, and as it did, he developed more and more female friends. And then he started working at Hendershot, Incorporated, a small design firm in San Francisco.

He was receptive to the HR policies – no office relationships, treat men and women alike, communicate to your manager, and trust in your team. If there was a problem with someone, try to work it out between you; if not, get your manager involved early and get it dealt with. All of which seemed a rational approach to the modern world of work.

Then, however, he met Marsha and forgot it all! He had to walk past her to get from his department to the mailroom, and on his first trip he almost fell over; not only was she one of the prettiest women he’d ever seen, but her blouse was straining against its buttons. She was exceedingly stacked. Jack almost walked into a wall before he recovered. She looked up at him as he stumbled and smiled.

From that day on, Jack and Marsha grew closer. He took every opportunity to stop by her desk, and she began to make slight adjustments to her clothing when he came by. A button would get unbuttoned. She began to lean forward and press her arms in from the sides, giving him a generous view of her very large, pale breasts. And for his part, Jack made sure to perch on her desk in a way that revealed the outline of his large cock.

Finally, the evening came when they were the last two in the office.

Leaving together, Jack invited her for drinks, but she declined, saying her two teenagers were home for the summer, and they got her attention when they were. “But,” she added, “please keep asking me!”

He walked her to her car, and then went to a small restaurant for his dinner.

Jack and Marsha began to meet regularly. For lunch or to walk down by the Bay. Other times to sit and eat in one of the many outdoor locations near the office. She eventually revealed that she had been married 3 times before; the two girls were from her first marriage. Since they’d been raised by their father, she was now out to make up for lost time and the three of them were becoming friends more than mother and daughters. The girls were 18 and 19, and they had taken the place of any interest in men – for the time being.

Jack grew more and more fascinated by Marsha, and they began to wonder how to deal with going out in an office with such strict HR policies.

It was a Friday morning when Jack walked past Marsha’s desk, only to see her in tears. A number of the other staff were clustered around her, and he joined them.

“Oh, I feel so silly about this!” Marsha said. “My girls decided to leave for college a week early, and it caught me by surprise. They haven’t even left and here I am, crying my eyes out and missing them and they haven’t left! You all must think I’m a fool.” She looked around at her colleagues.

“No, dear, I did the same thing last year when my boys left for a camping trip before starting school. Everyone can tell you what a hot mess I was.” Said Carrie, the office manager. There were nods and murmurs of agreement all around. “The best solution was that we all went out after work and had a few drinks together and everyone gave me room to sort myself out. So, drinks are on the company tonight; six PM at Harrington’s. Be there or be square! Now, let’s get some work done!”

With that Marsha brightened up and everyone got to work. Motivated by free drinks, they all managed to get their work complete way early, so the time was moved to 5PM to take advantage of happy hour. The hostess managed to get everyone seated in a private room, and an evening of food and drink commenced. Marsha shared about how her daughters were beautiful and brilliant, and Jack figured that was the mother talking.

Others told stories about their kids, and eventually, the only ones left were Carrie, the office manager, Marsha and Jack. Then they were joined by a woman who neither Jack or Marsha knew – but who obviously knew Carrie. They kissed deeply and held each other the way intimate friends do.

“Hi, I’m Wendy, Carrie’s wife. I had to come get her because she’s too drunk to make it home on her own! Isn’t she cute?” Marsha and Jack nodded.

“Jack, as your manager, I have something to say.” Said Carrie, slurring her words a bit. “I think you should take Marsha home and screw the living daylights out of her. That will make her forget mariobet güvenilirmi all about her daughters!”

Marsha and Jack were stunned. The office manager was violating HR Policy – and not only that, she was giving voice to something they had both wanted.

“C’mon, Jack. You got a big dick and she’s got those amazingly big boobs. You’d be perfect together! Oh, you think I don’t notice these things? That just because I’m gay I can’t see when a guy is packing something large? I’ve drooled over her tits – I’m sure you do! I know what you’re thinking. You can’t believe a beautiful woman like me is a rugmuncher. Well, that’s my business. I won’t tell about you if you won’t tell about me!”

