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Xander woke with Cliff snuggled up tightly in his arms, just like any normal morning, but he knew that the day ahead would be anything but. He had so many worries and doubts about what was coming, however exciting it may have been.

He cuddled his husband, breathing in the familiar scent of Cliff. He had always loved that smell, that vanilla scent with a woody undertone, and when he offhandedly mentioned that to Cliff a year ago he had exclusively used that body wash since. Sometimes Xander felt like he had to be a little careful with what he told Cliff. One time he said that he thought industrial piercings were cute and his husband went off to get one that very afternoon.

That was just sort of the person Cliff was, he wasn’t just a devoted lover and partner, he was also deeply, thoroughly submissive. He would do just about anything if he thought it would please Xander. In their marriage, which would be 2 years old that day, they had explored a Dom/sub relationship with each other. Xander did consider himself dominant, but he was a lightweight compared to how submissive his husband was.

Cliff was always the one that was pushing the boundaries, suggesting new things for them to try together. In many ways Xander admired his bravery, but sometimes he felt like he took it too far and acted recklessly. He did use their safe word, but their relationship was a rare case where Xander, the Dom, had a safe word as well, one he would use when Cliff asked for something he couldn’t do.

Throughout their partnership the two of them grew to know each other about as deeply as two people could. Their trust in each other was deep and strong. It had to have been, because if it wasn’t there would have been no way in hell that Xander would have agreed with what Cliff had suggested a few months prior.

“Hypnosis?” he wasn’t sure he had heard his husband correctly.

Cliff nodded. “Yeah, I wanted to try it out with you.”

“Why, exactly? It’s not like I need mind control. You’d chew off your own leg if I asked during a scene.”

“Yeah, but I don’t want to have a choice. I want you to have complete control.” He reached out and touched Xander’s arm. “You own my body and heart. I wanna know what it feels like for you to own my mind, if just for a day.”

It took an awful lot of begging, research, reassuring, and more begging, but eventually he had agreed and the two of them began setting up the scene they would do for their upcoming anniversary.

Xander had flatly insisted on a legal contract, no wiggle room. Cliff seemed genuinely offended at the idea, but his husband wouldn’t budge.

“I’ve been nothing but trusting before!” he protested.

“This isn’t like anything we’ve done before. This is more for me and your family than it is for you, so don’t be selfish.”

Cliff could tell that Xander had made up his mind, so he agreed.

They had done so much research and preparation for what would happen, but like many of the things they did there was still an element of danger. It was as horrifying as it was exciting.

Xander could sense that Cliff was starting to wake up, so it was time for things to finally be put into motion. He reached for the table on his side of the bed and got the collar. He placed it on his husband, tightening the black leather against the beautiful neck of his lover. He stood and walked over to the side Cliff was facing and stood, arms folded.

Cliff’s eyes blinked a few times until they snapped open, realizing what they saw. He sat up, on his knees with his palms resting on his thighs. His blue eyes looked up at Xander’s brown eyes inquisitively.

“You have permission to speak, boy.” Xander made his voice louder and rougher than it normally was.

Cliff nodded. “Thank you. What would you like me to call you? Sir? Master? Daddy?” His voice was thin and weak-sounding.

“You will call me Master today.”

Cliff bowed his head, prostrating himself.

“Master, what do you want me to do?” He had the general outline of the day’s events, but it was Xander who would set the tone at every step.

“Well, I won’t have time to feed you before our guest arrives. You will just be bathed.”

Cliff nodded, ignoring the emptiness his stomach was feeling.

Xander scooped his submissive in his arms. Cliff always loved how much weaker he was than his husband. Xander was of average height and moderately athletic, but Cliff was a tiny little waif. His Dom often joked that he was essentially the opposite of the “tall, dark, and handsome” archetype: small, fair, and cute. He was a tiny man at only 5’4″, meaning that even Xander’s pedestrian height of 5’10” towered over him. His hair was a light blonde and his skin was pale white. Despite being 25, his appearance was that of a boy, 19 at the oldest. He had a rounded face, soft skin, little to no muscles to speak of, and a penis that measured 4.5 inches on a good day.

