In Your Dreams!

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Angela White

Although it’s late April, I can feel the cold deep in my bones. Well, when I stop to ponder this fact, I realize that it’s not so much cold as it is damp. As I stop momentarily just inside the door to let my eyes adjust to the ambient light, I quickly scan the room. Most of the room’s inhabitants are gathered along the bar, sitting and talking or sipping from their chosen liquid remedy. Since I don’t notice anyone familiar in those first instants, I move to an open spot to order my own poison.

That’s when I notice HER. I’ve seen her before but not behind the bar. In fact the last time I saw her, was about a month ago and she was outside smoking a cigarette and she was alone out there. I was out there cheating. I had stopped smoking about a month before, and as I finished and was moving to go inside, we noticed each other at the same time. She was the first to acknowledge the attraction that I, at least, felt. She nodded and said “Hi”. I did the same but continued moving towards the door and remember thinking “What kind of asshole are you? She was pretty and she was friendly”. Now, while I know that I wasn’t going to get laid, I should have at least chatted her up. Let’s see (weighing the options in my mind), talking to a pretty woman or standing by a pool table, alone, listening to the music of The Center St. Band. I could not for the life of me know why I chose the latter. In fact on the way home, after closing time and not being able to find her again that night, I promised myself that when I next ran into her, I wouldn’t pass up that opportunity again.

Well, here was my first opening. I smiled at her while she floated towards me. When she reached me, I said hi and told her to pour a drink for a friend of mine down at the end of the bar. While she did it, I said, ” I haven’t seen you bartending before, are you new here?” She glanced at me. I noticed that her eyes were bright and affable, as she said, “No I’ve tended bar here. I’ve seen you, before. My name’s Michelle.” “I’m Rum. Well, that’s what my friends call me, anyway.” I wondered if that meant that she noticed me from behind the bar or last month. I decided not to pursue that line of thought, though. I could feel the woman next to me taking all of this in while we chatted. When she had poured and passed Jim his drink, I asked if she wanted a pop. She declined and I ordered a coffee with Jameson’s and Bailey’s. When I had my drink she asked if I wanted a shot. I declined but asked if it was too early for her to have one. She didn’t answer but turned around and grabbed the bottle of Jameson’s, again. She poured a shot, returned the bottle, lifted her drink and wished me good luck, as did I. Michelle tilted the glass to her mouth and drank it in one swift swallow. “Ah. Just the way a shot should be handled”, I thought. I just took a sip Samsun Escort of my own drink in response and looked at her and smiled.

After I paid for the drinks, I heard another friend call me from the other end of the bar. At the same time she was called to renew someone’s drink. We just smiled at each other. She moved to do her job and I moved towards my friend. I held eye contact with her for as long as possible as I walked down the bar. She kept my gaze for about 4 steps as she moved to her customer. When I reached Donna, I hugged her then shook her husband’s hand. I told Wayne (Donna’s husband) that the next time the bartender came this way that I was going to ask her to marry me. He laughed and told me that I didn’t have the balls. I told him to fuck off and raised my hand to get both of them a drink. Michelle came down the bar and I held her gaze as she floated towards us. I don’t think that my obvious attraction was wasted on either Donna or on Michelle. After Michelle filled the order I said “Michelle, let’s just blow this popcycle stand and get married.” I thought Wayne was going to swallow his tongue but Michelle grinned and said, “I don’t think my boyfriend would like that.” “Oh, he can come, too, but just to the ceremony. The rest of the night is just for you and me.” She laughed and said “Ok.”

The rest of the night was a typical night at the “One Too Many” bar; friends, loud music, a good time and I went home alone…again. When I got home, I went to bed right away. In fact, I feel asleep right away, too. I wasn’t anywhere near drunk but I was tired.

Now before I go any further, I have to tell you that I’m the kind of guy that hardly ever remembers my dreams. In fact, if truth be told, I almost never wake up and remember what I’ve dreamed. Maybe that’s because I never ask myself about my dreams. Whatever. This night, however, it felt like I dreamed from the time that I fell asleep until I awoke.

Here’s how it went. We were sitting behind the bar smoking a cigarette (I’m still craving cigarettes). As we shot the breeze, she mentioned that she was cold and I retorted that I could warm her up with a complete body massage. She just looked at me and said. “What do you mean complete?” My confidence was high so I said. “Just what I said…complete.” “That’s a pretty tall order,” she said. “Well if I could deliver, would you accept?” “Where would we do this?” “Anywhere your perfect little heart wanted”, was all I could say. The next thing I saw was that we were in an apartment, and it wasn’t mine. I have no idea how we got there, where we were or even what time it was. All I could discern was that Michelle was dressed as she was at the bar. She had a jean type skirt with a loose button down shirt and boots. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra because Samsun Escort Bayan her boobs are small. I simply love small breasts on a woman. To me, they are as natural an attractant as most other men feel towards the more voluptuous women.

