Al’s One Night

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Author’s Note: This is a flash story; not meant to be taken too seriously.


Ronnie Valpo entered Tommy’s Po-Boys and sauntered up to the counter.

“Help you?” the young man behind the counter smiled.

“Regular roast beef, just gravy,” Ronnie smiled. “And uh, small diet coke.”

The young man showed Ronnie where to slide his debit card.

From his seat, Ronnie could see into the small video arcade Tommy had in the rear of the shop. There were seven video consoles; at present three of them were taken.

Two couples, boys and girls, had two of the machines. They were playing, but they really weren’t concentrating on their games. They would touch each other, smile, laugh, and encourage each other, even as they competed.

And there was a young man, dressed in black jeans, black sleeveless tee shirt, and black motorcycle boots.

The outfit alone would have been fierce, fearsome, except for the boy was a scrawny kid.

Ronnie’s name was called and he retrieved his meal.

One couple tired of their game and came out, holding hands.

“Get me an ice cream?” the girl cooed to the boy and he agreed.

The other couple continued to play, in between kisses. And the boy continued to play, even as he had to push his hair out of his eyes.

Ronnie finished his meal, then walked into the video room.

He selected the machine to the left of the solitary male. He saw that the scrawny boy was about eighteen or nineteen years old, with a somewhat handsome face, or it would have been handsome, if he didn’t have that goofy mustache and goatee that a lot of young men mistakenly believed to be attractive.

Ronnie favored his own two day growth of whiskers. The blonde stubble gave his slightly pudgy face some definition, and looked good with his long blonde hair. His brown eyes were hidden behind his sunglasses; his eyes were extremely sensitive to fluorescent lights.

Within moments, he’d managed an impressive score, and was still going strong. The young couple walked out of the arcade area, chattering nonsense to each other, leaving Ronnie and the young man alone in the room.

The young man had lost at his game and was now watching as Ronnie deftly avoided a kill shot and took out yet another assassin.

“Damn; didn’t even see his ass there,” the young man said.

“Yeah, behind that rock like that; it hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have seen him either,” Ronnie admitted.

But the next assassin popped up from behind a wall and Ronnie’s character went down.

“”Grab the other,” Ronnie said, nodding toward the controls.

He and the young man, Al, Albert Roberts played an energetic game.

“Well, that’s it,” Ronnie smiled when he’d annihilated Al’s character. “Unless you got some more quarters?”

“Nope,” Al shook his head.

“So, where you going from here? Your bike outside?” Ronnie asked, looking pointedly at Al’s garb.

“No,” Al smiled. “Probably just go on back to the dorm. You?”

“Me? Go back to my place, get out of these sweaty ass clothes,” Ronnie said and looked around to verify that they were alone. “Spark up a couple of doobs and whack off to some porn.”

Al laughed at Ronnie’s words.

“You smoke?” Ronnie asked.

“Yeah, dude, had me some killer Bahama just the other night,” Al lied.

Living in Sharp Shire dormitory at U.L.D. campus, he would not be able to get away with smoking marijuana.

“My shit’s all home grown,” Ronnie admitted. “Friend of mine does the hydroponics thing; fucking killer.”

They left the sandwich shop, talking about marijuana in hushed tones.

“Dude!” Al said as he saw Ronnie’s 1978 Corvette.

“Yeah,” Ronnie smiled as he unlocked the passenger door for Al.

He drove them rapidly to his apartment complex, parked and punched in the code for the gate.

“Yeah, costs about twenty five more a month than the others around here, but dude, that gate? Keeps a lot of the shit out, know what I’m saying?” Ronnie said as the heavy gate clanged shut behind them. “Don’t have to put up with ‘will you buy raffle tickets for my school’ or any of that shit.”

He guided Al to Apartment 4A and unlocked the door.

Al looked around the one room studio with interest. One wall was solid bookcases, from floor to ceiling. There were several books, as well as several vinyl albums, a bulky stereo system occupying one corner, with small speakers throughout the apartment, and a flat screen television.

There was a coffee table and a futon, and one floor lamp and that was the extent of the furniture.

“Like I said, going get out of these sweaty ass clothes; just got in from off-shore,” Ronnie said.

“No kidding?” Al asked. “What you do?”

“Welder,” Ronnie said and began pulling off his shirt.

He revealed a muscled body, with six pack abdomen and quite hairy chest. He shimmied out of his jeans, revealing thick, muscled legs and narrow backside.

Al looked away, Eryaman Escort embarrassed as Ronnie casually dropped his boxer briefs to the floor and stuffed everything into a canvas bag.

