A New Experience For A Straight

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I had been to a blowout party at a fraternity here on the campus where I attend college. I had drunk way too much and I passed out in one of the rooms. After a while I woke up and staggered back to my dorm room, still really drunk. My male roommate helped me off with part of my clothes and then I started throwing up, just making it to the bathroom in time. Again, I passed out hugging “the porcelain bus”. My roomie, Fred, helped me to my bunk and I passed out for the rest of the night. It’s tough being nineteen in college.

However, I vaguely remember waking up much later with a really big hard on – which happens to me several times during the night and again when I first wake up each morning. Someone was giving me a real slow, but great blowjob. It was sort of like a dream – only this time it seemed more real. They had hold of my cock and were stroking it slowly while licking my balls. And then they took one of my balls in their mouth and sucked on it. This was a new feeling to me and felt great. Then they licked artemisbet yeni giriş the underside of my cock from my balls to the tip – slowly. I got harder and harder. This seemed to last for a long time and they seemed to be able to take my entire cock in their mouth and tickle it with their tongue as they slowly let it slide back out. I think I finally exploded in their mouth. But I really didn’t ever really wake up completely, and figured it was just a dream.

The next day I had a splitting hangover headache and vowed to never get that drunk again. I thanked my roommate for helping me to bed and I cleaned up the bathroom.

A few weeks later I did go to another party though and did have a little too much to drink – but this time I just got high. I got home late and noticed Fred was already asleep in his bed. I stripped to my boxer shorts and hit the sack and the bed only spun a little before I fell deep asleep. I was having an awesome sexy “wet dream” and was dreaming of fucking artemisbet giriş a gorgeous blonde that I had seen on campus a couple of times. I slowly woke up a little bit and , as always I had a huge throbbing hard on. By the way, I have about 8 inches and it’s pretty big around when I’m fully hard. I only opened one eye, but to my surprise, Fred had both hands around my cock and had the top half of it in his mouth. I am very straight and have never even considered anything homosexual while I was conscious. Well, I was too embarrassed to show I was awake and it frankly felt too good to make him stop. I just closed my eyes and imagined it was the beautiful blonde chick giving me a super blowjob.

Fred was very good at it, and now I’m sure it was him that gave me the awesome blowjob the time I passed out after the last party. He made it last a long time and used his tongue and lips and hands in ways I had never experienced before. He had my balls in his mouth a lot while he stroked my throbbing cock. artemisbet güvenilirmi He seemed to know when I was about to cum and would keep slowing down to stop me just before. Finally he held the top of my cock in his mouth and sucked and licked like crazy while he stroked the bottom half hard and very fast. I throbbed and came in at least 6 or 7 big spurts into his mouth and he drained my cock dry. I just rolled over and went to sleep “without waking up”.

The next time it happened I had only been asleep a short time and woke up as soon as he put his hands on my cock. It was soft and he seemed to enjoy putting it all in his mouth and letting it enlarge while in there. He gave me another long, slow blowjob as before, but this time I was awake to enjoy every minute of it even though I still couldn’t watch or let him know I was awake.

This now happens at least once a week and feels much better than masturbating. However, I feel I am still very straight. I definitely would not want to handle Fred’s , or any guy’s cock, much less put it in my mouth or ass. And I still much prefer getting pussy from a good-looking babe. I have been getting pussy since high school, but these blowjobs from Fred are definitely a unique experience for me. And if we both enjoy it so much, what the heck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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