Permini – Ch. 01: The Fever

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The fever

Jake splashed all the water into the kitchen’s floor, making a mess.

“I guess you’ll clean that as well,” I said. He rolled his eyes.

“Of course, Carol, I will,” he answered.

Jake was 25 years old, but his mentality was the one of a teenager yet. Her mom Kim (who was also my aunt) let him do as he pleased, and he had gotten used to it. Now that Kim was outside the city and wouldn’t be coming back home in a few days, I was the grown up there.

I had come to visit them, as I did once every month to share some gossip with my aunt, but this time she asked me to stay some days just to make sure Jake didn’t burn the house down. Although I didn’t enjoy being there without Kim, the truth is that having a little bit of extra intimacy without my parents and my brother showing around every now and then was great.

Jake and I were very alike, and aside from eating together and some occasional encounters, we were both in our rooms all day. As I was the guest in that house, I was sleeping in my aunt’s room, which had a king size bed, and Jake was at least 2 hours a day outside when he went to the gym, which meant I had that house all for myself for (at least) that amount of time.

“Would be very sweet of you if you helped me a little bit,” Jake mumbled.

“I did it yesterday for lunch and for dinner, and I don’t remember you helping me, my poor little cousin.” The truth was that Jake was 3 years younger than me, but he was taller and stronger: I was 160cm tall while he could be around 180cm. His face was covered by an abundant beard, although he shaved every few days to keep it from growing too much. He had strong arms and his chest was pretty wide, too. He went to the gym every day, and it was noticeable.

I heard him mocking me, but I ignored it and left the kitchen to my room. I had been tired and sleepy all day, didn’t know exactly why, but I wanted to get into bed and have a little rest as soon as I could.

Once in the room, I started to undress. I looked at myself in the full body mirror my aunt had at the right side of the bed. It was so cold these days in that house that I could see my nipples peeking out even through my bra. I removed it and pressed my boobs, pushing aside my long black hair. They hurt, after all day with that bra on. It was painful to keep my 34D breasts covered all day, although I bought some high-quality bras which were more comfortable, but I didn’t want to give Jake the opportunity to see my hard nipples through Kıbrıs Escort my clothes. Women should be able to go around without having to put on those, but until men were capable of not behaving like fucking animals, I guess that was not a possibility.

They weren’t enormous, but I could hold a pen in between them without any issues, and they were rounded and in place even without a bra, resisting the terrible gravity forces to which some of us gave in. I had to say I was lucky in that aspect.

I turned a little and looked at my legs. Jake wasn’t the only one which was in good shape. My glutes were round and tight, and my legs were strong. My upper body was not that ripped, but my biceps were noticeable if I flexed a little. That, however, was something that didn’t matter too much when whoever I had in front locked their eyes on my breasts. I also had a very sensitive skin, and with the softest touch my nipples got hard, something that seemed to like a lot to both, boys and girls.

I usually slept without a shirt, just with my panties, but I didn’t want Jake to accidentally see my tits whenever I needed to go to the bathroom or somewhere else in that house (I don’t know how he would react, but I didn’t want to check), and it was a release to feel some clothing around my skin to escape the cold weather of these days.

I put on my beige pajamas, one very warm with buttons and a V-neck (not deep enough to show any cleavage, though), and I buttoned it up. It was tight, since I always liked tight clothes, even pajamas. I liked my body, yes, that’s no secret, and I liked to be able to look at it whenever I went to someone’s house, no matter who it was. I wasn’t killing myself in the gym so that no one noticed it, and if I was wearing pajamas it was because I was with someone.

I went to bed, feeling my eyes heavy and a little bit numb overall. I had the feeling that I would sleep very deep that night.

* * *

I woke up late the next morning. Somehow, I had turned off my phone alarm and continued sleeping. Thank God it was just Saturday and I had nothing to do until the afternoon.

I got up and as I put my feet on the ground I felt a little dizzy. I touched my forehead and it was so hot. “Fuck,” I thought, “did this cold make me sick?” I could feel my body burning, but the air around me was freezing, especially in my neck and chest. I left the room leaning against the door frame and the corridor walls, as the dizziness became more Lefkoşa Escort noticeable.

Jake was in the kitchen making breakfast when I arrived and let myself fall into a chair. I buried my head between my arms on the table.

