Amy’s Secret Room

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The text from Amy did not come out of the blue. She knew I was a shy computer nerd, so she contacted me often with a short note, a quick call, or a brief visit to my house. My expertise paid me pretty well, so even though my social skills were not excellent, I could have the toys I wanted: a spacious house, a fast car. Amy especially liked to drive my car – a sporty little number with a cherry red finish and, of course, a stick shift. A couple of times a month she would get me to let her drive it. I got to come along, so I didn’t mind.

Last Thursday the text came. “Need help! Computer taken over by monsters. I’m totally embarrassed by what it’s running, but I need you. ;)” I told her I would come, hopped in the car, and went right over.

Amy met me at the door with a pouty face and a wife beater shirt over a pair of shorts. I forgot to mention that Amy is soooo cute. She has thick, short dark hair and a slim figure rounded off just perfectly by the freshman ten. Since she left high school I suddenly noticed her curvy little behind and real breasts. She was so comfortable with me she wasn’t even wearing a bra. I was aroused at the sight of her dark nipples making little indentations on the front of her shirt, but pretended not to notice.

I cleared my throat and asked her what was wrong with her computer.

“I can’t believe you’re going to see this. So I am going to have to make you drink this memory potion so you’ll forget!” She giggled as she led me into the kitchen and handed me a large glass of red wine.

“Bubble, bubble, boil, and yada yada yada.” She smiled as she imitated a witch over her cauldron. I grinned at her attempt at classical humor and took a sip of the wine. She turned to open the fridge and leaned over to get an apple out of the bottom bin. My eyes focused on her blue cotton shorts. As she leaned, the shorts rode up into her – delineating the curve of her ass and the mound between her thighs. I couldn’t help staring. I should’ve masturbated today; my horny mind was seeing things that weren’t there!

Not wanting to get caught leering at her privates, I turned and walked into the den where her workspace was, including her computer.

“Wrong way, Scout,” Amy said with a lilt in her voice. “I wouldn’t be embarrassed by anything you might find on that computer – that’s the one that goes to my office and I can’t have anything personal on it. We need to go to the guest room, where my old laptop is.”

I had never been in Amy’s bedrooms – only the front of the house. I followed her down the hall. As we passed I looked into the open door of what must be her bedroom – all pink and proper with a four poster bed with big pillows on it. I continued to follow her down the hall. We passed the bathroom on the other side and then went into a room on the right. Oddly, the room had been locked and she had to use a key to get in.

Once in the room I could see immediately what was wrong with her computer. Without being able to see any individual window, the screen was being bombarded with pop-ups so fast that the computer never had time to do anything else. I had seen this problem on my own PC, but only when I had been looking at sites I wasn’t too proud of. Could Amy have been looking at porn? Nah, no way.

Having focused immediately on the screen, I ignored the rest of the room. I started by forcing the computer to restart and then had a couple of minutes to check out my surroundings. Tastefully framed on the walls were drawings taken from ancient erotic texts. Unless one looked closely, the pictures looked colorful, stylish, and innocent. But a concentrated minute revealed Indians, Japanese, and Chinese performing the most intimate acts. The more I looked at these drawings the more excited I became to the point where I glanced nervously around to see if Amy was noticing me. To my relief, she must have disappeared as soon as I became engrossed with the computer and its problems. I found myself with my hand adjusting myself through my jeans. I kept my hand on myself as I studied the drawings more carefully. I was hard and starting to feel pretty aroused when the computer beeped, announcing it was ready for my attention. I downloaded a new protection casino siteleri package and started its installation. The computer was an old one, so I would have plenty of time.

Intrigued by the artistic expression my sister had been exhibiting in her private, locked room, I explored to see what other delights awaited me. Sure enough, I looked behind the door and there was a life-size poster of a young man in a Speedo. Evidently taken at the beach, the photo was not professional – though its subject had a model’s body. Strong legs, a six pack, and broad shoulders told the story of why Amy had posted the shot – though the poster cut off its subject at the neck. Clearly the face was not the focus of my sister’s interest in this hunk. The poster even showed a little wear over the Speedo, which clearly defined what it covered – leaving nothing to the imagination. Wow. Amy knew what she liked!

I was distracted by the computer again and while it was working, I checked the history to see what caused Amy’s problem. To my surprise, the history clearly showed that Amy had been looking for more than an hour at incest sites – brother/sister incest. Bells started to go off in my head while suddenly I grew harder – pressing against the inside of the front of my jeans. I whirled around and looked at the poster with new eyes.

