Welcome To the Family Pt. 01

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I knew my marriage was going to work the day my future Mother-In-Law made me squirt.

Getting married at 22 was never my plan. College, get my degree and find a great job, screw around a bit before settling down and then have a couple of kids and settle into life as an adult.

Then I met Greg. Big, buff and beautiful, Greg Masterson was my everything. College football hero versus my bookish nerdy science girl, he was beloved by everyone whilst I slipped through school almost unnoticed. He had the world at his feet and wanted for nothing. Until he laid eyes on me apparently.

I was painfully shy. Third generation Irish-American, whiter than milk skin, bright red hair, blue eyes, a total throwback to my heritage. Curvier (read fat) than the stereotypical norm with a passion for science and books. My thick lensed glasses helped me see and helped me hide. No-one ever looked at me. Until Greg.

Turns out he has a thing for curvy redheads. And an ever bigger hard-on for smart girls. We met at a football game that my roommate had dragged me to in a bid to find out if I was normal and my fate was set. I saw him and almost wet myself, his huge shoulders making me instantly imagine them wedged between my thighs, stretching me wide as he licked my as yet untouched pussy. Even then, as a virgin, I’d watched and masturbated to enough porn to know what I wanted. And damn, I wanted him.

Thankfully he felt the same and when his eyes locked with mine as his teammates lifted him on their shoulders in celebration, I knew my life would change forever.

That night I lost my virginity and my heart. I’d like to romanticise it and say how he wooed me with flowers and dinners but I’d be lying. He simply walked up to me, pulled his helmet off his sweaty beautiful face and told me I was his prize and he was going to fuck me into tomorrow. Holding out his hand, I didn’t hesitate to take it and let him lead me back to his rooms. If it was only for one night, it was still the best experience of my life.

Best night of my life now or since. And fuck me into tomorrow he did. Too scared to admit I was virgin and too turned on to stop him, Greg laid me down on his bed and stripped me bare, his tongue and fingers mapping every inch of my body. Looking back now, I can’t believe my confidence in letting him see me naked but at the time I was so turned on by him that I couldn’t control myself.

He just seemed to love everything about me. My G cup breasts that I normally tried to hide made him howl as he struggled to cup them in his huge palms, sucking and kissing my nipples until I begged him to stop; my thighs, that he now loves locked around his waist but then made me live in long flowy skirts; my butt, made bigger from southern comfort foods but that he loves to grasp as I ride him.

He loved me that night and he loves me now.

And heaven help me, I love that man with everything I have.

Flash forward a year and we are getting married. Which means meeting his parents. I’m a foster kid and not particularly attached to either of them, but Greg is close to his parents. He’s been trying to get me to visit them since we met but I’ve always made an excuse, terrified they’ll convince him to leave me. But a marriage proposal makes it hard to shy away and I want to marry him more than I want to breathe. But what if they don’t love me… or even like me?

Whilst our first night together wasn’t exactly romantic, his proposal was. Romantic candlelit dinner, slow dancing at a jazz club and ending in the hot tub on the balcony of our 5-star hotel. He kissed me, his hands mapping my body like a blind man, making me wetter with each sweep of my skin. He pulled me into his lap, his big cock hard and delicious against my stomach. I’d rocked against him, pleading with him to fuck me and he’d stopped. His beautiful face looked up at me as his hands held me away from his body and he’d told me that he loved me and wanted to marry me. That he vowed to not make love to me again until I promised to become his wife.

Of course I said yes. Mostly because I truly wanted to marry him but also because I needed to feel his cock inside me, taking me to those glorious heights we’d always enjoyed. In that moment, I forgot my body issues, my fear of getting close and everything else. I was just so high on feeling loved and wanted. So at 22, I agreed to get married.

We fucked hard that night. Probably harder than we ever had before. I forget how many times I came but we broke the bed and Greg still claims I broke his cock. We couldn’t get enough of each other, his body seeping into mine as he told me again and again that he loved me and couldn’t be happier. I felt the same.

Right up until we sat in the car driving towards his parent’s house the very next day. Let’s just say that my pussy was red raw and between that and the heat invading our un-air-conditioned car, I wasn’t at my best. But Greg was dead set, we were going to get married and he wanted his family to meet me.And he wasn’t prepared to wait another second, love him.

