Woodhaven School Girls Pt. 04

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Just before class ended for the day, Tiffany announced “Deanna Wilson, I would request that you stay behind after class.”

Deanna Wilson gazed back with a look of lust and purred, “I’d love to stay behind with you Ms. Jones.”

She saw the big smiles among all the class, each of them knowing that they’d all get a go with her after class.

Tiffany let her gaze linger, Deanna was a sexy 18-year-old with blue eyes, honey blonde hair, perky 34C boobs, and stiff nipples, a sexy curvy waist, a curvy heart-shaped ass, and she was one of the ones that favored the totally bald pussy style. Tiffany’s mouth watered as she looked forward to getting her mouth down there.

When they were alone, Deanna had something else in mind, and she said, “Today, I’d like to change up what I think might be a usual routine.”

Deanna stripped Tiffany, then herself, she took to Tiffany’s chair, brought her legs up, spread her thighs, and in an ordering voice, said, “Teacher, get your mouth down there and lick my cunt!”

That punched a kink button in Tiffany’s mind, the idea of having the tables turned, being ordered, and having the students teach the teacher, drove her forward. Tiffany was quickly on her knees, positioning her mouth inches away from Deanna’s steaming snatch, the scent of Deanna’s aroused cunt made her own pussy pulse with lust.

“Tell me, tell me what you are going to do!”

“Ummm, you smell delicious Deanna, I’m going to lick your cunt and make you cum all over my face!”

Tiffany moved her head towards the target, enjoying Deanna’s coos of pleasure as she felt Tiffany feathering soft gentle kisses and licks along her creamy lips. Tiffany gently spread her open, and Tiffany’s own pussy was seething as her head moved in close, Deanna growled with pleasure as she felt Tiffany’s hot, agile tongue slip between her lips, and start to swab at the creamy slick walls. Both ladies felt sizzling pleasure surging through their bodies.

Though this was only the second time that Tiffany had licked an 18-year-old girl’s hot, creamy cunt, she recalled how she had licked Paige’s creaming box, and Deanna’s increasing moans told her she was on the right track.

“Fuck, oh fuck, keep licking my cunt Teacher, make me cum all over your cunt licking face!”

The ordering just made Tiffany feel like a sizzling little bitch in heat, whose sole purpose was to service the hot wet cunt spread out before her. Encouraged by Deanna’s orders, she went at Deanna’s wet pink hole eagerly, her hot, wet tongue plunging deep into the soupy wetness, scooping up a flow of juices, then bringing her tongue back to spread her wetness all over the outside of her opening, and flicking at her tingling clit.

Tiffany imagined what it looked like from Deanna’s viewpoint, the Teacher’s blonde head of hair bobbing between her thighs, eagerly feasting on her creaming juices.

Deanna growled, “Oh my god, so good, so fucking good, keep licking me Teacher, you’re so good, make me cum!”

Tiffany smiled as she heard Deanna ready to explode. She felt Deanna’s hands cradling her head, stroking her blonde hair, and she went at her hungrily, licking wildly at the gleaming flesh and twitching clit, pumping two fingers in and out, bringing her right to the very edge.

Tiffany’s lips closed around Deanna’s throbbing clit, sucking hard at her orgasm trigger, istanbul travesti and Deanna let out raw shrieks of pleasure as she tumbled, ripples of orgasm gripped Tiffany’s plunging fingers in her soupy wetness, bringing a rich rush of juices. Deanna felt her juices flowing out, she pulled Tiffany’s face tight against her, moaning and grunting as she rotated her hips, mopping down Tiffany’s face.

Deanna paused for a few moments, letting the glorious wave take her, then she stood up, and decided to see how submissive Tiffany could be.

“Now, I’m going to fuck you with the strap-on dildo that Paige told me about. And you are going to love getting fucked hard, aren’t you?”

Tiffany felt a blaze of heat, her fantasy of being the one to get fucked after school jumped up. She nodded, her mouth dry, and watched as Deanna went into the desk drawer that Paige had told her about and pulled out the dildo. She also took out the jeweled butt plug and smiled. It was meant for Deanna, but since the harness would keep her holes well stuffed, her butt plug was going to get its maiden use on Tiffany’s tight little ass.

“Bend over, on your desk!”

