Bachelor Party

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Before I get into the story, let me give you a little bit of background information…

During my first year of college at UNC I played it pretty much by the rules of polite society. I abstained from personal misconduct, mainly sexual promiscuity, and concentrated on my studies. I also worked on meeting people since I had always been a little shy in high school. I figured since I was now in a new environment where nobody knew me and I could get a fresh start.

Not to say that I was a prude or anything because I lost my virginity when I was 16 years old and since then I have had one-on-one sex with 8 guys and many blowjobs.

Obviously I have a love for sex, but I did not want to begin college by wasting all my tuition money on having sex with people. Finally, believe it or not, contrary to popular opinion, there is more to college than wild parties and wanton sex.

When choosing a school I wanted an education that would prepare me as well as possible for the business career I have always wanted. Why waste four years of your life just to hang a piece of paper on the wall and nothing else? In the end I chose this school because it offered an outstanding business curriculum plus my mother was an alumni.

The first semester of my sophomore year I started chatting online and, on a dare, signed up on an adult oriented web site. This was a bit of a risk given that my school monitors our web activities but it was exciting to talk to people about sex in such an open way.

The only real problem was that I only did this for fun and as a means to blow off some steam. I never had any intention or desire to meet anyone but it seemed that most of the people who contacted me wanted to meet or get nude photos of me. I also was bombarded with requests to be naked on a webcam. People just couldn’t understand why I only wanted to chat but for me that was all that I wanted – an outlet to express myself and let out my frustrations.

I was pleasantly surprised at the incredible number of responses I got from both guys and girls, especially the way they were claimed to be turned by me even in the limited way I interacted with them. Now and then someone nice contacted me though and I enjoyed a few great conversations.

One thing I found was that people had a tendency to ask the same questions over and over. In addition, most were interested in my sexual history. That’s what got me writing my stories — first to avoid repeating myself and second to provide more details than I can in an IM environment.

It wasn’t hard to come up with story ideas — I just broke out my diary and expanded on a number of shorter stories I had written about my sexual experiences. I had always gotten off writing about them even though my early works were just nothing more than notes and comments. The process of polishing them up and filling in the gaps has proven to be a very erotic experience and more often than not I end up taking breaks to masturbate as I remember those good times. It takes a lot of work to write one of these but hopefully it is worth it, even if I do get an occasional creep who doesn’t like them or how I write.

Aside from the online chatting my sophomore year has turned out to be totally different from my freshman one for another reason. I lost the lottery for an apartment so I ended up in the dorm again with a new roomie who is definitely too strict! My prior roommate was a party animal and made it hard for me to concentrate on studies. My new roommate Karen is a virgin who believes that even masturbation is a form of sex and thus is not to be done before marriage. She is at the other extreme which does not do it for me either. I like to have a little fun now and then!

To make it even harder, Karen is a stunning babe and knows it. She is a tease and doesn’t mind showing herself off. She sleeps in skimpy panties and a short t-shirt, usually without covers, no matter how cold it is. Once she falls asleep it would take Armageddon to awaken her before morning. If only the guys in our dorm knew, they would be salivating!

Being abstinent and studying intensely proved to be much harder the second year, more so than I was anticipating. I found that most of the time I was hornier than I have ever been for any extended period. Although I met up with old boyfriends when I would go home for visits with my parents, I still got to the point at times I wanted to scream from the pressure of my pent-up sexual tensions.

Once before Thanksgiving I was so overwhelmed I broke down and went to a frat party in Winston-Salem with a couple of other girls. While it was incredibly exciting and erotic to meet and fuck a hot frat brother whom I had just met that night, I am not really into the drunk party scene so I never went to another one.

After a fantastic and erotic Christmas break at home where I had sex with several old boyfriends (I always felt safer being with guys whom I had slept with before), I felt even more “in need” than ever when the 2nd semester started, so I looked for other options in the first beylikdüzü escort month back, ones that I would never have even seriously considered before.

