Back From Iraq Ch. 13

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Today was my brother’s final day before he had to report back for active duty in Colorado. I was determined to give Jack a day to remember for a long time.

Around 11:00, I went over to Yolanda’s apartment to pick up Jack. When I arrived there, Yolanda greeted me warmly with a kiss on the lips. The marathon fuck-fest that had taken place the day before was still on all of our minds.

“Take good care of our boy today,” Yolanda instructed in a coy tone. “And don’t forget to get him back here for the party in his honor tonight.”

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “I’ll return our soldier in one piece.” I then added, “But, he may be a little worse for the wear.”

“It sounds like you have a nice day planned,” Yolanda said, licking her lips. “Before I forget, here is that item we discussed,” she said as she handed me a package.

Jack came into the room and asked what was in the box.

“That’s for you to learn later, brother,” I said mysteriously. I slipped the box into a shopping bag I had brought with me. I then pulled out a package of my own. “By the way, I have a gift for you, Yolanda,” I added as I gave her the box. “Enjoy.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” she replied. “You know that I may have some company around lunchtime, right?” she asked.

I nodded my head. “It’s all good,” I reassured her.

Jack had a puzzled look on his face. He opened his mouth to speak.

Before he could ask any questions, I ushered him out of the apartment. We left the building and walked to Jack’s car.

“So, what was all that about?” he finally asked. We got into the car together.

“Just two friends lending each other some toys,” I said with a smile. “I lent Yolanda my favorite vibrator. I figured that she had earned it.”

“I’ll say,” Jack replied. “What did you get in return?”

I slid over to his seat in the car and said seductively, “You’ll find out later.” I then kissed Jack fully on the lips. I slipped my hot tongue into his grateful mouth. He welcomed me and returned the favor.

I whispered into his ear: “I’d like to take your cock out and fuck you silly right here on the street, my sweet brother.” I reached down and patted his swelling crotch. “But, I’ve got better plans for us.”

I then reached into my shopping bag and pulled out yet another wrapped package. “This is for you. Don’t open it until you report back for duty.” I gave Jack a sly grin. “I know you’re going to like it.”

My brother smiled and kissed me. His hands dropped to my chest and began fondling my full, womanly breasts. He then began kissing his way down my neck toward the opening in my silk blouse. He stuck his tongue into the deep chasm of my cleavage.

“Okay, Jackie. It’s time to go now,” I said sweetly. “The girls will still be there for you later.”

Jack lifted his head from my fabulous rack, and started the car. He had a glazed look in his eyes. I reached over and grabbed his swollen cock through his pants. I held onto my brother in this manner while I directed him across town through traffic.

When we arrived at my favorite lingerie store, Jack shot me an inquiring look.

Removing my hand from his tented pants, I picked up the package that I had given him a short time earlier. I said, “Remember how you told me that as a teenager, you had the habit of stealing my panties from the laundry hamper?”

Jack blushed somewhat and nodded.

“Well,” I went on. “I raided my hamper for you today. This box contains all my soiled undies. I want you to enjoy them and to think about your loving sister while you’re away on active duty.” I then leaned over and pecked him on the cheek.

Jack took the box and shook it. There was the unmistakable sound of frilly garments sliding around inside it. He then asked, “I don’t understand, Amy. If you’ve already given casino oyna me your underwear, why are we here?” He gestured toward the lingerie boutique.

“Because, silly. I gave you most of my favorite panties. Now, you’re going to buy your sister some new underpants.” I beamed at him. “Soldier, ‘at ease’ that hard-on. When you are ready to join me, come on in.” I then left him in the car.

I had been shopping in the store for about ten minutes when Jack came into the boutique. He came up behind me and gave me a loving embrace from the rear. I had a handful of panties.

“Just in time,” I said. “I need to try them on.”

I headed toward the fitting room in the back of the store. I said to the salesgirl, “I’d like to try these on. Is it okay if my husband comes in with me?”

Without hesitation, the attractive, young clerk replied: “Of course.”

I grabbed Jack’s hand and pulled him with me into the changing room.

“You’re wicked,” he said. “I wonder how many sins you just committed?”

“I don’t care,” I stated. “I like fucking you as if you are my husband,” I added as I took off my blouse and slipped out of my skirt. “Besides, Tommy is playing ‘husband and wife’ this afternoon with someone else.” I pulled off my tiny panties and handed them to my brother.

“You mean…” Jack asked incredulously. “He’s going over to Yolanda’s at lunchtime?”

