Cheating Ch. 01

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My boo, J, had left to go see his moms in Atlanta, and I was horny as fuck. We had fucked the morning before he left, but I couldn’t wait for him to come back. I needed some dick ASAP. His roommate, Derrick, was at their crib watching videos when I stopped by.

“Aw, wassup, Lance?”

“Sup, D?”

“Shit, chilling. Did you leave something behind over here when J left?”

“Now. I just dropped by to see what was up with you.”

“Why is that? I mean, we’re cool, but you’ve never stopped by here to see me before.”

“Well, you did promise J to have my back while he was gone, right?”

“Yeah. What, you need something?”

“I sure do. Some dick.”


“I need some dick. My man’s not here, so I thought that you could help me out with that.”

“Lance, come on, man. I can’t fuck you. You’re going with my boy.”

“You boy’s not here, and I need this. You’re his best friend, and you need to help me with whatever casino siteleri I need. He doesn’t have to know.”

I noticed that Derrick was getting aroused by the way that I was coming onto him. The bulge in his sweat pants was proof of that. Ever since I started dating J, there has always been this part of me that wanted to fuck his best friend. Call me what you want, but I was getting that dick today.

I walked up to Derrick and grabbed hold onto that dick of his. Damn, it had to be at least a good 10 inches. I looked in his mocha brown eyes and kissed him. He resisted at first, but soon, I had him. We pawed each other as we made it back to the couch. I yanked his sweat pants off, and to my surprise, he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Not long after, we were both butt ass naked on the couch. I went down and deep throated his milk chocolate colored dick. It throbbed in my mouth, which made my fast ass wetter. The way his huge dick head massaged canlı casino my tonsils had me addicted. Derrick lifted off the couch and began to fuck my face. My mouth watered as his golf ball sized balls hit my chin with a vengeance.

“Flip over so I can eat that ass, nigga.”

I got on my back and let Derrick sink his thick shaft back down my throat. Slob was coming out of my mouth and dripping down my face. He pulled my legs back and dove into my moist hole. My legs shook violently as he went in for the kill. God, this shit felt good, and what made it even hotter was that we weren’t supposed to be doing it. D gave my ass one last lick, then propped me on the couch in the doggy style position. There were no condoms, and I didn’t give a fuck. I just needed to have that big dick deep in me. He lined his dick up to my hole and drove it in. I felt his dick head hit my prostate. I was in heaven. He long dicked me, then got faster. Soon, my eyes kaçak casino were rolling in the back of my head as he fucked me harder with each thrust. My ass slapped against his thighs, which echoed throughout the living room.

“Get your ass on your back, bitch!”

Oh, shit! He was calling me bitches, dirty talking me, and I loved it! J never said shit like this. I did as I was told and got on my back and spread my legs. D then sunk back in me and plowed my ass in. He has my booty making wet sopping noises as he hit bottom each time. I dug my nails into his back as I felt a tingle sensation in my balls. Nut shot from my dick onto my chest without touching myself. My ass gripped Derrick’s dick, which caused him to shoot 8 times into me. The feeling on his hot cream caused me to have an anal orgasm. This was the best sex that I had ever had,

“Damn, yo, that shit was hot!”

“Hell, yeah, it was. We got to do this shit again before J comes back. We might not have another chance again.”

“And that’s real talk, nigga. Get your ass up so I can dick that ass down some more.”

It was wrong to do, but I didn’t give a fuck. I loved dick, and got it from whoever I could, at any time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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