I started thinking about what other options I had. Dating anyone at school was pretty much out given the headaches associated with a real relationship. The club scene is non-existent around here and frat parties were out. I had lots of offers from guys I chat online with but no matter how tempting some of them were I wasn’t about to give in and take that kind of risk.

The one idea thing that kept coming up was some sort of an escort job. I don’t mean being like one of those web whores that tease you on the Internet all the time, but rather working for a local respectable and legitimate agency. I checked out several in Chapel Hill and eventually decided to give one a try.

They claimed to check out their clients and choose the ones that they think were best for me (I insisted on only older married guys from out of state). The guys paid the agency so I didn’t have to fool with money or worry about getting arrested as a prostitute although I could keep any tips. While it was expected that I be friendly and outgoing, including putting up with some minor groping, sex was definitely NOT mandatory and completely up to me.

Indeed, so far as the company was concerned, sex was not part of any deal but we really know that didn’t fool anyone. The agency would send a prepaid cab to pick me up and then another to take me back home. In addition to the single escorts, I also agreed to do bachelor parties, which actually sounded like a lot of fun, since I have always had an exhibitionistic streak in me. I love dancing at clubs when there is an audience of guys gawking, so these parties sounded like a perfect match for me.

Soon after I signed the papers (including the income tax forms!) I got an e-mail saying that there was a party this upcoming Saturday night and asking if I was interested. The e-mail described the party and location. It was far enough away that I wasn’t worried about someone being there that might know me. For just a moment my stomach felt a bit queasy. Suddenly it was going from fantasy to reality!

After the initial jitters, I calmed down and replied saying I would accept the job. For the rest of the week all I could think about was the party coming up. I had never done anything even remotely like this before and found myself getting wet just thinking about it.

In essence this party would be just me being on display for a bunch of lecherous men. I was told to expect 10-12 guys including the groom. Even though I knew I would be expected to strip and thus would be nude most of the time, I wondered if anything else would happen.

Would I suck any of their cocks, maybe even get fucked? Would it be just one or all of them? Would I have sex with the groom just hours before he said his wedding vows to his loving fiancé? That would be so fucking hot! The possibilities were endless and I masturbated every night that week while I dreamed of other permutations.

Saturday afternoon I told my roomie Karen that I would be going out with some friends to a party and that I would probably be getting back late. Karen gave me a strange look but didn’t say anything. We got along great but sex was not a subject we typically discussed. I had the feeling she knew that there was a lot I wasn’t telling her about myself but somehow I think she was more comfortable simply not knowing.

Our arrangement worked in that we were OK friends, not exactly a close relationship but a friendly one. I couldn’t help but wonder what she would say though if she knew the real truth. She probably suspected I had a boyfriend that I was fucking but she was polite enough to ignore it. If she only knew that I thought it would be too much of a pain to have to go through the dating ritual just to get fucked.

I wondered if Karen would have been so lenient if she knew that instead of fooling around in the back seat of some guy’s car there was a good chance I was going to be willingly gang-banged by 10-12 guys before the night was over?

The taxi picked me up at 8:00 and it took about a half hour to get to the house where the party was. It was your typical suburban two-story white colonial in one of those typical new developments that seem to cropping up everywhere these days. While not a mansion, whoever lived there was not indigent either, which made me feel much more secure than I would have been if I had been dropped off in some bad part of town.

I was wearing low rise jeans and an UNC sweatshirt with my winter coat, carrying a bag with an outfit and my personal stuff in it. Drawing a deep breath, I got out of the taxi, went up the steps, and knocked on the front door. A good-looking guy with his shirt out and a beer in his hand answered the door.

I guessed that the party must have been well underway already. As he looked at me standing on the steps, a big grin came over his face. It was the same look a starving linebacker might have escort beylikdüzü eyeing a porterhouse steak after a workout.

Without taking his lecherous eyes off me he turned his head to the side and gave a shout.

“Hey Bill! Your stripper is here!”

That was a first for me and it was all I could do to bite my tongue and not burst out laughing. I had never been described as a “stripper” before but I thought it had a nice ring to it. Almost immediately another nice-looking guy with a bit too much stomach but nice hair appeared and opened the door for me with a smile.