“Couple of doobs on the coffee table; spark one up you want to,” Ronnie said as he opened the door to a small bathroom. “Just going to grab a quick shower, all right?”

Al did light up one of the joints, taking a huge drag. The harsh smoke burned his throat and he fought against coughing.

Inside the shower stall, Ronnie did scrub off his sweat. He also lathered up his long hair with the floral shampoo he liked.

He would never use that shampoo off-shore; the men on the rig would razz him without mercy.

He imagined Al’s pouty lips, imagined them wrapping around his fat cock, and imagined Al slurping hungrily at his meat.

The boy’s skinny jeans did reveal that Al had a cute little backside; Ronnie imagined slamming his cock into Al’s willing shit hole.

He used some floral shampoo to lubricate his meat.

“Argh!” Ronnie grunted under his breath as he blasted a hot load of spunk.

Then he rinsed off and got out.

He pulled up a pair of leopard print micro-briefs. The underwear was more of a novelty than anything; there was a zipper right in front, with a large pull tab.

Ronnie stepped out of the bathroom and saw that Al had nearly finished smoking the first joint.

“Good shit or what?” he asked, flopping down on the futon next to the young man.

“Yeah, shit’s even better than that Bahama shit I had the other day,” Al agreed, sticking to his lie.

“Like I said, smoke a couple of doobs, whack off to some porn,” Ronnie said and grabbed his remote control.

The television sprang to life and a moment later, a blue screen appeared, then faded to black.

A scene of jail cell bars slamming shut came up. The speakers around the apartment gave a loud ‘clang’ and Ronnie adjusted the volume.

‘Reform School Bitches’ flashed on the screen as another jail cell bars slammed shut.

Al giggled at the title. When he masturbated, which was often, he loved pulling one off to images of lesbian action. The movie ‘Caged Heat’ had gotten him started on this particular fetish.

Ronnie lighted another joint and indicated the bag on the coffee table.

“Papers in there; roll yourself another one,” Ronnie offered.

Al didn’t really want another one; his head was whirring already. But he also didn’t want to look like a wimp in front of his new friend.

Rolling joints was a skill Al possessed. He quickly, efficiently rolled a nice one, then rolled a second one, should Ronnie want one.

Another jail cell bars slamming shut and the camera panned to show a young man, standing in a cell, looking scared.

“So you the new bitch?” a very muscular young man announced, getting off of his bunk.

“What?” the young man quaked.

“So what you in for?” another young man asked, rubbing the outline of a large cock through his prison dungarees.

“Uh, carjacking,” the young man said.

“Yeah? Me too, but fucking cunt wouldn’t give up the keys, know what I’m saying?” another young man said, also rubbing his cock through his pants. “So had to kill the bitch.”

“Think I love about this one?” Ronnie said as Al stared at the screen, unsure. “All this fuckers are eighteen, nineteen. Fucking hate when they show guys that are thirty, forty years old trying pass off like they teenagers.”

He let out his lungful of smoke, then took another hit.

“Beer’s in the fridge; grab me one?” Ronnie asked.

Al did not pull his eyes from the screen as he walked to the small refrigerator.

“Hey, look you guys, I’m not gay,” the young man said on the screen.

“We ain’t either,” the largest young man said, pulling down his pants and revealing a thick eleven inch cock.

“Yeah, but our old ladies ain’t here,” another young man said, also pulling down his pants, releasing his own large cock.

“So we slaps yo ass with our magic cocks and make you our bitch,” the third young man said, pulling down his own pants.

The three surrounded the protesting young man. The one behind him reached out and yanked the new man’s pants down, revealing a fairly large cock. The young man tried to run, but his pants tripped him.

The scene changed to show the largest youth grabbing the young man’s blonde hair and feeding him his cock.

“He likes it! Hey Moose, look! His dick’s getting all hard!” another young man laughed.

Ronnie eased his micro-briefs down and eased his aching cock out.

Al chugged his can of beer nervously as his new friend started slowly stroking his cock.

“You can whack your carrot too,” Ronnie suggested.

“I uh, I don’t want to,” Al said, finishing off his beer.

“Yeah you do, look; you got a stiffie,” Ronnie smiled, nodding his head toward Al’s jeans.

Al looked down and realized, his erection was tenting his jeans.

“Uh hey, look I uh I got to get going, know what I Sincan Escort mean?” Al stammered.

“Dude, come on, lighten up,” Ronni cajoled. “Dude, it’s just us, two guys, huh? Ain’t shit wrong with pulling our puds in front of each other, huh?”

“Yeah, but this is gay shit,” Al protested.

“So?” Ronnie said, still slowly working his cock.

