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For a while I have had a suspicion that someone was using my panties! Had this happened a few months ago I would have been none the wiser but my surfing on the net had put me in contact with Lucien, a guy who is fanatical about women’s panties and I am slowly but surely been introduced into this world.

I have always loved wearing sexy panties and bras but this was more for my own sexuality and to a lesser degree my husband. He is not hugely sexual and I always hoped that my wearing sexy undies would kick-start his flagging libido. This has had mixed success.

Lucien and I met on an adult personals website and when I read his profile I noticed that he made mention of his love of sexy underwear or more specifically panties. We chatted for a while until he mentioned that he regularly used his wife’s panties to masturbate. This was a new one for me; I had never even known that the fetish existed. I was quite curious and not as grossed out as one may think. A few days later after a particularly erotic conversation, I got home and with my husband being away I was in a position to enjoy my toys for the evening. I went to my room and pulled my work clothes off until I was left standing in my Blue panties and matching lacy bra. I could see from my reflection in the mirror that my pussy juices had seeped through the front of my panties. I lay down on the bed; my curiosity got the better of me. As I was lying there with my favorite vibrator slipping down my lips and into my wet pussy I reached across and took my panties in hand and brought them to my nose. In the past I had licked my fingers while jilling off and had found the taste quite enjoyable. This was even better. My musky scent filled my nose as the vibrator slipped easily in and out. It wasn’t long before I felt the wave after wave of orgasm wash over my body. Instantly my juices started to dribble down from my pussy tracing a line down my ass and onto the bed. As I slipped the vibrator from my pussy I wiped it on the panties in my hand and wiped the excess juices from my pussy lips against the soft smooth fabric.

Lucien had asked me to take some pictures of my wet panties pressed against my face and me enjoying my hot pussy scent. I set the camera timer and snapped away. My love of panties and my cyber fetish had well and truly begun.

We were doing some renovations around the house and we had a team of builders in the house daily. The group of 4 guys were all pretty good looking and ranged from 25 to about 40, with the foreman being a bear of a man with a mild, friendly manner. I had watched him work and could feel a tingle in my pussy as I imagined his huge hands undressing me and caressing me all over.

Lucien had constantly told me that his fetish for panties was a lot more common than I thought and that a number of men shared this fetish. To illustrate his point he suggested that I leave a well used pair with a fresh load of pussy juice where it could be found. This was easier said than done in our house Maltepe Öğrenci Escort as only my husband ever go into my bathroom. That is until it dawned on me that while I was at work during the day the builders were working throughout the house.

Before I left for work the next morning I went and found the blue panties I had enjoyed the previous evening. I lifted them to my nose and immediately smelt the aroma of my previous evening of pleasure. My pussy was instantly tingling. I walked through to my bathroom and put them on the top of my laundry hamper. I had to be absolutely sure and went to find my digital camera. What better way to have the proof I was so desperately hoping for.

Throughout the morning I chatted with Lucien online. He loved the pics I had taken and told me his cock was hard and wet at the site of my pussy and panties. He also had a surprise for me. He e-mailed me a few pics of him sitting in front of his computer, a sexy white pair of panties pressed against his nose and a dark blue pair wrapped around his cock. My pussy was almost gushing.

After an agonizingly slow morning lunchtime eventually arrived. I wasted no time in rushing home to see if my bait had been taken. When I arrived home the builders were sitting around under a tree outside my room enjoying their lunch. I rushed into my room and made straight for the hamper. I flipped the lid open. There could be no mistake; they had definitely been moved. I picked them up. They seemed a lot wetter than when I had left them earlier in the day. I brought them to my nose and could smell fresh cum. I could only wonder which of them had enjoyed these panties. I certainly hoped it was the big guy who had made my pussy tingle a number of days previously. I was to find out!

I heard a movement behind me and looked up into the mirror and saw he was standing behind me. Not your classic pose, a 40something woman standing with one hand pressing her panties to her nose while the other was rubbing her pussy through her skirt.

“Don’t stop,” he said. “I wondered if you would notice that I had moved them. I’m really sorry.” “Don’t be sorry!” I said with conviction. “I put them there hoping you would find them and enjoy them.” “That I did, you have the sweetest pussy I have ever encountered. I was wondering whether the source of that juice was as beautiful as the scent in the panties suggest.”

I could feel my pussy starting to ooze its juices into my already saturated cream panties. My legs were weak with the sexual desire I was feeling. My transformation to panty slut had been fast and intense. With little thought I decided that for once I was going to pursue my fantasies.

“There is only one way to find out.” I said breathlessly.

