It All Began With a Kiss

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First story submission, please leave feedback, I would really appreciate it. Hope you enjoy 🙂

P.S. everyone in the story IS OVER 18.


It all began with a kiss…

I had been lusting over this amazing young woman for years on end before I finally had the courage to make the first move. Her name was Jennifer and was the most amazing thing you have every seen I your entire life. Blue-ish gray eyes that you could get lost in, brunette hair that reaches past her shoulders, legs and ass to die for, and I think you get the overall picture.

Before this, we had been just friends for…I want to say four years. She is basically my sister (kinda weird, I know) but if you knew her, you would understand. ANYWAY back to the story.

It was at a dance in early march. I was sitting in a corner, a complete nervous wreck, when I saw her walk over. To some, she did not stand out as anything other than another guest. Needless to say, I am not those some. She was in a tie-dye hoodie, skinny jeans, and red vans. Her hair cascaded down her back, making her look like the goddess of my dreams.

After finally mustering up enough courage to go have a chat with her, I proceeded to wrap my arms around her from behind and just enjoy her warmth. At first, she was taken back (this would be the first of many times that I would do this) but she soon realized that my intentions were good, and decided to embrace me as well.

This embrace lasted for what seemed like days, until I took a look at the clock on the near-by wall. The dance was about to end in a matter of minutes, and this would be the last time I would see Jennifer in a while. I decided to make my move…

I turned her around to face me, as I pushed her against the nearest wall. At this point, my mind was in utter shut down, I was running on over-drive. I put my hand on either side of her waist, and tilt my head to the side slightly as I lean over and plant a soft kiss on her lips.

I felt her kiss back, and couldn’t help but break out in bursa sınırsız escort a huge smile. I gave her a hug and quickly left before we were caught (dick move, I know).

I will spare you the romantic details of the first date a week later, but the fun began when the sexual tension built up to its limit a month and a half later.

We were in my house debating on what to do. It was an excruciatingly hot day, meaning that going outside for a long period of time was out of the question (especially since we did not have a pool). So I suggested that we go downstairs and watch a movie. Jennifer happily agreed, and took my hand as we walked to my basement.

At this point in time, Jennifer was in a fitted tank top, and skinny jeans. While I was in a tank top, and lacrosse shorts. When we reached the bottom of the steps, a sudden breeze of cool air hit us, making Jennifer shiver, and clutch herself to stay warm.

I quickly ran upstairs as fast as I could, and retrieved my farm jacket (which is very warm, mind you). I proceeded to run back downstairs, and like the gentleman that I am, put the jacket around her shoulders (yes, just like you see in the sappy romantic movies).

You should have seen her face. She had the biggest smile I have ever seen, and I couldn’t help but give her a kiss. Afterwards, we walked over to the “living area” and sat down on the one and only rocking chair that was in the room at the time.

I handed her the remote so that she could choose something that she liked. We could not decide on one specific show, so we chose Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Doctor Who. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her back slightly so that she could get comfortable.

After about half an hour, I notice her breathing changed. I look down an notice her chest was heaving more than usual, and that her cheeks were flushed (meaning that she was getting turned on by something).

I couldn’t help but smirk, and slowly push my hands down to her jean-covered legs, and teasingly bursa üniversiteli escort squeeze her inner thighs, bringing a soft gasp from her lips.

Jennifer did not move, or make a sound, but just sat still and continued to watch the show. By now, I was wondering how far I could get at that very moment. So I went for it.

I stroked her inner thighs up and down, slowly reaching higher and higher, until I was able to cup her clothes-covered pussy in my hand.

Knowing exactly where her clit was, I pressed my fingers down and rub the sensitive spot over her clothes, causing her to bite her lip but still not move or make a sound.

I smiled and reached both hands up to her chest, and gave both of her C-Cup breasts a nice squeeze.

After teasing her over her clothes for a while, I decided it was time to help bring her to a release. I push both hands back down her body, and proceeded to unbutton and unzip her tight jeans.

After opening them up, I pushed the two flaps out to the side as much as I could, before pushing her jeans slightly down for better access.

Before I go on, you have to understand something. I have a HUGE panty fetish towards this girl (especially thongs, don’t even bother asking). So what I saw triggered a reaction within my lacrosse short that I had not expected at the time.

I looked down to see her wearing a low-cut bikini-style panty that was all white. The trim around the tow was lace, which didn’t help my situation at all, but this was about her.

I slipped a hand down and cupped her pussy yet again over her clothing, but this time, feeling a growing wetness coming from there.

I push my hand up to my second knuckle into the top of her panties, and rubbing my fingers around just above her eagerly wet pussy to tease her.

By now, she could not contain herself, and put her head on my shoulder with closed eyes and began moaning softly in my ear.

I teased her for a good ten bursa anal yapan escort minutes to heighten her arousal, before she grabbed my free hand and practically shoved it up the hem of her shirt to play with her noticeably excited breasts.

I let out a soft laugh and began kneading her breasts with one hand, while the other continued its teasing assault just above her pussy.

She opened her eyes slowly, and I could see the lust in her eyes. She bit her lip and looked at my pleading.

“What do you want me to do?” I said with a slight smirk on my lips

“Please…?” She replied.

I could hear the lust in her voice as well, and decided it was time to stop teasing.

“Please what, babygirl?” I smiled, slowly reaching my hand farther down her panties.

She gave a lustful whimper and blushed bright red.

“Please make me cum…” She said.

So I complied happily. I slipped a finger into her tight, wet pussy and began fingering her for all I was worth.

We both lost count as to how many orgasms she had after five. An hour later, after she had slightly recovered from the continuous orgasms, she sat up and pushed her pussy farther into my hand.

“Mmm, not done yet are we?” I smiled lovingly as she shook her head.

She hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and pushed them down slightly with her jeans. I took the hint, and began fingering her again as she ground her amazing ass down onto my now rock hard cock.

She looked deep into my eyes and bit her lip once more before whispering words I will never forget; “I love you.”

I told her that I love her with all my heart, and proceeded to finger her soaked pussy.

She arched her back and closed her eyes tightly, and I could tell she was close to yet another orgasm.

I pressed my lips to her ear and said, “cum for me babygirl.”

This was all it took. I felt her pussy grip my finger tightly, and felt her cum all over my hand as she gave a loud moan.

I smiled and cleaned her up before pulling her panties back up and gently brushing my fingers over them, enjoying the feel. I pulled her jeans up as well and buttoned them back up.

I gave her breasts one last squeeze, before kissing her passionately.

Needless to say, we had to catch up on the multiple episodes we missed.


🙂 Hope you enjoyed it.

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