Joey Finds a New App Ch. 25

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Chapter 25

Joey awoke to a warm, wet feeling on his cock and when he opened his eyes his mother was looking up at him while swallowing his morning wood. Her lips were down to the base of his cock and her tongue teased his balls while she watched him wake up. Adam and Jane were still sleeping next to Joey and had their arms and legs draped over him essentially holding him in place. He remained still and watched his mom swallow his cock several times as the sun began to come through the windows. As both him and his mother got more excited, they began moaning louder causing Jane and Adam to begin to stir. Jane woke up first and smiled down at her mother, then leaned up and started kissing Joey.

“Looks like the whole family has a natural talent with their mouths,” Jane said before waking Adam.

Adam woke up and rolled off Joey’s chest revealing his now bulging half-shirt filled with B-cup titties and after a joint response from Jane and their mother, Adam looked down and gasped. He reached under his shirt and began touching each breast before Jane intervened and lifted the shirt up. His tits looked perfect to Joey; they had a tight curve on the bottom that came up to his large and puffy areola and topped by a thick nipple. Jane touched his soft tit as Mom pulled herself from Joey’s dick. She knee walked her way up to Joey’s waist and lifted his hard dick to her pussy, where it easily slipped in. She moaned as she started working Joey deeper inside of her.

“It looks like my children are getting along fine these days,” Sandra observed. “I love your outfits, kids. Very sexy.” Sandra placed her hands on Joey’s chest and pressed herself all the way down on Joey’s cock, staying there for a minute grinding into him. “Come here kids,” she said wrapping her hands around Adam and Jane’s necks and pulling them up to her breasts. They each grabbed hold of their mother’s breast and started licking and sucking them while she slowly rode up and down on Joey’s shaft. With her eye’s glued to Joey, she slid up and down on his cock with long, slow strokes. Moaning and breathing heavy she appeared to be working herself to a quick orgasm. She gripped his sibling’s heads hard as they worked on her large, swollen nipples. The sight was hard to watch without losing it and dumping his load, but what pushed him over the edge was his mom. She looked at Joey while riding him and said, “Come on stud. Fill Mommy’s pussy with your cum. Pump me full like you did before so your brother and sister can have their breakfast.” He wasn’t sure he understood exactly what she was implying at first, until she continued and cinched the deal. “That’s right, Son. Fill my pussy with your brother and sister’s breakfast. You can do it, Joey. Fill me up, Baby.”

“Oh da, MOM!” he exclaimed through his teeth as he started dumping his first load of the day into his mother’s pussy. She released Adam and Jane, bent down and kissed Joey while grinding the cum from his cock. She knew just how to milk his cock through an orgasm. Her hips moved in a twerking motion while she kissed him deeply, moaning with each flood of cum into her pussy. Blast after blast filled her full of cum while they kissed. It poured out of her pussy all over his cock and balls as she filled up each time. Over a minute later, he finally calmed down from his orgasm and helped his mother extract herself from his cock. When she lifted her pussy off his shaft it immediately started leaking out and she quickly laid down next to him. Looking up at Jane, she opened her legs and presented her perfectly trimmed pussy to her. Jane took the clue and went to work right away licking the cum and pussy juice from her legs, then her pussy lips. At the same time, Adam wasted no time getting to work cleaning up Joey. He licked the cum that leaked from his mother from Joey’s abs, shaft and balls. Both siblings moaned while slurping at their brother’s cum, swallowing and eating it as they happily worked at their task. When they cleaned up Joey and their mother’s body, Adam proceeded to swallow Joey’s soft cock down his throat sucking and licking it clean. Joey watched as Jane dove deep into her mother’s pussy likely using her particularly long tongue to clean out the inside of her vaginal walls. He watched as they both excitedly sucked cock and pussy for his cum. Joey’s Mom reached down to Jane’s head with both hands and ground her pelvis into Jane’s mouth hard. Less than a minute later she was orgasming on Jane’s tongue. When each was done they came up and kissed their mother while Joey watched.

