Ashley and Amanda Ch. 03

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It was just before midnight when Amanda finally got the chance to slip away from the house. She climbed out the second story bedroom window of her house and made her way over. There she continued by climbing up to my window which I had open and pushes the window open to enter the room. It was dark and Amanda wouldn’t see me right away. Amanda had just turned around when I made my move and tackled her onto the bed. This made her cry out in surprise but my hand silenced her as it covered her mouth. I held my hand there as I stared down into her eyes.

“I can’t have you waking mom and dad. You might not like it but I am going to have to tie you up.” I told Amanda as I was whispering into her ear. I rolled Amanda over onto her stomach after that. I retrieved Amanda’s hands and pinned them behind her back. Amanda gasped when I started tying her hands together with ropes that held tightly with the knot I had tied. My next move was wrapping a long sock around Amanda’s head and pulled it into her mouth. Amanda was greatly surprised by all of this but only a whimper escaped her lips. I could tell that she was surprised by my show of unexpected strength. Amanda had apparently never thought I could be this powerful. Yet she didn’t make any move to stop me as I rolled her back onto her back and could see that her nipples had hardened. This told me that she was becoming turned on and I stroke my hand through her hair before moving down over both her breasts.

“I am going to really enjoy this. I can’t wait to fuck you right here on my bed. This is going to be pay back for making me wait so long.” I told her again with my lips less than an inch from Amanda’s ear. Amanda shivered at these words and I could see that she was biting the cloth in her mouth harder. I asked if she liked when I talked like that? She nodded and I smirked as I caressed her cheek and began kissing her neck. I continued to explore her body. She was now fully in my command and I could do whatever I wanted to do with her. I wrapped my arm around Amanda’s side before moving them down canlı bahis Amanda’s stomach.

Amanda was wearing thin cotton shorts which fit snugly upon her body. I was surely going to took advantage of this. I turned her back over onto her back and ran my hand up over the curving surface of Amanda’s ass. My hand proceeded down in between Amanda’s thighs. I started rubbing on her slowly and gently before increasing the movement. I was finally pressing in on the area of Amanda’s pussy. Amanda loved this and her moans came out muffled through the sock but I could tell she was panting.

I untied the robe I was wearing and dropped it onto the floor after having stood up. I was naked and the cool air from the open window made goose bumps appear across the surface of my skin. I ran my hands up over my nipples which were erected because of the combination of being turned on and the cold air. I laid back down next to Amanda. I then slipped my fingers into the rim-line of Amanda’s shorts; tugging on them until they were pulled off to reveal the black thong underneath. I rested my hand on Amanda’s buttocks and lifted my hand, before I brought it down to smack her hard on the ass. I was enjoying the shrieks coming from Amanda’s gagged mouth and did several more times. Amanda’s eyes widened as she was releasing even more pleasurable cries with me smacking her so hard on the ass. Amanda trembled through it all but I was pleased to see that her underwear was soaked.

I pulled the thong off of Amanda’s body and dropped it onto the bed beside her. I turned Amanda so she was again on her back. I knelt down over Amanda and planted my tongue right on and inside Amanda’s warm, wet pussy. I simply pushed the thong aside as I began to lick and eat her right there on the spot. My hands moved up over the Amanda’s breasts. Amanda’s sounds increased as I did this and had she not been gagged, she would be screaming and crying out in pleasure which would be so loud the entire house would hear her. I couldn’t help but smirk at this because it was why I had secured the bahis siteleri sock in Amanda’s mouth in the first place. I had remembered Amanda’s reaction in the bathroom earlier that day and how she was unable to hold back her moans.

I drew back and was licking my lips clean and giggled softly at the look on Amanda’s face. I put a finger to Amanda’s lips and told her to stay right there, I got up off the bed and walked over to my dresser; opening a drawer and taking out a strap on dildo. It was rubber, long and was pink like a real cock. I liked the design of the dildo but had never used it. I figured it was time to change that. I attached the hard on to my body and returned to Amanda. I grabbed Amanda and pulled her towards me. I brushed the tip of the dildo against Amanda’s wet pussy before I ripped her thong off. I pushed Amanda over and her face was now buried in the pillow while her ass was in the air. I rubbed the dildo, long ways in between her thighs and right over her pussy. I then withdrew back and shoved the dildo hard into Amanda. This made her react even louder than at any other time and yet you could tell she still loved every minute of it all the same. I began to fuck her with the strap on; driving it forward faster and harder into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda was so wet by now that she was wetting the bed below her and was continuing to release sounds that told me that she didn’t want me to stop. The movement propelled into her pussy soon caused her to give and she burst into an orgasm around the rubber shaft but I didn’t lessen the blows of the cock and this resulted in Amanda giving up even more orgasms.

I wasn’t done with her and pulled her up against me. I had her back against my bare chest while I held her. I continued to fuck the hell out of her. I was enjoying watching the rubber dildo inserting into Amanda’s tightening pussy and I finally pulled out of her. Amanda must have thought I was stopping because she had relaxed for a few seconds but I spun her around in the bed and yanked her back up to me. I centered her legs on bahis şirketleri my waist and the cock went back into her. I held onto her hips as I thrust up into her before laying her flat on her back and rocking the strap on dildo into her eagerly waiting pussy. It wasn’t long after that when I finally stopped and removed the strap on. It was my turn and I was already just as soaked as Amanda was; therefore, I untied Amanda before spreading my legs.

“I want for you please me and make it good. I want you to give me the pleasure I gave to you.” I told her. I waited for her to make her move and do exactly what I was hoping she would do.

She did do it and lowered her mouth to my swollen pussy. I bit my lip as moans began to rip through my body and out of my mouth. Amanda devoured me with her tongue deep inside me. I could feel her and loved it. Her tongue was driving me crazy and I tugged on her hair while holding her head there between my legs. I arched my hips and drove my body forward into Amanda’s mouth. I was moving back and forth in rhythm to Amanda’s tongue sliding into me. She would even withdraw her tongue and lick the outer edge and around my pussy. I was hot and wet but also extremely turned on by her efforts to please me. She finally finished me off and I felt myself let go with the biggest surge of cum I had ever released and I thought my body would rip apart but I soon relaxed as I panted through pure satisfaction. I regained my breath and smiled up at her.

“You did well. I have never been pleasured like that.” I told her and she blushed because of it. I kissed her on the lips again and held her against my body. I smiled upon her as we lay there in bed together. We laid there together for a little while longer and then it was time for Amanda to go back home. I was left once more thinking about the events of that day and night. It was hard to believe that we had gotten this far after having watched one kid’s movie together. I soon fell asleep and even my dreams were full of Amanda’s presence. I enjoyed these dreams because they kept me occupied until I would see her again. I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were able to fool around some more. This all had me wondering just what would happen next? I guess I was just going to have to wait and see.

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