Case Study 301: A Swedish Beauty Pageant

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Case Study 301: A Swedish Beauty Pageant

Chapter 19

Meanwhile back in New Mexico at Camelot:

Miles and Kristen are in the midst of yet another therapy session. Miles has hypnotized Kristen and used a technique known as regression. This technique allows him to tap into her subconscious mind and he is able to retrieve her raw memories. Miles’ hope is to piece together who Kristen really is, then help her map out an escape from the catatonic state that she lives in on a daily basis.

Unbeknownst to Kristen, she has yet again seduced her therapist Dr. Miles Spencer. So, far in each of Kristen’s therapy sessions she has in one way or other been able to entice or cajole Miles into some form of sexual contact with her. Miles realizing that his license to practice as a psychiatrist is on the line after each of these encounters takes the necessary steps and wipes her mind clean after each of their therapy sessions of any sexual impropriety between them. So, for Kristen when she seduces or cajoles Miles into having sex with her during their therapy sessions; in her subconscious mind she is under the impression that this is their first actual sexual contact.

We pick up the therapy session just after Miles and Kristen had yet another sexual encounter. Kristen was cause of their coitus because of the direct correlation of a story that she was enlightening her therapist with. It took place between her and the two of servant children that were provided to her after her initial arrival at the Johansson’s mansion in Sweden.

Now back to the therapy session:

Miles’s was holding onto Kristen’s hips as he deposited an ungodly amount of semen into her love canal. His knees began to give as he no longer had any strength left in his thigh muscles to remain upright. He released his hands from Kristen’s co-ed hips. His cock began to slowly slither out from Kristen’s soggy and overflowing pussy and with it the escape of their collective orgasms. Miles went to fall backwards onto the cushion of the couch but his ass was soaked with his sweat and he slipped right off of the leather cushion onto his office floor. He looked up at Kristen embarrassed by his blunder and both starting laughing together. Miles quickly composed himself and asked, “So, after you had this three-way with the two servant kids Priya and Thayer what if anything happened next?”

Kristen said, “Well, afterwards the three of us showered with each other and the servant girl Priya led me to this huge dining room for the brunch the Johansson’s were having. As we walked down the long hallways from my room I would try and peak into each room as we passed them. They all seemed to be more beautiful than the last as we walked. Once I got to the dining room I couldn’t believe my eyes. The dining room had these two huge chandeliers over an enormously long table. The windows in the front were like at least ten feet tall and had these like antique looking but beautiful drapes. The dining room table had so many chairs around it you couldn’t really count them all. It was like I was in one of those old time movies or something.

Priya left me after I took my seat next to my father who was already there and eating. Then one by one the rest of my family started to filter into the dining room and sat with us at the table. After everyone had gone to the small buffet for food they provided us we sat quietly as we ate. As we all sat around this huge table everyone had these really strange ~ like ~ mischief ~ smiles on their faces ~ like ~ they just did something naughty and wanted to tell everyone what they just did. Once everyone was there and eating slowly but surely our stories began to slip out ~ you know ~ about how we all seemed to have gotten a chance to get to know the special maids and butlers that the Johansson’s provided to us a lot better, if you know what I mean?

Then Theresa or should I say Mrs. Johansson came into the dining room followed by her super-duper attractive teen daughter Farah. She sat at the head of the table and Farah sat to her right. We all stayed quiet until she was seated and then she looked down the table at all of us. I guess she saw all of the happy faces and said, ‘Well, well, well, it seems like you’ve all gotten to know your servants a little better I see? Isn’t that just nice? I hope you all enjoyed yourselves? I just got off of the phone with my husband he is on his plane making his way back here and should arrive a little after dinner this evening.’

She then turned to my father and Pap-Pap and said, ‘Jim and Frank my husband Gabe will have the final papers that will need to be signed so that Skebro and Latrobe will finally be in business together. Once that has been completed we will have a special get together this evening that will include a beauty pageant of sorts followed by a special performance that will include my husband’ ~ then she turned to me and smiled ~ ‘and you my lovely dear. That is if your father and Frankie here will allow it obviously.’ My Pap-Pap smiled at me and said, ‘no worries my grand-daughter will be more than ready for her debut performance.’ My dad kissed me on the cheek and said, ‘no worries Theresa my daughter is a Foster thru and thru and she will be ready this evening.’”

Miles stood as he was wiping the sweat from his bruised ego, meaning his ass, and then plopped back down on the couch again. His arm went to the back of the couch and Kristen moved to his side and curled up next to her therapist under his armpit as if they were old lovers who just wanted to cuddle after yet another wonderful tryst. Once they were both comfortable Miles had his chin sitting on the top of Kristen’s co-ed head and asked, “So, did you know what they were talking about? You know this special performance that you were supposed to participate in?”

Kristen’s fingers moved down Miles’ flat and wet stomach to the tip of her therapists penis and she began to softly touch his mushroom head and said, “Well, at first I had no idea what the heck they were talking about but I just figured it was going to be something neat.”

Miles asked, “So did your father or your Pap-Pap explain to you what you were going to have to do?”

Kristen said, “Well, my father waited until everyone had finished eating and as everyone was leaving the dining room one by one he explained to me that Mr. Johansson wanted to have sex with just me that evening.”

Miles said, “So, you did have to have sex with him to make sure that the deal between the two companies was going to happen?”

Kristen said, “No. The deal was already done. These were just some papers that had special added things to the deal but once they were signed they could then start that IPO thing for the stock market. Now, what Theresa was talking about is that Mr. Johansson and I were going to do something very special together that everyone in the house was going to get to see that night.”

Miles said, “Were you nervous? I mean you were going to have sex with an older man that you didn’t even know? I mean at this point you haven’t even met Mr. Johansson and then you were going to have sex with him? Weren’t you just a little bit scared or at least nervous about having sex with him while everyone was watching you?”

Kristen’s hand was now wrapped around Miles’ deflated shaft but she stroked it softly and said, “Why in the world would I be scared?” She moved her mouth to his ear and whispered in a seductive voice, “I was with my whole family. Besides ~ this wouldn’t be the first time ~ you know ~ that I would have met a strange man for the first time ~ then let him screw my brains. Right ~ Doctor Spencer?”

Miles closed his eyes as Kristen’s hand was slowly pumping the blood back into his shaft. The way she was gently squeezing his shaft on the way up and the way the palm of her hand hit every nerve ending on his mushroom head. Miles arm wrapped around her shoulder pulling her tighter to his side not wanting her to stop and asked, “Can you explain that a little more? I mean after all ~ you mentioned just a little while ago that you were about twelve-years-old when all of this was supposedly happened.”

Kristen said, “Well, there is nothing supposedly about it. I was twelve when I went to Sweden. Besides I’ve already told you that my family is a ‘special family’, right?”

Miles said, “Yes, you’ve explained to me that your whole family is, ‘special’ and you are all sexually active with one another, as well as, with other families that are part of your little nudist or swinging group.”

Kristen smiled and was proud of herself as her head went down to Miles’ lap. She kissed the tip of his penis as she had charmed one last droplet of his sperm from the bottom of his shaft to the tip of his cock. She then licked it clean and kissed Miles’ penis and said, “See, there are always special people that come to these parties. Maybe I should say it a different way? When our families get together there are times when we don’t know all of the special family members that show up. You see some of the families that would invite us to their homes for our special parties ~ well ~ there may be one or two people that are there who may not know us and there may be one or two people that we’ve never met before.

So, it’s like ~ if a person was at this party who you happened to know you ~ you would feel okay to be with them ~ you know ~ to have sex with them. Then there were a lot and I mean a lot of times that I had sex with daddies, sons, cousins, uncles and boyfriends that I just met for the first time at these parties ~ when ~ like ~ it was the first time they showed up at our parties. So having sex with Mr. Johansson was going to be just like all of the other men before that day. It was just like going to one of our special parties and the daddy of the house wanted to have sex with me. I mean that’s all it really is.”

Miles said, “So, after you finished eating you waited for Mr. Johansson to show up so everyone could sign the papers and then had sex with him in front of everyone?”

Kristen released her therapist’s penis and then she looked directly into his eyes and smiled. She took her hand that was just stroking his cock and placed on the back of his head. She pulled his face to hers and pushed her tongue between his lips kissing him passionately. Miles pulled back as he tasted the saltiness of his sperm on her tongue and Kristen giggled a little realizing what she had just done and said, “You are so dramatic Dr. Spencer. You think that our lives are just one moment after another just filled with having sex ~ don’t you?

Once my father and I were alone in the dining room and he pulled me onto his lap and he kissed me. He looked into my eyes and said, ‘honey, this thing that they want you to do is really not that big of a deal. It’s just like any other time when we get together with our friends. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do but I will say that the last time I was here I got to do this very thing with Farah, Mr. Johansson’s daughter and he wants to do it with you. Trust me you will have so much fun but if you just want to fool around with the boy and girl that they gave you; then that is okay too.’ I put my arms around his neck and kissed my daddy back and told him, ‘don’t worry I promise to be a good girl for your friend Mr. Johansson. Besides I’m a Foster and I’m not scared of anything or anyone!’ Then daddy let me go as Amy and Farah came back in the room because they were looking for me.”