“Hi! I’m Bill, the best man. Damn, girl, you look finer than I even imagined and, trust me, I have one hell of an imagination!

I guess that was a compliment so I stepped inside and immediately every eye in the house looked my way. Now I know how a lonely sheep feels when surrounded by a pack of starving wolves.

As far as I was concerned, I was just a 19-year-old college coed going to classes and hanging out with friends, but it was immediately obvious that all they saw was a slutty bitch who had arrived to entertain them and, if they were lucky, put out. Well, how could I complain since those were also my darkest, deepest thoughts!

Bill quickly led me to a bedroom down the hallway and closed the door behind us.

“You can change in here,” he said, “Take your time and just let us know when you are ready.”

He was so sweet that for a moment I forgot that he had hired me to strip, not to talk politics or about the weather. I was surprised at how nervous I was. I was actually shaking a little, so I didn’t say anything and just turned to put my bag on the bed. Bill opened the door to leave when he paused and turned back to me.

“Candi, I have always fantasized meeting a girl like you and I can’t tell you how many times I have jerked off wishing I was fucking such a hot girl. Now here you are, alone in a bedroom with me; young, beautiful, sexy as hell, and about to strip nude and who knows what else. It’s like a dream come true for me……….”

He hesitated then and I could tell that he wanted to say more but he seemed to have lost his nerve. I looked him in the eyes and suddenly knew what he wanted.

I asked, “Bill, are you married?”

Bill’s eyes widened for a moment and then he nodded his head.

“Yeah but she’s nothing like you anymore. Damn, she was NEVER like you!”

“So tell me Bill, do you want to fuck me tonight?”

Bingo! Bill’s face flushed and I knew I had him pegged. While he obviously wanted to do just that, I could tell he had not anticipated that I would be so blunt about it. I just figured what was the point in being coy? I mean, it’s not like I wasn’t horny as hell and looking forward to it too! I used my hand to throw my hair back in what I hoped was a sexy move and licked my lips slowly before I continued.

“You know Bill, you can have me if you really want to. All you have to do is ask. You can have me right now.”

I really meant only to tease him. I had no intention of fucking him, at least not yet, but Bill stared at me with that look as if he was seeing straight through my clothes. He was a bit drunk and that look of lust I knew from experience meant he really wanted to fuck me BAD.

Bill was breathing harder and he had a monstrous erection that looked like it would burst through his pants at any moment. His nostrils flared and I wondered for a brief moment if I had gone maybe just a little too far with my teasing! Bill took a step towards me when the door suddenly opened and a guy stuck his head in.

“Hey Bill, get out here, the keg needs fixing!”

Bill shook his head back and forth as if to clear out the filthy thoughts that were running through it. He took another look at me and, with that, he left the room, closing the door behind him. I locked the door and stood still there for a moment, just a bit unnerved.

What was I doing here? Maybe I had misjudged everything – was I making the mistake of my life tonight? I had gone this far though so I figured the best thing to do would be to get out there with the group as quickly as possible and hope for safety in numbers.

I doubted that one of them would do anything too wild so long as the rest were watching. I stripped off my clothes quickly, leaving me standing naked in the middle of the room, listening to the uproar outside the door, and wondering for a moment what the hell I was doing.

As nervous as I was, I knew that deep down I had always wanted to do something this crazy and naughty! I wanted to do this as badly as the guys in the next room wanted me to! It had been over a month since I had been fucked with a real stiff cock and my pussy was crying to feel more than just my finger in it. I reached down between my legs and felt my smooth pussy under my fingers.

I had shaved before I left and it looked as bare and sweet as a 12 year old’s cunt. My finger briefly lingered over my clit and I shivered a little but then pulled my hand away. I knew beylikduzu escort if I started touching myself there would be no way to stop until I came and I had a strong suspicion there would be more than enough sex coming my way this night without having to do myself beforehand.