With that, Wendy managed to extricate herself and her inebriated wife and said good night. Jack looked at Marsha and asked if she was okay to drive home. “As long as we wind up at the same home, I’m fine to drive” she replied.

They left the bar and arrived at Marsha’s condo in the Western Addition twenty minutes later. Within minutes they were in each other’s arms, locked in a deep kiss. Marsha pressed up against him and remarked “Carrie wasn’t kidding! You are hung like a bull!”

With that she dropped to her knees so she was eye to crotch. She began to loosen his pants. As they fell to his feet, his boxers were distended by his erection. Marsha took them down over his hips, and gasped as his big, thick cock sprang free and stood straight out, the eye-like slit seeming to stare at her. “Oh man! You really are hung like a bull! My kind of man!” And with that she opened her mouth and enveloped the head of his cock. Jack closed his eyes and moaned, the exquisite sensations taking over his senses.

He roused himself sufficiently to remove the rest of his clothes while Marsha continued her oral ministrations on his knob. Then he lifted her from her knees and together they removed her garments. When her blouse came off and her bra released, her large breasts barely dropped. The nipples had grown large and darker, and Jack began to touch them, slowly working his way to the nipples, but paying attention to every inch. Between them. Their tops. Their sides. Marsha threw her head back as she succumbed to the sensations. She continued to stroke his now slippery dick as he bent over to put his mouth to work.

He reached the nipple on one side and soon had it all in his mouth. He began to bite at it with his lips covering his teeth. At the same time his hand was working the nipple on her other breast, squeezing and twisting and stroking it. Then he switched, and Marsha cried out. Her body shuddered and it was clear she’d had an orgasm. Jack was elated!

When she recovered enough to speak, she suggested they move to the bedroom. Once horizontal, they continued to arouse each other. Marsha was fascinated by his cock. “I’ve never touched one so big. I hope it will fit!” She said.

“Believe me, Marsha, it will fit every hole you have. We’ll take our time and make sure it does. How does that sound?”

“Like I want us to stop talking and start fucking! I want that monster in my pussy! Hurry up and fuck me!”

They used the rest of that weekend to prove every hole would take his cock. They even took time to eat, sleep and use the bathroom. Jack left early on Sunday so he could get home, rest and put on clean clothes for work.

They arrived at work at different times. In different vehicles. The illusion was in place. Carrie, of course, looked them each in the eye that morning and winked. Marsha blushed and smiled; Jack merely grinned and winked back.

They maintained an open yet hidden relationship for months, until Jack was approached by another design firm with an offer too good to pass up. At that point, after submitting his notice, they let the office know. No one was surprised, of course! But at that point they were free to meet and talk during the day as well as at night.

Jack moved in with Marsha in the period between jobs. They would come home at night from their respective jobs and begin to explore life together. Jack was fine with it being just the two of them; strangely enough it was Marsha who wanted to expand their sexual horizons. They began by discussing their fantasies. Role playing. Marsha brought Jack to the Power Exchange one night. The club was explicitly sexual. There was a lot of gay sex there that night (as there was on all nights, as it happens), and they were both aroused watching man on man and woman on woman sex. They stayed together and soon were busy screwing each other. In public. Being on display and performing for an audience was a new, added thrill for them both. Marsha even won applause when she swallowed Jack’s cock all the way! Jack heard catcalls from the women when he ate her pussy for 15 minutes. They hadn’t realized what a thrill it mariobet yeni giriş was to be watched. They left, high on the experience and then fucked for the rest of the night when they got home.

They visited a variety of other clubs. Going online to Craigslist, they found a couple of swinger groups in the area. The groups rented hotel rooms, split the cost, and then met together. No one was admitted without up to date STD testing. It was at their first one that Marsha indulged her long-standing fantasy of being gang-banged. She let everyone know that she was there to get fucked and used. They obliged her!