The scene on the television showed Moose now plowing the young man’s ass with his monstrous cock while the young man sucked one, then the other remaining young men’s’ cocks.

“But I’m not gay,” Al protested.

“Uh huh, then why’s your cock all hard?” Ronnie asked.

“Dude, I’m not gay!” al almost burst into tears.

“Dude, what?” Ronnie said. “You beat your meat to a little gay action, so what? Like I’m going tell anyone? Fuck, get another beer, chill the fuck out, huh?”

Al did grab a second beer, then lighted another joint as the scene shifted to show the original young man in a prison shower.

“Ooh, that’s a nice one, bet you shoot some sweet juice out them berries, huh?” a young black man said, stepping into the scene.

Al’s cock twitched as the young black man started sucking the young white man’s cock.

“”You don’t want to beat it, it all right if I do?” Ronnie asked.

“What?” Al asked as Ronnie dropped the remnants of his joint into his empty beer can.

Ronnie reached over and unzipped Al’s black jeans.

Al’s five inch cock sprang out; Al was not wearing underwear.

“Oh, that’s a pretty cock,” Ronnie said, taking Al’s cock between his thumb and forefinger.

He stroked up and down the length of Al’s twitching cock.

“Tell me when you’re close,” Ronnie said as the scene on the television showed the white man and black man in a sixty nine while several other young men stood around, stroking their cocks and shooting their semen onto the two lovers.

“I uh, I’m getting,” Al said in a strangled voice.

Ronnie leaned over and sucked Al’s cock into his mouth.

Al had never had anyone touch his cock, other than himself. It was not from a lack of trying, but girls just weren’t attracted to him.

His mother said it was the stupid mustache and goatee. But Al had not had any luck before growing the facial hair.

Al spent a heavy load into Ronnie’s mouth.

Then Ronnie sat back and resumed pulling his seven inches.

Al sat, gasping for breath

“Oh there’s no way!” Al exclaimed as the scene now showed the young man taking two large cocks in his back door.

“Here,” Ronnie said, unhooking Al’s leather belt, then pulling Al’s jeans down to just below his bony knees.

Al realized his cock had not subsided.

“I’m about to, you want to…” Ronnie asked, indicating his own cock.

Al trembled anxiously as he bent his head toward Ronnie’s cock.

Would sucking another man’s cock make him a faggot? Or would it only make him a faggot if he swallowed the other man’s semen?

Ronnie had to slow his stroking; Al was taking a very long time to bring his mouth to his cock.

But the moment Al’s mouth encircled Ronnie’s cock head, Ronnie sped up his stroking.

And suddenly, Al’s mouth filled with a gluey, salty tasting substance. The texture was extremely unpleasant, and AL was sure he was going to vomit as he swallowed all that Ronnie had to give.

“Damn, that was good,” Ronnie praised, lighting another joint as Al sat back. “You uh, you ain’t never done that before, huh?”

Al did not answer, just sat, blankly staring ahead. His head was buzzing, humming, whirring.

He had just sucked another man’s cock. And swallowed that man’s semen.

On the television, the young man was face fucked, and ass fucked by a variety of men.

The movie ended with the young man leaving the prison.

“Bye guys, I’ll be back,” he called out.

A car pulled up, stopping for the stop sign. The young man savagely jerked the passenger door open.

“Give me the fucking car, bitch!” he yelled.

The carousel gave a barely audible click and ‘Fuck My Ass’ popped up on the screen.

Al gave a squeak when he felt Ronnie’s fingers on his still erect cock.

Then he watched as two young men performed oral sex on each other, then one young man presented the other with his ass.

Al squeaked again when he felt one of Ronnie’s large fingers entering his tightly clenched anus.

Ronnie expertly manipulated Al’s prostate gland and Al emptied his balls into Ronnie’s mouth with a strangled scream.

The television showed young men fucking each other up their asses, spurting sticky loads of semen onto each other’s asses.

Al did not tremble as much the second time Ronnie urged him to suck his cock. He did wonder why he was still in this man’s apartment, his own jeans bunched up around his knees.

“Here, get on your knees?” Ronnie suggested as they finished a fourth beer apiece.

“What, why?” Al asked as they watched another man taking two large cocks in his ass while a third cock pumped in and Etlik Escort out of his mouth.

Al got onto his hands and knees, even as he asked Ronnie why he should.

“Oh, hey, nuh uh, I don’t think so!” Al protested as he again felt Ronnie’s large finger slip into his anus.

But Ronnie’s hands on Al’s hips, and Al’s bunched up jeans, held Al in place.

Then Al screamed when he felt Ronnie’s cock head pushing against his anus.