That wasn’t just any hunk at the beach. Amy had taken that photo herself last summer when she was at the beach with ME. I had no idea how I looked in that Speedo. Alone in my house, working on my computer, I had taken to lifting weights during breaks. Apparently it worked.

Ashamed and a little curious, I sat back down in front of the computer and worked my hand a little harder. If I grew any more, I would need to unzip just to relieve the pressure. Still a little stunned, I chose instead to stand up (it helped a little) and see where Amy had gone. I didn’t have to go far. Bored as ever (I thought) by the mysteries of electronics, Amy was curled with her back to the door on her bed. Not wanting to disturb a catnap, I walked quietly into the bathroom and closed the door.

Dropping my pants, I started to touch myself. Just a few minutes and I could relieve the tensions of the day and distract my dirty mind from the cute brunette sleeping across the hall. I turned on the fan for white noise and began to touch myself more seriously. Running my hands beneath my balls, I rolled them carefully in my fingers. I was rewarded with a jump in my erection. I ran my finger softly along the path between my balls and my ass, feeling the thrill of the sensitive skin. As I touched myself deeply, my mind began to wander to Amy and her possible interest in incest. Surely it was just curiosity rather than actual interest! But as a finger reached back to tickle my ass, I thought of her body – the newly rounded breasts, the curve of her behind, the husky sound of her voice when she called. The head of my cock went from tan to red to purple as I closed my fingers around my cock and started pumping. All of a sudden, my sister had stripped in my thoughts and I was pumping my cock while looking at her creamy skin and the black triangle of hair between her legs. The backs of my thighs began to tingle and I thrust my penis harder through my hand. My balls pulled up against me and I shot my load. Distracted by thoughts of my little sister naked before me, I splattered – shooting across the floor, I continued to spasm in my hand while the image of Amy faded. I would never look at her the same again. And I didn’t want to!

After cleaning up, I dressed and quietly walked back to Amy’s now unlocked sanctuary. Confused and flushed with good feeling, I collapsed into the chair in front of the PC and finished installing protections on the machine. But I needed to test it, didn’t I? So I went into Amy’s history and pulled up the last couple of sites she had been looking at before she lost control. The second to last site she had seen was an erotic story site. I started to read the story she had pulled up – about a brother and sister spying on each others’ masturbations through a hole in a connecting closet. The computer experienced no difficulty, but I slowly became aroused again. I replaced the girl in the canlı casino story with Amy, thinking of watching her hidden in the closet. In my mind’s eye I saw her hands moving over her body, touching herself. I could see her breasts extend as she pulled her nipples and her hips lift off the bed. I even heard her sighs and the buzzing of her …

Wait a minute, I thought to myself. I really can hear buzzing and soft sighs. I tried to clear my head of the fantasy and listened more carefully. From the next room there were noises. I stood and tiptoed out of the room and paused outside her bedroom door. The sounds were real. I inched forward till I could see through the crack between the door and the wall. Oddly, I could smell the oil from the hinge on the door as I pressed in to see Amy. Her back was still to me, but I could hear an unmistakable buzzing sound. Curled in the fetal position, Amy was tensed around her middle with the muscles on the back of her thighs taut with effort. She was holding her right leg just slightly above the left and her right hand had reached around behind her to caress her bottom. As I watched, her thighs began to shiver in short bursts. With each burst, a sigh broke out of her. Her breathing was getting more rapid and suddenly she threw something she had been holding in her left hand across the bed and rolled onto her stomach. She was quietly crying. I could just make out what she was saying between sobs.

“Oh, why can’t I have you? How can it be so wrong that I can’t even tell you how I feel?” She continued to cry softly, “Why? What can I do to have what I want? Why can’t I say it?”

Her puzzled whispers died away. After she was quiet a few minutes, I realized she had completely relaxed and was dozing. Her sleep was almost silent, except the muted buzzing still continued in the background. I walked to the bed. Just beyond her lay a short stick with a white handle and a large gray bulb at the end. I picked it up to turn it off and was surprised by the power of its vibrations. My hand tingled for a few seconds after I replaced it on the bed. I retreated to the secret room to think about the revelations of the evening. At least an hour must have passed before I could decide what I wanted. I turned off her newly protected computer, stripped down to my boxers, and walked silently into Amy’s room.

She stirred as I lowered myself onto the bed, but stayed asleep. I curled my body behind hers and touched my thighs to the back of hers. All the erotic events of the night and the anticipation of a new type of relationship with Amy ensured that I remained hard. I lightly pressed my cock into the crease of her bottom. I wanted to be sure that when she awoke, she would know how I felt about her without having to concern herself with long explanations.

She must have become aware of my warm presence behind her. She began to back her hips into me, pressing me closer against her ass.

