Amber’s Family Pt. 02

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A Week With Daddy

Amber came hard thinking about that night with her parents. She cried out and her legs shook. She had to sit down on the ground so she wouldn’t fall over. “God I love that!” she said. She sat in front of the full length mirror catching her breath and gently massaging her beautiful tits.

After recovering enough from her cum, she wiped her pussy off and skipped down the stairs, her tits bouncing freely and her ass jiggling slightly with each step. She was ready for another summer day.

She called her friend Lisa on her cell phone. They talked a while, and Amber asked her to come over. She agreed and while waiting for her friend, she sat down and ate some cereal. She loved her parents’ large spacious home in Austin, and loved being able to be naked all the time in it.

After this summer she had plans to go to college at the University of Texas at Austin, so that she could live at home. Her grades during high school weren’t stellar, averaging C’s. She just didn’t care as much about the school work as her other classmates had, and some of it she plain just didn’t understand. Her father Michael, helped her with most of the homework she didn’t get during high school. She loved him so much! He was the kindest, smartest, handsomest most loving father a daughter could ever have.

Amber’s pussy began to tingle again as she thought about her father…and his cock. Michael Shae had a 9″ long cock and it was quite thick in girth as well. Amber thought it was the most beautiful example of manhood she had ever seen. Even now at 18 years old, she hadn’t seen a cock that had come close to her father’s beautiful member. Thanks to their clothing optional rule around their house, she had been able to look at it every day since her 18th birthday.

God! how many times was she going to masturbate today, she thought, as she began rubbing her pussy. Her cereal forgotten, she concentrated her hands on her young body, stroking her cunt and massaging her breasts with her other hand. Her eyes fluttered closed as she remembered back to the time her dad had spent a week with her earlier that summer. Their special week.

She was barely 18, in her home in Valencia. She had stopped wearing clothes around the house on her 18th birthday, the same night that she had watched her parents have amazing sex, three times in a row right in front of her with their permission! She had frigged herself silly that night and had to be carried to bed by her strong father.

The next morning her mother had got her on birth control.

Amber spent her days by the pool, sunbathing nude, getting rid of her tan lines, as well as doing normal things like going to friends houses and the mall. Every night after 10:00 though, was spent watching her parents have sex. Her mother had given her a small pink vibrator on the third night of watching her parents fuck, so she could give her tired fingers a rest. The vibrator was amazing against her clitty and she would moan almost as loud as her mother would as she watched her Daddy’s cock pound her pussy mercilessly.

She loved her sexy mother, and loved watching her get fucked and her pussy getting eaten out, but she began to get jealous of her, as night after night she watched her mother being taken in many different positions. She was especially jealous of her when Daddy would shoot his thick cum into her mouth after fucking her hard.

The first time she had witnessed this she had been amazed. Daddy had just got done fucking his mother hard and fast and stated he was going to cum. Shannon had quickly extracted her cunt from her husbands fuck stick and knelt before him. With worship in her glazed eyes she stated she wanted all his jizz in her mouth. She then took his glistening cock into her mouth and began a furious blowjob, trying to suck his balls dry. She’s amazing, thought young Amber, as her mother quickly bobbed her head on her father’s man flesh. I want to be amazing at sucking cock too, she thought. Soon after entering her mothers mouth cunt, Her Daddy shouted and blew his load deep inside, spurt after heavy spurt of hot spunk quickly filling her mother’s mouth to the brim, despite her desperate attempt at swallowing as fast as she could. A string of thick cum dribbled down her chin and onto her thigh. Her mother was swallowing load after load of spunk and was too busy to clean it up.

Amber, seeing the stray nut juice, crawled over to her mother with curiosity to get a better look at her father’s Jizz. Almost without thinking she took her fingers and wiped up the errant cum and stuck them in her young mouth. It was fantastic! it had a strong taste, manly, and sweet too. Young Amber wanted more, but looking up she saw that her mother had finished it all!

Amber sighed in frustration. Her parents got up and lay in bed together. Her Daddy began playing with her mother’s heavy tits, massaging them and sucking on a nipple. Her mother smiled and coo’d at him.