I nodded lasciviously. “Doesn’t it make it nicer for us that Tommy likes it when I fuck you?” Jack agreed. I then put on a silky pair of mauve panties with lace embroidery along the edges.

“You like?” I asked. Jack nodded vigorously. “Well, then, my brother. Take out your phone a snap a picture of me.”

“What?” Jack asked incredulously.

“I want you to remember what I look like in the panties that you are buying for me.”

Jack seemed to like this concept. He pulled out his camera phone and took several shots of my posing for him in my bra and soon-to-be-acquired panties.

We then spent the next 30 to 40 minutes, repeating the same process. I would change into some new lacy or heart-stopping undergarment. My brother would then take several pictures. I had selected an assortment of thongs, briefs, boy-shorts and other types of panties. All of them were very pretty and they elicited enthusiastic comments from Jack.

Before leaving the changing room, I had Jack pull down his pants and remove his underwear. I bent down and gave his darling penis a kiss before helping him to pull his pants back up. I stuffed his jockey shorts into my purse.

A few minutes later, we emerged from the store. Jack’s wallet was somewhat lighter. He carried the bag containing my new purchases in front of the swollen crotch of his pants.

Once in the car, I wasted no time in unfastening his pants and unzipping his fly. His turgid cock sprang out while the car was still parked at the curb.

“Let’s go home,” I said looking into his eyes. I then ducked my head and took his raging hard-on into my warm and loving mouth.

I sucked my brother’s throbbing erection all the way back to the apartment I shared with my husband, Tommy. I knew that he was at Yolanda’s place playing around with my best friend. I knew Jack and I wouldn’t be disturbed all afternoon.

**** Arriving at the apartment, I lifted my head from my brother’s hard dick. “Don’t put it away,” I ordered. “I want you to leave it out.” I handed Jack the bag containing my new underwear.

Without argument, Jack got out of the car with the bag positioned in front of his fully exposed hard-on. We then walked down the street the half-block to my apartment hand-in-hand. When we got into the lobby, I reached over and grabbed his naked cock. I then led literally my brother home by his dick.

As soon as we stepped inside the apartment, canlı casino Jack attacked me. He threw me down on the carpet. He reached under my skirt and ripped off a pair of the new panties he had just purchased for me.

“I really liked that pair,” I said regretfully. “Oh,well. Fuck me, Jack,” I commanded.

Without even unfastening his pants, my brother entered my hot cunt with his exposed erection. We both moaned copiously as he plunged in all the way to the hilt.

Jack slammed into me with all of his might. There was no stopping him. I had teased him beyond the point of reason with my displays in the changing room, and with my slow, sensuous sucks of his dick in the car on the way over.

I met each of Jack’s thrusts with a forward movement of my own. Jack’s moans took on the urgent tone of a howl, causing my skin to tingle. I also noticed that several growls were coming from my own throat in response to the deep and hard fucking my brother was giving me.

We came together. We held each other as we shook and experienced a series of spasms together. I noticed that I had one hand tightly gripping Jack’s hair. The nails on my other hand were dug deeply into the back of Jack’s shirt. We were both fully clothed.

We lay inert for several minutes. Jack’s body rested on top of mine. Then my brother kissed me passionately. We rolled onto our sides, and continued our loving embrace. I undressed Jack, and he took off my clothing.

“Let’s take a bath,” I said. Without saying a word, Jack got up, took my hand, and led me to the bathroom.

Tommy and I have a large tub with whirlpool-spa jets. Although it took a while for the tub to fill, Jack and I profited from this opportunity to kiss and caress each other’s bodies all over.

In the tub, we soaped and lathered each other thoroughly. I was pleasantly surprised when my brother’s beautiful penis became hard again so soon after our intense loving. I spent extra time washing this beloved “member” of my family.

As I was soaping and stroking Jack’s proud shark fin, a deliciously wicked thought came to mind. I leaned over. “Jackie, baby,” I purred softly. “Would you mind washing me…” I paused and then whispered almost inaudibly into his ear, “…with your cock in my ass?”

“Oh, my god, sis,” he stammered. “That’s so fucking dirty. I love it. But, how would we do that?”

“Just lie back, baby,” I responded, ensuring that Jack’s back was reclined against the sloping side of the tub. I then stood up and straddled his engorged arrow with my back to him.

I lowered myself until my tight, puckered rosebud met the tip of his manhood. Spreading my cheeks, I pushed downward onto my sibling’s soapy dick.