There were wall-to-wall mattresses on the floor; those who weren’t actually participating were arranged around the perimeter of the room. Some of them were engaged in one-on-one sex; a number of couples were using their hands on each other as they watched Marsha take on all comers. She let everyone know she loved to suck cock and swallow cum; Jack made sure that there was plenty of lube available for use with either her ass or her pussy. After thirty minutes she was dripping cum from both holes. Traces of sperm that had overflowed her mouth coated her chin and her chest. Pretty soon every man in the room had cum in all her holes. Jack held off until all the other men were all spent and then proceeded to fuck her asshole with his big cock until he pumped her full of his cum.

When she rolled onto her back to rest, one of the women who had been masturbating furiously while watching came over and sat on Marsha’s face. Initially surprised, Marsha soon was into it and working hard as the woman pressed her pussy into her face. At the same time, a large woman moved betweern her legs and began to eat her! The groans and moans from the center of the room took on a new quality. On the outskirts of the room the women were make the men take care of them! At least two of them were being fisted; others were seated on cocks and working hard and yet others were rubbing their sopping cunts onto the faces of the man they were with. It was amazing.

Afterwards, as it drew to a close, Jack and Marsha received a standing ovation, and an open invitation to return at any time. They also left with a number of cards. The cards contained names, email addresses, private cell phone numbers and preferences. They had developed a new social circle for adult fun!

Jack and Marsha continued on. Jack eventually popped the question (after a marathon weekend where they both bared their soles and told each other everything they’d done in the past.). Naturally, Marsha said yes. Now they were engaged, living together, swinging together – but Jack had yet to meet his about-to-be-stepdaughters. With the Christmas break coming up, it as going to be the time.

On Friday before Christmas, Jack and Marsha were home early, cleaning and cooking and prepping the house for the girls’ arrival. They’d opened a bottle of wine and were feeling a bit of a buzz as the hour drew closer. Jack was getting nervous – he felt like he was about to step off a cliff. Finally, Marsha took matters in hand. Sitting him down, she sat on his lap and wiggled her butt seductively. When she got no response, she got determined.

She began by kissing his ears and is neck, moaning quietly. She felt the stirrings of his cock against her ass and continued to kiss him. “Calm down, Jack. They’ll love you. And if they don’t, fuck them! I love you. That’s what matters!”

Jack relaxed, and as he did, his cock grew hard and began to poke into Marsha’s groin. She slid off his lap, and from her knees opened his pants, freeing his big dick. “That’s better” she said. “Now, let momma Marsha take over.” With that she took his now fully hard cock into her mouth and sucked it deep while massaging his balls. Between the alcohol and the pheromones, they were oblivious to anything else. Marsha’s hair was wrapped around his hands as she took more and more of his cock into her throat.

“Holy shit, Sherrie! Mom’s quite a cocksucker!” came a voice from the hallway.

“And it looks like she’s got quite a cock to suck!” was the reply.

Marsha, realizing her daughters were now home attempted to pull off Jack’s hardon, but he was now close to cumming and held her firm. His hips thrust up and jammed her face onto his belly as he began to erupt. Marsha swallowed as quickly as she could to make sure she contained all his cum. She was torn – she wanted her daughters to love her, but her need to please Jack and her newfound desire to show off her sexuality were stronger. She kept sucking until he let go of her hair, at which point she was able to pull her mouth of his dick.

“Hello, Sherrie. Hello Nancy. This is Jack, my fiancé. It wasn’t exactly how we planned to have you meet him. Jack, these are my daughters – soon to be your step-daughters.” She mariobet giriş remained on her knees, still dealing with the liquids seeping from his cock.

“Damn, Mom, that was amazing! If you used to suck Dad like that, then he was a fool to divorce you! I can’t believe you took him all the way! Oh, Jack, I’m Sherrie, the older one, and you’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever seen! I am so jealous of my mother. Do you have a brother, by any chance?” She was giggling as she said all of this.

