A show like no other.

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My wife Bev and I had been married for 4 years. It was fun. It was mad. We loved sex. Any sex. Not with other couples or singles, just us. Together we explored everything from dressing up, yes both of us, to various toys. On mad Sundays we would go to a park or a beach. Making love on a park bench or in the sand dunes were our way of being outlandish. Going out Saturday night Bev would dress provocatively sans underwear to shock the diners in a restaurant or we would catch a bus and watch as guys drooled over her and women looked disgusted. She even convinced me not to wear underwear. I would get an erect and I loved the sneaky glances of women.

I remember it was a Thursday evening when Bev told me she was joining a women’s group. I was a bit taken back to be honest. It wasn’t something I expected her to be into. “A women’s group?” I said. “Yes” she replied “Margaret is a member and she invited me”. Now I had met Margaret. Quite attractive, nice tits. “What does this group do?” I asked. “Oh just talk about life and stuff” she replied. I could not believe my wild, sexy wife would be interested in something that sounded so mundane. But she seemed to be excited about it so I let it slide.

They met on Wednesday nights and the first night she was very horny when she got home and dragged me into the bedroom as soon as she got home. This became a routine and I have to admit I decided that this women’s group, whatever it was, meant my wife was more hornier than ever. But in my more dark moments I began to worry just what was going on that got my wife so turned on. I had heard about these women’s night where they got drunk and had male strippers. Was that what was happening? Not knowing what it was all about I had to find out. Was she cheating on me? I got more suspicious as time went by. But how to find out? That was the difficult part.

About this time my friend Tim was waffling about this sex show he had gone to. He said there was this thing on Wednesday nights and all sorts of weird stuff happened. I listened to him going off about it. Now a sex show, while being interesting was not really of much interest to me. Sitting watching people have sex wasn’t anywhere as good as actually doing it. But he seemed excited about it and asked if I wanted to come along. I guess I said yes, mainly to have something to do. After all, Wednesday was Bev’s women’s group so I was free. “Ok Tim, count me in” I said.

The following Wednesday night I told Bev that Tim had invited bursa escort out for a beer. A lie but I could hardly say what I was really doing. Bev smiled, told me to have a good time and we headed off separately. She to this woman’s group and me to some sex show thing. Now Tim hadn’t told me too much about it. I guess he wanted to surprise me. We drove out of town to a rural property. There were cars everywhere. Obviously it was a big deal. We went into this barn. When I say barn, that what it looked like outside. Inside it was a totally different kettle of fish. Fully reworked, it looked more like a large room with a bed and a couple of benches surrounded by chairs. The chairs were set up for an audience to view the goings on. There were already a number of people, both men and women already seated with more arriving. Tim and I grabbed seats and sat waiting for the show to begin.

Suddenly the lights are all switched off except for lights over the centre. Two women came out wearing loose fitting dresses and quickly stripped naked and got on the bed making out. This guy comes in obviously pretending to be a husband of one of them. He strips naked and the three of them are cavorting on the bed in a series of sexual positions. While really into just watching I will admit to barring up. I was even excited by the guy who had an erect quite a bit larger than me. The crowd were getting right into it, cheering and making crude comments. I guess the show lasted for about 20 minutes. It finished with the guy jerking off over the two women.

Tim was really excited. “I told you it was hot” he said “but wait until you see what is next”. Just then a woman appeared dressed in a robe and wearing a mask shaped like a dog’s head. A second woman followed, fully dressed but leading a large dog. “Oh fuck” I thought “this is so weird”. I had heard about this thing called bestiality. I thought it was just something made up and not a real thing. “I love this part” gushed Tim “this bitch is amazing. Just wait and see”. The “star” I will call her, started patting the dog and cuddling him. The dog seemed very excited. She opened her robe slightly and he dived into her crotch and she squealed. Real or not my cock twitched. The woman leading the dog unhooked the leash and the “star” removed her robe. She was naked.

