A new story in Gotham

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This story is made up and fan fiction. These characters are not mine and I only wrote this for fun.

I had been struggling to get out and patrol since i had broken my right humerus fighting the crock. It had been a week and i still had little mobility. Luckily i had Barbara and Dick to pick up the slack. It was getting really late and i was sitting in the cave waiting for Barbara and Dick to return. I could hear their motorcycles approaching from the south entrance. I watched them park their backs and they started to approach me. Dick was carrying a strange plant.
“Hey Bruce check out this little plant.” Said Dick.
I took the plant and examined it. I had never seen anything like it before. It was Like a small bright orange dandelion with red streaks in the middle. It was about as big as long as my wrist and the flower was about as big as my hand. For it to be so small the flower put off a powerful aroma.

“Where did you get this?” I asked.
“They have been popping up all over the city all week and a lot of strange things have been happening. Almost everyone has one in their homes.” Barbara explained.

They both began to explain all the strange stuff from the past week. These strange plants started springing up in stores and everyone started buying them up. They also told me they hadnt seen any crime in the past few days. All they saw were everyone having sex. Everywhere. It had to be the plant. For the most part all of the big criminals had been laying low since the last break out at Arkham. This obviously had to be the the work of Poison Ivy. I ran a sample of the plant through the computer but nothing came up. I told them both to get some rest and sent them on their way.

The next few nights i continued to send Dick and Barbara out to see if they could find the source of where these things were coming from. After altıparmak escort the second night they didnt return. That morning i figured I would ride into the city and check on things at the office and hit the streets that night to see if i could track them down. Alfred fired up the car and I hoped in the back. On the way I was examining the plant trying to find some sort of clue. I could not get past the aroma. After smelling it for a few minutes i was kind of in a fog and I had a large bulge in my pants. What is this flower? I was looking down at my pants and grabbed my dick. It was huge. The aroma from this plant was defentily doing something to me.i put it down and looked out the window and tried to think of something else. I arrived at the office and headed up to my floor. I headed to the top floor and into my office but my secretary wasnt at her desk, but one of those flowers were. I booted up my computer to look at the numbers fro the past week or so. Nothing was there. Its like no work had been done at all. I had to get to the bottom of this.

I headed to my Vice President’s office to find out what was going on. His door was cracked and i could here some moaning. I peeked in through the crack and saw that Lucius had my secretary bent over his desk and was fucking her brains out. I found my self not being able to look away. She had nice round tits. They were on the bigger side of the B column and perfectly shaped. She had nice tan legs and a nice ass. Lucius had one hand on her hips and one had full of her long black hair. He was pulling his massive member all the way out of her and slamming it back in. She was starting to scream loudly and her glasses were falling off her face. I noticed the tip of my dick sticking out the top of my pants. I decided i needed to get out of there. I rushed back outside and jumped into the car and told bursa rus escort bayan alfred to take me home.

I got back home and headed down to the cave to suit up. It was getting dark so i made sure everything was in order. There was going to be a lot i could do tonight since my arm was still broken. I had to lay low. I pulled up Barbara’s tracker i had placed on her back and saw that it was in the north east side of the docks. I jumped in the batmobile and headed out. It was a long drive it took me about 45minutes to get there. I found an old warehouse and stashed the car there. I managed to climb to the roof and make my way over to the building her back was at. I didnt see her bike anywhere outside so it must be inside. The building had once been the offices of some fish-stick corporation. There was a skylight on the roof and i could see down into a room. All I could see was several of those flowers around the room and a naked red head handcuffed to a chair behind a table. I could see her profile and realized it was Barb. She was completely naked but didnt seem to be struggling.

The door opened and it was that damned clown and his wench Harley. They started talking but i couldnt hear what they were saying. The clown stood against the wall and Harley uncuffed Barb. She stood up and i realized how beautiful she was, Her red hair down her back, her ass was big and toned, and her tits were huge and perky had to be in the D department. She walked over to the clown and dropped to her knees and he started laughing. She pulled his dick out and it slapped her in the forehead. I had never seen one that big. What has Barb gotten herself into. She put it in her mouth and started sucking on the head and part of the shaft working the rest with her hands. Harley i watched Harley start to strip and was just as amazed at her. Her tits werent bursa üniversiteli escort bayan as big as Barbs but her ass huge. She bent down and took the big meat hammer from barbs mouth and stuck it all the way down her throat. I could feel my own dick bulging in my armor now. I shouldnt be enjoying this. The clown grabbed them both by the throats and pressed them against the wall. He braced his hands against the wall started to fuck barbs face. She put her hands up to try push him off and stop choking but harley just held her hands down and the clown just keep fucking her throat. I could tell she was gagging. He switched back and forth from face fucking both girls for awhile. He grabbed Barbs by the back of the head and pulled her by her hair and bent her over the table. She looked like back at him sticking her ass out wanting him. He grabbed her by the hips and didnt even try to ease his huge dick in her he just shoved it all in and started driving away. I could hear her screaming for more she was loving it. harley hopped up on the desk and barb buried her face between harleys legs. I couldnt believe what was happening. Barbs was doing this on her own. After awhile harley got up and pushed the joker to the ground and climbed on his dick. She started riding him and i could hear him howling. Barbs walked over and straddled his face. she was bucking on the clowns face and kissing harley. i felt like i was going to cum on my self. After what seemed like forever of this the joker jumper up and pulled Barbs to her knees. He cam all over her tits and harley was lapping it up like she was starving.

The clown then decked Barbs right in the jaw and knocked her out. The clown laughing picks Harley up and slams his dick into her pussy and carries her our impaled on his dick. When i was sure they werent coming back i managed to get the window open and slid down and covered Barbs up with my cape and used my grappling hook to shoot us to the roof. This was a pain getting her back down to the batmobile carrying her over my one shoulder. I managed to get her back home and into her bed. I decided she might need to sit the rest of this one out. Now i just need to find Dick…

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