Tiffany did so and watched with wide eyes as Deanna brought her backpack up. Deanna had been eager to get the delectable Ms. Jones, and she had brought along something she had hoped to use on Tiffany. She produced a set of handcuffs.

Tiffany was about to be restrained, it made her even hotter, as her left wrist was cuffed, Deanna lifted her arms up above her head, then her right wrist felt the click. Deanna took a tether, ran it through the middle of the chain, and pulled upwards. She secured the tether to the edge of the desk, Tiffany was now under Deanna’s control, and she started to make mewls of impatient need.

“Oh yes Tiffany, that is just how I want you, a sex-starved slut, hungry for it!”

Deanna quickly donned the strap-on, letting out coos of pleasure as she felt the dildo and butt plug make contact inside her. Ever since her Daddy and her Uncle Don had given her a DP for her 18th birthday, she loved having both her asshole and pussy stuffed. God, the feeling of their cocks rubbing against each other inside her as she was shafted had been out of this world. When she exploded, she felt like they were fucking her brains out, the feeling of hot wet loads filling both holes just about made her insane.

Since that time, she adored masturbation with both holes filled. She looked forward to getting her jeweled butt plug after Tiffany had enjoyed it first.

Deanna filled her eyes with the sight of Tiffany bent over her desk, ass cocked up, her pink opening, wet and gleaming, framed by the neatly trimmed muff of blonde pubic hair. She had licked Tiffany’s sweet box yesterday during the pleasure the teacher period, and she had been hungry to do it again.

Deanna purred, “Ummm, I love after school one on one, teaching the teacher is even more fun! I’m going to lick you teacher, and I want you to cum like a sex-hungry slut!”

Tiffany felt the warmth settling in between her spread thighs, then let out a purr of pleasure as Deanna started to kiss along the pink, slick lips, bringing mmmms of pleasure from her. Encouraged, Deanna’s tongue came out, and she started delicate licks along the pink seam, her tongue eagerly lapping away at the sweet juices, istanbul travestileri eager to drink more of her. Deanna brought her fingers up, gently parting Tiffany’s lips, and slid her tongue inside as deep as possible, letting her tongue wriggle around the smooth tunnel of Tiffany’s steaming pussy.

Deanna felt a huge rush of fresh juices cover her tongue, she got a full-on taste of Tiffany’s tart juices. She remembered the intoxicating taste from her earlier cunt licking during the Pleasure the Teacher period. Hungry for more, Deanna pulled Tiffany’s pussy against her face, and she ate the teacher ravenously, her tongue dipping deep into Tiffany’s fiery center, licking her as her intoxicating juices churned, flooding Deanna’s mouth. The juices were overflowing, and Deanna felt a rush as she drank deeply of the copious flow flooding her lips. Deanna was ready to plug Tiffany, she started scooping up juices with her tongue, lifting her head up to spread the juices all over Tiffany’s asshole, making that pink starfish glisten, and letting her tongue lick eagerly at the tight, twitchy rim.

Tiffany let out a loud moan, and grunted, “Oh fuck, fuck that feels so fucking good!”

Deanna let her tongue probe that tight pucker, feeling a slight give, and she slid her forefinger into the gushing heat, swirling it around, getting the finger slicked up. She felt Deanna’s finger press against her, then her rosebud let it in, Tiffany’s growl of pleasure sounding as she felt the finger wriggle around inside her. Tiffany knew what was coming up next as she felt the butt plug push between her pussy lips, letting the rushing juices lube it up. She was going to be plugged with Deanna’s plug, then fucked like a cock crazy teacher.

Tiffany felt the finger withdraw, the plug was taken out of her cunt, then a push and the jewel butt plug was working its way into her other hot and horny hole. Oh yeah, it felt amazing, the feel of it breeching her asshole, the big flare stretched her open to the max, the last bit rushing in, her ass locking around the stem. She felt Deanna’s mouth around her clit, sucking hard, and she went flying over.

“Fuck, fuck, FUUUCCCKKK!”

Tiffany’s voice rose up to a shriek, and her pussy exploded, giving Deanna a wet, rushing facial.