I went over to my bag and took out my outfit. I had brought with me a sexy pink and lace bra and thong set from Victoria’s Secret with black lace outlining the edge of the bra and thong. For a top I wore a tight white satin shirt that showed the black lace of the bra under it. Next I slipped on a really short plaid schoolgirl style skirt that barely even covered my ass. A pair of white knee high socks and sneakers finished off the ensemble.

I pulled my long straight blonde hair back into a single ponytail and looked at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bedroom door. The image in front of me was that of a young innocent schoolgirl, maybe 15 or 16, but certainly not 19 going on 20. I lightly bounced on my toes just a little, making my 36D boobs and ponytail bounce equally with the motion.

Mmmm, this was definitely going to be fun! A dash of perfume on my neck, boobs, ass, and pussy and I was ready to go. Funny but I wasn’t nervous at all anymore. I was getting hornier and hornier with each minute as the idea of showing off my body in front of 12 even hornier guys was getting closer and closer to reality.

I took in a long deep breath as I went to the door and opened it enough to see out. It looked like everyone was sitting in the living room, beers in hand, and laughing at what was undoubtedly a witty and intelligent joke (not!).

I opened the door all the way and stood in the doorway, posing as sexy as I could. A silence like a tomb suddenly came over them and all I could hear was the background pop music on the radio. Just as quickly all the guys started talking again, with some whistling and howling like wolves.

I smiled and slowly walked to the center of the room. This was exactly what I had dreamed of – being admired by a bunch of horny guys. I was the center of attention and every guy in the room wanted me.

I started by dancing seductively around the room. I didn’t really show anything more than what they could already see, just bending over to show off my ass once in a while and leaning over now and again to let a few of them look down my shirt to see my bra and tits.

Everyone was cheering and calling for me to strip but I just teased them. While I danced I didn’t let anyone touch me, pushing them away whenever they got too close or their hands tried to grope me. I had never done anything like this before in my life and it was utterly thrilling!

Oh, sure, I had danced in this outfit for my old boyfriend after he gave it to me but that situation was nothing like this! I could have just gone on like this all night but there was more that I wanted to do and they wanted it as well, judging from the looks on their faces and the tents in their pants.

Being that it WAS a bachelor’s party, I knew that somebody deserved some extra attention so I worked my over to the groom’s chair. Tom was the lucky groom and I could tell that he had been drinking a bit – not too much, but just enough to be relaxed and let his inhibitions down.

There was a picture of Tom and his fiancé on the table next to him. She was really cute so I don’t know if it was there to remind him of her, to help keep him in line, or if it was part of some twisted scheme to remind everyone of whom he would be cheating on that night. I was being really naughty as I thought about the second possibility being the case.

I kept wondering how HOT it would be to fuck him with her “watching”. If events unfolded as I’d fantasized, then after tonight, he would be dreaming about me when they were together in their wedding bed for the first time!

I put one leg up on the chair next to Tom, letting my skirt ride up to expose my lacy thong, as I pulled it slightly aside. He was getting a great view of my crotch and bare pussy and he didn’t waste any time as he stared at it like it was the first cunt he had ever seen.

Rubbing myself through the thin fabric, I slowly and rhythmically pumped my hips up and down like I was being fucked. Taking his right hand, I held it to my left breast, letting him feel me through my shirt and bra.

At first he resisted so I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “C’mon Tom, this is your last chance to have a girl like me. I’m all yours — you can do whatever you want with me.”

Tom’s eyes widened and he looked at me. I just smiled and whispered to him, “That’s right Tom – anything!” His hand stayed on me after that and I shivered as he squeezed my boob.

“Gooooo Tom!” someone cried out.

Then someone whined, “Come on, Tom, aren’t you going to share the little sexy whore with the rest of us?”

I turned around, smiled seductively at them, and then started dancing for them again. I got closer to each guy as I made my way around the room, finally getting close enough for them to grope me and feel me up. Most of them went for my boobs but a couple more ambitious types grabbed my ass with one getting bold enough to go for my pussy. I playfully pushed him away as I wasn’t ready to give up that prize quite yet.

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