We started he massage when I removed her boots as she lay face down on a bed that I assumed was hers. I massaged her feet and moved slowly up her legs. When I neared her thighs and the hem of her skirt, I just slid under the hem and up towards her ass. I spread her legs as far as the skirt allowed but never touched her sex. I slowly massaged whatever skin I could touch. The back of her thigh, the sensitive area of her inner thigh got special attention. I just grazed the panty line along her pussy but no further. I did massage her ass, too and gave that area special attention, too. I wanted her to feel aroused but not so aroused that we would forego the massage that I’d promised.

After being sure that I had her just slightly stimulated, I moved from under her skirt and moved to her lower back. I wanted to make sure this was a total massage. Over the shirt gently and slowly upward until I confirmed that she was indeed wearing a bra. To her shoulders and down her arms, then back up the arms to her neck. I decided that massaging her skull was in order, too. If this were reality, I’d guess that all of this would have taken at least 20 or 30 minutes.

I told Michelle to turn over. She didn’t move for a moment. When she did move over onto her back she looked me in the eye with a slightly apprehensive gaze. I whispered, “Shhh…Relax, I’m not here to hurt you nor to take advantage of you.” I then proceeded to caress her face as I gently forced her eyes closed. I moved down towards her neck and shoulders then to her arms, again. The moment of truth came when I again reached her shoulders and slowly and gently moved down towards her breasts. I was looking at her face in case she panicked and opened her eyes and stopped me from proceeding further. She never did any of those things to my wonder. As I reached her breasts, I felt their mass and shape. I stopped with my hands just on her breasts, not moving, just grateful that I could touch and feel their flawlessness. Through her bra, I felt her nipples firm up to hard little nubs against my palm. I removed one hand to unbutton her shirt. I detected rather than heard her breath quicken slightly as I did this. When I had her shirt unbuttoned I opened it all the way so that her entire torso was exposed. That wasn’t why I did it, of course. I wanted to see her bra. Thanking my stars, I saw that it was a front opener. Manipulating the bra open I began again to massage her breasts, to see her nipples in all their puckered glory. Visual stimulation goes a long way with us males!

I Escort Samsun didn’t spend a long time with her breasts because I wanted her trust as much as I wanted her. Moving down her torso was hard to do with her breasts exposed and begging to be suckled. Reaching the belt of her skirt. I asked her to lift her butt. I was very surprised when she did so without any sign of apprehension or trepidation. I raised her skirt to her waist. This allowed her panties to become exposed. Oh! How her simple and plain panties on display delighted my eyesight. I could barely make out the dark triangle of her pubic hair. All the while taking in the magnificent spectacle before me, I gently massaged her lower belly and moved on to the junction of her legs and torso, just where her panties ended. I’m sure that she expected me to move under those panties to her hidden treasure.

I didn’t take advantage, though. I’d promised her a total body massage and I wanted to deliver on that promise. I continued down to the front of her thighs, then to her shins. Knowing that there isn’t much flesh to massage on one’s shins, this area got caressed until I reached her feet again. I again massaged her feet for a few minutes and stopped for a moment so that she knew that I had finished her massage. Looking at her face I saw that she was slightly flushed and her breathing was slightly deeper than normal. As her eyes opened I place my hands on her thighs, fairly high on her thighs. Holding still I whispered, “Relax. Close your eyes and just enjoy the sensations, ok?”

As her eyes closed, I began to caress her thighs. I wasn’t massaging her; this was caressing her skin to elicit pleasure, nothing more. Slowly I moved upwards towards those simple, plain panties. This time, though, I captured her mound in my right hand while I teased my left along the opening of her right leg. I felt her hair crinkle beneath her panties as I caressed her slit with just my fingertips. Her breath seemed to have become more labored, now. I leaned down to kiss her panty covered pussy. My lips felt the slight wetness that had escaped the detection of my hand. I began to eat more firmly at her pussy through her panties. I remembered thinking that I wanted to tease her like this for a while until it was time to remove the barrier to her garden. Then I remembered thinking, “What the hell is that sound? It’s really annoying!!”

Then I awoke!!! Fuck!!!! A really pretty woman was open to my every advance. She was, in fact, open to me in the most intimate way a woman could be and my fucking phone had to wake me up??!! This had better be good!! Well, as it turned out it was my daughter calling me to see if I was ok. I had been sick earlier in the week and she, being the dutiful daughter that she is, was checking up on me. When I rang off, I noticed that it was 10:30 A.M. and I had the hard on of the month. Maybe I could go back to sleep and finish the dream. No, I knew that wasn’t possible but the next time I see Michelle, she would become fully aware of my desire to finish what we’d started…even if she didn’t know what we’d started!

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