The pain was unbearable. Even as the alcohol and marijuana dulled the pain, it was still raw as Ronnie’s thick cock forced its way into Al’s virgin ass.

Al sobbed bitterly as Ronnie slowly but forcefully shoved inch after inch into Al’s hole.

“Aw fuck yes, aw you got a sweet little hole, bitch,” Ronnie taunted as he bottomed out in Al’s ass.

Because Al had sucked him to two climaxes, Ronnie was able to pound Al’s hole for a few minutes.

Al sobbed, then gave a guttural bark as his cock twitched, then spurted a thin dribble of semen onto Ronnie’s futon.

Then Ronnie gave a strangled grunt and spurted a thick wad of spunk into Al’s ass.

Twenty minutes later, a fairly drunk and stoned and happy Ronnie drove the drunk and stoned and barely composed Al to Sharp Shire dormitory on the campus of the University of Louisiana at DeGarde.

As Al got out of the Corvette, he saw a fellow student, Billy Adams looking over at him. Al’s face burned with same as he gingerly walked to the entrance of the dorm.

“Dude that was Ronnie Valpo?” Billy asked.

Al didn’t answer the scrawny young man, just walked to the elevator and jammed the button.

Twice that night, Al was sure he was going to soil himself. Both times, though, he did manage to make it to the communal bathroom before suffering that indignity.

The following morning, he paused a moment, then shaved off goatee and mustache.

Two days after his first homosexual experience, Al was eating lunch in the cafeteria when Billy Adams put his own tray down and sat down across from him.

“Was at the park, just shooting some hoops and this cool looking guy comes up and next thing I know, we’re playing a little pick up,” Billy said, not looking up from his food.

Al looked up from his own tray.

“And then we go back to his place, you know, to smoke a few joints, watch a little porn,” Billy looked up and made eye contact with the now hotly blushing Al.

“Oh yeah?” Al asked, ready to deny any knowledge of what Billy was talking about.

“Come to find out, it’s gay porn and he makes me suck his cock and next thing I know he’s fucking me up my ass,” Billy said.

They both ate in silence.

“I’m in Room four oh three you ever want to talk about it,” Billy quietly said.

“Four oh three?” Al repeated.

He picked up his tray.

“I uh, I’m in Room four ten,” Al said.

“Yeah, but my roommate dropped out; I got the whole room all to myself,” Billy said, looking away.

Al went to his next class, returned to his dormitory room, did some homework, and tried to study a little.

Then Al gave up and walked down to Room 403.

“Yeah, give me a minute,” Billy called out.

Billy answered the door, dressed in only plain white briefs. He smiled happily and let Al enter.

Standing, both nineteen year olds were the same height of five feet, seven inches. Both were scrawny, both had bad hairstyles.

“Hey, was just thinking about you,” Billy admitted.

“Oh yeah?” Al asked.

Then Billy kissed him. Al opened his mouth and the two sucked on each other’s tongues.

Billy’s cock, fully hard, was only four inches long, and was slender. Al found that he could swallow Billy’s cock to the root.

Billy was not able to get all of Al’s cock into his mouth, but what he couldn’t fit into his mouth, he jacked with his free hand.

His other hand was busily finger fucking Al’s ass.

After each had come into the other’s mouths, they lay on the unmade bed, the bed that had been Billy’s roommate’s bed, kissing and stroking each other’s bodies.

Ronnie had not really taken any time with Al. With Billy, Al found out that he had extremely sensitive nipples. A simple lick could reduce Al to a quivering mass. And a light pinch could damned near make him shoot.

Then Billy used his spittle to lubricate Al’s cock and lay down on his back.

Al clumsily pushed his cock to Billy’s clenched anus and shoved forward.

“Ah!” Billy cried out in pain.

But a kiss from Al silenced Billy’s painful grunts.

Soon, Al was fucking Billy, fucking him hard.

Al could almost understand the predatory Ronnie Valpo, could almost understand why the man would cruise, looking for young, innocent eighteen, nineteen year old boys to fuck.

“Argh!” he cried out and pumped stream after hot stream into Billy’s willing ass.

Then, when he was able to breathe again, he sucked Billy’s throbbing four inches to a juicy climax.

Again, they lay on the unmade bed, just kissing and touching. Then, when he was hard again, Billy mounted Al and pounded Al’s ass hard until he stiffened and filled Al’s ass with a juicy wad of spunk.

For the rest of that semester, Al spent more time in Billy’s room than he did in his own. The two would study together, quizzing each other, in between kissing each other.

Then, after dinner, they’d return to Billy’s room and they’d fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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