Sitting onwin giriş in that hot car, my body aching, all of my negative thoughts came to the fore. I was a nobody, a fat, unwanted nerd and Greg was worth more than me. It had been a miracle that he’d even looked at me that first night, let alone proposed and though now I realise he knew exactly what he was doing, back then my fears overwhelmed me.

He just liked fucking me, he just liked my tits, my greedy mouth on his cock. I remembered reading once that guys said fat girls gave better head because they were always hungry and again and again, I kept thinking that was all he wanted from me. Forgetting how often Greg went down on me, loving my flavour on his tongue and my obvious delight at it.

Has to be said now, by getting married to Greg I get way more out of it than he does. His parents are fairly wealthy so we’ll never be on the breadline. He got an amazing degree in Finance and has a great job whilst I’m struggling in a Research job that I love but gets no funding. We live together and Greg pays 90% of the bills as well as paying for our frequent nights out. I contribute nothing much besides my love and my body. As I said before, he could do so much better.

Sitting in that stifling hot car, Greg took my hand in his and kissed it. He pulled over into a lay-by and pulled me close, kissing the life out of me and making my body hot,

“I love you babe. I love you, need you and want you and that’s never going to change. I’m the luckiest fucker in the whole damn world with you beside me.”

Pretty sweet right.

And then I let his Mom fuck me.

Well not immediately but I wasn’t exactly fighting her off. But we’ll get to that soon enough.

We had a stay over at a Motel 6 and as always Greg and I scorched the sheets. He went down on me, I went down on his vigorously and we started out in our favourite position, doggy style. He loved to pound into me, his hands desperately grabbing my tits as I took him completely into my body, relishing his pubic hair brushing against my ass on each plunge. Our mutual cries of pleasure probably would have pissed off our usual neighbours but in this Motel 6, the cries of great fucking were like Dolby Surround Sound.

I came hard and felt his still hard cock leave me, huffing for breath into the pillow case as his fingers surrounded my over sensitized breasts. And then I felt his cock breach my asshole.

Instantly, I was alert and turning in his arms, forcing his cock out of me.

“Babe… I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to!”

Greg kissed me luxuriantly, his words less than true. He’d wanted anal sex since we met, but it was my hard no. I just don’t like the idea of it. Sure, I’ve stroked his prostate more than once and we’d both enjoyed rimming but his cock in my ass? My ass may be big but Greg’s cock is bigger and I’ve just never been comfortable with it.

I knew he meant it and I truly wanted to give him what he wanted. But a girl has to stand by her beliefs. I kissed him and slowly worked my way down his body, sucking his hard cock between my lips and not stopping until he came hard down my throat, crying out my name.

Sated we slept, Greg waking me once in the night to slide inside me from behind, slowing thrusting deep and making me come as he called me his beautiful wife. I cried happy tears as he fell asleep, his cock still buried deep.

“I should tell you babe, my parents have never once liked a girlfriend I’ve brought home.”

I’d stared at him in horror as we drove on the following day,

“Why would you tell me that now!?”

Greg shrugged awkwardly and turned back to the road,

“It’s different with you Ronnie! You are going to be my wife and the mother of their grandchildren,” he turned and waggled his eyebrows comically, “And I am going to fill you so much that they will have sooo many grandchildren! I couldn’t wait to start!”

We’d laughed as I slapped him playfully,

“How many exactly Greg?”

He’d laughed and I almost swooned,

“A hundred babe! I’ll never stop filling you up with everything I have!”

Grinning and happier than I probably should have felt in that moment,

“And considering how much you have to give me my wedding gift to you is I’m getting you a vasectomy!”

Man, we were happy on that ride to his parent’s house… If only I knew then what I know now.

Arriving in Virginia, I immediately saw the differences between Greg and I. I mean, I knew we were from different worlds, but this put our differences clearly front and centre. Huge double fronted three-storey farmhouse. Beautiful grounds, obviously had acres of space. They had a circular driveway with a freaking fountain!

As our car pulled up, I saw his parents. A tall older version of Greg, greyer but no less physically impressive and a smaller, thinner version of myself. If that was Greg’s Mom, I was starting to think he had Oedipal issues! Same colouring, from hair to skin and although my boobs where bigger, hers where no less impressive. In time, I onwin yeni giriş would learn hers were fake but at that point I was just freaking out majorly.