Miles was rubbing the top of his tongue on the roof of his mouth trying to get the taste of his sperm off of his tongue and then asked, “Well, what did you do while you waited for Mr. Johansson arrive?”

Kristen was giggling still and she hugged her therapist’s body close to hers and said, “Well, after brunch all of us girls got together and we ended up in Farah’s room. My cousin Amy and I were both becoming fast friends with Farah. We sat around talking about school and our families and all ~ during that time we discovered that aside from the amount of money Farah’s family had that our families were pretty much the same. She even had her own horses Doctor Spencer. That of course meant me begging her to go riding and that’s exactly what we all did the rest of that day. Farah took us up and around the mountain side. I wish I had my photo album with me to show you how beautiful everything was. Everywhere you turned it seemed to be more beautiful than before. It was the perfect day to go riding it wasn’t too hot and the breeze coming down the mountainside cooled you off.”

Miles asked, “So, did you bring food like you used to do when you lived in Latrobe and had your special picnics with your girlfriends?”

Kristen said, “Nah, we brought some water and some light snacks though.”

Miles usually knew that each part of her story ended up with some form of sex story and asked, “When you went riding did you girls do anything ~ you know ~ special together?”

Kristen said, “Nah, we just enjoyed our rides and talked about boys and our family lives. We stayed out all day losing the track of time. By the time we realized the sun was going down we hoofed it back as quickly as we could. Farah mentioned that we didn’t want to be out in the woods after the sun went down because it is really easy to get lost. We arrived back at the stables just before sunset. Once the horses were put away and groomed we got back the house. That’s when we noticed that the mansion was a little more crowded before we left earlier that afternoon, that’s for sure.”

Miles said, “Crowded? What do you mean by that?”

Kristen pushed her face to Miles’ attempting to kiss him again but this time Miles was reluctant as he pursed his lips tight. Kristen gave him a peck on the lips and she smiled, “Chicken! I mean, if us girls have to taste our own cum and your guys’ cum on our tongues then you guys should have to do the same. It’s just not fair that we are the only cum dumpsters in the relationship.

Anyway, Thayer my servant boy and the other servants for my cousin Amy and Farah were waiting for us in the house once we came back in from the barn. Thayer showed me back to my room. As we were walking back to my room I noticed that there were about fifteen or so new kids at the house. Mostly they were younger girls, teenage girls and some young teenage boys. Then when we got to my floor upstairs where my room was I noticed there was also like ten new couples who were now at the mansion as well.”

Miles said, “Sounds to me like all of the new people who were there came to have one of your special parties? Am I right?”

Kristen said, “Well, it was my cousin Amy who asked Farah, ‘who are all the new people in the house?’ Farah just smiled and said, ‘this is going to be so much fun tonight.’ I was like, ‘what do you mean fun tonight?’ Farah said, ‘well, see my daddy has this private foundation. It finds children for rich and special couples that can’t have their own babies. My daddy’s foundation searches all over the world to find children that meet the requirements for these couples. So, tonight there is going to be a special pageant show.’

Amy said, ‘a pageant for what?’ Farah said, ‘well the kids get dressed up and all and there is like a pageant show for the couples to see all of the kids who want to be adopted firsthand. Then if they like what they see they pick the girls or boys that they like. Then they get to talk to the kids for a while and see if the kids would like to go home with them. Otherwise they would have to go back to the orphanages.’

I asked her, ‘do some of the kids go back to the orphanages?’ Farah looked sad and said, ‘yeah some kids still think that their parents could still be alive or something. They hope if they go back home that they could one day find their parents or go live with other members of their family. See, my daddy’s foundation only brings kids back who don’t have any parents. So, I feel sorry for those kids. Some of them find happiness with the new parents and I’m happy for them but I feel really sad for the others because they will never find what they are looking for.

Some of the kids who don’t get picked stay here at our house and help us around the house as maids and butlers until a couple picks them.’ So I said, ‘so like the boy and girl that I have ~ I mean ~ Priya and Thayer who are my servants. They weren’t picked before and now they stay here and help your family around the house? Well, I guess that’s cool! So they will have a chance to be picked tonight then?’ Farah said, Yeah that’s right.’”

Something just wasn’t sitting right with Miles. He thought, ‘the fact that Mr. Johansson was going to have sex with Kristen seemed somewhat normal for her during that time of her life. The thing that bothered him was why have a beauty pageant? Who has a private pageant at their home? He knew he was going to have to go deeper and asked, “So, are you able to tell me more about the kids that were picked by the Johansson’s foundation? I mean aside that the kids were found in orphanages and only selecting the child because their parents are deceased ~ were the kids like ~ special in any way?”

Kristen put her arm around Miles’ neck and snuggled as tightly to his side as she could and said, “No, not really. They were from all over the world I know that for sure. They were all different ages too, from like five or maybe like six years-old all the way up to like sixteen.

Miles knew that if there was something sinister going on at the Johansson home there would be no way that Kristen who was a twelve-year-old girl at that time, would know anything about a trafficking ring. But the fact that she’s mentioned it he should ask her some cursory questions just to try and fill in the blanks, “So, Kristen after you got back to your room what happened next?”

Kristen swung her left leg over Miles’ lap straddling him and looking directly into her therapists eyes said, “I really needed to take a shower badly. I smelled like stinky horse sweat and I wanted it off of me as fast as possible. As Thayer was walking me back to my room he mentioned to me that he was asked by Mr. Johansson to help one of the couples that showed up at the house. He kissed me on the cheek and smiled at me and said, ‘I won’t be with you for a while.’ All I heard was that finally Mr. Johansson might be at the mansion so I asked him, ‘Did Mr. Johansson call or is he here? And if he is here did he ask for me?’

Thayer smiled and said, ‘yeah he came back with the other couples several hours ago and no he didn’t ask for you yet. Mr. Johansson said that one of the couples that came today might be a possible match for me ~ I just might get picked today and get adopted.’ He put his hands on my shoulders and said, ‘I wanted to have some special alone time with you but this is really important to me. I hope you understand?’ I just smiled and said, ‘I am so happy for you! You must be so excited. Well, you can come and see me anytime you want and good luck I hope the couple picks you so that you can have a new mommy and daddy.’

So, Thayer left me at my bedroom door but Priya was waiting for me inside the bedroom. She was on her laptop at the desk in my bedroom playing a game. She was wearing a cute sundress with black almost see thru stockings and flat shoes. After I shut the door behind me she put her hand to her nose and squeezed it hard and in a playful tone said, ‘someone smells like they just cleaned out every stable in the barn.’ I giggled at her and said, ‘well I had a nice ride and I helped the grooms with the horses.’ You see ~ when you do that Doctor Spencer ~ you know ~ groom a horse ~ the horse kinda bonds with you. I definitely wanted to go riding again while I was there and I wanted to ride the same horse that I had that day.”

As I was slipping off my riding boots in the bedroom Priya slipped away into the bathroom. This time I didn’t hear the shower running but she was filling up the bathtub for me. It was one of those really nice and old bathtubs. You know, it was one of those really big ones that have like their own feet on the bottom of the tub so the tub doesn’t sit on the floor and all. There were these big brass knobs that looked like bird wings and a long necked faucet had the head of an eagle at the end spitting out the water. It even had one of those wand things you can to rinse yourself off with.

When I came into the bathroom Priya had already taken her dress off and was standing there wearing this shear mid-drift black camisole with this like turquoise pattern in it. It was highlighted by her dark nipples as you could see her young breasts that were just ready to bud open like a flower would.”

Miles said, “That was very poetic of you to say.”

As Kristen was straddling Miles’ lap her pussy was still oozing out their collective sperm onto Miles’ shaft as she began to grind on him again. She had her hands on Miles’ shoulders for balance but Kristen could feel his penis starting to stir to life again between her thighs again. She moved her mouth to his ear and in the smallest of a whisper so no one could here but him she said, “I know that this was just our first time but I have to say that I love your penis Doctor Spencer. It’s long ~ just like my daddy’s but not as wide. I want you to slip it back inside of me ~ I want you to tickle my insides.

You felt so good inside of me ~ you make me feel like I’m a real grown-up woman. I think that we should be doing this every session Doctor Spencer. I mean after all ~ I’ve been here for what ~ almost a full four years now? And during that time I’ve been telling you all of my family’s super-duper sex secrets and all of my special moments with my family and friends ~ I’m so surprised that I haven’t done this with you before today. It’s not like me not to try and have sex with such a handsome man like you!”