Joey showered, dressed in his usual attire and when downstairs for breakfast. Lefkoşa Escort Another morning surprise; Joey found his Dad in a dress with an apron and making breakfast for him. His hair was combed nicely and pulled back into a short ponytail. Joey noticed the B size breasts under his dress and his wide hips stretching the fabric for a very alluring look. Joey remembered the conversation he had with his mother yesterday and wondered if this was going to be the new norm in their house. His mom came in dressed in a smart suit from her shower and greeted Joey with a warm kiss. His Dad having noticed the company turned and greeted his wife and Joey. He was making some oatmeal and set the spoon down before kissing his wife on the cheek, then doing the same to Joey. He went back to cooking the oatmeal smiling and humming softly. Joey’s mom slapped and squeezed her husband’s fat ass causing him to yelp in a girly voice and jump slightly.

“Joey, feel this sexy ass,” she teased her husband. Joey reached out and slapped his dad’s fat ass slightly, causing a similar yelp and jump before leaning in to kiss his mom sensuously.

After his greeting, Joey poured himself a glass of milk and went to sit at the kitchen table. He got a text from Kevin saying he was driving today, and Steve was staying home sick. While waiting for his dad to finish making oatmeal he whipped out his phone to text Steve.

Joey to Steve: ‘R U OK? Home sick today?’

Steve to Joey: ‘I’m good. I promise. Stacey is staying home, and we are playing together’

Joey to Steve: ‘Don’t forget what I said. I’m here for you, Steve. Anything!’

Steve to Joey: ‘Thanks. And thanks for last night too. I love you too (corny response)’

Joey to Steve: ‘I’m your guy-on-call. LMK if you need something’

Joey’s mom sat down next to him, and his dad came over with some bowls and spoons for everyone. Joey watched his dad move around the table, placing silverware, bowls and napkins. When he was placing the setting for Joey and his mom, she placed her hand up his dress and seemed to grab onto his dick and smiled devilishly up at her husband. “Now, Harry. You can’t just go and start wearing new stuff without showing our son, can you? Why don’t you take a second to show Joey your new accessory,” she said almost seductively.

Joey watched as his dad lifted his apron and dress slowly revealing the prize underneath. He was wearing white nylons going up to his bare thighs and as he revealed further, Joey saw the garter belt and white lace panties as well. Then his dad pulled his panties down to reveal a tiny pink device where his little dick would be. “What do you think, Joey? We decided that since you are clearly the man of the house, now he would no longer need his tiny dicklet unlocked,” Joey’s mom explained.

“Wow! What is that thing?” Joey asked in surprise.

“Joey. It’s a chastity cage made especially for girly men like your father. What do you think?” she asked again.

“It’s cute. Almost as cute as the dress and stockings,” Joey teased further.

“Wait till you see your father naked. He’s so fuckable. I’ve warmed him up for you, so I’m sure he can handle a real man fucking his fat ass,” his mom teased. “OK. Go on Cuck. Finish getting our breakfast.”

Joey watched as his humiliated and flushed dad served everyone’s breakfast. His sister arrived at the table and looked at her mom and dad questionably before asking, “Mom. What’s going on here?”

“Well, Jane. Your dad and I are shifting gears a bit considering the clear dynamic change that is taking place in our home. I am returning to the office and Dad will stay home to care for the family and house. Your brother will take care of the manly needs around the house and you, and your sister can help your dad when you have time.”

At this moment, Adam walked to the table wearing tight jeans and a tight half-shirt showing off his new shape. He had his hair pulled up and wore make-up and essentially passing as a young girl except that his family recognized him. His mom greeted him with a kiss and a slight tap on the butt. “Good morning, Andrea. I believe Dad has breakfast ready for you.”

“I like your dress, Dad,” Adam said to his father while sitting.

“Thanks, Honey. For some reason it feels more natural for me this morning,” he answered.

Joey ate his breakfast taking in the full view of the new family dynamic triggered by his app and thought to himself, ‘Let the adventure begin’.

He got a text from Kevin that he was riding with Kelly, so he’d be picking Adam as well. Joey told Adam, Kıbrıs Escort Kelly and Kevin were picking them up soon and they should be ready. Shortly after, Mom and Jane finished up and everyone left Dad to care for the house.