She turned to kneel down over one of the benches and I gasped. The woman had a tattoo on her left shoulder. Oh fuck, it was my wife. I sat spellbound as I watched the görükle escort dog mount her and begin fucking her. She squealed and moaned in exactly the same way as she did when I fucked her. “I told you mate” said Tim, sitting on the edge of his seat “she is fucking amazing”. I couldn’t speak. I just sat wide-eyed as I watched my wife giving herself to an animal. The moaning continued and the crowd was going bonkers. “Yes, fuck that bitch” some guy screamed out and the rest cheered louder. Then the dog stopped humping and I heard my wife scream “oh shit, the knot” and more cheering. It was several minutes before the dog withdrew.

“Wait, she hasn’t finished” Tim said enthusiastically and he was right. As the dog moved away the woman come back leading another dog. I recognised this one. It was a Rottweiler. My wife hadn’t moved and the crowd started chanting “fuck the bitch”. Tim was chanting loudly. He looked at me as if to say “why aren’t you chanting?” so I did. The woman released the Rottweiler and led the first away. The Rottweiler obviously knew what was required. He immediately mounted Bev who let out a squeal as he mated with her. Again her squeals and moans echoed around the room and the cheers continued as he too humped her furiously and then stopped. Her moaning continued until her pulled away about 5 minutes later.

“Oh fuck this is so good” Tim said again “this whore is so into dog fucking”. I resisted the temptation to punch him in the nose. The last thing I wanted was to let on that that whore, as he called her, was my loving wife. Again Bev didn’t get up and the woman returned once more with another dog. “Watch her scream when the Great Dane fucks her” said Tim. The third dog looked more like a small horse. He was bloody huge. I could only image how big his cock would be. The woman called out “do you want to watch him fuck this bitch?” and everyone was yelling “yes yes fuck that bitch”. Tim was clapping and cheering. “Ok then bitch. Do you want him?” said the woman and Bev yelled a muffled “yes”. Immediately the dog mounted her.

She screamed as he began to fuck her. I admit that my cock was rock hard and aching. Again I sat gobsmacked as I watched the love of my life howl and squeal as this huge dog had his way with her. The skill of these dogs was also amazing. Fucking a dog bitch would have come naturally but to be trained to fuck a human bitch must have taken a lot of work. The Great Dane was doing his worst and as Bev’s yells and escort bayan screams grew louder so the crowd watching got louder. Then the dog slowed and Bev again screamed. I would learn later that dogs had this knot thing and the Great Dane’s knot was as big as a fist. He stopped moving. A sign, I would learn later, that he was cumming. Finally he pulled away, again causing Bev to squeal.

Bev stood up and bowed to the crowd and then walked, slightly bow-legged out of the room. Lights came on and lots of excited chatter filled the room. “What did I tell you” gushed Tim “wasn’t that slut truly amazing?” I agreed with him but I also had a million question for “that slut” when I got home. “Come on Tim” I said “I need a drink” and we stopped at a pub before going home. I noticed the lights were on when Tim dropped me off so I knew Bev was already home. I let myself in and found her in a robe and sitting on the couch. We looked at each other, unsure who would speak first. Finally she said “I saw you tonight. We need to talk”. “Too bloody right we do” I snapped.

I sat down on a chair opposite her. Silence for a minute or two and I thought I had better start. “Bev, what were you doing there tonight? Is this what that women’s group is all about?” She came over and sat on my lap. She explained that in the beginning the group was as she had explained. Talking about life and it then became about sex and different types of sex. “So you cheated on me” I exclaimed. “No never” she said and kissed me “never with another person”. I guess I was relieved but it didn’t explain the dogs. “They talked about sex with animals and I sort of said I found it exciting. From then on they had me working with a dog. First just at our meeting and then at a show like tonight. I am sorry darling. It realised I enjoyed it. You were not supposed to know about it”.

I had a choice. Scream and shout and leave or just play it cool. I decided to play it cool. Peeling off her robe I began to fondle her boobs and then reached down and rubbed her clit. “Fuck me darling” she said moaning “show me you forgive me” and I carried her to bed and did my best to forget a dog had been in that pussy a couple of hours before. Over the next couple of days I learned more and more about bestiality and my wife’s fascination with dog fucking. She promised to stop going out Wednesday nights and I promised to get her a dog. We went to the breeder who happened to be the woman with the dogs at the sex show. We got a Black Labrador which was already trained. Now Bev is a wife AND a bitch. Now our little sessions in the sand dunes are far crazier. And it feels so good when I slip my cock into a pussy full of dog cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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