“I’ve told them I’ve proposed Ronnie and I’ve told them I love you. My folks are great people but they just want the best for me. Don’t let them scare you out of my life, I’d die without you!”

Greg kissed me chastely and leapt from the car, running to kiss his Mom and hug his Dad before opening my door gallantly,

“And this is Veronica. Ronnie, the love of my life and my future wife. Mom, Dad, meet your new daughter in law. I just know you’re gonna love her like I do!”

Bless Greg, he had no idea. But neither did I!

I hugged her Mom awkwardly and then his dad, less so. He immediately struck me as being the more welcoming of the two but I didn’t hold it against her. I mean, if my son came home at 22 and announced he was getting married I’d be hesitant too. And I reminded myself of it all evening.

Greg took our bags upstairs as his Mom, Sadie, showed me around. I wasn’t lying as I told her how beautiful the house was. My old foster home would have fit in their lounge! She was welcoming enough but I could tell she was gauging me and that in turn made me revert to my old pre-Greg self. I needed him next to me, needed to feel his confidence and love for me leeching into my skin. And then, like magic, there he was.

“So Mom, stop scaring Ronnie away and tell me what’s for dinner?”

Even her laugh was like mine, a deep throated laugh with a snort at the end. I stared at Greg but he seemed oblivious. His Dad however, he stared at me with intent. He saw the similarities too. At least I hoped that was what he saw.

Dinner was fabulous, at least the few mouthfuls I could eat were. I was too nervous to eat and as a big girl, not eating good food goes against everything I believe in. We chatted, Greg was ridiculously attentive and I gradually relaxed, joining in the conversation and even making a few jokes.

His Dad, Martin, offered brandy but I was too tired so his Mom Sadie showed me our room. Or should I say, my room. She feigned apologies for splitting us up but said she wasn’t comfortable with an unmarried couple sharing a bed. I was honestly too shattered to argue and thanked her for her hospitality, changing and sliding between the clean cotton sheets within minutes and falling asleep.

I slept fitfully that night, waking sporadically thinking Greg was there with me but always finding myself alone. I could have sworn I felt lips on my neck and fingers on my breasts but aside from waking in the early morning in a state of creamy arousal, I had no real proof. So when Greg crept into my room just past six, naked aside from a huge erection he feverishly buried inside me, I was not only ready for him, but convinced it was our enforced absence from each other that had messed with my sleep.

Fucking her only son in her own house when I knew she didn’t want me to made me wary of Sadie. She was nice enough, and to outside eyes, looked like the doting Mother-in-Law.

On the second day of our visit, she held a barbeque for the neighbours to introduce me and she stayed by my side the whole day. Telling everyone how clever I was and how my work in scientific research would cure cancer. I do work in that field but her enthusiasm seemed fake to my ears and my work is nowhere near that resolution. Every time I felt scared, my eyes found Greg’s and I remembered that I loved him and that I had to make them like me.

Martin was completely different, choosing to introduce me to his friends as his new daughter and crowing about how lucky his son was to have me. Saying how beautiful I was, how smart. Looking back, it’s pretty uncomfortable, considering, but at the time I was so grateful for his support. I saw the lustful looks from their friends, how the men stared at my breasts for too long, but Greg was never far away and I reminded myself that I was lucky to have him.

“That went really well. I’m glad that everyone came out to meet you Veronica. It makes it easier to welcome you to the family.”

Sadie couldn’t bring herself to call me Ronnie, despite both me and Greg asking her too. But she had a point. Despite some awkwardness, the day had been lovely and everyone seemed pleased that Greg and I were getting married. Martin sipped his brandy and mumbled something I couldn’t understand,

“Excuse me Sir?”

Greg blushed drunkenly and assured me it was nothing,

“Sssssh son, just saying how lucky you are to land a foxy woman like Ronnie. You’ll never regret it, if you know what I mean!”

Martin’s laugh rattled through me as I said my goodnights and went to bed, praying Greg would join me soon.

He did, obviously, and despite my sleepiness, he made love to me in a way I’d never encountered before, taking me from behind as I lay prone on the bed, his thrusts slow and sensual as he swept my hair back and kissed my neck. For the first time in our relationship. Greg didn’t say a word as we made love, and I was onwin güvenilirmi glad, way too overwhelmed to say anything back.