Miles smiled at her as his heart moved up to his throat. He grabbed her up from behind smashing her naked co-ed body against his. He held her tight as if he was protecting her somehow from everything outside of his office door. Suddenly he had all sorts of parental thoughts. He realized in her subconscious mind Kristen felt like she had been stuck at his clinic for about four years now but in reality she’s only been here a short few months. It was because of the hypnosis that her mind was playing tricks on her making her to think she had been there for years.

Miles felt her pussy painting izmit escort his shaft with their collective goo. For some strange reason he no longer thought of Kristen as a patient but she was now all his and his alone. Finally, he snapped back and said, “Kristen, as much as I enjoyed what we did today it would just be wrong to continue to be intimate like this.” He nodded his head as if that should make things right.

Kristen’s mouth was close to his ear and she gasped, “Doctor Spencer ~ Doctor Spencer I can’t breathe.” Miles relaxed her grip and he smiled at her. Kristen just ignored what he said and she kissed Miles on the lips as she moved his oversized hands down to the curve just under her buttocks and whispered again, “I know that you want me! I can feel you between my legs. It’s okay Doctor Spencer this is the first sex that I’ve had in such a long time.

It’s like my pussy is still hungry for your cock to be inside of me.” Kristen moved her hand down between her legs and raised her hip to the side and slid the tip of his cock back between her lips. As his head split her lips open and pushed past her opening she let out a sigh of pleasure, “See ~ doesn’t that feel just right Doctor Spencer?” Then she pushed down engulfing his entire manhood. She smiled and kissed him on the lips, “Now, that is better?” Then she continued on with her story as Miles gave in once again. His hands began to squeeze her buttocks gently, “Well, as I was saying about Priya, when you see pure beauty ~ beauty like Priya’s ~ she deserves to have poets create special poems and sonnets about her.”

Miles grabbed her hips as her pussy was expanding around his shaft sensuously and said, “Sounds like you two became more than just friends that day?”

Kristen’s face turned red as she closed her eyes as Miles’ penis was a rigid piece of steel now and the head of his cock was teasing her insides begging for her juices to coat it and said, “Have you ever been with a woman that was from India, Doctor Spencer?”

Miles began to direct her hips over him making sure that his head was gliding as deep as it could and he could feel her little swollen nubbin rubbing on the lower part of his stomach and said, “Well, no.”

Kristen said, “Then you should. They are very passionate people. As I stood in the doorway watching her draw my bath for me ~ my eyes lowered between her legs. She was wearing the matching black sheer thong that had the same turquoise colored piping as an outline of the thong. I stood there staring between her legs wanting to catch every glimpse of her naughty spot.”

She grabbed his face with both hands and looked directly into her therapist’s eyes and kissed him then said, “Just like you’ve done to me every time I’ve sat on this couch to start our therapy sessions. Her hairless mound was beautiful Doctor Spencer. I just wanted to reach out and touch it and kiss it. She has a perfect slit that hid her pussy from me and the black sheer stockings she wore that day had the same turquoise green band that wrapped around the top of her thigh highs and had a tiny bow in the front and the back of her thighs.

Priya’s hair was a silky midnight black that came down to her light caramel colored ass that was in a ponytail. Her eyes were big and brown and when she looked at me and smiled her white teeth shown bright like a light. I couldn’t help myself Doctor Spencer. I never thought of just being with a girl before ~ you know ~ all by myself ~ one on one ~ you know what I mean Doctor Spencer? I mean when I fool around with boys at our swinger parties and if there is a second girl with us ~ she shrugged her shoulders ~ playing with her seems just like the thing to do. I mean we are all there to have fun together but this was a totally different feeling for me. This was the first time in my life that I really wanted to be just alone with another girl ~ you know ~ just by ourselves.”

Miles moved his mouth to hers as Kristen was still holding his face and staring seductively into his eyes as their privates were being coated with Kristen’s juices from between her legs. Miles was curious because even though Kristen is claiming to be only twelve at the time she mentioned that Priya was a few years younger making her about ten. Miles shook his head and let the question fly, “Kristen are you telling me that Priya was trying to seduce you into fooling around with you?”

Kristen allowed Miles’ tongue slip from her mouth after she was sucking on it. Her head was dizzy from the kiss. She shook her head trying to concentrate and said, “Oh, no nothing like that. She just took her dress off because she was running my bath for me and didn’t want it to get wet. Remember that her job while I was there ~ was that ~ she needed to take care of all of my needs and that meant bathing me.

She wasn’t putting out any kind of secret feeling towards me. It was all me. Earlier in the day when we had sex together with Thayer it was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. It was so hot watching Thayer’s white cock slipping into her and spreading her caramel pussy open to take all of it. It made me feel hot all over my body as I watched it completely disappear inside of her. I just wanted to know what it was like to be just alone with her. The way she kissed him and held Thayer as he pushed in and out her ~ you could see she had a special ~ ‘something’ ~ when it came to sex and you just want to experience it with her.”

Miles said, “So, tell me did you try anything sexual with Priya? I mean you were looking at her as if you wanted to have a sex with her or am I wrong?”

Kristen shrugged her shoulders, smiled and giggled nervously and said “I don’t know. All I know is that I have always been with white girls and Priya was something completely different being from India and all ~ and I ~ I guess I wanted to know her better.”

Miles’ fingers slipped between her ass cheeks and began to tickle her anal cavity as Kristen’s ass moved backwards and forwards as his shaft pumped deep inside of her, “So, what did you do?”

Kristen feeling the penetration of Miles fingers into her anal cavity raised a little as they made her feel uncomfortable at first. Then as they moved deeper and wider in her ass she began to fuck back on them and said, “I stood next to the tub just staring at her body and for some strange reason my body started tingling just thinking about just kissing her. I wasn’t really sure why I was so nervous. She was so cute she deliberately closed her mouth to hold her breath because I smelled like sweaty horse. She helped me take my top off. When she fell to her knees in front of me she let out her breath. I could feel her warm air push thru my shorts and hit my pussy that was starting to get wet.

Then she took another big breath and held it in her while she was on her knees. She slipped my socks off then my shorts. She let out her breath again it pushed against my pussy as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down to my ankles. She looked up at me with those oversized brown eyes and she put her lips to my privates and kissed it. That tiny little kiss made my whole body shake.

Her tongue was damp and warm as it glided over my privates. I grabbed the back of her head and guided between my thighs. I made her lick me for a few minutes as I trembled over her. Then I pulled up to her feet and then I looked into her eyes and kissed her like this ~ Kristen grabbed Miles’ face and slipped her tongue back into his mouth forcing it to explore his whole mouth cavity ~ as my hands went to her camisole and pulled it up and off her. I moved my mouth to her nipples and kissed both of them. Then it was my turn as I fell to my knees. I put my nose to her privates and then I looked up at her and said, ‘you smell like coconut down here.’ Priya smiled and said, ‘I like to use coconut oil on my skin.’

I then kissed her privates over her thong as I slipped her thigh highs off. I then spun her around so that her butt was now in my face. I then pulled her thong down and pushed her over the edge of the tub and put my face between her butt cheeks. You could see that her privates looked exactly like mine. Her holes had that special roundness from taking so many men’s penises inside of her. I tasted both of her holes but I guess she felt a little uncomfortable. She spun me around and took me by the hand and we both entered the tub together. She smiled at me and said, ‘we really need to take care of the horsy smell first.’ She grabbed two different jars and poured this stuff into the water and it began to fizzle. I asked her, ‘what is that stuff? Is this a special bubble bath?’ Priya said, ‘no bath salts. It will help take the smell away and make your skin feel really smooth like a new baby. Here rub your hands on my skin you can feel how soft and smooth it is.’

Priya stood in front of me and took my hands and let me rub her legs. I took advantage and let my fingers touch her young tight pussy. I looked up at her and smiled then said, ‘your pussy feels just as smooth as the rest of you.’ After she let me touch and play with her she finally sank back down into the warm water. She grabbed my feet and pulled me towards her and I went completely under the water. When I popped back up she was laughing and I started to laugh to. She grabbed a bar of soap and then began to wash me.

I really wanted to be with her, you know what I mean Doctor Spencer? So, I picked a bar of soap as well. Priya was shocked that I began to wash her and she asked me, ‘Kristen what are you doing?’ I moved closer to her and kissed her like this ~ Kristen’s mouth went to Miles’ and as her tongue moved between his lips and with his fingers pumping in her butt hole as his cock was bursting ever deeper inside of her. He adjusted his position so that mushroom head was rubbing up against her over sensitive G-spot when he pushed upwards inside of her.

After we broke our kiss I said, ‘I don’t want to ever think of you as a servant girl Priya. You are practically the same age as me I want us to me more ~ like ~ really good friends.’ Priya’s eyes got really wide and she smiled at me with her big white teeth and she moved to me and kissed me back and said, ‘I haven’t had a real friend in such a long time ~ I mean ever since I left India.’ As we were on our knees in the tub we continued to wash each other. Earlier in the day when the both of us were with Thayer ~ when we kissed each other it was sorta different from the hot sexy kisses that she just planting on my lips now.