“See you after school, Dad,” each of the kids called as they headed out for school. Joey lagged a second and went to his dad in the kitchen grabbing him from his thin waist and spun him around for a full kiss. Stunned, his father fell into the kiss with a feminine whimper while Joey slid his hands down to his dad’s fat ass and then in a deep voice told him in his ear, “I can’t wait for alone-time with you and Mom. “Joey slapped his dad’s ass and went out the door to meet his ride.

Kelly was driving when they pulled up to the house and Joey held the front door for Adam as he climbed in after kissing Joey on the cheek. Joey climbed in the back of Kelly’s SUV with Kevin, and they took off for school and what he thought might be a boring ride compared to recent days.

“Morning K-squared,” Joey said to the siblings.

“Sup, Dude,” Kevin replied looking anguished.

“Good morning, stud,” Kelly called from the front seat. “Andrea sure is looking hot today, don’t you think boys?” Adam blushed at the comment.

“Absolutely!” Kevin replied distracted for a minute.

“I thought so, myself,” Joey added.

Shortly into the ride, Kelly reached over and squeezed Adam’s breast causing him to giggle. “Looks like I wasn’t the only one with one those growth spurts,” she teased. Adam flushed as he giggled in a very feminine tone as Kelly continued playing with his breast and nipple.

“Sis! Stop it! You know I’m hurting already this morning without Stevie here to help,” Kevin complained. “I’ll be tenting it all day, I’m sure. Maybe I’ll get Billy to help me like he did you Joey. Better yet, we can both tag him at the same time. Fuck! It’s making my dick ache right now!”

Joey laughed and then surprise again, Adam turned back to Kevin and offered, “I can help if you like. “He then glanced at Joey with a smile as if seeking approval.

“I’m cool with it, K. Just be nice and let Ad, Andrea control the ride,” Joey said.

“Oh, shit it’s about to get hot up in here!” Kelly said pulling off to the Park-N-Ride. She parked and unbuckled her belt and just like last time, she climbed in the back and sat between the two boys. Adam was watching excitedly as they each pulled their shorts and pants down displaying over 3 feet of fat cock in varying states of arousal.

“Sis! You look like you had a growth spurt, too!” Kevin said while Adam pulled both front seats up, then climbed in the back and on his knees.

“I think so too, Kelly. That’s much bigger than yesterday. I think it’s thicker than Joey’s!” Adam said while reaching out to grip his brother’s cock and Kelly’s cock at the same time. Joey watched as Adam’s face became clearly flustered at the hardening dicks in front of him. He released Joey’s, switched hands and reached for Kevin’s raging hard dick. It was several inches longer than Joey’s and clearly the thickest as it looked like a wine bottle without the tapered top. Adam hesitantly bent down and started licking Kevin’s dick to get it wet and ready, then switched over to Kelly’s now hard cock. Joey watched while gently stroking his own cock for a few minutes, then reached down and pulled Adam’s shirt up to reveal a silky white bra filled with soft B-cup breasts. Joey reached inside the bra and tweaked Adam’s nipples. He was enjoying the view of his brother trying to fit these two fat cocks in his mouth back and forth. Watching him spread his lips around the head of Kevin’s cock was particularly hot. With each turn on Kelly and Kevin’s cock, Adam was able to stuff more and more into his gullet. He shifted position so he was nearly standing over their dicks and from this angle he was able to press them into his throat. Joey watched the amazing sight of Kevin’s cock making its way down Adam’s neck bulging out as it entered his throat. The same happened as he swallowed Kelly’s dick and Joey was getting really excited watching it.

“I think I better help Joey because Andrea’s got her hands er, mouth full right now,” Kelly suggested as she stood and slipped her yoga pants and thong off. While Adam was swallowing Kevin’s shaft, Kelly bent down and started sucking on Joey’s dick. Much like Adam had earlier, she worked her way down Joey’s cock, past the head and then down his shaft. Each stroke had her taking more of Joey’s dick and then entering her throat. She moaned around Joey’s cock when Adam took her cock Girne Escort back in his throat and she reached up pressed Adam’s head down to the base of her cock. Adam pulled up after a few seconds of sucking on Kelly’s dick and returned to Kevin’s.