“Hi Sherrie. Hey, my eyes are up here! Damn, I can’t believe I finally got to use that line!” Jack laughed at the irony of the statement. “No, sorry, I was an only child. No brothers.” By this time he was able to stuff his now flaccid member into his pants, zip up and step forward to offer his hand in greeting.

“Shit, man, why’d you put that away? Both Sherrie and I are fans of big cocks, and I think you qualify. Oh, in case you hadn’t guessed, I’m the younger one, Nancy. And you’re about to become family – what’s with the handshake? Come here!” With that she wrapped her arms around his neck, gave him a big kiss and ground herself up against him. Jack’s cock began to respond, and Nancy noticed.

“Damn, Sherrie, get over here and get a feel of this!” Said the younger daughter.

“Hold it! This man is about to become your stepfather. My husband. It’s just too weird to hear you talking about having sex with my husband to be! Let’s sit down a minute!”

Sherrie and Nancy stepped back from Jack. He took Marsha’s hand, and the all sat around the kitchen table. They took a moment to look at each other. It was obvious that both young women were related to Marsha – both had the same profile she did; the same hair color, and the same set of big boobs. Sherrie’s appeared to be even larger than her mother’s. Jack was in the room with three gorgeous women who were about to become family, but who were talking like he was merchandise. He figured the best thing to do was shut up. He did, and just sat back.

Nancy spoke first. “Mom, remember what we talked about last summer? How, after you let Dad raise us all these years, that you weren’t going to try to be our mother? How you wanted us to be equals? Well, guess what? Sherrie and I never discussed our sex lives with you – but that was probably the only thing we didn’t talk about. We sure talk about it with each other and with our friends. And when one of us comes across something special, we share. For instance, have you ever tried a Sybian?”

Marsha and Jack looked at each other and grinned. Marsha spoke up. “I have one in the basement, actually. Jack bought it for me for when he can’t get it up. Or is out of town for business. Did you want to try it?”

“We have a group of friends who are, like us, just working part time while we get through school. We all chipped in and bought one we share. That’s what I’m talking about. Not only that, but we even discuss how to get the most out of it. We might have some things to let you know!” Nancy blushed.

Sherrie chimed in. “And, we both discovered we like the same thing – big dicks. Actually, all five of us do, so when we find a guy hung like Jack, we share. It’s what friends do. So put up or shut up – are we friends who share, or are you going to be a mother figure doomed to failure?”

“Well, here’s something you two should know about your mother. I’m a full-on slut! Since I met Jack I’ve been discovering that yes, big cocks are best, and more importantly, I like to show off! I’ve been the main attraction at our swinger group more than a few times. One of the reasons I left your Dad (and the other men I married and divorced) was that they were too hung up on how women were supposed to behave. And I was always more sexually adventurous that they were. Most of the time they couldn’t deal with it. With Jack, however, it’s very different. I’m discovering this amazing side of myself, where I’m so turned on by being the center of attention that I can lose control and people love it! So your problem is bigger than mine. I have no problem being a slut. I have no problem getting gangbanged in front of an audience. I like sex, I’m good at it and I love to show off. Not exactly the kind of woman most people want as a mother. Or as a wife. But at the same time, I’ve learned that every man seems to want his wife to be a slut. Jack’s the first man who isn’t upset by it. Maybe it’s got to do with the size of that magic dick he has. It’s really magical! But what do you want?”

Silence filled the room. They all looked at one another, and then Jack locked his eyes on Marsha. What ever happened, Jack was there for Marsha. If the girls couldn’t deal with it, he knew he would have his hands full consoling her, but he would make sure she came out okay.

Jack saw movement and took his eyes off Marsha. He began to smile as first Sherrie, then Nancy, began to unbutton their blouses, revealing flimsy lingerie. He looked back at Marsha and she too was now racing to get topless. Laughter filled the room. Jack was going to pull this family together, even if it exhausted him. What a way to go!

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