For some reason it was different this time Doctor Spencer. I mean I’ve kissed other girls before like my best friends and all but that was more like just experimenting to see what it felt like but this was like whew! I don’t know if it was because she was from India or not but it was hot and made my body become all hot and tingly. We sat together playing with each other with our bars of soap in our hands rubbing it in and out and all over our privates. Here come here get on your knees with me Doctor Spencer.” They slipped off the couch onto the floor and she let Mile’s fingers that were covered in her ass juices glide over her labia as she took hold of his shaft.

“I know you don’t have a pussy Doctor Spencer so I’ll just stroke your cock but just let your fingers glide over my pussy and play with my little nubbin on the one end.” Miles did as he was told to do. I mean why wouldn’t he? Kristen is by far the most passionate creature that he’s ever met and as he started playing with her Kristen continued, “That’s it just like that ~ then as her hand went between my thighs her fingers began to go into my butthole on the other side too. Now, you have to do the same to me.

As we were making out together and playing with each other Priya asked, ‘So, do you live in a big house like this back in the United States?’ I just laughed and said, ‘no way! We’re not rich like this?’ Priya said, ‘tonight I may not get picked at the pageant and I was wondering ~ well ~ like ~ I really don’t want to go back to my village it’s really bad there. Do you think if I don’t get picked tonight that maybe your daddy would pick me and then you and I could become like ~ sisters? I really like you and we could be so happy together just like we are right now.”

Miles looked into the blue eyes of his co-ed as he continued his onslaught between her legs. His fingertips would dig into her anal cavity then slip between her legs picking up more of her juice and when his fingertips hit her clit he gave her several circular rubs making her shiver. Kristen continued her story of young lust between the two pre-teen girls and asked, “So, did you want Priya to maybe come home with you to Oklahoma?”

Kristen said, “Of course I did. I missed my younger brother so much ~ even if he was a little nudge all the time. It would be cool to have a younger sister to help me play with my daddy. I told her, ‘I would love it if you came home with us. We could be more than friends we could become really close sisters but don’t you want to go back to your country and live with some of your other family members?’ She looked at me and tears began to grow in her eyes and said, ‘I have no family ~ they’re all dead except for my brother and sister.’ I asked, ‘don’t you want to go back and find them?’ Priya said, ‘I don’t know where my brother is. He was taken away from me and but my little sister is in the same orphanage that Mr. Johnson’s people found me.’

Priya started crying she pushed me down onto my butt and she climbed onto my lap in the tub. She curled up in a ball and I wrapped my arms around her naked body.” Kristen pushed Miles down on the floor up against the couch and she curled up in a ball laying on top of him just as Priya had done in the tub all those years ago and she continued. “I asked her, ‘how can you be sure that you have no family left? If it isn’t too painful to talk about can you tell me how your parents died?’

Priya put her head on my shoulder and I could feel her tears fall onto my skin. She sat quietly for a few minutes and said, ‘I have no family left. I lived just outside of a city named Madurai. We were a small village of peaceful Hindu people but several villages away from us were a village of Muslims and they were fanatical and crazy about us Hindi people changing to Islam. Every so often they would kill people from different villages that weren’t Muslims.

My parents built several hiding spots in our home for us kids just in case they came into our village. There was one for my little sister. She could open the bottom drawer of her dresser and slip inside and actually hide behind the drawer in there. There was a spot behind our refrigerator. If you pushed it there was a secret door in the floor. The refrigerator was on wheels and when you hid under it there was a rope and you pulled on it and the refrigerator would roll back against the wall covering up the hidden door.

Early one morning in my village we heard all kinds of bangs coming from outside of our house and people were screaming. My father came in our rooms and got all three of us and put us in our hiding spots but before my mom and dad could get in with us the men broke into our home. They tortured my father by tying him up and then the men raped my mother right above us in the kitchen. When they finally finished raping my mother they stabbed my father and mother to death and then they started looking for us.

The screaming and the loud gun noises went on for hours. We heard gunshots and women and children crying and father’s begging for the lives of their family. We were so scared that we couldn’t move or say anything. It was really hard to try and keep my sister Poornima quiet ~ she paused and put her head down and when she looked back up she smiled and said ~ her name meant full moon because my mom told us that it was good luck to make babies under a full moon and Poornima was mommy and daddies love baby.’”

Miles held her tight against his body as he could feel her sorrow and pain that she had for her new girlfriend and asked, “Wow that is horrible that she lost her parents that way. How does she know that she doesn’t have any family left?”

Kristen said, “Priya told me that the three of them stayed in that room huddled together for two days. Then they heard the police come in they came out of hiding. When they gave them their names they took them to other homes of their own family members but they were all dead. The police had no choice so they took them to the city of Madurai and put the girls in the Hope for the Hopeless orphanage. She said that her brother Viswanath was taken away immediately and put to work in Mumbai. I asked her, ‘what does your brother’s name mean in Hindi? Priya stopped crying and smiled at me and said, ‘I have been here for two years now and you’re the only person who has ever asked me about my family. Viswanath means god of the universe. My mom named him that because she felt that he was destined for Nirvana the moment he passed away from this life.’”

Miles said, “It sounded like Priya had a loving family that was destroyed. That is such a shame.” Miles kissed Kristen on the head as if she were his own child and they both lay together on the floor broken hearted as Kristen was telling Priya’s story. Miles asked, “I guess that once she got to the orphanage that she was in a safer place and then luckily she was found by Mr. Johansson’s foundation.”

Kristen said, “I don’t know if she was any safer.”

Miles said, “Well, if she went to an orphanage then she should have been safe from the people who murdered all the people in their village right?”

Kristen shook her head in agreement and said, “But Priya said that it would have been better if her and her brother and sister lived on their own.”

Miles cupped Kristen’s ass and let his fingers slip between her ass-crack again. She allowed him to play with her hot wet pussy again. Miles lust for Kristen began to stir again and asked, “Why weren’t they safe in the orphanage?”

Kristen said, “They were anything but safe. I asked Priya the same question as you and Priya said, ‘After her brother was taken from her and her sister ~ they were given a small cot that they both had to sleep on together. She said that there were only twelve other girls that survived the attack that day on her village. They were all alone and frightened so they stuck together being from the same village and all. On the first night they heard the headmaster come in the room and she woke several girls and took them out. When the girls came back many, many, hours later they were crying a little and they grabbed their towels and took showers together and then went to sleep for the night.”

Miles was curious as he started to repeat the hand motion between her ass-cheeks. His fingers slipped into both of her co-ed fuck holes gathering her juices and then back to her clit that he played with making her ass writhe over his lap and he asked, “Why were the girls crying and why did they need showers?”

Kristen said, “Priya told her ‘the girls wouldn’t talk about it. They told her that she and her sister were going to find out soon enough.’”

Miles kissed Kristen on the forehead in a fatherly way and asked, “What were they going to find out?”

Kristen said, “Priya showed me what they did to her.” Kristen stood and then sat a few feet away from Miles and she spread her legs and said, “Priya told me on the third night at the orphanage that the headmaster took her and several other girls that were in the same age group and led them into the showers. The older girls from the orphanage were waiting for them inside. The older girls told Priya and her sister Poornima take their clothes off and wash themselves and they did what they told them to do. Then they took them into a room and there was a doctor waiting for them.

Priya said that the doctor put them up on the examination table and he did a physical on them. When he spread her legs to inspect her privates the Doctor took this thing that looked like a tiny boy’s penis and the doctor asked Priya and Poornima if they knew what it was. They both told him they knew that it looked like their brother’s privates. The doctor told them both that as long as they stayed at the orphanage that men were going to come and visit the girls and that all the girls had to be ready.”

Miles grew concerned about what they were doing to these girls. India and other southeastern Asian countries child exploitation is rampant and he asked, “Don’t tell me that he used it on them?”

Kristen said, “Yeah they did. Priya said that her sister Poornima was first. He spread her legs and the doctor put a pencil in her mouth and told her to bite down on it because he was going to hurt her but the pain would stop after a few minutes. Priya watched as the doctor pushed that small plastic penis into her tiny vagina and broke her hymen. Poornima cried for a little while and there was a little bit of blood but the doctor gave her some medicine and a couple of minutes later she felt fine. Then after he did it to several other girls it was finally Priya’s turn. The doctor did the same thing to her and the pills he gave her took the pain away. Then the doctor gave each of them a small plastic penis. Once he broke each of the girl’s hymens he told them, ‘they needed to practice putting the toys inside of their privates every day for at least fifteen minutes because a man’s penis is much bigger. If they didn’t practice that it was going to hurt them when the men were going put a real one inside of them.’

Then she said that the doctor made all the girls to get on all fours. He took this long plastic thing that had round balls on it that went from really small too big. He had this tube in his hand and he put some of the stuff from the tube onto his fingertip and showed the girls how to put the cream on their buttholes and on the toy. Then he pushed it slowly inside of Priya’s butthole and said, “You and your sister have just a few days to be able to put this whole thing inside of you butthole and your vagina’s’”

Miles asked, “Please don’t tell me that they forced the girls to have sex?”