Cliff nuzzled Xander’s chest. His Dom was a man, no doubt about it. Despite being the same age, the two of them were essentially opposites. Xander’s skin Yenibosna Escort was tan, from the sun and from the Moroccan blood on his father’s side of the family. His hair and eyes were a dark, chocolatey brown. His cock was an 8.5-inch uncircumcised marvel. Cliff loved being carried by Xander, feeling like a helpless little boy in the arms of a real man.

Xander turned on the shower and took off the shirt and underwear he wore to sleep. Cliff was nude, he never wore clothing in the house without permission.

His Dom reached out and wrapped his hands around Cliff’s throat, squeezing and cutting off his air supply. The smaller man stood calmly, not struggling, even as he felt blackness invade his vision. Suddenly, Xander let go and Cliff took a few heaving breaths.

“Do you know why I did that, boy?”

“No, Master.”

“I did that for you. I’m reminding you that I have control and will not let anything that happens today go too far. You are my most prized possession, and I am very protective of my things.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Once Cliff was shaved baby smooth and thoroughly cleaned inside and out, he reverently washed his Master. He was on his knees and looked at the magnificent dick near his face.

“Master, may I please suck your cock?”

“No, you may not. Save that for later.”

They both dried off, and after Xander got dressed, he told Cliff to do the same.

“We’re expecting company today, boy, so you need to cover up. I’m the only one who gets to look at your body.”

At 9:30, the doorbell rang and they welcomed Stephen, the hypnotist they had hired for the occasion. Being a hypnotist was not a lucrative job, he considered it more as a hobby than a career, but he was being paid handsomely, so he was going to be the best hypnotist he could be that day, now matter how kinky and weird the request was.

He wanted to reassure both of his clients before they got started.

“Hypnotism is not as complicated as you may think, nor is it as scary as the movies would make you believe. Essentially, it’s putting a person in a specific state of mind, and having them freely give mental control. A person can’t be hypnotized against their will, they have to surrender of their own volition.”

Cliff’s eyes widened. “You mean I have to surrender to you?”

Stephen nodded. “That’s the idea.”

The small man looked at his Dom. “Master, is it okay if I submit to somebody that isn’t you? I’m not sure if I can even do that.”

Xander folded his arms. “You will never truly submit to anyone else, boy. You’re still surrendering to me, we just have a middle man in this case. You will give yourself to Stephen because he will give the control to me. Understand?”

Cliff nodded.

Stephen steepled his fingers. “You both know the basic plan, but protocol demands I go over it before we begin.”

Xander sat on a chair and Cliff kneeled next to him on the floor.

“I will put Clifford in a hypnotic sleep, and order him to submit himself to you, Alexander. This effect will last until I leave in about eight hours, and I will be here the entire time in case something unexpected happens.”

He turned to face Cliff.

“Clifford, the key is that you need to want to be hypnotized. You have to be susceptible and let me put you under.”

Cliff nodded and leaned against Xander’s leg. “Yes, sir.”

Stephen directed his attention back to the larger man. “Alexander, when Clifford wakes up, he should follow orders you give to the very best of his ability. When hypnotized, the part of the brain that wonders and worries about things is essentially turned off, so the subject will have a stronger control over their mental state. I’ve made people forget the number between 3 and 5, be certain that Ireland is the capital of Rome, and speak in gibberish that another hypnotized subject can translate, so you can be creative.”

The Dom smiled. “I plan to.”

“The signal is the same every single time,” he continued. “Snap your fingers once to begin an order, and snap them again to end the order. Make sure you are always aware of which state the last snap pushed Clifford into.”

Xander nodded, reaching down to pet Cliff.

“If at any point you think something is off, come to me. Where will I be, by the way? I assume you don’t want me in the room with you.”

“You will be in the guest bedroom. There’s Wi-fi, a TV with Netflix, food, and a bed. I will not let anything happen to him and will go to you immediately if I have any suspicions.”

His voice was firm enough to quell some of Stephen’s misgivings.

The hypnotist rubbed his hands together. “Alright, let’s get started. It would be best if Clifford were in a chair.”

Xander stood from the recliner he was sitting on and pointed at it. “Up, boy.”

The smaller man scurried into position. Stephen walked up to him.

“How are you feeling, Clifford?”

“Call him boy,” Xander suggested.

Stephen furrowed his brow, but shrugged and complied.

“How Yenibosna Escort Bayan are you feeling, boy?”

“I’m a little nervous, sir.”

“That’s understandable, but you want this, don’t you? You want to be hypnotized today so that you can please your husband.” His voice was soft and calm, but also very firm.