Deanna was on fire, she stood up, and took a picture of the plug with her smartphone. She was sure that Tiffany was eager to see what she looked like, naked and plugged, Deanna would also want a copy, for her enjoyment when she masturbated. She was sure that Tiffany would use that for masturbatory fodder, too.

“I’m going to fuck you, teacher, fuck you real hard, and I want you to come like a cock crazy sex doll.”

Deanna was blazing with lust-driven heat, she quickly nudged the head of the dildo against Tiffany’s creamy slick center, and drove in with a fierce thrust.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh… ggggooooodddddd,” Tiffany moaned as she felt herself being stuffed full to the brim. She looked over her shoulder to see Deanna’s lust-driven face as the 9 inches of cunt stuffing pleasure slithered in with a fierce wet charge, burying itself up to the hilt in her wide-stretched vagina. She felt and saw her new lover’s pelvis lunge forward, smacking flat against her supple ass as another loud moan escaped from her mouth.

“Ooohhh fuck, yes, fuck me make me travesti istanbul cock crazy teacher!!” Tiffany moaned, as Deanna grabbed her hips and began to fuck her rapidly. Deanna was feeling rushes of hot sizzles through her body, the pumping of her hips made her attachments work on her. The rubbing of her dildo and butt plug against each other as she power-shafted her lust-crazed teacher was beyond anything she’d felt, fuck it was amazing.

“Oooooohhhhhh… Oh, my God!!” Tiffany moaned, her widening eyes gaping unseeingly as her dildo began to fuck rapidly up into her cunt from behind. She could no longer keep her eyes on the arousing scene of Deanna ramming into her vagina, her eyes were wide, staring ahead without really seeing, her body shaking from the powerful charge. Tiffany concentrated on the sensations created by that 9-inch dildo plunging wetly up between her open thighs. The rubbing of the dildo against her butt plug inside her was erotic beyond anything she’d felt, she began to move her hips wantonly backward to meet Deanna’s breathtaking lustful strokes, eager for each sizzling plunge.

Tiffany was in another world, the feeling of both holes filled was beyond compare. Holy fuck, she’d never felt anything so totally erotic, god it felt amazing. Deanna gave her the best dildo fuck she’d ever had since her neighbor had seduced her back when she was 18. The sensations were nothing short of spectacular.

Deanna had become as lust-crazed as Tiffany she furiously smacked her pelvis against Tiffany’s supple ass cheeks, driven on by her loud cries of pleasure, oh fuck, she was reaching her peak, damn, oh fuck, she was gonna explode.

Deanna cried out, “Gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, FFUUCCCKKK!”

Orgasm rammed into her as her pumping buttocks started to contract convulsively, squeezing at her butt plug, adding to the explosion between her thighs. She stared at Tiffany’s body, looking down to where they were bonded by the dildo, the arousing sight made a second orgasm grab her, a third right behind it, dimly, she heard Tiffany’s howl of orgasm join in, her body shaking, her cum juices being squeezed out by the plunging of her dildo. The room was filled with cries of orgasmic pleasure as teacher and student rode the crest of a very enjoyable one-on-one session.

Deanna had heard about Paige’s after-school session, and very soon they were in the locker room, under the shower spray, gently and sensually soaping each other’s bodies. Deanna led the way, and she stepped up to Tiffany, and their lips came together in lust-fueled hunger, they descended into a vortex of tongue-filled swirls of passion, each of them kissing back with as much ardor as they could.

Each of them reached for the other’s pussy, and agile fingers started to stroke and pump at the soft wet holes awaiting them. The heat was building to an explosion.

Deanna grunted, “Let’s cum teacher Tiffy, let’s cum together!”

Tiffany felt the wave, her hips started to buck and thrust, she let out a wordless cry of pleasure, and she heard Deanna growl “Cumming, oh fuck YES!”, and her cry of pleasure joined in as they climaxed together, bodies shaking and writhing together in orgasmic ecstasy.

Deanna purred, “Bend over Tiffy, I want my plug.”

When she felt her ass pucker back up, Tiffany realized she missed the feeling of being stuffed. She watched Deanna take it under the shower, and soap it up, then rinse it off.

They toweled off, and Deanna purred, “Tonight, I’m gonna shove my plug up where it belongs, and dildo fuck myself like crazy, remembering what we did, and how it felt to make you cum like a cock crazy teacher!”

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