A Peculiar Affliction Ch. 01

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First things first, I am a normal teenager, well 21, but still I have friends, I play sports, I have a happy life, the only issue in my life is that while the rest of me is man, I have a pair of large woman’s breasts, while in my early life they had been manageable, they have since grown to a size that means they can no longer be concealed, thus I became the boy with the tits, while I was initially picked on this changed when I discovered Logan, the coolest kid in school, was obsessed with my tits, so I cut him a deal, he and his friends would leave me alone, in exchange I would let him and only him do what he liked to me, but that’s neither here or there, what we’re here to talk about is my uncle Mike and how we got so… close.

Mike and I had always been close since I was very young, he had been there for nearly every major milestone of my life, and, I had a little crush on him, that’s why when I found out he was gonna be at my Grandma’s house while I was spending the day there, I made sure to wear a lacy bra, that i usually used for Logan, as well as a shirt that highlighted the bra and the main attractions.

“Hi uncle Mike” I said playfully as he entered the room.

“Hello ma… well don’t you look nice” he said, eyeballing my cleavage and the purple bra that contained them.

“Hehe, not as good as you though” I cooed, delighted my plan to finally seduce my uncle was working.

While he sat down in the chair facing the island in the kitchen I was leaning on, I made myself a glass of water while we made idle small talk, he couldn’t focus on anything other than my breasts, while he asked a non-sensical question about college, I let some water fall onto my tits, as he kept talking, I let more water fall onto my canlı bahis tits until they were glistening.

“Uncle Mike could you help me get a new glass?” I can’t reach the one I want’ I flirted, putting on a dramatic display of my inability to reach.

“Sure I’ll help you” Mike said in an almost possessed voice.

“Thank You”

When he came round my side of the island, he stood directly behind me, practically breathing down my neck.

“Now which is the one you want?” he asked in a low voice.

“That one” I replied pointing to the glass furthest too the back.

He lent forward and grinded his crotch into my ass, I had to bite my lip to stop myself from moaning, he made multiple exaggerated efforts to grab the glass, dry humping me in the meantime, much to my delight.

“Was it this one you wanted? or was it this one?” Mike growled, twisting and shaking his crotch on my ass.

“Ah, there it is” he exclaimed, driving his crotch into my ass as hard as he could.

“OH MY GOD WILL YOU JUST FUCK ME ALREADY?” shit, did I just say that out loud?


Hastily, I began pulling my jeans and boxers down while my uncle made his own preparations, I bent over the island with my jeans and boxers around my ankles, waiting in anticipation for any sign of intrusion, I felt a finger probing my asshole but when I tried to turn and see what was going on, my uncle forced my head back so I was facing forward.

“Come on and do it already” I cried.

As if on cue, my uncle grabbed my neck and pushed my face into the island, I moaned in pleasure as I felt him run his cock around my ass cheeks.

“Are you ready?” He growled, leaning his body over mine, covering it completely.

“YES” bahis siteleri I moaned, completely overwhelmed by what was happening.

He put his face in front of mine and began slowly kissing me as the hand on my neck began stroking my hair, I began snogging him like an excited schoolgirl when without warning, the tenderness disappeared, he thrust his cock as hard as he could into my asshole, causing me to whimper at the sudden invasion of my body, he was so much bigger than Logan, I shut my eyes and clenched my teeth in pain as he based out his cock in my ass.

He began peppering my head with kisses. “Accept it, accept it, accept it”

As I began to acclimate to the size of him, I opened my eyes, only to see my grandmother standing with a grin in the doorway, I tried to move and cover myself up as best I could but quickly found this difficult, mainly because I was still being held down by my uncle.

“I’ll just be taking the bins out if you need anything, and, don’t worry you’re secrets safe with me” my grandma said with a wink.

When we heard the door close, my uncle began slamming his cock into my ass immediately, I let out a shriek of pleasure at the sudden burst of ecstasy, I felt him start kissing my neck while calling every name in the book, all I could do was moan and writhe in response as he made me his plaything.

“Get up, get up, I wanna feel’em when I fuck you” he grunted.

I presumed that he would have torn my shirt open and pulled my heaving breasts out to fondle, but no, he settled for groping my tits over my shirt and bra, I guess he was caught up in the moment, I caught my reflection in the mirror, my hair was a mess and I was red in the face, I watched my smallish cock flap about as bahis şirketleri my uncle sodomised my asshole, my god I was gonna explode.

“FUCK IM GONNA BLOW” my uncle grunted.

‘CUM IN ME BABY, FILL YOUR BITCH UP’ I shouted in encouragement.

My uncle roared with ecstasy as his cum jet streamed up my spinchter, I screamed out a moan as I felt his hot love juice climb up my body and into my stomach, when my uncle eventually stopped cumming, he fell back, pulling his cock out of my now red raw back pussy, I remained flopped over the table completely out of breath and with a look of pure nirvana on my face.

“Shall we take this upstairs?” My uncle whispered into my ear.

Just as I was about to grab his hand and follow him upstairs, I heard a voice from the hallway.

“YOUR MOMS BACK” My grandma shouted.

“FUCK, before you go can you do something for me?” Mike asked.

“Anything for you” I replied, pulling up my jeans as I did so.

“Any chance I can see’em?” he exclaimed.

I grinned and undid my shirt and bra, letting my tits hang free, he lent down and motorboated me, causing me to shudder and moan in pleasure.

“You should go” my uncle said with distinctive reluctance.

I pouted and put my tits away, Mike helped clean me up so much that one would have no idea I had just been ridden like a horse, I gave my uncle a parting kiss as I headed out the door, but not before I felt a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about your parents, whenever your with me I’ll make sure you can see Michael, whether he comes to my house or we drive to his,” My grandma stated reassuringly.

“Thank you so much”

“Don’t worry about it, now go before she gets out of the car.”

I did as I was told and got into the car, mother and I made idle chitchat while my real focus was elsewhere, what I wouldn’t have given to have been rolling around in bed with my uncle, butt naked and showing him just what I can do.

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