This was usually the time that she went to her own bed and slept. She had come twice tonight Giresun Escort watching her daddy pound her mom’s fuckholes with his thick cock. But somehow it didn’t feel like enough. Amber’s overworked sloppy cunt felt empty. Her clit was sore, but she wished that there was a cock stuffed deep inside her like her mom got every night. And her Daddy’s spunk was amazing! She wanted more.

The sexy young teen got up from the blanket they had laid on the floor for her to masturbate on and walked over to her Daddy, hugging him as he continued to suck her moms tit flesh. He removed his mouth from the perky nipple and smiled sleepily at his daughter. She kissed him on the lips goodnight. He kissed her back passionately, his tongue snaking into her mouth. Their tongues danced around each other sexily.

Her mother had approved when she saw her daughter kiss her husband on the second night after Amber had watched them fuck. She had told her daughter that she should practice making out with her Father, so she knew what felt good when she got her own boyfriend.

Amber was very grateful to her mom for this allowance and she loved holding her father tight every night making out. Sometimes after he kissed her goodnight she would masturbate afterwords, cumming hard just from the memory of her father’s strong and skillful tongue.

After about 30 seconds, her Daddy broke the kiss off saying “Goodnight Amber hun, sleep well.” He then went back to sucking her mothers hard nipple. Her mother said goodnight to her too, eyes half closed, enjoying the ministrations of her father. Amber’s nipples ached. She wanted her father to suck her nipples every night too! she silently made her way back to her room, and went to sleep. Despite being frustrated, she now slept well every night, a side effect of cumming so hard and often.

The next morning she awoke, and got into the shower, washing away her juices from the previous night. She got out of the shower and dried her long strawberry blonde hair. The nude teen then skipped down the stairs to find her mother fully clothed in a sexy business skirt and blouse and her Daddy nude, sitting and having breakfast. She skipped up happily and gave them each hugs, lingering on her father longer, so she could stimulate her young titties against his warm flesh. She kissed her father deeply, and her mother on the cheek.

“This is different!” she exclaimed brightly as she looked at her mother fully clothed. Most days her mother would stay nude with her until she got ready to go out for the day, and her father would be dressed for work by this time, about to leave.

Her mother who was usually all smiles in the morning looked up gravely at her young daughter and said:

“Your Aunt Kirsten has gotten very sick and needs help for the week, until Uncle Jason can get back from his business trip. I’m going to the airport in an a few minutes to help her out.”

She looked at her daughter carefully and said “I know that things have changed very much in the last week and a half since your 18th birthday, but I want you to know how proud I am of you. You’ve become such a sexy young woman and I hope you can take care of your father while I’m gone.” She smiled sweetly at her young daughter and said “Your father has taken the week off of work to watch you. I hope you both take this opportunity to grow closer together.”

Amber’s young heart began to flutter, and her body grew hot. A whole week alone with Daddy! she thought. It was her dream come true. She had often fantasized about taking on her mother’s place as the wife. In her fantasy she would Make sure her daddy would come hard inside her at least twice a night and have him suck on her titties until they both drifted off to sleep. Now it was going to come true!!

Amber gave her mother a beautiful smile full of straight white teeth and said “of course I’ll watch after Daddy while you’re gone Mom, and I will make sure we grow very close together!”

Michael looked at his wife solemnly and asked “Are you sure?”

Shannon took his hand in her own small one and patted it with her other hand. Looking deep into his brown eyes she said “Of course I’m sure Michael. I’ve been sure all along.”

Amber looked back and forth at her parents. Apparently they were finishing up a conversation from earlier. She smiled sweetly at her Daddy. Her nipples were now hard on her large breasts, her skin flushed. This was the best present she had been given in her young life.

Her Mother gave her Daddy a passionate long kiss, stroking his cock in the process as Amber watched excitedly, her pussy beginning to leak her juices onto the chair she was sitting on. Before the kiss was over His cock stood proudly at attention, fully 9 inches long. How she adored it!

Her mother then stood up, straightening her clothes and giving her daughter a hug and a peck on the forehead, she walked to the door. Goodbye my loves! she said and went into the garage and started her car. Soon she was gone.

“Goodbye Mother!” said Amber “tell Giresun Escort Bayan Aunt Kirsten to get better!”

