Little Sister Kelly Ch. 01

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Kelly is my youngest sister and 5 years younger than me. We have always gotten along well and she has always been a beautiful young woman. There is a sister in between our ages but for some reason Kelly and I really connected.

We would watch TV together and hang out just talking about life. Our taste in many things was the same and I found myself wanting to spend time with her more than anyone else. The more this went on, we got very close and if we weren’t siblings I would have wanted to date her.

Kelly is a statuesque 5’10” and has a model’s body with great breasts. I know because in the last few months she recently started to shower with her bedroom door and bathroom door opened. I’m not sure if she was inviting me to take a peek but I sure took advantage of it when I could! As soon as I heard the water go on, I was like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Up the stairs I would go, getting into position on the floor when her doors were open and I’d watch her lather her gorgeous body, wishing I was the one applying the soap. Those moments fueled some great explosions when I went back to my room and imagined us in that shower together.

As her 19th birthday approached, I thought more and more about whether or not if I should see if she was as interested in fucking me as I was in fucking my beautiful sister. When we watched TV as

9 got closer, she started wearing just panties and an oversized t shirt when we were on the couch together. Kelly was driving me nuts and became my only focus when I masturbated, multiple times a day. On nights when she seemed to be deeply sleeping, I would slowly lift her t shirt and get a close up of her magnificent tits. Her nipples were taut and stuck out a good half inch when they were cold. I did think at the time, “I wonder how hard they get when she is aroused?” Older brother Brandon was desperate to find out.

Kelly’s 19th birthday week finally came! I asked her what she wanted from me as a present. She asked me if she could think about it for a day or so. “I don’t want just some clothes or perfume- this is my special day and I want something different. You understand, don’t you BIG brother?” she said as she walked by me with a quick smile and a loving, quick kiss on the cheek. The emphasis on big did not go unnoticed.

At this time I was 24 and was determined to a stay a virgin until marriage. I saw what fucking around did to my parents’ relationship and wanted to wait for that person I loved above all else. I had done virtually everything except intercourse with girls at school including a couple of 69s. By the age of 24 I was more than ready and horny ALL the time. Did I really love my sister and want her to be my first?

Kelly came down for breakfast the next day and sat down to eat with me.

“Brandon, I think I know what I want from you. I want to see what a mature date is like. The guys I’ve dated just want to buy me a burger and then take my clothes off in their car. Can you show me how a lady should be treated?”

“It will be my pleasure! How about if we go out next week when Mom is visiting her sister? I am thinking we should go to a nice dinner and go clubbing. Sound ok?”

“That sounds wonderful! I think I know just what to wear. It will be fun to dance with you again- we have a great rhythm together.”

We frequently grandbetting yeni giriş danced together at family weddings and had a great time but I always had to be very proper during slow dances. This time was going to be different. I was determined to treat Kelly like the special young woman she was and made reservations at an upscale restaurant about 45 minutes from home and asked for a romantic table. I told them I was taking my fiancee out for her birthday.

The day finally came and I dressed up in my best suit and had flowers and a heart necklace for her to wear on our date. Kelly came down the stairs and absolutely took my breath away.

“Kelly, you look incredible! You weren’t kidding about having the right thing to wear.”

Her black cocktail dress showed just the right amount of cleavage, clung to her hot ass and was barely long enough to cover her upper thigh. She thanked me for the flowers and asked me to put her necklace on. Kelly turned her back and held her hair up so I could secure the clasp. As I closed the clasp she backed up and I felt her firm ass cheeks bump up against my rapidly hardening cock.

“I love this necklace Brandon! You always know how to make me feel special” Kelly said as she held my chin and planted a tender kiss on my lips. Not a sisterly kiss but one that promised more to come. We managed to get to the car and I opened the door for her. I wanted to be the perfect gentleman and show her how special she was to me.

We were shown to a corner table at the restaurant that was dimly lit and had lots of privacy. I ordered us a bottle of wine and we had a great dinner. For our first drink we toasted to a memorable night.

After a couple of drinks, Kelly moved closer to me, looked deeply in my eyes and said “Brandon you have already made me feel so special. I feel like a lady and I have you to thank. This is already the best date I’ve ever had and I can’t believe how perfect this night is.” With that, Kelly gave me a passionate kiss while also rubbing my thigh and eventually my cock.

I could feel our temperatures rising and suggested we skip dessert and find a good dance club. Kelly quickly agreed and went to the ladies room on our way out. Our waiter commented to me while I was waiting for her just how much in love we seemed to be. I thanked him and thought again how much I did love Kelly. She really was the most important person in the world to me. Kelly returned and we headed out to the car. As I was closing the door, she told me she had a surprise for me when I got in. I bolted to my door and quickly got in. Kelly smiled, giggled and handed me her delicate panties.

I was in a state of ecstatic shock. Kelly changed the course of the night and our lives with that move. I now knew she was into me the way I wanted her.

“Brandon can we go to Club 420? I really want to go dancing with you and show you a good time.”

“Sis, after our kisses tonight and the great gift you just gave me, I’ll follow you to hell and back!” Her panties were damp and feeling her juices got me harder than I had ever been. We got to the club and hit the floor right away. We were both so horny I don’t think we needed any more drinks. Finally, a song with a slower pace came on and I pulled Kelly close to me.

“Kelly, I care grandbetting giriş for you more than anyone else. I hope you are enjoying being my lady for the night. Happy 19th birthday!” She responded by grabbing my hand, putting it on her ass and grinding on me. I knew my dream of making love to my little sister was going to come true tonight if I didn’t screw it up. We made out on the dance floor for a few minutes, even when the pace of the music picked up. We came up for air and decided to have one drink then head home.

