Alexa’s Story

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She lay there on another clear alone night in her 4th story, mid-city apartment. Alexa was tired of the dating scene,

and was tired of being in a solitary world. “Why can’t I just get a cute guy for once?”, Alexa thought to herself. This had been an ongoing cycle for the past 6 months since Drew had hit the high-road.

Groaning aloud Alexa finally made a vow to herself, “I’m getting back in the loop somehow, to hell with this misery”.

After all, she was absolutely stunning. Gorgeous shinning light-green eyes, mid-length, soft brunette locks, and a beautiful figure. Why couldn’t she have it all?

The next day…………..

After Alexa had gone through and done her breakfast, workout routine in the morning, she wanted to take this Friday from work to just relax. On her way out the building she noticed so many men around her. But……..the one that caught her eye was yet to come. Alexa started a little walk through her city streets, bundled up in her light blue wool blazer-style coat, tight fitting demin jeans, and half-calf leather boots.

“The people, children playing, couples all around me. This is my home….now what can I do first”?, Alexa thought to herself.

On her way to the cafe for a quick pick-me-up (in more ways than one), Alexa had some home for the day, just hoping she could break this bad cycle of guys once and for all. Only problem she had was that she liked the bad guy, but knew deep down she had to settle with a guy that would truely take care of her.

“Hi, how may I help you?” The young, overly-peppy, almost obnoxious cashier asked

“Just a small coffee, no, wait, I need a large. Long day ahead of me, better be ready” Alexa half-heartedly smiled.

“3.08 please!” the Cashier rang in loudly

“Here’s 4, keep the change.” Alexa, annoyed already, wanted to just get on her way

Outside, Alexa was casually drinking her coffee, when she passed by a man that surprisingly caught her attention. After all, Alexa wasn’t usually one to just look around and be attracted, but this guy was different. Almost overfocusing on him, a bicyclist coming down the sidewalk eluded Alexa and almost took her out. Letting out an audible holler, Alexa was sure she was in for it. She was fine, but the contents of her cup now found a home on her coat and jeans.

“Are you alright Miss?” The stranger now approaching the beautiful woman in Alexa he saw

In almost a shellshocked and irritated mood, Alexa shrugged the dark haired gentleman with a simple, “Yeah, I’m fine”. More irritated over the fact that a handsome man was in front of her while all this happened. “Just my luck” Alexa thought. Refering to the fact she is accident prone around guys.

“Are you sure? Cause you look pretty upset, and you do have a nice cup of coffee for clothing, too” the Man, chuckling, trying to charm the situation

“Oh, so you’re a funny guy, great, thank you so much” Alexa growing more anxious by the moment.

“No, no, please, I apologize. I was just tr………..

“Stop, it’s alright, it’s no big deal, I’ll just home and change” görükle escort Alexa joltly suggested.

The man immediately thinking of how to redeem himself, “Please, at least let me walk you back, I feel so terrible”……..

Alexa, though skeptical, considered her options and thought that she may not meet a charming and good looking guy like this for a while. “Beside he kinda does owe me, and it’s kinda his fault anyway” Alexa had her smug moment in thought

“Alright, besides, I think you owe me, anyway” Alexa quickly said raising a brow

“Oh, so this is my fault, now, is it?” The stranger confused

“Well, umm…….” Trying to not give herself away, Alexa studdered

“Nevermind, it’s alright, I’ll take the blame.” The stranger added for comfort

On the way, not many words were spoken, and besides, Alexa’s building was just a few blocks away, anyway. After a few little comments, and Alexa trying to subtly catch a good look at this good looking man she had just met.

“Well, here we are I guess.” Almost a slight undertone of disappointment in the man’s voice

“Yeah, thanks for walking me back……I’m really sorry about troubling you” Alexa now trying to ease her way into a possible hook-up

“No, no trouble at all, it was my mistake, the least I could do is walk you back home” Now the good-looking stranger trying to search his mind for more words……

Goodbyes were exchanged, and the stranger went on his way. As he got across the street he heard Alexa’s almost joyful sounding voice yell out to him………”Hey stranger, I never caught your name”……..

“Aiden, the name’s Aiden” In his deep attractive tone

Alexa quickly replied, “Hi Aiden, nice to meet you, I’m Alexa”

Now Aiden starting to catch the drift decided to cross the street to Alexa……

“So, Alexa. Where does this leave us?” Now getting a little looser with his voice

“Umm……..I don’t usually do this, but…….would you like to come upstairs for a drink, or something?” Grasping at straws and words seeing that she was stepping into uncharted territory……

“Kinda early, isn’t it?” Aiden smirked

“Oh, well I meant, something like coffee, I don’t actually drink” Alexa caught herself

Both smiled inside having anticipation for what was to come next……..though they still tried to keep their minds real.

In the apartment……….

Both making themselves comfortable, Alexa brought coffee for the two……

“Sure it’s not gonna be my fault again if you spill it?” Aiden laughed

Glaring at Aiden in a mocking way, Alexa just shrugged off the comment as nothing.

So after what seemed to be a matter of minutes, turned out to be the reality of 3 hours spent talking and having a good time.

Alexa looked at the clock and realized the morning had passed both Aiden and her. Now feeling rather bad, for what she had thought just to be Aiden’s, sticking around because he felt bad………she had to ask, “Aiden, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to take up so much of your time, are you just here escort bayan because of earlier?”