“Hey, little cousin,” Jake said, mocking me, “are you tired or something?”

“I don’t know, I feel like shit today…”

I heard Jake sitting in front of me, moving his chair, and something hit my arm. I looked at him, sitting up, and I realized he had made my breakfast, too.

“Oh, thank you, Jake, that’s so…” but I stopped mid-sentence when I saw him looking at me frozen like a statue. He was not looking at my eyes, but…

Suddenly, I realized why I was feeling the air so cold around my neck and my chest: my pajamas had lost the first three buttons, and my breasts were showing, but they were… they were somehow bigger?

“What the…?” I started to say.

“I don’t remember them so big,” Jake said all of a sudden. I noticed, then, that he was still staring at my boobs. They had increased in size but they were still perky and my nipples were hurting. “Are you… pregnant or something?” he said, pointing at them.

“Jake, what the fuck, stop staring at me!” I turned around, covering them with my pajamas, although I couldn’t make them fit inside. I noticed something wet in my hands, and then I understood what Jake wanted to say: a white liquid was pouring from my nipples. I was… lactating?

I got up and left the kitchen, as fast as I could, still dizzy and trying not to fall, and I ran into my aunt’s room, locking the door behind me. I looked at myself in the mirror, removing my pajamas.

They were definitely bigger, and the white liquid hadn’t stopped pouring. It went slow, but relentless: drop by drop, a little bit thicker than water, I could feel it drawing my breast’s shape and then falling into the ground just before it found my torso. I grabbed my bra, which was still on the floor since yesterday, and tried to put it on. It wouldn’t fit.

“Okay, okay. Carol, okay, don’t panic,” I thought to myself, “there must be an explanation. A good and logical one. A good explanation… I have to go to the doctor.”

I grabbed my bag and put it on the bed, but as soon as I opened it to grab some clothes, a sudden spasm hit my pussy and I fell over the bed, hitting the floor with my knees, screaming without voice, moaning without air. My breasts started to leak more of that liquid as I felt how Girne Escort they were palpitating, and I could feel my body burning, on fire. All my body was beating and I felt my heart in my throat and head. My mind went completely numb, and I could only think of how wet my inner thighs were getting all of a sudden, feeling the fluids run through my inner legs and dying where my knees met the floor.

Almost without energy, I felt my body turn, slightly incorporating, resting my head on the bed side and facing the mirror, while my legs slowly opened wide, with my knees bent, feet flat on the floor. I looked at the mirror and I saw myself there, looking at me, hoping for my reflection to come and lick my exposed pussy, which was leaking like crazy, as if I could really see it pumping from there.

“What the fuck… is happening?” I thought. My hands moved on their own, one of them grabbing one of my nipples and twisting it, making it leak more of that white stuff, and the other hand began to caress my clitoris, fingering me even though I wasn’t giving it the order. The heat was rising, my fingers entering inside me and leaving, going in and going out. Two fingers first, three fingers later, with the sound of moisture and my deep breaths filling the room with each movement.

My breasts wouldn’t stop leaking, and I felt the liquid running down my body, caressing my skin, surfing my belly, reaching my groins and rushing down to meet the fluids my hand was playing with. My body was burning, my pussy was pumping, my hand was accelerating its movements, and I could only feel a very intense orgasm growing inside me. I didn’t have to wait so long. I felt a striking force inside of me.

I gasped, trying to breathe deep, without luck. I moaned as my pussy started to shoot fluids all over, hitting the mirror, and my breasts began to leak more and more of that liquid stuff by waves. Spasm after spasm, my legs shook and my butcheeks contracted hard, my waist raising up and down, as I almost suffocated while I squirted more and more. It felt incredible, liberating, it was like being freed up from the pain all of a sudden. My pussy was contracting like crazy, and my body was responding to each contraction with more spasms, dancing with it.

A final impulse made my hips rise and my butcheeks to contract harder than before, making me scream, moaning uncontrollably, squirting all over the mirror from the bottom to the top continuously, without pause, and finally making all of my fluids hit my face and chest.

My legs relaxed, my butt hit the soaked floor, as I felt my vagina pumping weaker, shooting its last liquid bullets without much strength, each one weaker than the previous one.

I stood there, quietly shaking, as I felt all the heat go away, and everything began to fade.

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