Kristen’s head was nodding up and down and said, “Priya said that it was a couple of weeks later when the headmaster came and woke her. She was taken from the orphanage and a police officer put her in the back seat of his car and izmit escort bayan drove her to a home where a man was waiting for her. Priya said that she had to have sex with the man or she would be beaten. She said that this went on for a few months until someone from Mr. Johansson’s foundation came and picked her and wanted to bring her back to Sweden. The man who picked her wouldn’t take her sister Poornima with her. Priya told the man that she wouldn’t go with him if she couldn’t bring her sister. She didn’t want her have to do the things that she had to do with the men from the different villages at night time.

She said that the man took her picture and when he came back to the orphanage a couple of days later he gave the headmaster a whole bunch of money. Then the headmaster told her that she was going to leave with that nice man and go to live in a big house in Sweden. She was given a new name and a Swedish passport. The man promised her that her sister would be treated fine and that one day when she was older just like Priya was that they would come back to get her too. The man promised Priya that now that Mr. Johansson bought the orphanage nothing like what happened to her was ever going to happen anymore. She told me that was two years ago.’

I asked Priya, ‘aren’t you happy that you are in a safe home like this and that you don’t have to have sex with strange men anymore?’ Priya said, ‘I have been here for two years and most of the time I’m forced to have sex with the other young boy servants here. Mr. Johansson likes to video tape us servant boys and girls having sex together while he sits in the corner playing with his thing.

He also forces the girl’s and boy’s servants to make videos with the men and women that come here to adopt us kids as well. He takes the tapes that he makes and sells them to all of his friends all around the world. She told me that her and a few other girls are really famous now because of the movies. She said that Mr. Johansson told her that there are men all around the world who want to see her have sex with all kinds of boys and men.

You see, every month Mr. Johansson brings couples here to see us kids and hopefully one day we will get adopted. I have been here too long. This is one of my last chances before I have to leave here once and for all. It is the same for my very good friend or should I say my boyfriend Thayer. I am scared that I’m never going to get picked and that nobody will ever want me or ever love me again. That is why if no one picks me tonight if your father says that he would take me home with you I know I will be safe with you and your daddy. I just want to be safe. The love part I can work on later.’”

Miles said, “So, the fact that she was a maid or a servant to people when they come to visit the Johansson Mansion she was forced to have sex with the men and women?”

Kristen said, “I was surprised the first time she said that too Doctor Spencer. I was surprised, especially the first time when I wanted to shower and Priya and Thayer jumped into the shower with me at the same time. I think that it is expected that whoever works at the Johansson mansion is expected to do whatever a guest wants them to do.”

Miles sat there judging Mr. Johansson and his family but then he realized that he wasn’t any better. He was playing with his patient’s vagina every therapy session and he has started and incestuous affair with his own teenage daughter and he asked, “So, knowing what happened to Priya you really wanted to help her didn’t you?”

Kristen said, “Of course I did. We started to talk about the different men that we had sex with. She was surprised that I have had as much sex with men as she had. As we talked about how goofy men can be sometimes we were shocked when Mr. Johansson walked in on us while we were still in the tub together.”

Miles said, “So, the man that you were waiting for this whole time finally showed up?”

Kristen said, “Yeah. I was expecting ~ oh ~ I don’t know ~ I guess with this big cool house I was expecting James Bond or something to walk in but he was as ordinary as any other ordinary person. He was about six foot really thin and had blond hair that was in a ponytail that came down to his shoulders. He had these piercing blues eyes though. It was like when he looked at you, you felt special ~ somehow. He was wearing slippers and a short bathrobe that stopped just past his butt. When he came over to the tub Priya immediately left my side and moved over to him.

She untied his robe and you could see that he had a flat strong stomach that had those bumps on it. He looked like one of those models that are on the billboards in the cities. He had that V shape from his hips that went down to his penis. He was wearing what my daddy calls tighty-whitey’s. You could see he was already hard underneath of his underwear and he smiled at both of us and said, ‘hope that I’m not interrupting anything special?’ Priya slid over and looked up at him and said something in Swedish, ‘kan jag lagga din kuk I min mun papa? I didn’t understand what she said so I asked her what she said and told me she asked him, ‘can I put your cock in my mouth daddy?’ and Mr. Johansson said in Swedish, “Jag vill att du ska svalja sa mycket du kan! Then he turned me and in English he said, ‘I want you to swallow as much of it as you can.’

Priya smiled and she pulled me over next to him and she slid his underwear down around his thighs. His penis shot out and the tip of his cock hit her in the eye and we both laughed. Priya opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth and sucked on him. I reached out and touched his hairless balls and started to play with them. Then Priya let his cock out and said, ‘here taste papa.’ I took hold of his cock and kissed the tip and then opened my mouth and almost got all of him down my throat. Priya asked, ‘how did you do that?’ I showed her how my mommy taught me to do it. After a while she was able to take a good portion of it in her young mouth as well.

Mr. Johansson stood there allowing us to use his cock as an instructional tool for a while but then he had enough and said, ‘Priya can I have sex with you?’ Priya stood and Mr. Johansson leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. She sat on the edge of the tub and spread her legs really wide for him. I moved over to help and spread her caramel colored lips revealing her pink pristine innards. Before Mr. Johansson stuck it in I spit on his shaft and rubbed it all over him. Then to my surprise after several slow strokes I watched Priya take all seven inches of him inside of her. Priya looked up at him and smiled and just said, ‘G you feel so wonderful inside of me! You always know how make me feel so good inside.’”

Miles asked, “G? What or who is G?”

Kristen said, “I asked the same thing and that’s Priya’s nickname for Mr. Johansson. His first name is Gabe and she has a hard time with her Hindi accent so she just calls him G. I wanted him to fuck me too. His long penis looked so good spreading her pussy wide and taking it all. So, I stood and got on the edge of the tub and said, ‘you can have me too.’ G put his hand to my face and caressed it gently and told me, ‘you are going to have to wait until tonight because I have something special planned for us.’ Then Priya looked at me and said, ‘you wanna see something neat?’ I said, ‘sure.’ Priya slipped G’s cock from her tiny pre-teen pussy and then turned around and spread her ass cheeks and said, ‘Pappa, let’s show her our special little trick.’

Mr. Johansson stood behind her as he brought over a little step that helps you get in and out of the tub easier. He made Priya stand on it and then he slipped his cock back in her tiny vagina. He told me to come closer so I could see everything. I rested my head on her smooth caramel colored ass. I could see his cock stretching her vagina open as he pushed all seven inches inside of her. I could smell that sweet pussy aroma that was being fucked just right. Then he spread her cheeks again and spit on her asshole and said, ‘Kristen would you please rub that in for me?’ That’s when I realized he was going to put that long trouser snake up her seemingly pristine butthole. I smeared his spit all over her opening and worked some of it inside of her but she wasn’t nearly wet enough.

I used my own tongue and began to push it in and out of her butthole using as much spit as I could. I also was putting my fingers inside of her butthole and I looked up at G and said, ‘I can feel your cock sliding inside of her pussy with my finger in her butthole. That is the craziest and nastiest feeling that I’ve ever had with another girl and man. Then he pulled out and tried to put in her butthole. It took probably twenty times but eventually her asshole gave in and he was able to get his head past her anal ring. Priya screamed a little for him to stop and he just continued wiggling his head inside of her.

You could see the redness starting to grow around her opening and then I spit on his shaft and he started to slowly push deeper inside of her butthole. I guess because she was so tight G didn’t last as long as he did inside of her cunt. His head fell back and said, ‘you tasty piece of caramel candy you’re going to make Pappa explode.’ Priya wasted no time and moved forward and when his cock slipped out there was like this little pop sound. She spun around and sat on the step and was ready to put his cock in his mouth and G said, ‘where are your manners Priya? We have a guest she should get the first taste! You have had plenty before this ~ you need to learn to share!’

I looked at Priya and said, ‘is it okay? If not then you go ahead and finish with him!’ Priya smiled and said, ‘G is right you are our guest here and you should have first taste.’ I put his cock in my mouth and he said, ‘You like the taste of my Concubine’s ass? Can you smell her stink hole on my glorious rod?’ I looked up at him and said, ‘G it tastes wonderful and the smell is as sweet as a rose.’ Then he grabbed my hair and said, ‘ready your self ~ here it comes.’ Then he jerked his cock off onto my face. I was covered in his sperm and Priya was no better as it splashed off of my face and onto hers. When he finished he backed away from us and said, ‘Priya thank you once again and after tonight I will miss you. My heart is breaking already. I think I have found your new parents.’ With that he pulled his tighty-whitey’s up and left the two of us in the bathroom with our faces and mouths splattered with his cum.