“Goodbye Shannon” said Michael, looking at the garage door for a few moments after she left. When he turned towards his daughter, he saw she was now standing next to him looking down at his large cock, nibbiling her sexy lower lip.

“Daddy…” said his young daughter, “I really do love your beautiful cock.”

Her little hand began reaching out towards his shaft, but she stopped, instead moving her hand back to her own wet cunt.

Michael wrapped his arm around his daughters narrow waist and pulled her close for a passionate kiss. His other hand went up to her firm left breast and he lightly palmed it, causing his young daughter to shutter in delight. His daughter’s hand went to the back of her Daddy’s strong neck to keep her balance as they began to tongue fuck each other in earnest. Her other small hand was busily fingering her wet cunt hole, and massaging her clitty. She was breathing hard now, and getting close.

Michael was enjoying the feel of his daughters soft but firm young tit flesh. They were perfect he thought. Not as big as her mother’s, but they looked so large on her tiny frame. And they felt amazing in his hand. He took her hard nipple in his fingers and began to gently rub and massage it.

Amber began whimpering into his mouth as her tongue became more sporadic. A few moments later she pulled her mouth away from his and began moaning as her fingers furiously frigged her tiny cunt hole. “I’m cumming daddy!” she moaned as he continued to play with her nipple pinching it now lightly. His little teenage daughter threw her head back and began to convulse, as she experienced a whole body orgasm. “Dadddieee!” she screamed as her legs gave out from beneath her.

Michael easily held his daughter up with his strong arms, and, picking her up, he gently set her on his lap, her back to him, her firm round butt against his waist and her legs splayed wide to either side of his.

He adjusted his young daughter so his hard-on was now flush with her cunt, sticking out proudly between her legs.

Amber felt her Daddy move her body and set her down in his lap. When she felt his hot cock brush up, and finally rest against her cunt, she came again, her cunt leaking it’s precious fluids on his hard member. “nnn…Cock” she said as her pussy continued to spasm. She shakily moved her arms and grasped her Daddies fuck stick with both of her small hands. She couldn’t even begin to fit her young hand all the way around his girth. She simply held on to his cock, feeling its size and heat. The flesh was soft but there was almost a steel like hardness underneath. She began to come down from her powerful teenage orgasm.

“Ooh Daddy” she said, her young heart pounding, “Your cock feels really goood!” She began to move her hands up and down his large member, slowly jacking him off. Concentrating her eyes on his big member she noticed precum had slicked his bulbous head and she ran her small fingers over it, coating the purple head in its fluid.

“Yes,” he said gruffly as her young hands jacked him off. “That’s good baby girl.” Michael reached up with both hands and began fondling her ample tits, one in each hand. massaging them and feeling their amazing soft firmness.

“Oh Daddy!” said Amber, “I’ve wanted you to touch me for so long now! I’m so happy you are touching me. My titties feel really good!”

Michael continued to fondle her titflesh and began rubbing the hard nubs of her nipples. Amber squealed as he played with her nipples and began jacking his cock with her small hands even faster.

“I love it Daddy!” she exclaimed as her young body began to squirm in his lap. She was pressing her little cunt hard against his cock as she continued her handjob, squirming and moving to increase the feeling of it against her juicy cunt lips.

Michael was getting close. His daughter was inexperienced at hand jobs, but the feel of her hot wet cunt against his cock and her large breasts in his hands was taking him over the edge.

“Yes baby, like that” said Michael as he began thrusting his hips up when she pushed her hands down his shaft, loving the feel of her soft warm hands on his fuck meat. “I’m close”

Encouraged by his words she began gripping his cock tighter, fucking it with her small hands as best she could. “Come for me Daddy” said Amber “I want you to come hard all over me, please!!”

She was thinking about his thick spend greedily, hoping his cum would produce lots of fuck juice for her to eat up. She had wanted more ever since last night.

After about a minute of her squirming on his lap, her hands quickly masturbating his rod up and down and his hips rising up to meet her downward thrusts, Michael shouted loudly that he was coming.

Amber looked wide eyed at his large penis as it began to get bigger in her hand. His first spurt of cum shot up fully two feet in the air, landing heavily on his daughters taught stomach. Escort Giresun More spurts came, raining cum all over his daughters young body.