“I really want to please my Master.”

“Well, I’m here to help you do that. Listen only to me. Try to ignore all other sounds.”

Cliff nodded.

“Try not to move too much, boy. Just talk.”

“Yes, sir.”

Stephen turned to Xander. “We need a fixed object for him to look at, something he can focus on.”

Xander grinned. “Tell him to focus on his Master.”

The hypnotist turned back to the man in the chair. “All other sounds besides my voice are starting to dampen. They’re hard to hear. I know it’s scary, but your Master is right here. Look at your Master, boy.”

Cliff scanned his eyes towards his Dom.

“Look at the pupil of his right eye. Concentrate on that one single point and make everything else go away.”

Cliff attempted to do as asked.

“That eye almost feels like it’s sucking you in. You can feel it pulling, but you don’t mind. You like that feeling.”

Cliff sighed dreamily. “I think I can feel it pulling me, sir.” He felt more than heard his own voice.

He was starting to feel more relaxed and carefree. The man wasn’t aware of it, but due to his submissive nature and need to please, he was the most susceptible person Stephen had ever worked with.

“That’s very good. All that’s left now for you to see and hear are your Master’s eye and my voice. You don’t have to worry about anything else.”

He paused a few seconds before continuing.

“You’re beginning to feel tired now. Your eyelids are starting to get heavy.”

Cliff yawned uncontrollably, too blandly content to really analyze why.

“Concentrate on your legs. They’re tingling, like they’re falling asleep. Let them go completely numb.”

The small man was vaguely aware of the fact that he couldn’t feel his legs anymore. His eyelids drooped slightly.

“I can see you’re getting tired. You can hardly stay awake, boy.”


“You kind of feel like your body is sinking. You’re not falling, you’re just sinking. Can you feel that?”


Xander was starting to get uncomfortable. He didn’t like seeing Cliff like this.

“You feel so calm and happy. You can’t help but smile, just sitting there listening to me talk and looking at your Master.

Cliff smiled sleepily, feeling warm and safe.

“Close your eyes, boy. Wouldn’t it feel nice to just rest your eyelids for a moment?”

“Yes, sir.” He closed his eyes.

“You feel like you’re starting to fall asleep now. You’re drifting away, but you just need one last push.”

Cliff felt weightless.

Xander could count to ten in the pause Stephen took before he got in really close.

“SLEEP.” His voice deepened into a loud, resonant command.

Cliff’s head instantly went limp and lolled to the side. Xander was horrified, but knew any interference on his part would probably just make things worse, so he forced himself to stand back.

Pretty much immediately after giving the order Stephen went back to talking soothingly.

“Can you hear me, boy?”

“Yes, I can,” he mumbled flatly.

“That’s very good. I’m going to ask you to do a few things for me. Please listen closely.”

“Yes, sir.”

Xander didn’t like this. Not one bit. He wanted to call it all off, but at that point he suspected things had passed the point of no return.

“I’m going to wake you up in a bit, and I’ll leave you alone with your Master. Don’t you love your Master?”

Cliff gave the barest hint of a smile. “I love him so much.”

“You want to please him.”

“More than anything, sir.”

“You want to do everything he asks of you.”


“When he snaps his fingers, listen to what he says until he snaps his fingers again. Keep paying attention, because he’ll signal the beginning and end of an order with a snap. When he gives a special order, you will do what he tells you without question.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’ll do anything he asks of you, won’t you?”

“I will.”

“Why is that?”

“Because I’m his.”

“I need you to tell you one more thing, so listen carefully.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The order I have given you will be void when I leave the house. Once you see me walk out the front door, things will be back to the way they were this morning. Is that clear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Okay then. Now focus on my voice. You’re starting to wake up. You had a nice little nap and are ready to face the day.”

Xander could see Cliff’s head slowly right itself.

“Sensation is starting to flow back into your body. You feel energized.”

He got really close again.


Cliff’s eyes snapped open. He looked around, feeling Escort Yenibosna like he just slept for days. He wondered if it worked; he couldn’t remember anything after he fell asleep.

Stephen turned to a very concerned-looking Xander.

“You can talk to him now.”

Xander stepped forward and held Cliff’s cheeks in his hands.

“My little baby boy, do you feel okay?”

He blinked a few times.