Once Mr. Johansson left us Priya and I were left to ourselves. Priya was laughing at me and said, ‘boy you got it the worst his stuff is all over your face and in your hair. Come on let me clean you up.’ She used her fingers and her tongue and pushed most of his orgasm into my mouth while she licked her own fingers clean of G’s sperm. We spent a little time in the tub together kissing each other sharing Gabe’s orgasm back and forth between our mouths before swallowing everything.

As we continued to clean each other I became really excited for Priya that she might actually get adopted that night. Priya seemed to be in an excited mood by the news that there may be a couple that may want to adopt her that night. She couldn’t help but smile and giggle uncontrollably for a long while and finally when we were both squeaky clean inside and out of the tub she said, ‘Kristen, I need to go and get dressed for tonight is it okay if I leave you?’ I said, ‘get out of here and good luck tonight.’

Miles noticed that her demeanor once again changed from being concerned for Priya to an excited state, “So, was that it? You did your job and had sex with Mr. Johansson or should I say G?”

Kristen said, “No, of course not, remember my daddy said that everyone was going to be able to see us having sex together.”

Miles asked, “What happened after that?”

Kristen stood and then sat on the couch, Indian style of course, and she pulled Miles up to the couch to sit with him and she said, “When I returned to my bedroom there was a small red dress and high heels laid out for me. There was a note from G that read, ‘please wear this dress this evening to the pageant. This is your costume for the night my little starlet.’ I picked it up and there were no panties or stockings and when I slipped it on it was very revealing. The hem of the dress stopped right at the bottom of my butt. The top of the dress from the waist up was just two thin strips that made an X shape. My belly was exposed and the material was so thin it just covered my nipples. The back of the dress was completely open. Once I slipped on my shoes my father came into my room.

I smiled at him and said, ‘Daddy look at what Gabe gave me.’ I spun around for him in my heels and the skirt lifted up a bit and when I looked down you could see everything. My daddy came over to me and he looked at me and said, ‘you look absolutely delicious honey if I hadn’t just had sex with my two servant girls this entire afternoon I would have to take you right now.’ I moved to him and hugged him around his shoulders and kissed him and said, ‘daddy you know exactly what to say to make feel so good inside.’ After he broke the kiss with me he said, ‘come on dinner is ready in my room. We will eat together and after we will head down to the pageant.’

Miles said, “So, was your father able to keep his hands off of you while you ate dinner?”

Kristen said, “Yeah. We ate together and told our stories of what we did that day. Afterwards, my father’s two young servant girls led us down to where they were having the pageant that night. It was in the West wing of the mansion. The pageant was going to be held in the Johansson’s movie theatre ~ can you believe it Doctor Spencer they had their own movie theatre inside of the mansion?

It was beautiful. It looked like one of those really old movie theaters from long, long ago. They even had the huge red velvet drapes and reclining red velvet seats. The big red velvet drapes hid the screen until they pulled them back. There were about thirty seats in the room. I knew something special was going on that night as there were several men were walking around with TV sized news cameras on their shoulders. They also had the big cameras that they use to make movies that sat on top of those big tripods in the front of the room. In front of the screen was a small stage they set up for the actual pageant. My daddy started introducing me around to all the couples that were there. Several of the men complimented me on my dress and took advantage of my bare butt and took to squeezing it as much as they wanted to.”

Miles asked, “Didn’t your father say anything?”

Kristen said, “The first time it happened I slapped the man’s hand away. My father leaned down to my ear and explained that these men are all part of Mr. Johansson’s group of special families and I should treat them with the same respect as the men in our group back in Pennsylvania.”

Miles said, “So, the couples were part of the Johansson swinger’s group. They were couples who couldn’t have children so Mr. Johansson used his foundation to find children for them?”

Kristen said, “Now, you’re getting it.”

Miles said, “So, you’ve been hinting about this pageant for a long while now. Why you don’t tell me about it.”

Kristen said, “Well, as my daddy was introducing me around the room the lights began to flicker and then this man was on the stage holding a microphone and told us all to take our seats. Once we were all seated he started off by saying, “If you will pick up your small booklets that are on your seats we will begin. We will be entertained this evening with five young beautiful girls in our pageant. Each girl will be represented by an animal indigenous to their respective countries.”

Miles interrupted and said, “What do you mean by animal?”

Kristen said, “You must be fun at movies Doctor Spencer. You’re that guy that has to ask all the questions as to who, what, where, when and why as things that are happening in the movie right then but if he would just wait a minute you’ll get the answer to your question. The lights were turned down and then behind the man his face appeared up on the big movie screen behind him as the men with the cameras were now shooting him now that he was on the stage. He then said, “Alright let’s get started this evening. Tonight we will be taping our pageant just as we’ve done in the past and will be available for purchase later. Earlier today we were adorned with twelve lovely orphans and several of them have already been selected by some of our lucky couples here tonight. Most of them are enjoying one another’s company upstairs in the bedrooms this evening.

Now, tonight we will be entertained by those who have yet to have been chosen. Each of you will be given a first-hand look and if you desire at the end you may inquire as to each of them. Our pageant this evening will consist of five young lovely girls between the ages of eight to twelve. Sorry to say ladies that the young boys have already been selected. Now, our contestants hail from Europe, South America and we of course have our exotics from Southeast Asia. One of girls is from the Philippine’s the other from Indonesia who is a special blend of Chinese and French descent that is well documented. Last but not least we have the most exotic piece of Caramel from deep-south of India. Tonight is by far the best selection of young females that we have had in years. So, let’s sit back and enjoy the show.”

Miles said, “So, the girls are going to come out and then the couples choose who they want?”

Kristen said, “Don’t jump a head too much Doctor Spencer.”

Miles giggled at her and defensively said, “I’m sorry! Go ahead tell your story for gosh sakes!”

Kristen said, “Well, just like any pageant you start out with the pretty dress competition first.”

Miles said, “Were you able to vote?”

Kristen put her hands on her hips and said, “Were you there that night? Do you want to tell the story?”

Miles in a defensive tone said, “So sorrrrrrryyyyy.”

Kristen said, “Well, yeah we were going to vote. How were you ever going to find out who won? So anyway the first girl to come out onto the stage was a girl from Indonesia. Her name was Wangi and the man said that her name meant most fragrant flower and that she was a feisty eight year-old girl. When she came out she had a big black hat on with a skull on top of it. Her white top stopped above her belly button and it was ripped in several places but it was clear enough that you could see her brown nipples right thru the shirt. Then she had a black macro-mini-skirt that stopped just at the bottom of her butt just like my dress did.

She had these really nice black knee high boots that tied up in the front. She had an eye patch and fake tattoos up and down her legs and arms. The man told her to spin around to show off her outfit. Then she turned her back to the crowd and he told her to lift her skirt and on her left butt cheek was another fake tattoo of a komodo dragon. Then he told her to take another bow. When she bent forward the cameraman crawled up on stage with her, he got a clean shot of her privates as she wasn’t wearing any panties. I was looking up on the movie screen and I had never seen a girl’s naughty spot displayed that way.”

Miles said, “Well, that is a bold move. I mean ~ I guess she is trying to get adopted, right?”

Kristen said, “She’s trying to get adopted by parents that are nudists and go to swinging parties just like my parents. I think it was amazingly smart. The man then said, ‘okay the next girl up is from Colombia she’s ten-years-old. Her name is Isabella that means most beautiful and folks she lives up to her name. Isabella came out onto the stage dressed like a Carnival dancer.

She had on gold high heels and what looked like dancer warmers that were gold as well but they only went half way up her calf. She had this skirt ~ I don’t know if you could call it a skirt it was pretty cool looking. It was gold colored belt but it had hanging strings of beads that were all different lengths that just covered up her naughty spot as she wasn’t wearing nothing underneath. Her top was the same. It was gold in color and she had the same string of beads that went down to her belly.

On her head she had this big fake hat that was made up of all kinds of fruits. She had a chin strap that kept it on top of her head. She twisted and twirled just like the other girl did. When she was spinning you could see her nipples and her pussy. When she turned her back to us she bent forward and the cameraman moved up to her butt and captured her two naked naughty spots just like they did before. On her left butt cheek was a fake tattoo of a curled up Python snake.

When she finished she stood next to Wangi then the man smiled and said, ‘Wow, like I’ve said we have some really nice talent here tonight folks. Okay, so let’s bring up the next girl. Folk’s our next girl is only nine-years-old and her name is Riza that means to inspire. Let’s hope that she inspires some of you out there. Riza is from the Philippines. Riza came out dressed like a really naughty school girl. She had on white heels. She had white thigh high stockings with tiny white bows on the front and back of her thighs. Her skirt was another blue plaid macro-mini-skirt that stopped about half way down her butt. She was wearing a see-thru white top that was unbuttoned and tied in a knot just above her belly button. She had long black hair that was put into two ponytails that came out right over top of her ears.