“NO, NO, NO, are you kidding? I’ve been having a great time.” Aiden now getting off the couch in a pleading manor

“Alright, if you say so mister…….but please be honest with me” Alexa now a little concerned

With pleading eyes and an almost saddened tone, Aiden said, “Why would I lie, I just met you, I wouldn’t lie to you, now, nor ever”……..with a short pause, Aiden realized what he might have just implied.

“Ever, huh? So what makes you think I’d give you a chance?” Alexa knowing deep down she liked this guy and would jump on this opportunity in a heart-beat.

“Well, I’d say………

Suddenly and shockingly cut off, Aiden had his lips met by the softest, tender, and passionate kiss he’d ever had. When Aiden broke away trying to speak, Alexa simply covered his lips with her index finger and said, “Shhh, I don’t want to ruin this.” Aiden reaching down behind Alexa’s neck, kissed her with fire and passion, soaking in every moment of it.

Moving on to hands treasuring each other’s bodies, Alexa just grabbed Aiden’s hand and led him to her bedroom. Moving in, Aiden turned Alexa back around, grabbed her shoulders and planted one more kiss before scooping her in his muscular, well toned frame. Aiden layed Alexa out on her bed with no fuss or struggle from her, looked ar her with a question in mind……..but let it go to stay in the moment. Clothes on both Alexa and Aiden slid off slowly and bit by bit.

Aiden’s body was toned and slightly tanned, arms full of veins, and light hair on his abdomen.
Alexa had the most silky, soft skin. A light, flattering color.

Both clad in their underwear, began to get hot and anxious. Stripping each other down in a furious fashion, rolled around

Alexa’s bed in a fury. Tongues tangled, arms wrapped around each other, bodie’s bucking against each other, fighting for an advantage. Aiden took the lead by then gently and softly whispering in Alexa’s ear, “I want to make you scream in pleasure, baby”……..all Alexa could manage to get out of her winded body was, “Please, take me”………

Now smiling, Aiden took his time caressing ever inch of Alexa’s wonderful body. Trailing kisses down her neck, and shoulders.

Moving down to her breasts, taking more time there. Moving his tongue along her small light pink nipples, encircling them slowly, being sensitive and gentle, eliciting small moans from Alexa. Then running his lips and tongue along her stomach to her hips, and down her legs, Alexa begged, “Stop making me wait, please”….already being so heated from the lack of touch for so long. “Not yet, I want you to moan, and cry…….”

Now Alexa having to deal with this prolonged attack on her body began breathing more heavily as she could feel Aiden moving closer to her sex. Breath by breath, Aiden moved along Alexa’s legs, finally reaching her womanhood. He then took his time moving his tongue along her slit, slowly tasting this beauty he found laying before him. After little moans and coos bursa escort from

Alexa, Aiden took a more fervent approach by suddenly thrusting his tongue inside her, getting a slight yelp of surprise from his newfound companion. Working his tongue inside of her, then brushing his tongue over her now swollen clit, Aiden reveled

in his work as Alexa moaned louder and louder by the second. Sensing Alexa nearing her end, Aiden quickly crawled back up to Alexa and kissed her once more before asking her in a low, pleased voice, “Are you ready, babe?”…….with a look of absolute shock, Alexa replied, “Wai…..wait, what about you?”……Aiden returned the favor and put his finger over Alexa’s lips and whispered to her, “Na babe, this is for you”……reluctant, and in disbelief, Alexa agreed and told Aiden as almost a crying order, “Take me, please, I need to feel you inside of me”……..

Without hesitation Aiden moved to his knees, propped Alexa’s legs up to his shoulders and slowly slid himself inside Alexa, both letting out a pleased breath. Slowly rocking half his length inside her, Aiden gently ran his hands down Alexa’s hips and up her legs. Moving his body down, Aiden then locked both in an impassioned kiss while slowly rocking himself into her.

After what seemed an eternity of satisfaction and torture, Alexa started to beg Aiden to move deeper and move harder.

Instead, Aiden pulled himself out and rolled Alexa on her side and slowly slid back in. Caressing each breast and kissing her neck, Aiden whispered once again to Alexa, this time sending chill after chill down her spine, saying this, “You’re so beautiful”…….almost crying because of how touched she just was, Alexa turned her head around and gazed into Aiden’s caring eyes and felt every moment of being filled with such a passionate man. With another kiss, Aiden pulling himself out again, then rolling Alexa on to her back again.

This time Alexa wrapping her legs around Aiden’s waist and pulling him inside. Aiden pulled back focused on Alexa completely, said softly, “Not yet, I want you to keep going”……….”NO! No more, please, I need to get there, let me go already”………With a small smile, Aiden said, “Alright, you want it, you got it babe.”
With a change a pace Aiden pushed completely into Alexa, filling her up completely, both moaned with an animal like growl.

Moving faster, harder, and deeper, Aiden pounded Alexa again and again, unrelenting now. Aiden, with a panting voice asked,

“How about this, Alexa?” With no response other than uncontrolable moans and screams, Alexa dug her nails into Aiden’s muscled back and started to tear up. “I’m gonna cum, Aiden……please don’t stop” Alexa barely managed to get out…..Aiden followed by pushing Alexa’s legs back to the limit, thrusting himself as deep as he could go, bringing both to their threshhold……….came in unison with a hard kiss, and deafening moans that left both weak, and spent.

As Aiden collapsed on his back by Alexa’s side, he could only say, “That was absolutely amazing”…….Alexa looked up at

Aiden with wide eyes and answered with, “Oh my gosh……..I can’t believe…….uh”………

Both just gazed into each other’s eyes until they passed out into a wonderful sleep in each other’s arms.

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