Having sufficiently saturated Joey’s dick with saliva, she stood and lined Joey’s cock with her ass and started to press down. She guided Joey to take her from behind as she got on her hands and knees between her brother and Joey. She let Joey work his cock into her ass while watching Adam swallow her brother’s dick. She knelt up and back reaching Joey’s neck and kissing him. “Make sure you fuck me good stud. Your sister loves cleaning up and I don’t like to disappoint her,” Kelly said seductively. She then reached for Adam and pulled his ass up in front of her and started pulling his hip hugging jeans down along with his silky white thong tossing them with her pants on the front seat. She lined her fat dick up with Adam’s ass started to press inside. Once she pushed the head of her fat cock inside Adam’s ass, she allowed Joey to guide the rhythm of the anal daisy chain. Joey had worked his dick fully into her ass now and started stroking his dick in and out. He listened to the moans and hard breathing from the four of them and felt like this tryst was going to be short as it wouldn’t take him long to blow. He looked down at Kevin who was mesmerized by Adam’s balls-deep blow job being animated by Joey’s rhythm. Joey pushed into Kelly, who pushed into Adam who then swallowed Kevin’s dick. Joey remembered Kelly’s request and started working his movements to a hard pounding in her ass. He hoped his brother liked cleaning up as much as Steve did or they’d be late for school getting cleaned up back at home. He felt Kelly start to shiver with each stroke into her ass and it appeared she’d be filling Adam’s ass soon. Kevin was getting close as he usually became verbally abusive to Steve when that happened; now he was just encouraging Adam.

“Oh Baby. You suck cock so good. I love how you swallow my fat dick, Andrea,” Kevin encouraged.

“Wait till you try her ass, Brother,” Kelly chimed in. “She’s gonna m, make me cum, right now. Oh, shit, Andrea! Your ass!”

She slammed into Adam hard and held herself there, while Joey continued to saw in and out of her ass about to blow himself.

“Baby. You’re making us all cum at the same time! Do it! Swallow my load, Baby!” Kevin yelled.

Then Joey saw it happen, just as Kelly was releasing her load in Adam’s ass; Kevin’s dick swelled from the base and his load pulsed up into Adam’s throat causing his eyes to open wide. Joey could see Adam watching in near fear as Kevin’s dick pulsed load after load into his throat. He sucked up and now Joey watched as each pulse quickly shot up to the head into Adam’s open mouth. He filled his mouth easily and Adam swallowed quickly to receive the next load. This was so hot, Joey lost it immediately and started pumping into Kelly’s ass. It seemed even with the orgasm just a couple of hours ago, he was dumping a full load into Kelly’s ass. After a minute of the foursome orgasming into each other, they each took their former positions to catch their breath. The scene was exceptionally lewd as Kevin’s cock was covered in cum as Adam cleaned it up and Kelly’s fat cock was now softening with streaks of cum on full display. Joey’s cock was coated in thick globs of cum as well as he sat and caught his breath.

Surprises were not done for Joey as he watched his brother move to Kelly’s cock and dive right into cleaning her up. Licking and swallowing cum with equal enthusiasm along with load moaning as he seemed to really like cleaning up after an ass fucking. As Adam finished cleaning Kelly’s dick, he dove down under her balls and clearly spent several minutes cleaning her ass, lifting her legs to be sure not to miss anything. When Adam looked over at Joey next, his eyes grew wide, and he moaned a very excited sound as he shifted between his brother’s legs. With his eyes wide and nostrils flaring, he bent down and started licking and swallowing the cum coating Joey’s dick. Carefully going from the head to the base, scooping cum into his mouth. Joey watched in amazement as his brother became a hungry slut before his eyes. He licked and sucked every inch of Joey’s cock, scooping in globules of cum into his mouth to devour. Following the lewd display of cleaning his cock, Adam licked Joey’s messy thigh clean and then breathing a heavy sigh and biting his lower lip he smiled up at his brother and mouthed, “Thank you.”

“Holy shit! Stevie’s got nothing on you, Andrea. That was fucking hot as hell!” Kevin said.

“Maybe you can bring that big cock to my room sometimes brother, where Andrea and I can take care of it together,” Kelly said smiling over at her brother.

“I might just pass out, right now,” Joey said smiling down at his brother.

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