She spun around just like the other girls and as she twirled her young pussy could be seen by everyone. Then she was faced away from everyone. She put down her school books and grabbed her skirt and lifted it up over her hips and bent forward. She grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them open and the cameraman moved right behind her. You could see that she was having a lot of sex before she came to the mansion by the way her private holes looked. I mean they opened so easy as she spread her butt cheeks. Her holes were very round and the camera made it seem like you could right down both of them. On her left butt cheek she had a tattoo of a monkey.

Riza then stood next to the other two girls. They were smiling they looked so cute up there. Then the man said, gebze escort bayan ‘Okay, our next girl up for tonight is twelve-years-old. She loves the classics especially the older classic ballets. Let’s bring out all the way from Italy Juliette.’ She walked out onto the stage he wasn’t kidding she was stunning. She was in a ballerina outfit. She had on powder-blue ballet slippers. The laces from the ballet shoes crisscrossed up her calves then past her silky white knees to the tops of her thighs. She tied the lace off in a bow on the tops of her thighs.

Her tutu was really simple. It was round and puffy it just went straight out around her hips. You could see her flat stomach that went under her bottomless tutu. She wasn’t wearing anything around her pussy and her bald mound was on display for everyone. Her top was the same powder-blue but it was sheer. It looked like a shirt but the front was cut in a deep V shape that went down just above her bellybutton. You could see her brand new breasts that were just starting to come in. She spun around like the other girls did but this time she fell to her butt and spread her legs. When the cameraman came up she took her fingers and spread her vagina as she put both of her ankles behind her head. Her pussy was this light pink color it was beautiful then she spun on her knees and spread her butt cheeks and revealed her butt hole to everyone. On her left cheek was this cute white rabbit. She got up and then stood with the other girls.

Then last but not least was Priya. He said, ‘I think we’ve saved the best for last tonight guys. She hails from southern India she is ten-years-old let’s welcome to the stage Priya. Priya means the most cherished.’ I was so nervous for her I just wanted everything to be perfect for her. When she walked out onto the stage she looked amazing she looked like a belly dancer.

She was wearing light green heels. Her pants were a sheer light green color that went from her hips all the way down to her heals. Her top stopped above her bellybutton that a diamond inside of it and the top was sheer light green. It was like she was naked even though she was covered. She started to sway her hips and my father turned to me and said, ‘damn she’s got some talent.’ I said, ‘daddy if no one picks her can we take her home with us?’ My dad smiled at me and said, ‘we’ll see.’

She was wearing a veiled headpiece that covered her hair. Her face was covered with the same colored veil on top and so was the lower half that covered her mouth and chin. You could only see her big brown eyes. The veil had like these tiny gold coins that went around her head. She had these tiny finger cymbals that she clicked together as she danced for everyone for a minute or so.

She was way more talented than I had ever thought. Then she dropped to her butt just like Juliette did and spread her legs. There was a small slit of an opening in her bottoms. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She opened the slit and spread her pussy for everyone to see. She held out her finger and motioned for the cameraman to come closer. She fell to her back and lifted her hips and spread her naughty spot between her legs as wide as she could.

You could still see the roundness gape of her pussy from Mr. Johansson fucking her an hour before the competition. Then she rolled over onto her knees and spread her ass open. You could see deep inside of her. My dad turned to me and said, ‘oh I think if no one else picks her then we can bring her home.’ I grabbed my dad’s hand and said, ‘oh thanks daddy.’ Then she lifted her butt in the air and parted the back of her ass and tattooed on her ass was a Bengal tiger.

The man on stage held out his hand and helped her to her feet. Then he said, ‘Okay guys.’ That was the cue for the other girls to leave the stage. The man kept Priya on stage and started to ask her all kinds of questions about her family and her story about how she came to be here tonight. He interviewed her for about five minutes. As she told her story you could see the other people in the audience feel sorry for her. Some of the women were actually shedding tears for her and then she left the stage.

After Priya left the stage he turned and said, “Okay don’t worry folks we will interview each girl tonight so just keep your pants on ~ that is ~ until the competition is over. Alright let’s keep things moving. Let’s bring back up on stage Juliette from Italy. She walked out onto the stage she was totally different outfit. She was wearing a light pink wig. Her top was two thin pink strings that just covered her nipples that crisscrossed over her belly that connected to a thong that was sheer so you could clearly see her pussy.

She had bright pink lipstick and blue eye shadow. Her fingernails and toenails were the same light colored pink and she was wearing light pink stilettos. They were playing some music for her and she danced around for a little. I don’t know how she was able to move her hips the way she did but you could see that she was a well-trained dancer. Then she put her finger to her lips and winked at everyone. Then she used her finger to bring one of the cameramen onto the stage with her and then she slowly stripped out of her outfit.

When she finished she was naked on her back with her legs spread open. Then the man with the microphone came back on the stage and while she was still on her back playing with herself he interviewed her. During the interview he knelt next to her face and I think that she even surprised him as she fished out his cock and began to suck on him. When she took the whole thing down her throat he smiled into the camera and said, ‘daddy’s if this doesn’t turn you on then I don’t know what to say.’ Juliette wiped her mouth from her spit and then she left the stage after the interview.

Then next girl to come back onto the stage was the girl Wangi from Indonesia. When she walked out she had this crown of leaves that was attached to her head. From the side as she was walking out onto the stage she looked like she was nude. When she turned and faced us she had a two small leaves covering her nipples and an equally small leaf just covering her privates between her legs. She had a perfect body she wasn’t fat anywhere.

She sat down on the stage in the Lotus position and as the music played the leaves fell from her body. She then stood and bent over backwards with her pussy facing the crowd and her hands behind her feet. She then went down to all fours with her back to us. She then leaned forward as she pushed up with her toes lifting her ass into the air. She put both of her knees on the back of elbows with her hands on the stage.

She held that position for a while as the cameramen were shooting her privates that were now exposed from all angels. She then went down to her butt and spread her legs wide open for all to see. With her palms on the stage floor and her legs still spread with her ankles high above her head she pushed her ass upwards off the floor. Her whole body lifted up off of the floor several inches then she spread her legs even further apart. Then she let her body slip back down to the stage. Then this time she was holding up her whole body with just her fingers. Everyone in the room stood and clapped for her. It was very impressive Doctor Spencer. As she sat on the stage showing off different gymnastic poses for everyone the man interviewed her.

She even used the man to hold her as she showed different poses with him. At one point she didn’t want Juliette to outdo her so she pulled his pants down around his ankles. She had the same cock-sucking skills as Juliette but she then slid under between his legs and then began to toss his salad as she stroked his cock. The man began to make these horn like sounds and giggled and looked into the camera and said, ‘who knew that my girl down there knew how to play the rusty trombone?’

The next girl that came out was Isabella. She walked out on to the stage. She was wearing neon orange stockings that had large holes in a pattern that went all the way up to her hips. You could see that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her top was the same neon orange tube top that was only an inch wide strip that went around her budding breasts. She had a cute orange shell necklace and her eyes shadow was the same orange color. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She smiled at everyone and she grabbed her ankle with her hand and pulled her ankle straight up to the side of her head. You could see that there was a big hole between her thighs that exposed her pussy to everyone. Then she sat on the floor and took both of her ankles and put them behind her head as she fingered both of her holes for everyone.

Then she tumbled to the front of the stage and she grabbed two toys. One was a large black penis and the other was a purple vibrator. As she sat on the stage with her two ankles crisscrossed behind her head she took the vibrator and slowly inserted it into her butthole. Then she turned it on and played with herself. She left that one inside and then she took the black penis and tried to put it in her tiny hole but it was too big. So, the man came over and began to interview her he tried to stab that big plastic cock into her tiny little pussy. He was pushing the vibrator in and out of her butthole but the black penis toy was too big for her vagina and they were unable to get it inside of her.

As we were listening to her sad story of how she lost her parents and her brothers and sisters in a horrible car accident the man substituted his two middle fingers inside of her. As he played with her vagina as she continued to tease her butthole with the vibrator she let out a huge scream and then this long stream of her juices shot straight up in the air and landed all over the stage. Everyone in the audience stood and cheered for her and then her time was over she left the stage.

The next girl to come out was Priya. She was wearing what looked to be a one piece bathing suit. It tied at the top behind her neck and then crossed over her breasts in an X. Then it went right down to her hips where it looked like it disappeared. She had a thong on but from where we sat it was like it was being held on by nothing but magic. Later I learned that there were clear plastic strips that attached it to the bottom. Priya had this deep red lipstick and she pulled out a lollipop and worked it like she was sucking a man’s cock. She sat on the floor and spread her thong. She looked right into the camera and winked at it and with her finger motioned for one of the cameramen to come up close to her. She then rubbed the lollipop over her brown nipples.

She told the man running the pageant to come and sit next to her. He wanted to ask her more questions but she motioned for him to lick her nipples. This went on for a while and then she spread her legs open and made him hold the thong to one side. She slipped the lollipop inside of her pussy then pulled it out. After she would pull it out Priya would alternate between allowing him to either suck on the lollipop that was just in her cunt hole or let him lick and kiss her pussy.

