Julia’s Discovery

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At last Julia entered the study. This had been Robert’s domain for years and she rarely entered it, always allowing him his privacy and space. It was now nine months since his death and today she felt that the time had come to clear away the remainder of his things. The house had been sold and she had found a bright maisonette in Belsize Park which she thought would provide a peaceful home for this new chapter in her life. She had fond memories of Robert in their early years together but not so in the latter. For the past few years he had spent more and more time, when he was not travelling, alone in the study, very often into the early hours of the morning. They had somehow drifted apart. Elise, their daughter and only child had completed University and now lived in New York where she worked as a journalist for the NY Express. The maisonette with its established garden and large sunny rooms would make a lovely retreat for her when she occasionally visited, which was usually at Christmas and sometimes for a week or so in the summer.

The room still felt strange and somewhat alien to her. She had often wondered what he did in here until the early hours. Business, she thought, keeping the wheels turning of Ellis Electrical, the company he had started shortly after they first met. He had done well and left her very comfortably off in death. The house, just off the King’s Road had sold for nearly two million and then there was the company for which I.C. Industries had offered close to seventeen million pounds. She and Elise would never have to worry about money for the rest of their sakarya escort lives.

Julia sat at Robert’s desk, the large flat computer screen stared blankly back at her. She wondered what to do with it. She had learned the basic skills when Robert had bought her a lap top computer a few years back, so that she could keep a correspondence via email with Elise who had begged her to ‘get literate’. So Julia had taken a course and to her surprise had found that she enjoyed the internet, especially the emails that flowed between her and her daughter. ‘Send me some tea; get me those biscuits from Fortnum’s!’ It had been particularly useful when Robert was killed in the air crash. Julia pressed the start button and the screen flickered and after a minute or so offered up the statement that ‘windows’ was starting up. A box appeared; ‘Please enter password.’ Julia had no idea and typed in Robert’s name. Password incorrect. She typed her own name and was met by the same response so she then entered ‘Elise’ and there was still no luck. She tried Ellis followed by Ellis Electrical. Nothing. The box on the bookshelf caught her eye, Galactica PC, it contained the instruction manual and various disks that came with the purchase of the computer. She opened it and took out the manual. She flicked through the pages and then turned to the Notes section. In the top left corner of the second page she saw the word ‘wetness’ inscribed faintly in pencil. She entered it onto the screen and hit the return key and the computer sprang to life.

Julia stared samsun escort in shock at the screen saver. Nothing could have prepared her for the journey she was about to take. The picture was a close up of a shaved vagina, the generous labia pierced with steel rings was stretched open by means of chains clipped to the rings. Beneath the image were the words My Pleasure Machine. Minutes passed before Julia left-clicked on the Documents icon. There were folders relating to the business and one headed My Pictures. Opening this, Julia was met by a further array of folders each with a salacious title. Anal Fucking, Cock-Suckers, Dildo’s, Group Fuck, Knickers, Lesbians, Me Wanking, Pure Filth, Shaved Cunt, and Teenage Pussy. She clicked on ‘Me Wanking’, and the thumbnails filled the screen. In the first picture Robert was standing naked, sniffing a pair of knickers and holding his erect penis. Julia’s fingers trembled on the mouse. At random she scrolled down, there were hundreds of thumbnails. She clicked on another which featured Robert now wearing the knickers which he was pulling to one side to free his stiff cock. In another the knickers were stretched between his thighs his cock dripping semen into the crotch. So this was his secret.

Slowly, with effort, Julia stood up and made her way to the kitchen and poured a generous amount of gin into a large tumbler to which she added ice and soda. She sipped and the gin warmed her throat. In shock she returned to the study. She wanted to see and learn everything she didn’t know and had never suspected. şanlıurfa escort She had no idea about his cross-dressing underwear and his obvious love of pornography. Closing the file she opened ‘Pure Filth’, again to be met with myriad thumbnails. The first of which depicted a naked young woman squatting and urinating while a man was also urinating into her open mouth. The picture was entitled ‘Luscious Piss.’ In another picture the same woman was being anally penetrated as an older woman urinated on her face. Julia was horrified yet at the same time utterly fascinated. This one was called ‘Up the Bum and Pissed On’ she clicked on more thumbnails, each equally depraved and possessing a disgusting title. A thought prompted her to open Robert’s email. At the very top was one from someone called Dirty Jane with the subject ‘Cunt-Filled’ it read;

‘Hi Rob, just had a lovely time this morning with a nice fat dildo up my cunt – held in place by my knickers. Fantastic! I did as you asked and put my tight jeans on and went out shopping. It was lovely feeling that rubber cock in me as I demurely roamed the supermarket and just sitting in the car was soooo fucking horny. I couldn’t resist on the way back home from fingering my clit, wanking myself to climax in the drive. I have the knickers ready I promised, very creamy, very dirty! I’ll post them this afternoon, so you’ll soon have them to sniff and wank over – I know how you like the taste of my dried up cunny-cream – this pair is especially juicy, I wore them for two days for you – hope you like the picture… Jane XXX’ There was an attachment entitled ‘Dirty Knickers’ which Julia opened. Sitting in an arm chair was a blonde woman of around thirty five with her skirt up around her waist, legs spread wide open, pulling her black knickers to one side to reveal her glistening wet vagina from which protruded a thick pink dildo.

To be continued…

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