Now, it seems likely to me that I fucked Martin that night rather than Greg, or that he fucked me, but at the time, I wasn’t really with it. And maybe I’ll never truly know. All I do know is that it felt incredible and I felt adored and gorgeous. So whomever it was, it was pretty awesome. And it somewhat set the tone for our entire future. But that’s another story.

But that doesn’t even come close to the weirdest part of our visit. Day three, Martin and Greg went out to play golf after a lovely breakfast. Greg was tired, Martin seemed revitalized and Sadie still looked at me like I was road kill. As the boys planned their golf day, Sadie decreed we’d have a spa day and as Greg grinned I found myself agreeing.

If I had a time machine.

Hours later, Sadie has talked me into bikini and we are dangling our feet in the cool water of the pool. I’d wanted to dive in and hide myself but she wasn’t happy to get her hair wet and preferred to talk, get to know me.

“You know Veronica, you and I are very much alike.”

“If I may Sadie, I prefer to called Ronnie.”

She sniffed,

“Ronnie sounds like a man, you are very much a woman Veronica and you should embrace it!”

I almost apologised before she continued,

“I don’t talk about this often but Martin wasn’t the man I planned to marry. I was going to marry an older man named Douglas but my parents didn’t approve. Douglas was a widower and 20 years older than me and my parents were convinced he was just using me for my youth and beauty. I’m not being full of myself Veronica, but I was a looker back then!”

I couldn’t help myself,

“Sadie, you are still exquisite now! I wish I was as beautiful as you!”

She patted my thigh, “Darling girl, you look so much like I did at your age that we could be sisters. In fact I was your age when I met Martin. He was everything Douglas wasn’t, strong, virile, rich. I never cared for money then, wanting to keep Douglas but my parents pushed me towards Martin telling me we were a better match.”

“But that’s so sad Sadie! I’m sorry, but you obviously loved him!”

Sadie smiled sadly, “I did Veronica, every day until he died last year. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and I adore Greg but I often wonder what my life would have been like if I’d stayed with Douglas. With that man, I knew true passion, true lust. He made me burn.”

As anyone in a truly uncomfortable conversation I froze and took her hand in my own for comfort.

“We can’t live in regret Sadie, we can only strive to make each day better than the last.”

She smiled and raised our clasped hands to her lips, kissing my knuckle,

“You know Veronica, not only are you right but I think you may indeed be the best choice for my son despite my original objections.”

“And those would be?”

Sadie stood and I was awed again by her figure. Tall, slim with a full bosom and womanly hips, everything I wished I were. She walked away and then turned,

“Honestly? You want honesty?”

Yes! Yes, I needed to hear her but feared it desperately,

“Sadie, I love Greg and want to make him happy! If you can’t accept me then I can’t stay. And he’ll probably move on without me but I can’t bear that. Tell me what I’m doing wrong!”

She sat back down, her toes dipping into the pool and staring at me,

“Veronica, you are both too much and yet not enough for my son.”

Thankfully, she didn’t require a response.

“You are obviously smarter than he is, and that can hurt a man. I hope I’ve raised my son well enough to embrace intelligence in a woman, but in my experience it can come back to hurt you. And of course, you are big. I’m not being nasty Veronica but you know you are not a supermodel.”

I think I nodded but I can’t be sure,

“You have a body designed for sex and a brain designed for more. You are all curves and desire and want and that can make a man mad! I was once the same. No man took me seriously because of my appearance.”

“So what are you saying Sadie? Should I break his heart to save him? Leave him?”

She smiled slyly and I felt like a fly on a web,

“You love my son, I can tell but whilst now he adores you, I’m not sure you can keep him happy.”

“Why would you say that!”

She smiled,

“Because he is my son and I know him better than you do. Because Martin is not his father, Douglas is, and I knew Douglas better than everyone. Because I know that its sex that makes a couple strong in the first instance and that it takes love and understanding to make it work, and I’m not sure you two have that.”

I stood, uncomfortable with her words, more because of her truth than anything else,

“I’m sorry Sadie but I refuse to talk about our sex life with you!”


I did. Obediently.

“Greg loves you Veronica. I see that. But I know his father, I know his father’s needs. He may support you now and will support you in your work, which is way more important than his by the way. What I don’t want, is for him to grow tired of you. I don’t want you to feel like I did. I couldn’t keep either Douglas or Martin satisfied and I eventually lost then both…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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