“I guess I wasn’t very subtle,” she said.

“With a social nitwit like me, subtlety is not a virtue.”

She reached behind her to find my hand, which she pulled over her and placed on her breast. I could feel the warmth of her skin through the fabric and as my fingers began to explore, her nipple stood out. I reached further to grab her other breast, pulling on the nipple and grasping her rounded flesh. I began to rhythmically hump her. I grabbed her hip and pulled her hard back against me.

She turned her head and looked over her shoulder at me. I smiled and she said, “I’ve wanted this for so long, but I didn’t want to freak you out. Don’t start something unless you’re OK with finishing it.”

I didn’t know what to say. My heart was filled with desire for her. Backing a little, I turned her onto her back and kissed her passionately. At first we were tense. But as our tongues met and began to dance with each other, our nerves were replaced with passion. My hands went behind her hair – running my fingers through her short black hair. Her hands were all over my chest and arms. I pulled her t-shirt over her head. Cupping her ample breasts in my hands I leaned in to kiss and suck on them. They were so female, so erotic, so perfect. Firm and soft at once. Creamy light kaçak casino skin set off by her dark brown nipples. I couldn’t keep my mouth off them – a kiss here, a nibble there. She offered them to me willingly, caressing the back of my head as I attended to them with licks and touches. I discovered she was especially sensitive on their sides. I could only attack them there for moments before a sharp breath warned me away.

On my knees now, I covered her tummy with little kisses and curled my thumbs inside the top of her shorts. In a moment, I would slide them down over her hips. As I exerted the pressure to do so, her hand cupped my chin, and I was looking into her eyes. She had a desperate look at once filled with desire and fear.

“We should stop.” Her words held both a question and a statement. “We are going somewhere we shouldn’t. I don’t want you blaming me for my fantasy. I am not forcing you to this.”

I thought for a moment. I knew what she was saying. We were about to cross a boundary. But sitting in front of her computer while she slept, I had thought out the end game of this moment. I had always been attracted to Amy. Growing up I had sought glimpses of her nubile figure changing clothes, taking a shower, sleeping just one room over from me. I had wanted her all along. No other girl connected with me the way she did. No one lit up my days like she did. Nothing got me so aroused as the thought of touching that which I could not. I knew her body better than anyone besides her. She wasn’t the only one who kept sexy pictures in the family. Sure enough, I wanted her – not just for a fling, but to share a lifetime of deep carnal passion. To live together in the unseeing world as a happy, passionate young couple.

I had planned our future together if she would have me. I could make money anywhere. We could move to a big city far away and live our love and no one would know our last names were the same from birth rather than an altar. I wanted Amy deeply and our minds were as one. I told her so.

She lifted her hips off the bed and I slipped those blue cotton shorts down to her ankles. I knelt beside her on the bed facing her feet. With light licks on her hips and the inside of her thighs, I opened her legs. I buried my face in the trimmed dark hair, smelling for the first time her erotic scent. My tongue found its way down between her thighs, licking her swelling lips. I ran my tongue down her furrow, dipping it into her at the last second. My reward was the first taste of her as her juices rolled off my tongue. My licks became long and pressed into her more deeply with each pass. I hummed a short moan and she responded to the vibrations of my voice, bucking her hips up to me. I hummed some more as I reached beneath her and curled my fingers around her ass. As I held her, I began to concentrate on her most sensitive spot, licking in circles with increasing intensity. After a little, she began to shudder in my grasp. I continued to lick long enough to establish her arousal. Then I turned in the bed and lay between her spreading legs.

By now, the feature most prominent in the Speedo picture had grown and was ready for her. I rubbed my cock just outside of her and she changed the angle of her hips. Suddenly I had plunged deep inside of her. I don’t ever remember being so big – my passion made me feel huge within my sister’s tightness. My first pass was slow and steady. I could feel Amy’s tight pussy relaxing to accommodate me. As she spread within, she remained tight around me. I began to slide in and out and became aware of how sensitive I was to her contours. I went faster and faster, but slowed to increase the feeling of being within her. Her cheeks reddened and her mouth opened slightly with her quick breaths. Amy locked her legs around the back of my thighs and held me deep within her. I was close and the faint shudders I could feel from her sent me over the edge. Without control I drove myself as deep as I could. As she closed around me, I could feel the familiar shudders as I unloaded within her.

But this time was different, too. I felt something deeper as I filled my sister. I held her tight and looked deep into her eyes. We had crossed over. Our passion and devotion had connected us. As we collapsed together in a satisfied heap on that bed, Amy and I knew our future – always a little dangerous and naughty – would be a future of brother and sister together, come what may.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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