“Yes, Master. I feel great!”

“Do you remember what we’re doing?”

“Yes, Master. We were trying to hypnotize me. Did it work?”

“I’m not sure.” He turned to Stephen.

The hypnotist grinned. “There’s only one way to find out.”

Xander looked nervously at his husband.


Cliff was submissive anyway, so he needed to make an order he wouldn’t normally do, or at least be hesitant about. He got an idea.

He snapped his fingers. “I want you to spit on me.” Cliff spat a second later. Xander was shocked, but snapped his fingers again.

Cliff suddenly looked mortified. “Oh no! Master, I’m so sorry!” He got on his knees.

“No, boy, it’s fine. It makes me happy when you follow my special orders.”

Cliff looked up. “Really?”

Xander nodded. “You’re such a good little sub.”

Cliff smiled. He didn’t even really feel like he had consciously followed that command, his body just did the motions without his brain telling it to.

Stephen stood up. “It looks like my work here is done for now. Have fun, and don’t be afraid to ask me about things, Alexander.”

“I’ll come to you if I have any questions,” he promised.

Stephen nodded and walked off to the guest room.

Xander turned back to his sub and smiled mischievously.

“You got your wish, boy. I own your mind now.”

Cliff looked at his Dom in wonder. “Are you sure?”

“Yes I do. I’m going to enjoy this. That means you’ll like it too, right?”

“Yes, Master.”

Xander ruffled Cliff’s hair. “That’s a good little boy.”

The sub warmed at the praise.

Xander snapped. “You can’t talk.” He snapped again.

Cliff blinked a few times. He didn’t feel any different.

“Tell me what your name is, boy.”

He started to say “Cliff” but something made him choke up.

“I said, tell me your name. That’s an order!”

He tried to force out the word, but couldn’t.

“If you’re faking this, I’ll find out, and you will be punished. How does a month in the cock cage sound?”

He shook his head frantically and pointed at his throat.

“Speak up, boy, this is your last warning.”

Cliff looked helplessly at his Dom.

Xander smiled. “It appears that you followed my order perfectly. That’s just what I wanted. You’re really more like a piece of furniture anyway, and furniture doesn’t talk.”

The little sub nodded. Xander kissed him on the forehead.

Snap! “You can’t stand or walk. You can only crawl.” Cliff felt his legs give out and he crumpled to the ground, squeaking as he hit the floor. Snap!

“Oh, it appears you can make some noises after all. I like that, I’ve always loved the cute little sounds you make. It makes me see you as a helpless little animal, like a fawn or a lamb.”

Cliff looked up and mewed.

“Keep making those sounds, boy. It will please me.”

The small man nodded, yipping like a puppy.

Xander got on one knee and petted his husband, stroking his hair like he was an animal.

“I’m going to push this a little bit further, baby. Are you okay with that?”

Cliff nodded.

Xander stripped his sub down completely while keeping himself fully clothed. Soon his husband was naked, save the collar.

“There, now you’re more like the desperate little puppy you are.”

Cliff barked and nuzzled Xander’s cheek playfully.

The Dom stood. “Here it comes, pup.”

Snap! “You’re small, helpless, and afraid. I’m the only one that can protect you.” Snap!

Cliff looked around the room. Wait…did it look like this before? The tables and chairs all seemed higher up, almost out of reach. He felt like he had to crane his neck to see his Master, who looked ten feet tall. He heard a sound and yelped, instinctively crawling over to Xander and hugging his leg.

“Calm down, pet. That was just a car door outside. It’s nothing to worry about. I’m right here.”

Cliff trembled as he glanced about some more. He kept thinking he saw shadows, or thought he caught movement out the corner of his eye. He felt like he was in danger, but looking at or touching his Master made him feel safe.

Xander heard noises from the guest bedroom. Stephen must have been moving around. His sub stiffened at the sound and whimpered, looking up at Xander with scared, wide eyes.

He smiled warmly. “Such a frightened little creature you are.”

He reached down to pet his husband, who looked more submissive than ever before.

“Show me your belly, pup.”

The boy complied, getting on his back and holding his arms submissively.

His Master tickled him until he was in tears. Every touch made him feel warmer, happier.

Xander picked up the boy and carried him to the couch, sitting down with the little sub in his lap. Cliff nuzzled and kissed his Master, putting his hands all over the large body surrounding him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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