She then moved to all fours and then used the lollipop in her butthole. The man was still willing to eat the lollipop or her butthole as an option. When he finally finished eating her and there was no longer a lollipop the two of them stood together and took a bow. The people in the audience gave them a standing ovation for their sensuous scene. I was so proud of her.

The last girl to come out was Riza from the Philippines. Riza was supposed to come out wearing a bathing suit of sorts but she went in a totally different direction. She came out in a white skirt that barely covered her ass. Her top was a small tube top that just around her tiny nipples. When she walked out she had some music playing and she began to dance on stage. She slowly took her top of and there were two stars covering her nipples. When she let the skirt fall to the floor it looked as if she were nude. When she fell to her butt and spread her legs she had a yellow smiley face covering up her pussy. She continued to dance for several minutes. She also got a nice round of applause as well.

Then came the talent portion of the show the first one to start was Isabella. When she walked out onto the stage she was completely naked except for a large Python that was painted on her skin. The painting of the python wrapped around her entire body and the head was pointing right at her privates. The lights went down low and she had a microphone and she sang a beautiful love song in Spanish. She had the voice a little angel. When she finished her song everyone stood and clapped for her. When she left the stage the man came back out and said, ‘okay gentlemen that will be the last of Isabella for tonight so if you like her let us know. Write it down on a piece of paper and one of the girls will take it to the back.

Okay next up we have Juliette. She came out nude as well and she was covered in white body paint and they made her look like a bunny rabbit. Even her face was painted up like a cute bunny rabbit. She had on her ballerina shoes and the music began to play. She performed one of the dance routines from the ballet of Swan Lake. She was so beautiful and graceful. When she finished we all stood and clapped for her. Then the man came out and told us that if anyone liked Juliette that we should let them know.

Next out was Wangi from Indonesia. She was nude as well and she had her skin was painted too. Her skin looked like the scales from the Komodo dragon. She had long nails and she performed a dance from her country. It wasn’t as good as Juliette’s dance but she is only eight after all. She did a good job but she’s still a young girl and all.

The next girl to come out was Riza from the Philippines. She was nude as well even though it looked like she was covered in fur with a cute little monkey face. Just before she was ready to start a Pole came right out of the floor and then a song, ‘she’s my cherry pie’ came over the speakers and then she began to dance around the pole. When they interviewed Riza earlier she told everyone that she was taken away from the men who were making her dance in the go-go bars and prostituting herself after her parents died. Apparently her mother was a prostitute and the women in her family are all go-go dancers so these men made her do the same things that her mother did. I will say this that she definitely has a career as a go-go dancer in front of her she was amazing on that pole. She slipped up and down that pole like she had been doing it for years.

Last by not least was Priya. Before she came out they put a mattress out on the stage. There were three teenage boys who came out that were naked. Later I found out that they were young butlers at the mansion. They were all naked and stroking their privates. When the man came back onto the stage he said, ‘well, we have a special treat for you tonight. Priya has decided to do something a little different for her talent portion. The boys all got on the mattress and the lights went down low and from one side of the stage was a spotlight. Then the theme from Rocky II started to play ~ you know ~ ‘eye of the tiger.’

Priya was nude and they painted her body to make her look like a Bengal tiger. They even did her face and even gave her whiskers. She crawled from the side of the stage over to the boys on the mattress. She jumped up on one of them pretending to be a tiger going in for the kill. The three cameramen were quickly on the stage filming all the action. She started off by kissing the boys as they were taking turns playing with her privates.

Then she dropped to her knees and the boy’s stood over her in a circle and she began to suck on each of the boy’s privates. It was hot watching her. My daddy put his hand between my legs and then I did the same to him.’ Kristen moved over to Miles and spread her legs and took his hand and he began to tickle her wet cunt as she stroked his limp cock trying to bring it back to life.

The boys pushed her down on the mattress and began to kiss her all over her body. She began to purr out loud like a happy kitty cat. Miles dropped to his knees on the floor spread Kristen’s legs and kissed her on the mouth and then slowly licked her all the way down to her pussy. ‘The boys were licking, sucking and eating all over holes, nipples and mouth. The one cameraman got a great close-up of one of the boy’s tongues in her pussy as there was another one in her butthole while the third boy was on her chest and made her suck his young teenage cock.

The boys were relentless as they poked, prodded and teased her body. It wasn’t long before her eyes went wide with pleasure and she let out this very loud but cute MEOW! After she finished convulsing on the mattress from such an intense orgasm the boys started to take turns fucking her young pre-teen pussy. The cameramen caught everything. The close-ups looked brilliant on the big movie screen. They were ruthless as they pounded her one right after another not giving her a chance to catch her breath.

After watching how hot the boys looked hammering my new best friend’s pussy it only took several minutes of this when I found myself shaking in my own chair as my pussy covered my fingers with my own orgasm. I was looking around the small audience I noticed that everyone was having all kinds of sex together. Once I got control of myself I dropped to my knees in front of my father wanting to give him pleasure as well. I pulled his big cock from his tuxedo pants and began to suck on him. He kept his hand firmly on the back of my head as he stroked his cock with other hand as he fed my mouth full of his cock.

Then one of the boys took a chance, I think he was the youngest of them, he lay on his back and tried his best to put his cock in her asshole. It took several attempts just like it did for Mr. Johansson but finally her asshole relented and he pushed one last time and then it disappeared completely inside of her. While he was fucking her asshole from underneath of her another boy climbed between her thighs on top of her and fucked her pussy. Then the last boy stood over her mouth and made her suck his cock. As I looked up at the big movie screen you could see that even though the teenage boys had smaller cocks they were still stretching each of her fuck holes as the other was pushing his four inch cock all the way into her mouth.

I was so turned on by the way Priya was able to take all of them that I could feel my own pussy getting wet again as I rubbed it as I continued to suck my father’s oversized cock. I stood up and lifted my dress up and was ready to climb up onto his lap as I wanted fuck him because my pussy was aching for cock but he stopped me and said, ‘you still have a surprise tonight you can’t do this princess.’

They continued to fuck Priya on stage as the couples that were out in the seats were really getting into now as you heard both men and women starting to scream out their own orgasms. A lot of the people started doing similar things to each other on their chairs. I saw two women with one man and one man with two women. There was even a small little group of people in the one corner of the room. You really couldn’t make out who was on top of whom? There was so much action going on that the cameramen were having trouble trying to capture everything that was happening inside the movie theatre.

It didn’t take long for the young boy who was in her pre-teen asshole to cum first and filled her bowels with his white chunky sperm. Then the boy who was fucking her mouth began to grunt out loud as he finished inside of her mouth. Then for good measure the last boy who was still on top of her fucking her tight itty-bitty pussy finally let out a huge roar as his hot sticky streams blasted deep inside of her.

When the boys finished they left her on the mattress by herself. She looked like she was just in the fight of her life and she lost. The cameramen watched her as she rose to her knees and smacked her ass and with her finger made the cameraman come close to her. Priya was on her knees and her ass fell back on the heels of her feet she winked at everyone and then let the boys cum from her mouth ooze out from between her lips. It then dripped slowly down her chin and then down onto her chest.

After there was nothing left in her mouth she then got on to all fours with her butt facing us out towards the seats in the theatre. Priya pushed and cum began to seep out of both of her fuckholes. The cameramen were right there and you could look up at the screen and could see the white chunks of the boy’s teenage sperm dripping down onto pussy and then pooled together on the mattress. When she finally finished the man came back out and said, ‘Well, if that doesn’t take the cake. I think we have our pageant winner this evening. He held Priya’s hand up high as her body was covered with all three of the boy’s sperm.

It was about half an hour later once the pageant finished that I was in my room waiting for Mr. Johansson to show up when Priya came to my room. I smiled at her and told her that she was absolutely brilliant that night. She was smiling from ear to ear and she said, ‘a man from Australia paid the most amount of money for me tonight. I am going leave here tonight! I just wanted to come by and say goodbye. I smiled at her and said, ‘that’s a shame because my daddy said if no one picked you tonight that we were going to bring you home with us.

Well, here is my email address. Once you get settled shoot me an email and maybe we can Skype with each other. I’ll talk to my daddy maybe I could come and visit you or you could come visit me.’ Priya kissed me and said, ‘I would like that very much. Maybe we can watch each other having sex with each other’s fathers on Skype? That would be hot wouldn’t it?’ I hugged her tight and whispered in her ear, ‘yeah that would be hot.’ She kissed me on the lips one last time and said ‘I’ll miss you ~ you were the only person here that ever treated me like a real girl the entire time I was here. I’ll never forget you.’ I was crying a little and said, ‘I will never forget you either.’ Then she walked out the door and I didn’t see her again.”

End of Chapter 19

Once again thank you for taking the time to read another installment of this epic story that I have created from my sick perverted mind. We are now ready to move into the last third of this story. Things are going to become much more fluid in the up-coming chapters. I welcome all constructive comments as I am attempting to become a better writer each day.

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