Just then one of Kelly’s high school friends, Ann, came over to us. “Did I just see what I thought I saw? The two of you look like you’re about to fuck each other’s brains out. Maybe here in the club!”

I started stammering but Kelly jumped right in. ” So what if we do? This man has given me the most incredible night and I don’t want it to end. I THINK we can wait until we get home but I’m not sure. Got anything to say Ann?”

“No if you two want to enjoy each other that’s ok with me. It’s just so freaky and weird to imagine you fucking your brother.”

“You’re no stranger to freaky Ann! We have had some great sleepovers with lots of sexy times. I’m sure you can keep this between us. Right?”

Nothing more needed to be said and we left the club. I took the quickest route home possible. On the way we talked a little about those sleepovers but I told Kelly I wanted this night to be about us. We got home and very properly walked in the door, although I was holding my present of Kelly’s panties in my left hand the whole time. We got inside and Kelly gave me a big hug and said “Thanks for such a great night Brandon. I’m going to take a quick shower and get ready for bed.” She made sure to stop on the stairs to give me a quick shot of her pussy as she slightly lifted her dress.

When she went into the shower, I quickly undressed in the living room, knowing we were alone all night. Kelly turned the water on and I went upstairs as I had so many times before but this time somewhat confused by her goodnight message. Did she want me to follow her? I got to her room and the doors were open so I went in and looked at her in the shower. But this time I wasn’t trying to hide. My cock was pointing to the sky as I watched Kelly start to soap her breasts.

She turned around towards me and said “Brandon, you shouldn’t be watching your sister shower……You should be in here helping me!”

I jumped into the shower and for the first time saw all of Kelly’s gorgeous body clearly for the first time ever. I was in lust and in awe. Her perky breasts supported her taut nipples that were rock hard and beckoned me to kiss them. Kelly was freshly shaven except for a cute little heart of hair above her pussy.

She lovingly took my hands, looked into my eyes and asked, “Brandon, will you make me a woman tonight? I love you and want you to be my first lover.”

We were both going to lose our virginity to each other. “Kelly we will be popping each other’s cherry tonight. I have wanted you for months now. Let’s make each other cum all night long.”

Kelly put one of my hands on her left breast and I put the other on her pussy. “Squeeze my nipple Brandon, I like a little pain and I know you won’t go too far.” I gave her left nipple a good tug while grandbetting güvenilirmi also exploring her hot, wet cunt with a finger. “Ohhh yes just like that big brother – you know how to get me wet.” Her eyes closed in ecstasy as I took her right nipple in my mouth and alternated between sucking her and lightly biting her. “Yes! Bite me some more Brandon!”

I alternated between her breasts and slipped another finger in her pussy. My fingers were dripping but I couldn’t tell if it was her juices or the shower. “I can’t wait to get you inside me Brandon – I’ve waited so long! Let me get you ready” Kelly said as she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her trembling hands. “I need you hard so you can break me in.” she said as she put her pouty lips on the head of my cock and slowly started kissing and sucking me.

“Kelly that is incredible” I moaned as she lovingly worked the thick head of my cock while also grabbing the backs of my thighs. She worked me into her mouth while she started humming. The vibrations from her mouth and teeth were driving me nuts! I didn’t want to come until I got inside her cunt

“Sis, you better get my dick out of your mouth before I blow! I need to be inside you now, please let me fuck you now.” Kelly kept a sucking action on my cock as she slowly pulled back to the head and licked it when she pulled off like she had an ice cream cone.

“Brandon I have to have that hard cock in me – please fuck your little sister good” she said as she guided the tip of my dick to the entrance I had been fantasizing about for the last 6 months or so. The water from the shower kept us warm as she moved my dick up and down her slit and placed me just inside her. “I am yours now – give it to me brother!”

I lifted my cock inside her and the pressure was intense. “Kelly you are so tight, your pussy feels so good around my cock. I’m not going to last…. very long inside your hot, tight cunt.”

“You’re stretching me!!… please give me all of it, NOW. I need you deep inside me.”

“OK Kelly! I’m going to go all the way.” I grunted as I pushed my dick slowly to the point where our hips were bumping. “I’m going to cum soon Kelly….you..feel…so damn good!” I grabbed her tight ass cheeks and started pumping in and out of her as fast as I could.

“Brandon I…I want you to cum inside me and make me your woman” Kelly said as I continued to fuck her like a jackhammer. “I think I am cumming….fuck me!!….harder, dammit!! – I need your cum!”

“Shit!!…Kelly you’re squirting on me!!” I had heard of this but had never seen it. My little sister squirting on me sent me over the edge. “Fuck….. oh my god…. you are so… ohhhh” I rambled as I deposited load after load of cum into my sister’s now experienced pussy.

I shot my final wad and kept my deflating cock inside of Kelly. We then shared the most sensual kiss I have ever had as we basked in the glow of our shared first time. Knowing it was my loving, hot little sister Kelly made it as special as I had dreamed.

“You know I can’t go back to dating guys my age now”, she said as we finally broke off our kiss. “I want you big brother and anytime we are alone I am going to jump your bones. I already loved you but this is another level.”

“I know what you mean Kelly, I have waited for this to happen. I don’t know if I can wait another 5 minutes to have you again. You are everything I want in a woman and I can’t imagine feeling closer to anyone than I feel to you right now.”

We slowly dried off from the shower and headed back to our bed for the night. More to come..

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