I turned and made my way upstairs to my bedroom. I could hear him following me up the stairs. When I reached the top I turned to face him. I could see that he was trying his best to look up my short skirt. I was more than happy to oblige Maltepe Çıtır Escort and stood with my legs apart and lifted the hem of my skirt up until my wet, cream panties were on display for his enjoyment. He stopped when his face was level with my pussy. I could see him smiling broadly. He tentatively leaned forward and his hand came up until it cupped my hot pussy. His fingers pressed the fabric of my panties into my pussy. Feelings of uncontrollable sexual desire coursed through my body. I was still clutching my panties from the laundry hamper in my hand and as his fingers slipped easily over my panties I brought them to my nose and enjoyed their fragrant aroma. I could taste his cum mixed with the juices from my pussy. I looked down and could see his huge cock tenting the front of his trousers; this was getting better and better.

I took him by the wrist and led him straight to my bedroom. He followed behind quietly. I did not have time to waste. I turned to face him and watched his face as I quickly unbuttoned my blouse and flung it to the floor. My breasts were straining against the cream, lace fabric. My nipples pressed firmly against the lacy fabric of my bra.

“I don’t have much time,” I said, “get undressed!”

I undid the button on my skirt and it quickly followed my blouse. I felt exposed standing in front of a strange man in my Bra and Panties. He needed no second bidding and quickly undressed. I watched with interest when he got to his blue briefs. I could see the hard shape of his cock pointing upwards. I sincerely hoped that it was as impressive in the flesh as it was under his briefs. I did not have to wait long. He slipped his fingers in the waistband and with one fluid movement slipped them down his legs. His cock jumped free. It was probably more impressive than I had expected. It was at least 7 inches long and seriously thick.

I stepped closer and for the first time he started to take charge. He pulled me into his arms and kissed my on the lips. His kiss was firm and urgent. I could feel the hard form of his cock pressing against my pussy. I could feel him fumble with the catch of my bra and I felt it fall away and onto the floor, my breasts swinging free. He led me to the bed and I lay back with my feet hanging over the bed and just touching the floor. He knelt down in front of my and I could feel his warm breath on my inner thighs, working their way upward until I could feel him start to nuzzle my wet panties. His tongue traced a path up and down my slit, the feeling softened by my smooth wet panties. I grasped his head with my thighs, my hands behind his head pulling his face firmly against my pussy.

He lifted his face from my pussy and took the sides of my panties and started to pull them off. I could feel resistance as the wet crotch of my panties reluctantly freed itself from my swollen pussy lips. He slipped them down my legs. “Pass them to me.” I whispered. He passed my panties to me and knelt down again to Maltepe Elit Escort continue his pleasurable task. As his tongue traced its way up and down my wet slit, brushing my hard clit on the way, I brought my panties to my nose. Pure heaven! I could taste my pussy juices on my panties, a whole morning of sexual arousal made them even better than usual.

He continued to tongue my pussy, while his fingers wormed their way into my hot hole. I could feel his fingers probing my pussy until he reached my magical spot. Without warning I could feel my orgasm overtake me. My body shuddered and my pussy contracted around his large fingers. I could feel my juices running down from my pussy and dribble over my ass. I needed to feel his hard cock in me. “Fuck me now please.”

He lifted his head reluctantly from my pussy. I moved up the bed until my head reached the pillows. I opened my legs wide and ran my fingers over my pussy lips, anticipating his hard cock slipping into me. He knelt in front of me. His hard cock in his hand, his foreskin pulled back. I could see his juices oozing from the shiny purple head of his cock. I could feel his wide cock press against my lips, my juices making sure that it encountered no obstruction. I could feel his width slowly fill my pussy as he inched it in, deeper and deeper until his pelvic bone pressed firmly against my clit. My hips started to rotate feeling his cock massage every part of my hot pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him firmly against me. He withdrew his cock with each stroke, only to plunge it deeply into me again. As I lay there receiving the fucking of my life I rubbed my nipples firmly between my fingers. I could feel my pussy starting to contract. The familiar feeling was starting to build like a wave. I could hear his breathing quicken, his orgasm also imminent. I started to meet his trusts, our bodies clashing with each stroke. I could not wait any longer and with a load cry my orgasm wracked my body. I could feel his body stiffen and with a quiet groan I felt his cum start to squirt deep into my pussy. He kept his cock in my pussy as long as he could until it eventually started to soften and ease from between my lips. I could feel his cum following slowly from my pussy, coating my thighs and ass. I didn’t want to lose his juices just yet.

I closed my legs, trapping his cum in my pussy. I got up off the bed and walked as carefully as I could to my panty drawer. I found a dark blue pair and pulled them on. I could feel the juices ooze from my pussy and soak the fabric. “Be sure to check the hamper in the morning. I will make sure that these panties are there for you to enjoy.” “I look forward to that. I will make sure that I leave you some of my juices to enjoy in return.” He said with a smile.

I looked at my watch; I had 5 minutes to get back to work. I made my apologies and while he was still pulling his underpants on I pulled my clothes on, kissed him on the lips and dashed my way downstairs and back to work.

I sat in the office in a daze. I could not believe what had just happened. I can’t say that it was not what I wanted but I had certainly not expected it to just happen like that. I did end up leaving my panties for him and he did end up leaving me a load to clean up with my tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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