“Oh Daddy!” said Amber as spurt after spurt of hot jizz covered her stomach and pelvis. “it’s wonderful.”

Finally spent after eight or nine powerful loads exited his balls through his cock, Michael relaxed as the rest of his spend dribbled down his daughters fingers and dripped on her very wet pussy.

Amber began by cleaning his cock off with her hands, scooping up the cum and licking it off her fingers and palms. It was even better than last night! she thought as she continued to gather up the heavy streams of cum that had deposited themselves all over her stomach and pussy.

Michael curiously watched his daughter clean his cock, then her body off with her hands, sucking in his cum greedily and going back for more.

“It tastes good Daddy, I love your cum” said Amber as she continued her cleaning duty.

Michael smiled and simply held his daughters waist as she cleaned her body thoroughly of any jizz that remained.

Finished, Amber relaxed against her Daddy’s strong chest, watching as his cock began to slowly soften.

“Thank you Daddy” she said, “that was the best gift I’ve ever gotten, ever!”

Michael chuckled and kissed his daughter on the cheek. “I should be thanking you for giving me such a wonderful handjob baby” he said.

“I love you Daddy” she said.

“I love you too sweetheart” he said.

They sat like that for a few minutes gently feeling each others bodies. Both happily content with one another.

Finally Michael rose, picking up his daughter and setting her down next to him. “I need a shower now” he said.

“Me too!” said Amber, looking down at her messy cunt, her juices slowly dripping down her shapely legs. “We should shower together!” she said.

“Ok baby girl” said Michael as they both walked across to the master bathroom and it’s large shower. Michael, stared at his daughters jiggling, bouncing breasts as she walked next to him. Amber smiled up at him saying “Do you really love my tits as much as Mom’s?”

“Yes baby, I do” he stated without hesitation. His baby girl beamed with pride and stick her chest out more.

Michael turned on the shower, and turned it to the rain function. After waiting a few moments he took his daughter by the hand and led her under the raining water.

Amber loved her parents shower and would often shower in it. Not only did it have the rain function, but it had two hand held shower heads that you could take off the wall and adjust their water flow.

She had often gotten her pussy off during showers with these beautiful creations of technology.

She reached for one now and turned it on, increasing the power, and then, satisfied, opened her legs and aimed the shower head straight at her clit. Amber began to whimper as the powerful flow of water massaged her young nub very well.

Michael began washing himself off, and turning around he saw his teen daughter masturbating with the hand held spray. He smiled at her encouragingly and watched as her pussy was blasted with warm water. What a little nympho, he thought, staring at her small young fuck hole.

“Daddy” she said shakily, “I like when you watch me fuck myself.”

Her hand began massaging her right breast as she held the spray close to her young twat.

Michael chuckled and began to play with her other tit, gently squeezing, then pinching the nipple.

His cock was beginning to stir again as he watched this lewd show.

A few minutes of this and his young daughter was cumming again.

“Oh yes Daddieeee!, I did it! I’m cumming!” she shouted as another powerful orgasm ripped through her teenage body. She was trembling and so Michael picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tightly as her little fuck hole continued to grasp and strain against a non existent cock.

“Daddy, I love to cumm so much” she sobbed, as the last ripples of orgasm began to fade away from her body.

Michael’s Cock had now fully re-awoken, and began to tap his daughters ass with its bulbous purple head.

He gently set his daughter down again and finished washing his body off. Amber insisted on washing his back and his large cock and balls. He smiled and let her do the job.

She made sure to stroke and squeeze it as she washed his large shaft clean. Finally finished she looked at her Father in the eyes and asked shyly, “will you wash my cunny Daddy?”

Michael’s heart skipped a beat. He had never touched his daughter’s cunt before. He gently said “Of course baby girl” and she beamed up at him prettily.

Reaching down he put his whole palm over his daughters sex, and cupped his fingers between her slightly spread legs. He began by slowly moving his middle finger up and down the whole length of her pretty gash.

She sighed and closed her eyes while resting her hands on his strong chest. As he slowly felt his daughters sex, he began to rub his middle finger deeper into her slit between her sex lips, his other fingers massaging her pussy lips. He found her clitty with his thumb and began circling it gently while his middle finger slowly entered her steamy cunt.

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