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Adya & Bera are both 7 months pregnant now. Both of them, demand that I need to fuck them more often.

It is Tuesday, my schedule to have a lunch date with Adya. I will meet her in the hotel room.

At around 10 am. I received a text from Adya, she texted the room number. Then my cell phone rings, it is my wife, she wants us to have lunch together, I told her that I have a business meeting.

Adya is standing in the hotel lobby when I arrived, she starts walking to the elevators, she waited for me, we are the only ones in the elevator, she stands facing away and rubs her butt on my penis, she grabs my hands and places them on top of her breast.

When we got inside our hotel room, I stand behind her back and rubs my penis on her butt, the tip of my is licking the back of her neck, I slide down her maternity dress sleeveless shoulders strap, her dress fell on the floor.

Her breast is much bigger now and her nipples getting longer. I told her to sit at the corner of the bed.

I stand in front of her while she is seating on the bed, she unbuckles my belts and unbuttons my pants, and unzipped my fly, then she pulls down my pants with my underwear and let them drop to my feet.

She grabs my penis and her tongue licks the head of my penis like a lollipop. I massage her breast. Then she places the tip of my penis on her nipple and rubs it in a slow circling motion. My penis gets harder than it was. She lay on her back, her legs are wide open, separated by the corner edge of the bed with both her feet on the ground.

Adya: Insert your penis inside my vagina, I want it now.

Me: No, let me lick and eat your vagina

Adya: You do, Babe? Yes! I like tipobet365 güvenilirmi that.

I kneel and start licking her vagina’s outer lips as my thumb gently massaging her clitoris and my other hand is massaging her breasts. I like the sound of her moans, it is music to my ears.

She starts to release a little amount of her vaginal juice.

Adya: Fuck me now, I want your penis inside my vagina. please, let me feel secure.

Adya stand up and she bends over and places both hands on the side of the bed and stretch her arm, I penetrate her vagina from her behind.

One of my hand is massaging her breast and my other hand fingers are massaging her clitoris and starts to slowly thrust my penis in & out of her vagina.

Adya: Ohhh!! Faster, thrust your penis in & out of my vagina faster and have your penis penetrate as deep as you go. Yes! like that, yes! I am coming FUCK. YEAH!!

I continue thrusting my penis in & out of her now fully lubricated vagina.

Adya: Yes. yes!! I am coming again, don’t stop. harder. faster. FUCK!! you make me feel so good!!

Me: Yes! let your vagina enjoy my sperm inside it.

I did not move, my body stands still while my penis is still inside her vagina. She. slowly grind her butt and tighten up the muscles of her inner vagina lips.

Me: Shit! please don’t stop Mommy

Adya: You love it, my big Baby.

Me: Yes, I am coming again.

Adya: Wait I want it inside my mouth.

Adya quickly turned around and sits on the side of the bed and insert my penis inside her mouth, just as my penis got inside her mouth, I let go of my sperm. She swallows everything and places her palm underneath tipobet365 yeni giriş her chin to catch the sperm the overflows from her mouth, and she licks her palm.

Adya: That’s was awesome Baby!

Me: I need to take a quick shower, I have a meeting in an hour.

Adya: I stay here tonight with Joana. That’s part of the deal now. Also, she is waiting for you at the lobby to hand you your lunch.

She’s been asking when can she ever join us. Bera & Me told her that you are exclusive for our family to enjoy.

I kissed Adya goodbye and pick up my lunch from Joana, Joana kiss me on my lips, and she whispered “Did, you feel my breast? I know you want to taste me, you have my number”, I just smile and leave.

In two months Adya & Bera will give birth. I am wondering if their child will look like me, Suddenly my cell phone vibrates, Bera sends a text. “Daddy, I can’t wait to suck your little penis, don’t forget, we have a lunch date in two days”

It’s Bera’s day. I am on my way to the hotel for our date. When I arrived at the hotel parking lot, I saw Bera’s car parked.

I went straight to the room.

The door opens at the same that I am about to knock on it, Joana was about to leave. I went inside the room.

Bera: Hi Daddy, Joana is about to leave

Joana: See you guys later.

Bera: Take a quick shower, I want to suck your penis.

After I showered Bera’s upper body is laying on her back on the top bed and both her feet on the floor. I bend and start licking her vagina’s outer lips.

Bera: Ummm, yes, Daddy! It’s been a week since my vagina got licked by you, my fucking husband is so lame, he scared that tipobet365 güvenilirmi the baby might get hurt if we have sex.

Her vagina starts to get wet, as I lick her clitoris same time two of my fingers are slowly going in & out of it.

Bera: Don’t stop Daddy, finger fucking me as you lick my clitoris, Oh! I am coming!!

She squirts on my face and for a moment my head got pinched in between her legs. I need to catch my breath after her legs let go of my head.

She told me to lie on my back with my legs outstretched. Then she kneels next to me and turned and she spread her legs, straddling my hips while she is facing my feet. She is kneeling and lowered herself down, as she begins riding my penis inside her vagina slowly up and down.

Me: That’s feels so good, Baby.

Bera: You like it, Daddy? You like me fucking you like this.

She grinds her butt as she continues to ride me, at the same time, both my hands are massaging her breast and pinching her nipples.

Me: Ohhh!! I am coming, Baby!

Bera: Come inside me, Daddy

I fired my sperm out of my penis inside her vagina, she feels my warmth sperm inside her, that’s why her up & down movement gets faster until:

Bera: YES!! Ummm!! that was AMAZING!! Thank you, Daddy.

We stay in that position for a while to let our bodies enjoy this wonderful feeling of ecstasy.

Bera: Do you need to go back to work?

Me: Yes and I dropped my wife at work this morning, because our daughter has a regular check-up today.

I got up on the bed and went to take a shower.

I kissed her, then I left. Then went to drive by the waterfront about a mile from the hotel, I parked my car and eat my lunch.

After that went to pick up my wife at her work and went to pick our daughter from the daycare and to our family doctor clinic for her regular check-up.

I missed my MIL. She & her husband are back in Hawaii. But they will be back in 6 weeks.

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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