The head of Jack’s cock slipped into my rectum with less difficulty than I imagined. I moved up and down slowly, while allowing more and more of his sex into my anal channel. Before long, I was able to sit down fully on my brother’s dick.

“Ah, that’s nice.” I said wiggling my ass with Jack’s unit fully within. “How is it for you, sweet-heart?”

“It’s fantastic!” Jack exclaimed. “I love your asshole, Amy.”

“Apparently, my ass loves you too,” I responded, lying back against my brother. “Now, my body isn’t going to wash itself.”

Jack raised his soapy hands from the water and began, of course, with my massive tits. He lathered and rubbed them until they shined, all the while pulling and kneading my long, wide nipples.

Every once in a while, I would raise and lower my body, thereby maintaining Jack’s giant erection in my ass. The sensation was exquisite.

In that manner, my brother gave me a bath with his dick up my ass.

After about 15 minutes, I got up and freed Jack’s penis from my anus. I then washed his erect cock, and the two of us emerged from the bath tub. kaçak casino We toweled each other off. I then told my beautiful brother to go to the bedroom.

I went to retrieve the package I had received from Yolanda. I opened it, and brought the parcel into the bedroom.

“Lie back, honey, and spread your legs for me,” I told my brother. “I want to do something special for you.”

Jack did as I asked. I crawled onto the bed and knelt between his parted thighs. I then began to kiss and lick his swollen scrotum.

Jack cooed with delight. My tongue then traveled southward. When I reached Jack’s soapy-clean butthole, I gave it broad, generous licks with the flat surface of my tongue.

Jack began to issue guttural sounds. “Nobody has ever done that to me, sis,” he panted.

I responded by encircling his darling little balloon knot with the tip of my tongue. When I inserted my tongue into his tight spot, he involuntarily lifted his butt cheeks off the bed.

After tongue-fucking my brother’s ass for a minute or so, I inserted two fingers into his anal passage. Jack’s ass opened wide for me. He was ready.

I then pulled Yolanda’s strap-on dildo from the box. As I was fastening the belt around my waist, Jack began to get alarmed.

“What in hell are you doing?” he demanded.

“Relax, baby,” I reassured him. “You know how sensitive your butt is. I want to fuck you this time.” I stroked the side of his face. “I’ll be gentle.”

At first, Jack protested. However, I went forward undeterred. I placed a small amount of lube on the tip of the dildo and some on my brother’s asshole. I then gently pushed the fake dick into my brother. It slid in with no problem.

“How’s that, Jack?” I asked.

“It’s weird,” he said. “But, it’s not unpleasant.”

I began to thrust the dildo in and out of his butt. Jack’s penis remained hard as iron.

“Stroke your cock for me, brother,” I implored.

Jack grabbed his meat and began to work it. All the while, I continued to fuck his tight ass with the strap-on. I was really starting to get off on the act of thrusting a rigid penis into my brother.

Our pace increased: Jack stroked his cock faster-and-faster. I matched his tempo with the fake cock.

After a few minutes, my brother’s volcano erupted. He shot semen all over his flat abdomen. I thrust the dildo all the way into while I came. The mere sight of this activity was enough to bring me off.

I carefully removed the dildo. I offered the rubber beast to my brother’s mouth for cleaning, but he refused.

“What a hypocrite,” I protested. “You had no problem when Yolanda or I sucked your cock after anal. But now, you won’t do it?”

Jack vigorously shook his head. “No way,” he said defiantly.

“Oh, well, I’ll give you a pass since you are a war hero,” I said. “But someone’s got to clean this thing. I can’t give it back to Yolanda in this condition.”

I put it up to my mouth as if to suck on it. Jack’s reached up and grabbed it away.

“Let’s wash it in the sink, Amy,” he suggested.

We took a nap. We had some lunch. We got ready for the party.

That night, we had a great send-off for my brother at Yolanda’s place. There were numerous toasts made in Jack’s honor. Despite the active party, Jack and I managed to slip into the bathroom together for one final quickie.

As Tommy and I were leaving the party, I embraced my brother, holding him tightly.

“I love you so much,” I said. “These past two weeks have changed my life.”

“Mine too, sis,” Jack said. “I’ll miss you so much.”

“You have presents to remember me by,” I said while thinking about the box of my panties and the photos on his phone. “We also made some great memories. Yolanda will take you to the airport tomorrow.”

“Okay, Amy,” my brother replied wistfully. “I’ll be home on leave again in about six months.”

The prospect of this made me tingle.


This is the final chapter of this story. Thanks for all of your comments.

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